SFVSG Ch.23 A male and female in a single room.

Finally, at noon, the military training started. After Xu Taiping had put on a clean security guard uniform, he showed up at the sports field in high spirit.

He was behaving like as if beforehand injury from the gunshot never existed in the first place. Well, actually no one could guess that he even had any scratch after seeing his smiling face. Also, the matter inside the Dao coffee shop never got public because of involvement of Su Nianci. After all City Bureau was afraid of getting Su Nianci identity exposed to the drug dealers, therefore they suppressed this matter to their greatest ability.

“Brother Xu, come, here I have just bought this cola from a vendor, drink it!”

“Brother Xu here is nice and cool, you come and rest here!”

Every one of those security guards who came together to participate in military training were showing their goodwill toward Xu Taiping, after all, Xu Taiping did his best for them during the challenge in the morning and if they didn’t even feel grateful for Xu Taiping, there wouldn’t have been any difference between them and animals.

Xu Taiping was contentedly lying under a tree, although the weather was little sultry, compare to those students who were exposed to the scorching sun, he was more than happy to just lie there.

Chen Wen was also sitting beside him and in his hand, he was holding a portable electric fan to blow air on Xu Taiping. Today he was emotionally moved when in the morning Xu Taiping had spoken for him in front of the University higher management and moreover he even did his share of push-ups, this was more than enough for Chen Wen to be affected by Xu Taiping kindness and thinking of him as the most important friend of his life.

The whole sports ground was being reverberated by the echo of Military Instructors orders. Wang Li was standing on the platform and while narrowing his eyes, he was keeping a watch on the situation of military training which was being carried out on sports ground.

“Captain Wang, that group of security guards, why are they resting there?” Xu Boyuan who standing beside Wang Li asked in doubt.

Since he was this year’s instructor for the news and media specialization, Xu Boyuan had come to the sports ground for observing the performance of his class in the military practice, but clearly, right now his attention was not on his students.

“ Formal Military Training will start from tomorrow, today they have just come to understand and observe the process of this training.” Wang Li said. It was natural for him to not tell anything about the bet he lost to Xu Taiping, after all, he was not a foolish person, this was emphatically not some glorious matter to brag about.

“Originally is this!” Xu Boyuan nodded and after that again said, “You, Captain Wang must severely train this group of security guards, after all, this relates to our entire University security.

“This is something I know, you don’t need to teach me.” Wang Li said.

“That is good, right, Captain Wang, tonight I want to invite you and your team members on a simple dinner, doesn’t know if you, Captain Wang will bestow me this opportunity.” Xu Boyuan smiled and said.

“There are rules inside the army even for having a meal, we cannot have any contact with outsiders in unknown places.” Wang Li shook his head and refused Xu Boyuan’s invitation.

“Yes yes yes, I was rude, sorry.” Xu Boyuan laughed and soon disappointedly turned his body and left.

Originally he wanted to follow Captain Wang to build a good relationship to use him for repairing Xu Taiping, but he didn’t expect that other person would not even give him a bit of face.

Finally, the military training of the first day was over. Xu Taiping and others assembled in the sports ground after military training was over and soon were allowed to return to their home.

After thinking that Erdan had still not eaten anything, Xu Taiping declined the invitation of dinner with Zhao Bigan and soon went to the university dining hall to buy some snacks and while convenient he also bought a bottle of sorghum liquor and returned to the dormitory while drinking that bottle of liquor.

At that moment sun was already set in the west and horizon was dyed in beautiful red color, Xu Taiping moved to a small wooden bench and sat outside the gate of the dormitory, on the one hand, he was eating and drinking that beforehand bought snack and liquor, on the other hand, he was looking at the sunset.

Erdan was lying on her stomach beside him and was incessantly nibbling on the chicken leg Xu Taiping has given her to eat.

Xu Taiping didn’t know if the age of Erdan was big enough to eat a chicken leg or not, but seeing the appearance of Erdan right now, he thought, well even if she eat a drumstick, most likely she won’t die and she herself is not concerned about it, so what’s the harm.

“You say, that person who is hiding in the secret place, is the friend of which unlucky ghost? That army supervisor of SouthEast Asia? Or that telecommunication tycoon from Japan? Or maybe perhaps that smuggler king of United State?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Gu gu.” Erdan let out a very comfortable sound from her mouth as if she was very happy eating that chicken drumstick.

“There really is no place to hide for someone who has killed so many people. I have many enemies, if I have to screen them one-by-one then it would be really difficult, but it’s a good thing that I have a starting point.” Xu Taiping smiled and said. Although in the past few days even if he was living an idle life, he was still conscious of every person and things appeared before him.

Xu Taiping was certain that, the person who left him that piece of paper was inevitably among these people, only he was really good at pretending. Xu Taiping in his last few days was unceasingly sorting out each and every person who had appeared in his surrounding or anyone who flashed past him, but after screening all these people’s behavior and activity, he was still not able to find anything about that person.

This was a really unimaginable matter because even if it was for those memory specialists in this world, it would have been nearly impossible to consciously remember those people who flashed past them in their ordinary life, but for Xu Taiping, this matter was emphatically not difficult, he had an incomparable brain. He could easily remember any matter which occurred on that day, everything that happened with someone he knew that day, he could even remember the color of those garbage cans he passed by while walking, in short, he could remember everything happened after opening his eyes in the morning and before closing his eyes in the night.

It was as if he had the eyes of the god to look and sense everything happening around him.

Although it was difficult to say about all the benefits Xu Taiping had due to this type of brain, it also had its consequences. Due to this type of brain, Xu Taiping had to go through unimaginable pain every day.

