SFVSG Ch.20 Innate tendency was really cold.

“The posture and movement of his push-ups are really up to the standards!” Su Nianci got really surprised after looking at Xu Taiping inside the security guard room, Xu Taiping’s every movement was identical to the movement of that captain. Every time he pressed his body to the point that his chest was almost touching the ground, and only after his body gets in the complete horizontal position, he started to push up his body to get in the beforehand position, this kind of push-ups required to exert a lot of physical strength. Actually, Su Nianci could also do this type of push-ups, but right now Xu Taiping this type of hooligan was doing it in front of Su Nianci, it was something outside of her expectations.

After a short period, even after Xu Taiping and that Captain had already completed fifty push-ups, they didn’t show any sign of strain on their body.

“I didn’t expect, that you also workout!” The captain said while doing push-ups.

“Fortunately, in the past, I really liked to train myself!” While feeling a little bit embarrassed Xu Taiping said.

“Then let’s change our posture.” that captain suddenly spread his hands and legs and then put one of his hand behind his back and with a single hand started to press his body on the ground.

“Do it with me” that Captain said.

“You are really forcing me to do something difficult, Military Instructor.” Xu Taiping said.

“I already told you, whatever movement I do, you have to follow and replicate it, if you are not able to do so, that will be the same as you breaking the rules of this game and then you have to start from the beginning!” That Captain said.

Xu Taiping hesitated and said, “then it looks like I have to stake my all!”

After saying Xu Taiping also put one hand behind his back and then started to follow that Captain to do single-handed push-ups.

The single-handed push-ups are really difficult to do since you have to use only one hand to support the whole body and then you have to push down and push up your body by balancing on that one hand, there for the physical strength required to do this type of push is at least twice of two hand push-ups.

This Military instructor was a captain in South China Tiger special force and originally thought that it was almost impossible for Xu Taiping to do 200 push-ups, but after seeing that neither Xu Taiping face was red nor he was panting, he understood that Xu Taiping must be fond of workouts, therefore he at once changed his strategy.

The reason why he was targeting Xu Taiping right now was not that he had offended him or anything, but he just wanted to establish his prestige in front of these guys, so that today during the training, these security guards could go out and make an all-out effort. It was just Xu Taiping bad luck, that it was him who knocked against the muzzle of the gun, therefore he was at once selected as the target for establishing his prestige.

Even ordinary soldiers could only do twenty-thirty single-handed push-ups and only if their physical strength was very good then they could touch fifty. And even these members of South China Tiger could only do 100 single-handed push-ups. That military instructor never imagined that Xu Taiping could do more than 100 of these single-handed push-ups.

With time, Although Xu Taiping looked somewhat distressed, unexpectedly he somehow persisted. Every time he pushed his body down, his hand shivered and every time he pushed up his body, it looked like he would only be able to do one more of these single-handed push-ups, but somehow he was able to do it again and again.

All the security guard in the room got really excited when Xu Taiping crossed the 150 mark, they were already celebrating thinking that just fifty more and today they would be exempted from the military training.

These same security guards had bullied Xu Taiping when he just arrived at the security guard department, but now seeing how Xu Taiping was doing his best for them, they had involuntarily regarded Xu Taiping as their real comrade-in-arms.

Actually, till now, Xu Taiping didn’t have many friends, and those few who were capable of following him, almost all them are already dead. He didn’t expect that just doing these single-handed push-ups with the military instructor, he would unexpectedly have so many friends.

Well naturally, other people could treat him like a friend but it was very unlikely that Xu Taiping was also going to treat them like a friend. Although he looked like simple-minded and every day one could see a smile on his face, his true innate tendency was really cold, he was used to the sight of betrayal and parting, therefore he was very indifferent to something like friendship. There were very few people he could sincerely treat as his friend, and at least inside Jiang Yuan university, there was no one who was qualifying enough to be his friend.

“I don’t really dare to provoke that freak, because you can’t always know what type of frightening face he would be hiding under his kind smile. One moment he might be intimate with you like some elder brother, younger brother, but the next moment he can still pierce your chest with a dagger. Before he was not this abnormal because he has a pack of wolfs to control him, but now that pack of wolfs are already dead and the only one who is alive is Blood Wolf. It is already a long time since he has forgotten the meaning of emotion and tenderness and whoever approaches him doesn’t have any good end. Don’t think that it is him who injures them, they are injured by those who can be considered as his mortal enemy. Therefore, I propose to the organization to not provoke him.”

This is what Nightingale had said about Xu Taiping to the top brass of the organization when she was giving them his resignation letter, this paragraph was the reason, Xu Taiping could safely leave the organization.

Otherwise, according to the usual style of organization, these people who were fostered laboriously by the organization, if wanted to retire then, they were not paid any lump sum retirement fund, as well as the only way out of the organization, was the death.

The organization was cold-blooded and ruthless and every one was clear of this point. It didn’t matter, even if you were top-ranked in the organization, the moment you dared to betray the organization, there was only one death, that awaits you.

There were only a small number of people like Xu Taiping who were able to escape organization unscathed, but because Nightingale had clearly told them that Xu Taiping is much more cold-blooded than they are imagining him to be, he was given special consideration.

