SFVSG Ch.26 Gives you to carry this wok.

Xu Taiping bed was emphatically not big because the carpet area of this room was small, moreover this was a single sitter dormitory, therefore if a single person tried to sleep on this bed then it would still have a bit of space left, but if two people tried to sleep on this bed it would feel a bit cramped.

Su Nianci sat down on the bed and reclined to lean against the wall. Since her whole back was touching the wall, she could feel the chilliness of the wall on her back.

Su Nianci both legs were tightly closed together and although she had already changed into a sleeping pajama, she was incessantly feeling that there might be a space left in her pajama from where Xu Taiping could peep. She was holding both hands in front of her chest and was using a flower pattern blanket to cover her body. This was her own blanket.

The door of the room was open and moonlight was coming into the room to make it a bit less dark.

Su Nianci was holding a cell phone and while chatting with a friend on WeChat, she once in a while, was taking a furtive look toward Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping did not like to play with a cell phone. Actually, this was the biggest difference between him and the modern people. He didn’t even like to frequently check his cell phone. Now in modern time cell phone has become an irreplaceable utility device and a few years back a term cell phone sickness was coined for this type of lifestyle. Along with the promotion of smartphones and 4G internet, more and more people started to have a cellphone in their hand all day long, as if everyone has the same cell phone illness.

Xu Taiping always liked to avoid using a cell phone as long as there was no need, after all, on the one hand, a cell phone was something in which it was easy to engross in, so it was not good for carrying out his mission. On the other hand using a cell phone for a prolonged period of time has a side effect on one’s eyes, moreover, it was also waste of time.

Xu Taiping would rather close his eyes and keep it cool. He was also against the idea of holding the cell phone and playing those love games every one liked to play like ‘Wang Zhe Rong Yao’ and so on. Also because of this reason he never had any chat with his close friends in Wechat. He also never made any friend group or ever had sent someone, red envelope.

[Tl: Wang Zhe Rong Yao literally means KING OF GLORY is the name of a Chinese game, here, a red envelope is basically money sent through Wechat application, otherwise it also mean money given to junior from seniors]

He was like a fool who even if was in your friend’s list for many years, he would not try to come out and chat on his own, to such an extent that you would even doubt, if he had deleted you from his friend list or what. His ‘moment’ was more or less completely bereft as he had never sent anything to anyone.

[tl note: Moment is a function of WeChat to send pictures and they derived its name from ‘captured moments’]

The room was very quiet and even though Xu Taiping was sexually harassing Su Nianci in the beginning, but after she went to the bed he was very law-abiding. This made Su Nianci, who was secretly holding an electric truncheon, somewhat lose her tension, after all, she was afraid of Xu Taiping to have any bad intention for herself.

In this kind of serene night, Su Nianci very quickly started to feel sleepiness due to the cold air blowing into the room and slowly fell asleep. In this dark night, the eyes of Xu Taiping were still wide open and he was continuously looking at something in his front, no one knew what he was thinking about.

Jiang Yuan City, Haixin Upscale residential building.

The distance between here and Jian Yuan University is only two kilometers. Chen Juexun was a native of Jiang Yuan City and his father was a big leader in real estate business. This upscale residential building was also built by his father, therefore Chen Juexun was also given a suit in this building so that he won’t have to live inside some dormitory inside the University.

On the fifteenth floor of this residential building was the suit of Chen Juexun

Chen Juexun who have bandages wrapped around his body was moving back and forth impatiently inside his room.

These injuries on his body were naturally left behind by Xu Taiping, Although it was not a fatal wound, but was enough to let Chen Juexun suffer great pain.

Right now he had already started to hate Xu Taiping to the marrow of his bones. He didn’t even tell his father about the matter of his injury because he was not someone who after receiving some kind of grievance would run to his father to complain, therefore he, himself decided to hire a killer to kill Xu Taiping.

Something like killing was a big matter, and especially for someone like Chen Juexun who was still a student, only, he was already blinded by his hatred and after hardening his heart, he used twenty thousand yuan to hire a killer to kill Xu Taiping.

Today was the day that killer was going to kill Xu Taiping and right now he was waiting for news from that killer.


A sound of someone knocking on the door in a pattern echoed inside the room.

Chen Juexun at once went to the door and in the same way, knocked a few times on the door.

“The operation was a failure, I will return your money for the mission back in your account!” From behind the door came a woman’s voice.

“What? failed? “ Chen Juexun opened his eyes wide and violently pulled open the door.

Behind the door was standing that same female killer who had earlier tried to assassinate Xu Taiping, Although she was wearing a mask, one could still vaguely feel some frustration on her face.

“How can you be defeated? Didn’t you tell me that you are a qualified killer?” Chen Juexun angrily asked.

“How can you open the door?” That female killer resentfully said, “ don’t you know, that there is a rule in Killer’s Norm, that killer and employer cannot meet face to face? I especially thought about this method to talk with you and now you unexpectedly pulled open this gate.”

“What do I care about some special rules of your Killer’s Norm, tell me how did you fail your mission? Is the man you went to kill, still safe and sound? Are you trying to play with me?” Chen Juexun asked.

“The person you asked to kill me is not average, although I am very ferocious, the circumstances that time was really not suitable for me, I had to retreat. You hurriedly close the door, we will talk while being separated by this door and like this, I would be able to keep my conduct in accordance with Killer’s Norm!” That female killer said.

“I think you are really foolish!” Chen Juexun at once raised his feet and kicked toward that female killer.

That female killer also had some skills, she moved aside to dodge his kick and angrily said to Chen Juexun, “What do you think you are doing?”