Even now, he could clearly remember that day, when those members of his team died in front of his eyes. He could still remember the expression of those people when they were dying, their pain and struggle, he could still remember the blood that blossomed in the air and furthermore all sorts of sound coming from the continuous shooting.

Although he had to rely on the alcohol to numb his brain, with prolonged use of alcohol the effect was getting weaker with time.

Every night when Xu Taiping dreamed about these things, he felt like, he was living that painful moment again and again.

Xu Taiping picked up that liquor bottle from the ground and took a mouthful and after that, he started to touch Erdan’s head and said, “ after catching that person, what do you think we should do, do we steam him in broth or it will be good to deep fry him?”

“Wang wang, Guuu!” Erdan cried out this two sound, then faced upward and started howling.

Sun was going down behind a mountain, one man, and one dog was eating meat and drinking wine together, this could be considered as a matter of artistic conception. Xu Taiping was enjoying this type of leisure time when there was no Xia Jinxuan, there was no Chen Juexun, there was no other person, just him and that dog. He had heard somewhere that dog cannot understand whatever they hear, therefore he could brazenly say whatever he wanted to talk about and he didn’t need to conceal anything inside himself.

“If at this moment, there was a young lady to sit on my leg to move her hips it would have been really good, doesn’t it Erdan!” Xu Taiping said.

Erdan looked at him with a blank face.

It was not like Xia Jinxuan had disappeared from this world, also it was not that she had forgotten Xu Taiping. Today she didn’t come before Xu Taiping was naturally because of the Military training.

As a daughter of an affluent family, where had she ever experience today’s situation. In the front of South China Tiger special force, her identity and status were completely useless, regardless of how spoiled she acted or whatever unreasonable scene she had made, there was no effect in front of those instructors. She had to do everything that others were doing and the result of such training was that at the end of the day she was tired like a dog. When she was going back home, she fell asleep in the car and it was her driver who delivered her back to her home.

Finally, the son completely descended behind the mountain, Xu Taiping stood up from that small stool and went inside the dormitory, after that he switched on the lights of the dormitory.

Erdan smugly returned to her small house inside the Xu Taiping room while still holding the bone of that chicken drumstick in her mouth and after a while, she used that bone as a pillow and fell asleep.

Xu Taiping also sat on the bed and picked up a book named ‘A mirror of Wise Ruler’ to read, but even before he could read the second page, he heard a sound of footstep from the door.


Su Nianci voice full of complaint reverberated in the desolateness of that dark sky.

Xu Taiping forced a smile and threw that book to the side and while looking at Su Nianci who was spitting anger while standing at the gate, he said, “ Police Officer Su, In this night why did you come here, is it possible that you have finally decided to devote your body and heart to me?”

“Why did you not go to the hospital?!” Su Niacin walked few steps to arrive in front of Xu Taiping and just wanted to say something that she suddenly felt a sudden pain in her foot.

When she looked down, she saw a husky dog who was nipping at her feet!

She was lucky that the dog was still young and didn’t have any strength in her jaw. She couldn’t penetrate the skin of Su Nianci feet, otherwise, she would have to go to the hospital to take an anti-rabies injection.

“Good adorable dog!” Su Nianci was at once attracted by Erdan and then she bent down to pick her from the ground.

Erdan was unceasingly moving and making a threatening gesture in the hand’s of Su Nianci, only, Erdan was still very shaggy and all the threatening gesture she was making, it looked really adorable.

“Is this your dog?” Su Nianci curiously asked.

“Hmm, her name is Erdan.” Xu Taiping said.

“She is really adorable, I also wanted to raise a dog, but my mother didn’t agree. And now after so much difficulty, I am finally able to move inside the University, but it is prohibited to raise a dog in university’s teaching and administrative staff dormitory. You are lucky that you are alone in this dormitory, therefore, there is nobody to manage you?” Su Nianci said while playing with Erdan.

Erdan was really pitiful, he really wanted to escape from clutches of Su Nianci, but he was helpless because of her short stature, weak body and could only take the humiliation of constant pinching and kneading in Su Nianci hand.

“Be gentle or you will kill her.” Xu Taiping finally said.

“Do you really think I am so powerful, that by just holding her in my hand, I will kill her? Hey, you don’t try to change the subject, why did you not go to the hospital?” Su Nianci frowned and asked.

“Where am I shifting any subject?” Xu Taiping helplessly said, “ there is no deep meaning, I just didn’t go to the hospital, so as to save your money otherwise you would have to pay for medical care and medicines. Look at me, I am yet to marry you, but I am still trying to save your money, isn’t I reliable.

“The most unreliable thing is the nonsense you sprout from your mouth whenever you open it.” Su Nianci said and put down Erdan on the ground. Then she sat opposite to Xu Taiping and looked at Xu Taiping while asking, “You tell me honestly, how can you be so powerful?”

“You are a police officer, isn’t it simple to just check my background and documents? Is there any necessity to ask me?” Xu Taiping said.

“In the afternoon at the bureau, I have already investigated your all material, your whole material from childhood till now!” Su Nianci said.

“Then why are you still asking me?” Xu Taiping laughed and said.

“You whole material is really clean, really average, and doesn’t even resemble anything from your present self, I think your whole material is fake, you are certainly not an ordinary person.” Su Nianci confidently said.

“So what about it? Xu Taiping turned upward one leg on the other and lay down on the bed facing upward. This kind of poster was really good, he could now look at the scenery between the two legs of Su Niaci.

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