SFVSG Ch.24 Neighbour

Even though it was rare, today Su Nianci had worn a skirt, moreover, it was a short skirt which was almost knee length but still short of knee. Right now she was sitting across Xu Taiping and even though he couldn’t see her whole milky thigh but as long as he was reclining on the bed and looked toward her, he could see even more beautiful scenery between her legs compare to her thigh.

Su Nianci didn’t pay any attention to Xu Taiping movements, after all, Xu Taiping movement was very natural, his both hands were supporting his body from behind and looked as if he was reclining because of feeling tired.

“Since now, you are my informer, I think it’s necessary that you should tell me your all secrets!” Su Nianci while staring at him said.

“I can tell you.” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “but the premise is you must accompany me to sleep for a night.”

“Wishful thinking!” Su Nianci with a black face said, “ If you again harass me, believe it or not, I will really put you behind the bars.”

“Police Officer Su, don’t you know so-called ‘A Kindness Received Should be Returned with a Freer Hand’, I have saved you, can’t you contribute a little bit? It’s just taking a nap that’s all, then there will be no debt between us and we both will be good. it is not like you will also lose anything? Is it possible that you are still a virgin?” Xu Taiping cracked a joke.

“You!!” Su Nianci while gnashing her tooth stood up and then pointing her finger at Xu Taiping said, “ originally I have changed my impression of you, but unexpectedly you are a dog who can’t stop himself from eating shit!!”

“Wu Wu!” Erdan raised her head and barked as if she wanted to say that even she did not like to eat shit.

“I am declined to argue with you, You want to say then say otherwise forget it.” Su Nianci said and then turned her body to leave.

“Everyone has some sort of secrets.” Xu Taiping unhurriedly said, “ I didn’t ask you about why you are making me investigate about the Hou Mountain because I know if I ask you, I might get caught inside an even bigger problem. Similarly, You also shouldn’t ask me for what reason I have this kind of skills, otherwise, you might also find yourself in a vortex of trouble.”

Su Nianci stopped her feet and turned her head to look at Xu Taiping and said, “ I am letting you follow me because I already consider you as my friend. Friends should be frank and above board with each other….but now look like it was just me, oh forget it. I want you to as soon as possible carry out your investigation of Hou Mountain, now I am already running out of my patience.”

After saying, Su Nianci started taking fast step to go out and then soon disappeared from the eyes of Xu Taiping.

“Black.” Xu Taiping put his one leg over the other and touched his chin while talking to himself, “ black women are all cold from outside and but warm from inside. They won’t even say what they feel and the best thing is they are more passionate than anybody else, tsk, it’s a shame that these type of women are really emotional!!”

Erdan was looking at Xu Taiping strangely, she didn’t know what black thing Xu Taiping was talking about.

Next day military training started, as usual, in the start, every one of security guard department again tried to hide from the instructor’s eyes but in the end, only fifteen were able to hide, rest of them had to participate in the military training under the scorching sun.

Xu Taiping naturally performed average in the military training. Since he had already shown a spectacular performance while doing push-ups with Wang Li, if he again performed above average it would have been very problematic for Xu Taiping if Wang Li got even more obsessed with him.

Finally, the military training of the day was over, Xu Taiping had tried his best to force himself to sweat all over the body, therefore right now he was going with Chen Wen to the adjacent samba center to take a bath.

It was already evening when he was returning to the dormitory. He was amazed to see that the light of his dormitory had already been lighted.

Xu Taiping curiously walked to the gate of his room and pressed his ear to the gate.

Right at this moment, the gate suddenly opened with a sound, it was Su Nianci who was carrying a bucket of water while going out of his room. She also finds Xu Taiping who was trying to listen to sounds inside the room.

“You, You this person is really wretched!” After seeing the eavesdropping posture of Xu Taiping, Su Nianci made a black face and angrily said.

“ cough cough….” Xu Taiping was also a bit embarrassed, actually, this was the first time he was caught while doing this type of matter and in fact, this matter also shouldn’t be counted as vulgar, after all, it was not like he was peeping on her, he was just eavesdropping. But after listening to the Su Nianci he had to acknowledge his mistake. While touching his nose, he said, “ I was thinking which roommate I have been allotted, but didn’t expect that it would be you.”

“What roommate? Isn’t having a neighbor good enough for you?” Su Nianci ambiguously said to correct Xu Taiping.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me, only, Police Officer Su, you are our university most beautiful woman teacher, How can you come to live in this kind of shitty place?” Xu Taiping curiously asked.

“I also don’t know, I only know that in the afternoon, I have received a notice from the university side, to relocate my dormitory. They said that my dormitory will be allotted to a group of research students.” Su Nianci said.

“Is it only you who is relocated?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Hmm!” Su Nianci nodded.

“You must have offended any person, think, which University leader you have recently offended ?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I have not offended anyone and my relationship with my co-workers can still be considered good. Even if I have somewhat offended someone that would also be Xu Boyuan!” Su Nianci said in doubt.

“How did you offend him?” Xu Taiping curiously asked.

‘Well, you can’t say I have offended him. It just that he have asked many times for dinner, but every time I have declined his invitation. You say, is he really so narrow-minded that, for something so small, he would retaliate against me like this?”
Su Nianci while frowning asked.

“You are really a child, indeed your brain is still like that of a child. Well, it is difficult to understand the sinister will of the people, for someone of your age.  Let alone you refused to eat food with him, some people would even kill someone just because they were glared by them on the road. But here you have refused to accept an invitation of other people, do you think it is impossible for that person to do everything in his capability to make you relocate to this shitty place?” Xu Taiping said

“If it is really as you have said, then he is really narrow-minded.” Su Nianci coldly said, “good or bad he is also a foreign return, how can he do something like this.”