“Since you are such useless, then let me vent my fire on you!” Chen Juexun suddenly touched his waist and then took out an electric gun and pulled the trigger toward that female killer.

Tartartar, a sound of electric spark due to electric discharge echoed and soon the body of that female killer violently shuddered, then her body stiffly fell down on the ground.

“What nonsense killer, you are especially blowing your own trumpet.” Chen Juexun sneered and received that electric gun, then by holding that female killer’s leg, he dragged her into his room.

That female killer also had a bad luck, first, she tried to assassinate the king of killer’s Xu Taiping and after somehow escaping from there because of Xu Taiping giving her a chance, she didn’t expect that she would come across this pervert boss Chen Juexun.

Although numb feeling inside her body was making her unable to move her body, she was still conscious.

She was looking at grief and indignation at Chen Juexun while thinking, how can I have such bad luck on my first mission ever.

“Let me look at your face!” Chen Juexun raised his hand to hold that female killer mask and pulled it open.

After removing her mask, a beautiful face with a tint of childlike innocence came into the view of Chen Juexun.

From her face, it looked like the age of this female killer was absolutely not more than 20 years.

“It’s no wonder that you were wearing a mask, originally you are so good-looking!” Chen Juexun with a sinister expression raised his hand to caress that female killer’s face and said, “ You are so beautiful, left this nonsense killer business and be my woman. I will give you twenty thousand as monthly allowance.”

“You….You dare to see my face, I, I will kill you!” That female killer became flustered and said.

“Kill me? Based on this level of skill? Hahaha, you are not even able to kill a security guard and dare to proclaim yourself as a killer, if you are a killer then I am king of the killer!” Chen Juexun said in ridicule.

“I won’t allow you to insult my idol!” that female killer said while gnashing her teeth.

“Idol? Originally your idol is King of Killers, starting from today, I am King of Killers. Chen Juexun proudly said.

“You dare to insult King of Killers, You will surely suffer a retribution!” That female killer said in stern voice.

“Retribution no retribution, I don’t know about these, but right now, you can’t escape from my hand.” Chen Juexun said while raising his hand to untie that female killer’s upper body clothes.

That female killer was wearing a skin-tight jacket on her upper body, and that jacket had a zipper on the side of the body.

Bit by bit Chen Juexun was pulling her zipper down and bit by bit that female killer’s two white rabbits were showing their head in front of Chen Juexun front. Seeing those while rabbits he started to increase his speed.

“Unexpectedly so skin tight, originally I thought you are a B cup, but now looks like you are absolutely a D cup!” Chen Juexun as if he had discovered a treasure he got really happy and said to that female killer.

That female killer name was Beifan and she was also feeling very grieved for being a killer of this caliber, after all, first, she failed to kill her target, and now she was getting bullied by her employer. If this was made public she would indeed lose her face in front of other killers.

[Tl: Beifan literally means grief and indignation, and here author tried to play with her name like her name is grief and indignation and she was grieved.]

She recalled what her military instructor had once said to her.

“Fan Hua, you are not fit to be a killer, you should go and live like an ordinary citizen, at least this way you can have a long life.”

At that time, she was not convinced of what her military instructor had said, but now it seemed like what military instructor had said was indeed true, and she was really not fit for being a killer.

“Hahaha, this figure is really good, I have never played with such a beautiful body like your’s in my whole life. Waist so thin, breast so big, and such beautiful face. Your with this kind of look shouldn’t be any nonsense killer, even if you go out in Jiang Yuan city in the night to perform evening show at the theatre you can easily work as the lead actress, and very easily can earn an official salary of thirty-forty thousand every day!” Chen Juexun was shuddering all over the body as if he was very excited.

“Being a killer is my dream!” That female killer stubbornly stared at Chen Juexun and said, “earning money is not my goal.”

“Dream? That is indeed a good thing, let’s celebrate your dream today by having sex together, hahaha, this can also be considered as a cosplay, only, I have still not played this female killer. Chen Juexun licked his lips and raised his hand to put on the gap, he has created by pulling that zipper and started to slowly move his toward that female killer’s breast.

That female killer started to have goosebumps all over the body, but since she was electrocuted by Chen Juexun before, she was still not able to move any part of her body due to feeling numb, and right now she was unable to put out any effective resistance.

Right at this moment, a stuffy sound came from the front of that female killer’s body and soon, the face of that female killer was dyed red from the blood.

Chen Juexun body suddenly got stiff and blood was oozing from a hole in his head, straight ahead of that bloody hole was a black spike, stuck into the wall.

With a ‘puff’ sound the body of Chen Juexun fell down to press on that female killer’s body.

“Uwaah!!” That female killer started to cry in fear, also no one knows how but she was able to push open Chen Juexun body from above herself and then used her both hand to crawl away from that place.

Chen Juexun had fallen face down on the ground and didn’t have any vitality.

That female killer body violently trembled and she looked toward the direction from where the spike had come from.

In the darkness of night, there was a silhouette standing on the nearby balcony and because the light of balcony was switched off, that female killer couldn’t clearly see the face of that person.

“This wok gives you.” That man used a very deep and resounding rough voice to say that sentence and then turned his body to jumped down from that balcony.

[T/N: 鍋 literally means wok, generally used in 背鍋 [bēi guō] means Carry+wok, To bear the blame for someone else’s mistake. Here that person is asking her to carry the blame for this murder, I didn’t change it because it is cooler this way]

That female killer got blanked for a moment and then she suddenly opened her eyes wide and looked toward that spike.

Isn’t this the concealed weapon I used when I went out to kill Xu Taiping? How can it be here?


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