SFVSG Ch.22 I am really powerfull

That iron rod in the hand of Xu Taiping suddenly started to produce an ear-piercing unpleasant to hear, sound, and soon, under the glare of everyone that iron rod suddenly bent a little in the hand of Xu Taiping.

This iron rod is still thicker than a finger and unexpectedly this man pinched it with a single hand to bend it!

“Beat him!!” Zhou Xiaoyu shouted in a loud voice.

That man who was strangling Xu Taiping’s neck with an iron chain, violently exerted more force as if he wanted to choke Xu Taiping to death, but suddenly Xu Taiping took a step ahead and due to the huge momentum of Xu Taiping, that man was pulled into the air and flew over the head of Xu Taiping to fell on a table.


With a loud sound, a table inside the Coffee shop was smashed to pieces.

Xu Taiping lifted his hand and grabbed that iron chain which was still coiling around his neck and then very easily swung it toward his adjacent side!


That iron chain which weighed more than several kgs was directly smashed against the face of Zhou Xiaoyu who was standing beside him. He was not only hit to fly in the air but from the huge impact, his nasal bone was also broken.

And even before Zhou Xiaoyu could fall down, Xu Taiping once more retrieved that iron chain. However right at this moment, with a heavy sound, someone smashed a heavy steel pipe on the back of Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping’s body slightly trembled, but he didn’t show any expression on his face or took any step behind, it was like that rod had hit a mountain. He turned his head in reflex and looked behind at that man who had smashed that rod on him.

That man after seeing the stare of Xu Taiping very quickly took a big decision of his life, he promised himself that if he could return alive from there, he would leave behind his burglar life and would never dare to bully anyone again.


Without even Xu Taiping knowledge his fist on which the iron chain was coiled, smashed against the face of that man and many teeth flew out from his mouth. Suddenly Xu Taiping sensed something, he turned his body while raising his hand, and right at that moment, a steel knife suddenly slashed against his hand.


With a sharp sound, that steel knife directly struck against the hand of Xu Taiping which was wrapped by an iron chain, and due to friction started to produce sparks.

“Bastard, Do you have eyes in the back!” this was the last response of that man because, after a moment, Xu Taiping smashed that man’s chest with his fist on which iron chain was still wraped. Due to the impact, his whole body was hit to fly by Xu Taiping fist and after falling on the ground he finally lost his consciousness.

“OOH!!” After listening to the sound, when Xu Taiping turned around, he saw that Kuang Shao was dashing toward him while raising a table to smash on his back, Xu Taiping also without doing anything, just coldly stared at him.

“Fuck, Sorry, I have to go back and cook for my mother!” Kuang Shao said something strange and threw the table in his hand and turned his body to run toward the gate but he suddenly felt afraid after seeing the angry face of Su Nianci who was still standing beside the gate of the shop.

“I, I made a mistake!” Kuang Shao both led became soft and he kneeled on the ground. Su Nianci didn’t pay any attention to these redhead punks and dashed toward Xu Taiping.

Actually, half of these redhead punks were already lying on the ground after taking Xu Taiping’s beating, but when Su Nianci dashed to his side to join in the fun, the remaining were beaten black and blue by these two in just a split second and the ground was full of iron chains, rods and so on things.

“How can you be so powerful?! Su Nianci looked at Xu Taiping with a surprise expression and asked.

Xu Taiping suddenly grabbed the hand of Su Nianci without saying anything and pushed her aside.

A loud sound of a gunshot echoed inside the shop.

Su Nianci with her eyes wide open, she was looking at the man who had pushed her to the side at the crucial moment.

The arteries inside the left shoulder of Xu Taiping was burst open and blood flew toward the face of Su Nianci.

His body slightly trembled but he without even retreating a step back swung that iron chain in his hand toward the gun, Zhou Xiaoyu was holding in his hand. That iron chain moved in an arc and coiled around the gun after that Xu Taiping pulled that chain toward his body. That gun in the hand of Zhou Xiaoyu drew an arc in the air and fell into the hand of Xu Taiping.

“I….I didn’t do it deliberately….” Zhou Xiaoyu looked at Xu Taiping with a scared expression. Actually, he only wanted to scare them by shooting a blank shot, but he didn’t expect that on his first try and even after pressing the trigger without aiming at anyone in particular, the bullet would fly toward Su Nianci. But the result was even more unexpected for him, after all, because of Xu Taiping’s fast reaction, Su Nianci was pushed to the side and that bullet hit the shoulder of Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping was pointing the gun at Zhou Xiaoyu and his face didn’t have any whatsoever expression. Even though there was a big wound on the left shoulder of Xu Taiping, he was behaving like there was nothing out of ordinary happening here right now.

At this moment, Zhou Xiaoyu could feel his death inching toward him. He had once seen the situation where his boss’ subordinate who was also an assassin trying to kill a person, well that was also the last time he had seen a live murder, but he clearly remembered, the expression that killer had before shooting was same like the expression Xu Taiping had on his face right now. He could still remember how their cold merciless mood didn’t even have a fluctuation before taking someone’s life, as if killing a person was same as eating and drinking for them.

“Xu Taiping, don’t!” Su Nianci shouted.

The expressionless face of Xu Taiping suddenly changed after hearing the voice of Su Nianci, and soon he threw that gun to Su Nianci and shouted, “ Oh, Oh mother, I am dying, it really hurts. Teacher Su, You must take responsibility to me.”

Seeing this sudden change in Xu Taiping, both Su Nianci and Zhou Xiaoyu suddenly became flabbergasted. Zhou Xiaoyu with some strange sound kneeled on the ground and started to sweat from all over the body. Although Xu Taping was right now behaving like a silly but amusing person, he was certain that Xu Taiping was really going to kill him and moreover it was his not first time doing something like this.

