SFVSG Ch.25 Rookie Female Killer

‘That person’, in the mouth of Xu Taiping was naturally the person who left him that threatening letter.

Although the person in front was using a black cloth to cover her face, Xu Taiping could still clearly see her eyes.

Even though her eyes were soft and tender, they were still full of stubbornness, but inside this stubbornness, there was also a bit of timidity. Xu Taiping could clearly remember that he had never seen this pair of eyes in his world.

“It is quite clear, that you are a rookie.” Xu Taiping said, “ You must have not even gone on several missions?”

“How do you know?!” other person opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“Because experienced person won’t ask this type of questions in return, like you.” Xu Taiping gave her a supercilious look and said, “ This world is really more and more not making sense, now any Tom, Dick or Harry can come out and became a killer. Is there no bar for being a killer?”

“You, If you want to kill, then kill me, but I won’t allow you to insult, insult my profession!” that female killer said after being flustered and exasperated.

There were many enemies who were grabbed by Xu Taiping, some of those tried to threaten him, other tries to plead for his forgiveness and few even asked for death, but someone like this female killer, he had never seen before.

Even before he was aware, for some reason the idea of killing her became weak in Xu Taiping’s mind.

“Today your luck is really good, that I stopped casually killing anyone for a long time.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “ Tell me, who has hired you.”

“A killer will never sell his employer, this is the first rule in Killer’s Norm !” That female killer said.

“You also know about Killer’s Norm?” Xu Taiping smiled at her in ridicule.

“Naturally, after all, Killer’s Norm is the treasury compiled by the world’s best killer Blood Wolf. Every killer should read and re-read it until one gets familiar with it and later they must make it assimilate into their own code of conduct !” Female killer said.

“Hahaha, what bulshit is this name, Blood Wolf?” Xu Taiping said.

“I won’t allow you to insult my idol!” That female killer suddenly stood up in fury and brandished her fist to attack Xu Taiping, only to find Xu Taiping relaxedly dodging her attack.

“What I said is the truth, he might be thinking that his name is very compelling and popular, but let me tell you his name is as bizarre as if it was of originated from some shitty countryside.” Xu Taiping said.

“I am now forced to spell with you!!” That female killer started to struggle, but from beginning to end she was not able to escape from the clutches of Xu Taiping.

“Is it the faction of Chen Xuejun who has sent you?” Xu Taiping suddenly asked.

‘How do you know?!” That female killer suddenly stopped struggling and asked in surprise.

“Even though my enemies are a lot, but it is impossible that they will kill a rookie killer like you for killing me, therefore, the person who has hired you must be someone who has recently become my enemy. Zhou Xiaoyu and his gang are still inside the police bureau so it is unlikely that they would be able to hire a killer, and that something Li Sifan, with him our feud still hasn’t reached the level of life and death, it is also impossible for Xu Boyuan to hire someone to kill me. Then only one left is Chen Xuejun whom I sent to the hospital. It should be him who have hired you. Certainly, what I just said is just my speculations, but I didn’t expect that you will so easily confirm my guess, really thank you.” Xu Taiping said with a smile.

“You scheming bastard!” That female killer said in a towering rage, “ You have fooled me twice, do you think I am easy to bully?”

“I am really curious, how can someone like you walk on the path of a killer. Which organization dares to recruit you, this type of no brain?” Xu Taiping curiously asked.

“I, This old lady, is a single person who works alone, I don’t belong to any organization. Let me tell you, today you have held me to make me feel so miserable. If you kill me now then it is good, otherwise, I would surely return to carry out my mission!” That female killer said.

“Your figure is so good, it is a pity to kill you.” Xu Taiping gently placed his one hand on her waist and while softly caressing her, he said, “ Just now I lacked a woman. Now I am going to play enough with your body before killing you. and then I will put your body in my newly bought suitcase after that I will casually find a deserted place to dig a hole to bury you behind this mountain. Before long the maggot will start to crawl to eat your body. You know first, your body will become really big, then it will be your face which will start to rot first and then bite by bit your whole body will rot…….”

“AAA, You don’t have to explain, it makes me feel sick!” that female killer covered her ears and said.

“Good, now I won’t joke with you.” Xu Taiping suddenly made a serious face and exerted some force on his hand.

All of a sudden, That female killer felt that someone has used a vice to tightly clamped on her throat and then she suddenly felt a strong suffocation spreading inside her whole body.

“You can leave this place alive is your luck. I am already retired and doesn’t want to casually kill anyone again. You are still young, don’t get deceived by these several so-called heroes. That something Blood Wolf, do you really think he really likes to be a killer? Who in their right mind would like to dance every day of his life on the blade of a dagger? Rolls to a distant point. Don’t let me see you again, otherwise, I will really hold you to first have sex then will kill you.” Xu Taiping after saying these words, he without any effort threw that female killer aside.

Soon Xu Taiping lost track of that female killer whom he had thrown. Xu Taiping then nimbly stepped down from the tree and walked toward that bathroom in the distance.

Inside that bathroom, Su Nianci had already shouted herself to make her voice hoarse.

“Don’t shout, are you so afraid of the darkness that you can’t even leave the bathroom? Outside has moonlight and can still be regarded as bright.” Xu Taiping said after standing behind the bathroom door.

