SFVSG Ch. 27 What you think about in the day, you will dream of it at the night

“Fan Hua, this world’s real powerful killers are not only good at killing people but after killing they are even more adept at being able to escape unscathed by oneself. Simply killing a person alone, can be of what use, after all, you also know homicide is against the law. These top-notch killers are capable of simultaneously killing their target and keep their name clean from killing charges.”

Inside the brain of that female killer, once again echoed the voice of her military instructor.

That spike was firmly nailed to the wall and that female killer was 100 percent sure that if there is any fingerprint on that spike, then it would be only her’s and no one else’s. Now that Chen Juexun is killed by that same spike and if the police are able to find this spike and collect the fingerprint on it, then I am sure that police would easily verify that it is my fingerprint.

In other words, when the time comes it would be me who would carry the blame of Chen Juexun murder, and that real killer, the one who was my beforehand target, that person named Xu Taiping would surely get away with it and no one will treat him as a killer.

This is indeed an exceptionally clever trick. Before I thought that he didn’t kill me because he have protective feelings for the fairer sex, but now it looks like, he didn’t kill me originally is not such simple as I thought. He was waiting for me to return here to find my employer so that he could kill my employer, after that he held this situation to shift blame on my head.

When she looked at the thing that was fired by that electric gun, sticking on her body, finally the whole thing became clear inside the mind of that female killer.

Chen Juexun hired a killer to kill someone, but since that killer was not able to kill that target, he tried to take out his anger on that killer and during the struggle with that killer, he died!

Right now this was the only story which could be constructed based on all the fact present on the scene.

“Not good, I must run!” That female killer struggled to stand upon the ground and just before she wanted to dash outside the gate, she suddenly remembered about that spike which was still stuck on the wall, she hurriedly ran to that wall and tried to pull out that spike from the wall. But even before she could pull out that spike, she suddenly yanked her hand back like she got an electric shock from that spike.

“How can I be such stupid to personally leave my fingerprint once again on this spike!” That female killer annoyedly looked at her both hands. She was still not wearing gloves on her hands and just now when she had grabbed that spike, she had once more left her bloodstained several clear fingerprints on it

That female killer hurriedly pulled out a pair of gloves from her pocket and after putting on that gloves, she once again started to exert force to pull out that spike from the wall.

This was difficult to imagine, but this spike had enough momentum left to deeply penetrate that cement wall even after passing through the head of a person. And after seeing this, it was not difficult to imagine just how much power one had exerted when he was throwing this spike!

That female killer was just able to pull out that spike that suddenly the sound of footstep started to came from outside the gate, soon few people appeared at the gate.

“I am really done for!” That female killer was holding a spike moistened with blood in her hand and was stupefyingly looking at the front gate. Right at this moment from the gate came inside few men and they also looked at that female killer and that bloody spike she was holding in her hand, furthermore, Chen Juexun’s body was lying on the ground and he was clearly dead.

This time even if that female killer had tried to explain that situation hundred times, it was almost impossible for her to come clean in this situation. Furthermore, the more crucial point was she was not wearing any mask on her face, therefore, she had already shown her real face in front of these peoples.

“Really one after another!” That female killer howled in grief inside her heart and then dashed toward the gate to escape from here.

Those two who were standing on the gate were Chen Juexun’s subordinates. They just came here to look for Chen Weichang but didn’t expect that Chen Weichang was unexpectedly killed by a woman. When they were able to react they saw that the woman was already dashed to their front.

The skill of that female killer was also quite good, well at least it was good enough to handle these ordinary people. Even before these two men could blink they were already hit to fall by that female killer and then that female killer with high speed ran toward the staircase and in a flash disappeared from everyone’s front.

The sky gradually got bright.

Su Nianci was lying down on the bed and her brows were tightly wrinkled. She was still dreaming in her sleep and furthermore, she was dreaming about getting herself molested by Xu Taiping.

This was so-called ‘what you think about in the day you will dream of it at the night’. Since before sleeping, Su Nianci was defending against Xu Taiping, so it was normal for her to dream about Xu Taiping.

Inside the dream, Xu Taiping after chasing Su Nianci for a long time, he was finally able to press her under his body and then Xu Taiping was using his tongue to lick her face.

Although Su Nianci was trying very hard to struggle, she discovered that her body was completely incapable of even moving a single inch. Xu Taiping tongue was unceasingly licking her face and soon he began to attack her mouth.

Su Nianci was after all a true chrysanthemum unmarried girl and she still had to experience her first kiss. But right now Xu Taiping was attacking her lips in such a way that she once again started to struggle and after struggling this time she was finally able to wake up.

[T/N: Chrysanthemum: a young virgin girl]

Although she was awake, her nightmare was still not over. When she opened her eyes, she clearly felt someone’s tongue unceasingly licking her mouth.

Su Nianci suddenly opened her eyes wide! Don’t tell me that wasn’t a dream? Is everything real? Did Xu Taiping take advantage of this time to violate me?

Su Nianci violently pushed her both hands forward, but in the end, she was only able to grab a hairy thing.

And soon she heard the sound of a dog barking.

Su Nianci at once raised her head to look, only to discover, that somehow Erdan was able to climb on her body and that dog was resting her upper body on her breast. she was unceasingly flapping her tongue to lick Su Nianci lips, chin and furthermore her neck.

And it was easy to see from saliva on Su Nianci lips, chin and neck, that Erdan was licking her for some time.