“I guess he just wanted to make you relocate to this place for two reasons, on the one hand here is remote, you in the night would certainly get afraid and lonely and second I am also living in the room adjacent to yours, but since you find me very disgusting, when the time comes, your spirit and body would definitely receive the torture from these two things. He must be thinking that after some time he would come as a savior in front of you and rescue you from this place. Then won’t you be grateful enough to repay him by your body?” Xu Taiping said.

“You this person how every time opens your mouth to spout nonsense, what grateful enough to repay by body….really, really is vulgar.” Su Nianci scolded.

“But he has made a mistake in his thinking, after all, I know that you think of me as your husband, where can feel disgusting by just being with me. This time it is good that our room is adjacent to each other so we can take care of each other, hey, this won’t do, now it will be very difficult to invite any young lady again inside this dormitory.” Xu Taiping proudly said.

“Rolls to one side, let me tell you something, now I am going to the bathroom and if you dare come anywhere near it, remember this electronic truncheon will be waiting to welcome you!” Su Nianci said while showing an electronic truncheon and pressing a button.

That electric truncheon started to crackle and looking at it Xu Taiping body suddenly shuddered.

“I am going inside my room to sleep on my bed. Till I don’t have your permission, I will definitely won’t come out from the room.” after saying, Xu Taiping turned his body to go inside his room.

“Hah!” Su Nianci feeling pleased with herself she raised her chin and then while holding a cell phone in her hand she went toward the bathroom.

Xu Taiping returned to his room and lay down on the bed and was waiting for getting drowsy. Actually, he was not at all serious about Su Nianci in that way. After going through several matters with Su Nianci, he had roughly understood the background of Su Nianci. Su Nianci was a very righteous person, but sometimes she thinks like a little girl. If this little girl was allowed to get experience in the Public Security Bureau for some years, she would possibly be a Police Flower who would have both ability and appearance. Xu Taiping found it very strange and always thought the leader of Su Nianci was a bigger idiot than her, unexpectedly sent such inexperienced young girl to be an undercover agent.

On the first day I met her I was able to find her identity, it is possible that others have also discovered her identity.

Originally Xu Taiping didn’t have any thought about her. Although she was beautiful, good looking and her moral standard was also good, she was also someone who would bring great inconvenience to Xu Taiping. Only after experiencing today’s matter, Xu Taiping changed his mind, after all, this young woman was ready to undress in front of those redhead punks for saving him, if this kind of affection was not enough to move one’s heart then the other is certainly not a human.

Although Xu Taiping nature was really cold, his biggest merit was that he was good to everyone whoever is sincere with him, that every time he had returned other’s kindness in hundredfold and almost every time there was no personal feeling associated with these repayments.

This was the genuine cold-blooded ruthlessness. For Xu Taiping, every graciousness of the other person in this world can be repaid by the equal kindness, like if you gave me money in my difficult time than when I got rich enough I could give you tenfold. Certainly, after paying back in full, I wouldn’t feel any gratefulness for you so that if one day you are my target, I as before could kill you.

Now Su Nianci was sincerely good to him, he had already taken this kindness in his heart, therefore he was right now looking for an opportunity to return that kindness.

Naturally, he felt that using his body to repay her was the best option, but thinking about how he still had to settle the matter with Xia Jinxuan, he didn’t dare to casually go out on a hunt for Su Nianci, otherwise when the time comes and Xia Jinxuan got jealous of Su Nianci then it was bound to have many many inconvenience for him.

This was the reason why he always thought of virgins as annoying!

Xu Taiping secretly concluded his monologue and after that, he finally started to feel drowsy.

Till now, Xu Taiping had yet to realize the changes he was going through after coming in contact and having various connections with so many ordinary people. His mentality had already started to slowly change and this kind of change was more than enough let him feel more affection for life like never before.

Suddenly the light of the dormitory went off on its own.

Since it was not Xu Taiping went out to switch off the power then it must have been the power failure.

Along with the power failure, a loud shriek of Su Nianci could be heard coming from the bathroom.

After hearing her shriek Xu Taiping somewhat helplessly rubbed his temple and stood up from the bed and walked to the door to open it.

Even before he could open the door completely, A fierce breath suddenly rushed to  Xu Taiping’s face.

Xu Taiping even without changing his expression, threw a high kick and direct hit to fly that concealed weapon, which was blended into the night and was hard to detect. After that, Xu Taiping fiercely bent his knees and suddenly his whole body changes into a shadow and disappeared from the gate.

About more than 10 meters away from the dormitory building, there was a large tree and a person using a night vision goggles was astonishingly looking at Xu Taiping who had suddenly disappeared from his front. He was really not clear about the place where Xu Taiping suddenly ran away to.

“Are you trying to find me?” Xu Taiping voice came from behind the back of that person. The body of that person slightly trembled and soon that person suddenly raised his hand to attack Xu Taiping’s neck

He was holding a palm size ‘butterfly knife’ in his hand which was shining silvery under the effect of moonlight.


Xu Taiping hand chopped on other person’s wrist and taking advantage of the inertia of his hand, he grabbed his neck.

“First, tell me who has sent you, second, tell me which organization you belong to, third, choose how would you like to die.” Xu Taiping asked.

“You, You, I will not betray my employer!!” since Xu Taiping was pinching that person’s neck it was difficult to speak, but after listening to that voice it was unexpectedly a voice of a female.

“You are a female killer.” Xu Taiping moved his face closer to that person and he stared at her for some time and then he said, “You are not someone I am looking for.”


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