SFVSG Ch.21 Savior?

Women are really a mysterious creature, they might possibly mean yes, even if they are saying no, and they might possibly mean no, even if they are saying yes, for example, if that day Xu Taiping didn’t pretend to not know Xia Jinxuan, then it might have been really unlikely that Xia Jinxuan would have chased him just because of an accidental sex with him. Right now the situation was again something like that, if Xu Taiping had opened his mouth and denied her, then Su Nianci would have surely thought that Xu Taiping doesn’t want to let her know, after all, after saving her that day, he didn’t chase her to brag about this matter.

Right now he has acknowledged without any hesitation and he is even trying to take liberties with me as well, I think he really has nothing to do with the matter of that day, otherwise wouldn’t have he already used the matter of saving me for getting close to me, was there any need for him to hide till now?

“I actually don’t think it’s you, although your physical strength is good, it is still not to the level where you can hit a person to fly just by hitting him with a stone.” Su Nianci said in a relaxed tone. Frankly speaking, she really didn’t want Xu Taiping this type of hooligan, to be that person who had saved her. Every woman has a dream of being saved by a prince charming, Su Nianci was also no exception, she also wanted to be saved by someone tall bold and powerful handsome man, not by someone like Xu Taiping this type of small security guard who was apart from being vulgar and smoker, also didn’t have any inner quality.

“What I am saying is the truth, it was really me!” Xu Taiping excitedly said, “Police Officer Su, That day it was me who saved you, you shouldn’t deny the truth!”

“Do you really think someone like you can save me? Let me tell you, it will be more correct to say that it is I, who has saved you.” Su Nianci gave him superficial look and said, “You can go back and remember the thing I have asked you to do.”

“Are you also not going to ask me for a cup of coffee?” Xu Taiping while feeling wronged, he asked Su Nianci.

“It won’t be late to ask you for coffee after you finish that matter.” Su Nianci said.

“You are really cold-blooded and heartless.” Xu Taiping sighed in disappointment and just wanted to stand up, but he suddenly discovered many people on the side of his body.

Xu Taipin already knew these redneck punks, they were Zhou Xiaoyu and his five-six subordinates and they were trying to block Xu Taiping and Su Nianci from getting away from the corner of that coffee shop.

It looked that they were keeping a watch on Su Nianci for a long time, and especially chose this time to come out and stop Su Nianci. Every one of them was holding some type of weapons like steel pipes, knuckles, and iron chains.

In this kind of narrow space it was always difficult to use one’s skills and even if you were strong and have two hands, it would be really difficult to dodge in this type of cramped space, when someone was trying to hit you with iron rods and iron chains at the same time. Even if it was Xu Taiping, it was also impossible for him to dodge in this kind of circumstances, and in times like these, one had to depend on one’s endurance capacity overcome this trail.

If you had enough endurance to sustain injuries, if you had enough capability to resist the attack of the iron rod and iron chain, then you could even go out and cut open a bloody path out of a battlefield, but it was clear that Su Nianci was emphatically not a person who could endure such pain. Although she was an excellent student of Police School, she was after all a girl, a casual strike from an iron bar was enough to make her feel pain.

“What do you want to do?” Su Nianci stood up and angrily glared at these surrounding men. Although so many men were surrounding her, her imposing manner didn’t reduce even a bit. She was still carrying herself tall and her matchless valiance was well worth a second look.

“What do we want to do?” while softly hitting the table with an iron rod Zhou Xiaoyu said, “We want to do you, can we?”

“Let me tell you something, right now it is daytime and there are even people from armed forces inside the university. If someone sees you doing this type of things from outside the shop, you all can forget about leaving this place!” Su Nianci said.

“Don’t worry no one will be able to see what we are going to do.” Zhou Xiaoyu laughed and clapped. A crashing sound echoed inside the shop. One of his subordinates had pulled down the gate of the Dao Coffee shop and whole Dao coffee shop at once became really dark.

“Turn on the lights.” Zhou Xiaoyu loftily shouted.

With a sound, all the lights of the coffee shop at once turned on.

At once the light from bulbs fell on the face of Zhou Xiaoyu. He had a sinister smile on his face.

According to Su Nianci, the situation had really taken a dangerous turn, she naturally knew that she was not good enough to defeat these many armed persons and if she wanted to left unscathed from here, there was only one way to do so, she had to expose her identity and say that she is a police officer to them, after all, it looked like that hooligans like Zhou Xiaoyu would not dare to put their hand on a Police Officer.

But the crucial point was, would Su Nianci dare to reveal her identity? If she revealed her identity, then it was not going to be long before her identity would spread inside the whole university and at that time those hidden drug dealers inside the Jiang University might even abscond, and this whole operation would fail.

Actually, Su Nianci still didn’t know that her identity was already known by many people, after all, now a day everyone had an informer.

On the one hand, I might have to sustain injuries and on the other hand, I have to expose my identity, choosing between these two is really a difficult problem.

Xu Taiping was quietly sitting on the table, and even looked a bit reserved, he had no plan to interfere in this matter, at least not right now, because he also wanted to see what Su Nianci was going to choose. For him, assisting this beautiful woman to overcome this crisis is less interesting than seeing her contemplating her best to choose the options to tackle this kind of situation.

Xu Taiping was really fond of beautiful women, but not to the degree where for beautiful women he would lose his brain and become hot-blooded. After all, in the end, he was a cold-blooded person.

“Now you can’t run from this shop and even if you shout no one will hear you, haha, I want to see what will you do now.” Zhou Xiaoyu was very pleased with oneself, said to Su Nianci.