Inside the Security Guard Room, Xu Taiping had already done 190 of those difficult push-ups and was already soaked in sweat from head to toe and it was difficult for him to endure the shuddering of his body, however even then he had persisted and was still doing those push-ups. That captain who was also doing push-ups beside Xu Taiping was also drenched in sweat. But right now, even though he was shocked, he was still happy. He was shocked naturally by seeing the ability of Xu Taiping and was happy even though he was not able to establish his prestige, was because he had found such good material.

In general, Soldiers are really frank by their nature and that captain was also such a guy. Although he was not able to establish his prestige and one could even say that it was somewhat damaged by Xu Taiping, he didn’t try to target Xu Taiping again. A promise is a promise, even if Xu Taiping was able to finish the challenge, he would generously accept that result.

Both of them finally finished their 200 push-ups. By the quality of that captain’s body, it was natural that he won’t have any problem. He jumped to stand up on the ground and without saying anything he held out a hand toward Xu Taiping who was lying on the ground to pull him up.

Xu Taiping was incessantly panting and was trying really hard to put out an appearance of someone who was really tired.

Doing this type of single-handed push-ups was not any problem for Xu Taiping, in ordinary days during the workout, he used to do push-ups ‘single-handed two-finger upstand push-ups’ and it was many times more difficult than this single-handed push-ups.

“I didn’t expect that you can really do it!” that captain said while tightly gripping Xu Taiping’s hand, “Let me introduce myself, my name is Wang Li, my last name li is written as in hanzi for power. I am captain of a battle squadron in South China Tiger special force.”

“Xu Taiping!” Xu Taiping said in a weak voice.

“Since you have done what I asked you to, I will allow every person of Security Guard Department to not participate in today’s military training, but you all still have to go to that sports playground. You can find someplace without direct sunlight and rest there, but you all must gather again after military training is over, now you all are dismissed. Taiping, you stay behind and have a chat with me.” Wang Li said to Xu Taiping.

“Do you still have some matter with me?” Xu Taiping said.

“Let’s go outside and talk.” Wang Li said while walking outside. Su Nianci who was watching Xu Taiping’s push-up was still there at the door, didn’t have any idea where to hide now.

“Taiping, I don’t know if you have any interest in taking part in our Physical test?” after coming outside the room with Xu Taiping, Wang Li smiled and asked.

“Physical test? What type of test is this?” Xu Taiping asked.

“It is a test to measure your body capacity and if result is above a certain required level, I can recommend you to the army for recruitment, when the time comes and you have given clean chit in background investigation, then you can be honored to join our South China Tiger special force as a soldier!” Wang Li said.

“A soldier!” Xu Taiping hesitated a bit and said, “Captain Wang, I know that you are thinking highly of me, but I am someone whose natural tendency is to live an unorganized life, if I become a soldier, the only thing I would be able to accomplish is, helping in losing the face of our country’s army troops, Moreover I have recently joined as security guard in this university, if I just walk away like this in only a few days, that is also not good, can we let go of this matter?”

Wang Li looked at Xu Taiping in surprise, he didn’t expect that Xu Taiping would reject his proposal. One must know that being a member of South China Tiger is the dream of a lot of soldiers in this country. Even the salary they get as its member is on par of with high-level senior executives, moreover, status is also very Nobel. Some outstanding members can even choose to go to the Forbidden city for training, and if his luck is good, he can be chosen as a bodyguard of some senior level officer!

“You still don’t know much about out South China Tiger force, so you don’t need to answer me now. I will later take you to look inside out camp, you will surely get shocked!” Wang Li said.

“Let’s talk about this later.” Xu Taiping while scratching his head said, “Right now I just want to participate in the military training.”

“That is also good, if during military training you have a change of heart then you can come and find me!” Wang Li said.


After seeing off Wang Li, Xu Taiping started to smile after thinking something, My recommendation letter was written by a leader in South China military district and now a person from South China Military District is once again trying to pull me there as a soldier, this is really interesting.

Right at this moment, Xu Taiping cell phone suddenly started to ring.

Seeing that the call was from that young police flower Su Nianci, Xu Taiping smiled and answered her call, “ Police officer, what happened, has you thoroughly thought about my offer?”

“I am waiting for you at Dao coffee shop, outside the University gate, You come.” Su Nianci said.

“Isn’t it fast to have a coffee shop date? Do I have to wear nice clothes as well?” Xu Taiping said.

“You come here as soon as possible, I have some matter to discuss with you!” After saying Su Nianci hung up.

Xu Taiping smiled and put his cell phone in his pocket, then started to walk toward that Dao coffee shop outside the University gate.

Inside the Dao Coffee shop, Su Nianci was sitting in a corner and apart from Su Nianci there was no else inside the shop.

Xu Taiping walked to Su Nianci and sat down opposite to her and with a smile, said, “Police Officer Su, Why are you looking for me?”

“I want to ask you something, that day outside the University gate when Zhou Xiaoyu’s motorbike was going to knock against me, was it you who threw that stone to hit him to fly?!” Su Nianci looked at Xu Taiping and seriously asked.

“Yes, it was me, what happened, do you want to devote your life to me?” Xu Taiping gave a half smile and asked.

“Was it really you?” Su Nianci frowned and looked at Xu Taiping. Prior to watching Xu Taiping doing those push-ups, I always thought, that day outside the university gate matter is really strange, I had a doubt that there is a hand of Xu Taiping in that matter, but I haven’t really expected that it was really him. But knowing his innate nature, I don’t know if he is deliberately trying to lie or what, how can I know if he is not blowing his own trumpet?


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