“Originally is just a dog!” Su Nianci relaxed. As long as it was not Xu Taiping who was licking her lips she was able to accept it.

“Come, your expression is really good, look at the camera!” Su Nianci suddenly heard the voice of Xu Taiping.

Su Nianci turned her head to look, only to discover that Xu Taiping was sitting on a chair at a distance beside her, and he was holding a cellphone while facing its back toward her and it looked like as if he was video recording something!

“You, what are you doing?!” Su Nianci cried out in fear to pulled back her body.

“I am recording the video of the moment when you were trying to YY with me!” Xu Taiping grinned and said, “Police Officer Su, I didn’t expect that you appear to be so honorable, but inside the dream, you are so lusty!”

“What lusty, what are you saying?” Su Nianci bewilderedly said, “what type of video have you recorded?”

“Let me show you.” Xu Taiping smiled and then showed Su Nianci his cell phone screen and soon opened a video.

Inside that video, Su Nianci was still sleeping and Erdan was resting her upper body on her breast while licking her.

“Don’t, Taiping, don’t do like this……” Su Nianci was mumbling something and she was obscenely twisting her body on the bed.

“This, what terrible thing this is, you deleted it!” Su Nianci shouted and extended her hand to grab Xu Taiping’s cell phone.

“This is such a good thing, how can I casually delete it.” Xu Taiping held his cell phone to withdraw back and soon laughed to put that cell phone inside his pocket and said, “Teacher Su, What did you do to me in your dream? From listening to your shout, it is improbable that we both were doing ‘that’ together in your dream?’

“Don’t try to think so much, how can I dream about someone like you, I, only dreamed that you were forcibly doing X with a female pig, and I was just trying to stop you. hmmm, exactly like this!” Su Nianci earnestly said.

“Forcibly X female pig?” Xu Taiping said with a strange complexion, “Police Officer Su, do you in peaceful time look at this type of video? After all, ‘what you think about in the day you will dream of it at the night’.

Su Nianci only wanted to counterattack Xu Taiping but didn’t expect that she was digging herself into a hole. Her face got red and while tightly clenching a fist she said, “Xu Taiping, if you again talk like this with me, then don’t blame me for being impolite with you.”

“Haha, I was just joking, Police Officer Su, look how angry you have become. It is already late, in a while military practice will begin. Will you continue to sleep here or will you go back to your room?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I will go back to my room.” Su Nianci said. She just got down from the bed to suddenly hear a sound of someone rushing through the gate and soon a woman’s voice echoed inside the room.

“Xu Taiping, I have bought breakfast for you, We together………”

That voice suddenly came to a spontaneous end, Xu Taiping helplessly touched his forehead and looked toward the gate.

Only to see Xia Jinxuan who was wearing a beautiful blue color short skirt and was holding two bags while standing at the door in surprise.

“Who is she?!” Xia Jinxuan stared at Su Nianci and asked. The bags she was holding in her hand slightly shuddered. Right now Su Nianci still had that relaxed air around her body which was common to someone who was just awoken from the sleep. Any person with a discerning eye could look at her to know that yesterday night she had slept on that bed and right now, Xu Taiping was sitting beside her and he apparently appeared to be very intimate with her.

“She? You Guess?” Xu Taiping rolled his eyes and asked with a face full of a smile.

‘You don’t misunderstand, anything didn’t happen between us!” Su Nianci hurriedly said.

“We are not doing something**, look how scared are you right now.” Xu Taiping cracked a joke and then said, “Jinxuan and I are just ordinary friends, why are you trying to pretend that we don’t have any relationship?”

[T/N: ** is something sexual I think]

“Xu Taiping, You are a bastard!” Xia Jinxuan angrily threw that breakfast she was holding in her hand toward Xu Taiping and then turned her body to run outside.

“You, what are you trying to do here, even if you don’t mind your reputation, why are you also trying to pull in this mess!?” Su Nianci furiously said.

“Girls are really troublesome.” Xu Taiping shook his head and said, “I am not fond of troublesome.”

“Then why do you still all day long, try to tease me? Aren’t you contradicting yourself?” Su Nianci asked.

“That is different, she is a lass, you are a woman, you won’t stick to me, even after sleeping with me you will break up, so it would be very unlikely to have any troublesome.” Xu Taiping shamefully smiled and said.

“Before I thought you are a local ruffian, bully, and a hoodlum, later I discovered that perhaps you are a person who has some unique backstory, but today I am certain, that in the end, what person you are!” Su Nianci stared at Xu Taiping and seriously said.

“What person I am?” Xu Taiping curiously asked.

“You are a person who doesn’t have any whatsoever bottom line, no lower limit, you are a bastard who doesn’t consider about other person’s standing, a scoundrel, even if I use all the words word I know to curse at you, it is still not sufficient to convey how much I despise you. Moreover, someone who doesn’t have the heart to take responsibility for the woman he is fond of, that kind of person in my view is simply a dreg of the society and whenever I see you I feel really disgusting and just thinking about you I am forced to spit. I feel really sorry for myself for trying to make you my informer before, even if a person like you offer me any clue, I am also unwilling to use it because anything that has something to do with you makes me feel really sick!” Su Nianci finished speaking and got down from the bed and soon even without turning her head she walked out of Xu Taiping’s room.

Xu Taiping just laughed but didn’t say anything.


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