“You, you think I don’t want to go out. I have sprained my foot, you say how can I go out.” Su Nianci said in a sharp voice.

“Foot sprain? So what do you want to do now? Is it possible that you want me to come inside and carry you back?” Xu Taiping asked.

“You, you go out and look, for, for what reason there is suddenly a light failure.” Su Nianci said.

“That must be something done by that female killer!” even though Xu Taiping was thinking this sentence in his heart, but what he said was, “ it is a short circuit. When you shouted I didn’t come at once to you because I went out to check the electric circuit. In such a night it is also impossible to go out and buy a fuse, we can only wait for tomorrow.

“Hmm, that won’t do, I, I am not fond of place where have no light.” Su Nianci said.

“What’s the big deal in being afraid of darkness, there is no need to say such tactfully. You wait for me, I will come inside and support you to come out.” Xu Taiping said and entered the bathroom.

This bathroom was emphatically not like a public toilet. It was more like a bathroom in ordinary person’s house, only a lot bigger. Inside had a place for the shower as well as the place for morning convenience.

After entering the bathroom, he saw Su Nianci crouching down on the ground while holding a cell phone in her hand. The flashlight of the cell phone was on, but since the inside of bathroom was completely dark, this type of light made everything look even weirder.

Seeing that Su Nianci skirt was still in proper condition, Xu Taiping got somewhat disappointed. He was planning to look at the scene of this beauty using a toilet, but he had not thought that other had already completely covered to protect her secret place.

Xu Taiping walked to Su Nianci’s side and held her to stood up and then supported her to come out of the bathroom.

“Thank, Thank you.” Su Nianci said while being somewhat embarrassed, “ I am very afraid of darkness since childhood, therefore in the night I always try to not go outside, after all, even if I go outside there are always some places with dim light or without any light at all.”

“I was also afraid of darkness.” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “ but that was something when I was still a child. Later I find out that I was no longer afraid of darkness when I tried to conceal my presence inside the darkness to hit my target.

“Conceal your presence inside the darkness? How can you conceal your presence? Su Nianci asked in doubt.

“That is naturally by finding a pitch black area to hide inside.” Xu Taiping laughed and said.

“Yeah right, I thought if you are saying in such a melancholy, then you must have used some universally shocking methods, but who knew that it was just you hiding.” Su Nianci despising waved her hand.

“But since you are so afraid of darkness, then what will you do tonight?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I…..I also don’t know. Right now even if I go to the University guest house, it will still take me half an hour and that road is also dark!” Su Nianci somewhat apprehensively said.

Right at this moment, a gale of wind came and blew leaves of those ivy creepers on the dormitory wall due to which a rustling sound echoed inside the whole dormitory.

Su Nianci who was using Xu Taiping support to stand on the ground, after hearing this weird sound, at once pulled her hand from Xu Taiping hand and threw herself into Xu Taiping’s bosom and while shuddering all over the body she said, “Tonight, Tonight I, can I sleep inside your room?”

“Don’t you fear that I eat you?” Xu Taiping cracked a joke.

As soon as that voice fell, he suddenly felt something hard at his waist.

“When did you also grew a male weapon on your waist? “ Xu Taiping asked.

“You, You dare, if you dare to think about me, I, I will welcome you with this electric truncheon.” Su Nianci threatened Xu Taiping while feeling somewhat nervous.

“ Be careful to not press that button in this confusion, this toy has electricity flowing through it, if you hit someone with it he will urinate in fear.” Xu Taiping nervously said.

“You know this is good, tonight we will be in the same room. I will sleep on the upper half of the bed and you will sleep on the lower half. If you dare to do anything to me, I at once electrocute you!” Su Nianci said.

“ Have a little conscience, don’t make me sleep on the lower side of the bed.” Xu Taiping sighed and said, “ We have not even tried the formal position and you at once want to play 69, isn’t it a little too quick?”

“What 69?” Su Nianci asked in doubt.

“You are really a white lotus flower.” Xu Taiping laughed and entered his room.

[Tl NOTE: White Lotus Flower (白莲花) is a term coined by netizens and it is short of (圣母白莲花) which literally means Virgin Mary white lotus flowers and used for sarcastically referring to beautiful women who appear to be pure, kind and loving but in fact are evil and mean. Here I don’t think Xu Taiping is referring her as evil and mean but using it for pure and kind]

Actually, Su Nianci was really thinking about going out of this campus to find a hotel, but thinking that that journey from here to the University gate would surely take her more than half an hour and neither would be any person on the road nor every place would be lighted, she was afraid of running back from halfway.

Her biggest weakness was being alone in the darkness, and regardless of any method she couldn’t contact the dormitory helpers right now, this made Su Nianci very helpless.

“Come inside, I will give you bed.” Xu Taiping shouted.

“Remember, you are a PRC police officer, leave being anxious and worried!” Su Nianci took a deep breath and while mumbling this to herself, she took a step to enter Xu Taiping’s room.

This was the how Xu Taiping and Su Nianci, first time slept on the same bed in this lonely pitch black night.

Erdan was lying inside her kennel and was already gone into a deep sleep.

Xu Taiping was reclining on the bed and while patting sheet of the bed he said, “come, beauty, now it is very difficult for me to bear this thirst!”


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