Since Su Nianci was standing behind Xu Taiping, she was not able to see much like Zhou Xiaoyu. She only saw that Xu Taiping had pointed the gun toward Zhou Xiaoyu but didn’t know anything about the expression on his face and the only reason she yelled towards Xu Taiping was that she was afraid of Xu Taiping shooting Zhou Xiaoyu due to his impulsiveness. But she didn’t expect that Xu Taiping who was confidently fighting with these ruffians a moment ago, would once again change into that silly but amusing beforehand Xu Taiping.

“You are wounded, go and wrap your wound with something. I will report to the police to come here as soon as possible.” Su Nianci said.

“I don’t have anything to use as a bandage.” Xu Taiping said in the grievance.

“Can’t you see that long tablecloth, you can use it however you like to wrap your wound.” Su Nianci said.

“I have seen in movies when a hero sustained any injury while saving a damsel in distress, the heroine always tears her clothes to wrap around the wound of the hero. Then why are you not following the rule of a damsel in distress!” Xu Taiping asked.

“Don’t try to be over smart, Ah, Ok, I will help you.” Su Nianci grabbed a tablecloth from the side and then picked a knife to cut that table clothes into small pieces and then said to Xu Taiping, “take off your shirt.”

“This is not good.” Xu Taiping bashfully said, “I don’t want to show my bare chest to another person.”

“If you again try to be so garrulous, I will not take care of you!” Su Nianci glared at Xu Taiping and said.

“Ok ok ok.” Only after Xu Taiping tore off the left sleeve of his shirt, Su Nianci very carefully tied that small strip of tablecloth around the wound on Xu Taiping’s shoulder.

“Soon both police and ambulance will come here. This is a gunshot, you must go to the hospital and get it clean. After reporting this case at the Police Bureau, I will come to see you in hospital. Don’t try to run around all over the place. Do you understand?” Su Nianci earnestly said.

“Hmmm!” Xu Taiping nodded and said, “I will not run around all over the place, I will wait for teacher Su to come and take me back to the University.”

“Hmm….just now, Thank you for what you did.” Su Nianci slightly lowered her head and somewhat embarrassingly said, “If it was not for you, I think it would have been me who would have to go the hospital.”

“Later remember, Don’t try to casually expose your back to the enemy, before clearly checking if your enemy still has fighting strength left in him or not.” Xu Taiping said.

“I…..I already know, it is just that, I forgot…….. Hey tell me, You, how can you be so powerful. The person who saved me that day, was it really you?” Su Nianci asked.

“It is certainly me, I already asked you to devote your life to me, but you didn’t believe me, really broken my heart.” Xu Taiping sighed from grievance.

“You, if we forget about you garrulous mouth then, you are really good.” Su Nianci said.

“It’s only natural, no woman has ever said I am bad after trying me!” Xu Taiping proudly said.

Su Nianci helplessly rolled her eyes and decided to ignore Xu Taiping.

A police car and ambulance finally came, Su Nianci followed Zhou Xiaoyu and his subordinates to police bureau and as for Xu Taiping, even though he was supposed to go to the hospital, he ran away from the ambulance during the half journey.

For Xu Taiping, a small gun wound cannot be regarded as anything as long as the gunshot misses the vital point of his body and it was really not worth him, to go to the hospital. Actually, every time he had gone to any hospital for examination, he always felt a restlessness in his body because he always thought, regardless of how powerful one’s body is, under the effect of some drugs like the anesthetic and so on, one will in the same way easily collapse like a weak person.
Therefore till now, Xu Taiping never used anesthetic while having a surgery, so that he could escape if someone tried to take his life during surgery.

This might feels funny, that who can run all over that place during the operation, but the fact is a fact. Xu Taiping once had to encounter this situation, when he was once on the operation bed, he was attacked by a man, that time he had saved his life by fleeing from there by holding his intestine which was still protruding outside his body. If at that time he had taken anesthetic, then he would have been already killed.

As for the how much pain one feels due to not taking anesthetic, that is fundamentally something to not even ask about.

Inside the Xu Taiping Dormitory, Erdan was lying near the foot of Xu Taiping and was incessantly using her somewhat blunt teeth to bite on Xu Taiping sleepers while continuously swaying her tail.

Xu Taiping was sitting on the bed and his upper body was bare naked. He had already torn open the beforehand cloth which was wrapped around his wound. There was a medical treatment box on the bed beside his body and inside that box had many medical equipment and medicines.

Xu Taiping after holding a dagger with his mouth, he used a flexible tube to tightly bind his arm, then he raised his hand and took the dagger from his mouth.

Xu Taiping without any expression on his face pressed that daggers cold blade into his wound. Even though blood started to rapidly ooze from his wound, Xu Taiping didn’t even have a frown on his face.

Ka ka ka, when dagger hit the bones of Xu Taiping it started to produce a sound which was easily capable of giving goose bump to anyone just by hearing it.

What Zhou Xiaoyu had used was a China made pistol and even though its range and power was not anything special since it was fired from a close range, the bullet got embedded in the bones of Xu Taiping.

After trying for a long time, Xu Taiping was finally able to remove that bullet from his body. He then picked a packet of white powder from the medical treatment box and started to sprinkle it on his wound.

One could clearly see, the blood inside the wound started to produce some fumes as if it was boiling and the vessels of his neck looked like they were trying to come out of his skin, and even though just by seeing the current situation of Xu Taiping, one would be forced to turn his head, Xu Taiping was as before expressionless and he didn’t even produce a sound from his mouth.

Right now he looked like an injured wolf who was trying to lick his wound by himself in a deserted place.

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