“If you want to fight with me then fight, but he is innocent. You let him go.” Su Nianci pointed her finger at Xu Taiping and said.

“He? His name is Xu Taiping, right? I don’t need to put in order him, naturally someone else will take care of him, here is not your matter, you go and stand that side.” Zhou Xiaoyu said to Xu Taiping.

“Good!” Xu Taiping without showing a bit of moral integrity bowed toward him and nodded, and then stood up and walked away from that corner.

Although she had already anticipated that Xu Taiping would not stay here and took a beating for her, still seeing him complying this refreshingly, Su Nianci couldn’t help but got a little bit angry.

“Say, how do you plan to compensate for beating us last time?” Zhou Xiaoyu ridiculed her.

“If you have the ability then kill me here, otherwise if you again dare to ask for protection money, then every time I see you, I will beat you!” while saying Su Nianci leaned her back against the wall, to reduce the power of the attack.

“You are so beautiful, I really don’t want to kill you.” Zhou Xiaoyu shook his head and suddenly tried to violently shove that iron rod he was holding in his hand into the stomach of Su Nianci.

Su Nianci didn’t see and due to that sudden attack by the iron rod in the center of her belly, she groaned. She couldn’t control her body and bowed down.

“Moreover it needs a bullet to kill a person, it is even more not worth it.” Zhou Xiaoyu smiled and said.

Su Nianci was covering her stomach with her hand, and while gnashing her teeth she looked at Zhou Xiaoyu and ferociously dashed forward.

Right at this moment, someone from side swung an iron chain toward her back.

Su Nianci barely dodged, but in this split second Zhou Xiaoyu walked in front of Su Nianci and once again threw a punch in the stomach of Su Nianci.


Su Nianci whole body fell back and finally, her back bumped into the wall.

“Woman, even if can hit someone again is a woman, how can they compare with a man?” Zhou Xiaoyu feeling pleased with himself said to Su Nianci while waving his fist.

Just after he finished speaking, Su Nianci who was hit twice in front of her stomach, suddenly dashed toward a side and grabbed a seat of the Coffee table and then ran forward to smash that seat on Zhou Xiaoyu.


Zhou Xiaoyu was smashed from his front and took few steps back while screaming, and taking advantage of this time, Su Nianci dashed toward the beforehand position of Zhou Xiaoyu and got out from the surrounding confinement of the people.

“Hurry let’s run!” Su Nianci shouted toward Xu Taiping and then dashed toward the direction of the gate.

“Stand where you are. If you again took a step forward, then it will be this security guard who will be out of luck.” Zhou Xiaoyu yelled in a loud voice.

Su Nianci at once stopped her footstep and turned her head to look back, only to see behind her body, Xu Taiping was grabbed by a subordinate of Zhou Xiaoyu and an iron chain was coiling around his neck.

“To hold an ordinary person as a hostage, what type of heroes you are.!!” Su Nianci got angry and asked.

“I never planned to be some hero, I am a hooligan, what, do you want to kiss me?”Zhou Xiaoyu pleased with oneself said.

“Teacher Su, Don’t care about me, you run.” Xu Taiping said.

“Shut up, You don’t say anything!” Su Nianci berated Xu Taiping and soon said, “Zhou Xiaoyu, Release that man, I guarantee you that I won’t run.”

“You say, you are only a small teacher, then why are you trying to become a savior?” Zhou Xiaoyu said in reduce, “ you can save someone, you can also save someone from the street, but do you really think, it is possible to save everyone in this world?”

“I am not some savior, but even after coming across some wrong matters, if I don’t dare to take care of it, then I think even if I am living in this world, that life is also very mediocre,” Su Nianci said while gnashing her teeth.

“You are really a good young lady. Since you are so unwilling to the idea of mediocrity, then I am giving you an opportunity, now, take off your all clothes.” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

Su Nianci body slightly trembled, she clenched her teeth and said, “ Don’t try to reach for a yard after taking an inch!”

“I really like to reach for a yard after taking an inch, to cope with you these so-called good people, we use cruel methods like this to tear off the mask of disguise. You all behave like good people just because of the power you hold in your hand, if you are only an ordinary person, would you still dare to stand and try to save someone? Don’t say such high-sounding talk as if you really are a good person, now, you take off all your clothes.” Zhou Xiaoyu said in a despising manner.

“You…..you….” Su Nianci was speechless from the anger.

“Regarding bad peoples, the more you concede the more they will be unrestrained, teacher Su, You run, it’s not like they will dare to kill me.” Xu Taiping said.


Zhou Xiaoyu directly smashed that iron rod he was holding on the side of the Xu Taiping face.

Xu Taiping spurted out a mouthful of blood and a stream of blood started to flow from the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t hit him, I am removing my clothes!” Su Nianci hurriedly said, and after speaking she grabbed her clothes with her shuddering hands and was really intended to remove her clothes.

“Teacher Su, Actually I think what Zhou Xiaoyu has said is really true.” Xu Taiping suddenly said.

Su Nianci stared at him blankly, Zhou Xiaoyu and his men also looked at him in astonishment, didn’t know which medicine Xu Taiping was selling right now.

“You are really not a savior, you can’t save any anyone. When things are out of your control, you should learn to give up because only if you can save yourself, you will have the opportunity to take your revenge.” Xu Taiping smiled and said.

“Bastard, you really like to talk!” Zhou Xiaoyu cursed and brandished that iron rod toward the face of Xu Taiping.


Xu Taiping grabbed that iron rod in his one hand and soon said in melancholy, “Most of the time, we understand the truth, but when we try to live our life, those truths become something unnecessary and we discard them, isn’t it really sad.”


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