SFVSG Ch.19 You become my person

Xu Taiping never expected, that due to the disastrous army formation walk of his team, they had to unexpectedly take part in some bullshit military training with first-year students.

When Xu Taiping heard this news, he thought that the other person was joking with him, but after confirming that the other person was not making a joke, Xu Taiping started to cry from the bottom of his heart.

This type of training Xu Taiping had already done many times. He had been already trained many times personally by the devil in Siberian deserts and uninhabited islands of Pacific ocean. With such a great difficulty he was able to escape from their ruthless training to live an idle everyday life of a security guard. But now he was not even able to enjoy his so-called everyday idle life for even three days and he had to once again participate in some nonsense training.

Does this world have any heaven’s law or not?

This world certainly has heaven’s law, but right now it was surely not on the side of Xu Taiping.

Even if Xu Taiping was not willing, even if he was thinking about going on strike against this type of inhumane audacity, the matter of participation of security guards in the military training was already settled and they were going to be trained by those officers who performed the military formation walk before their performance.

This was even more out of question for those who were rejected by the army because their appearance and height were not good enough to qualify.

“The official Military Training will start at the noon. Right now, The Military Instructors are visiting every class of the university to get familiar with the students. I don’t even know who our military instructor is, but he will come in a moment to security guard department to meet with us, at that time you all must show your spirit, do not even dare to behave listlessly again and make me lose my face once again in front of them!” Wang Jincai earnestly said.

“We Know.” came a voice from the dispirited group of the security guard who wanted to revolt against the university for forcing them to participate against their wish in some military training in this scorching heat.

This kind of weather is most perfect to stay inside the AC room and enjoy the cold air from air conditioner while having a live show of some of the male-female matters and shy tender appearance of females on the campus on the surveillance monitor in the security guard room , going out in this weather for something like military training is completely insane!

Xu Taiping was smoking in despair. Even thinking about the military training was making him wanted to commit suicide.

Right at this moment, his cell phone started to vibrate.

Xu Taiping picked out his cell phone and looked at the number and soon while moving away to a distance he said, “ I will wait for you.”

Inside a tranquil groove, Xu Taiping was leaning against a big tree while holding a cigarette in his mouth and it looked like he was waiting for someone.

Soon, Su Nianci wearing a sportswear, stealthy came near Xu Taiping.

“Don’t be so nervous, relaxed a bit, look even I am an informer but can you even see a bit of anxiety on my face. If someone sees your appearance they will definitely get suspicious of you!” Xu Taiping smiled and said.

Su Nianci complexion became somewhat awkward and soon she discovered that she indeed was very nervous, after all, this was her first time working as an undercover agent, she took a deep breath and said to Xu Taiping, “have you discovered something strange or someone suspicious?”

“How long it has been since you asked me to check?” Xu Taiping helplessly said, “ Investigating something is a time taking process, police officer. It is also impossible for me to all day work for your cause, originally today I had free time, but on the last moment I have been forced to participate in the military training, you say do I have bad luck or what.”

“Don’t forget who was it that helped you in getting out of the police bureau! You live in the area behind the Hou Mountain, you can go there any time and investigate.” Su Nianci somewhat discontentedly said.

“Wang Jincan has forbidden me to go near the Hou Mountain.” Xu Taiping casually said, “ he told me that Hou Mountain has many laboratories.”

“He has forbidden you from going to Hou Mountain?” Su Nianci eyes suddenly started to shine, she said, “that you take advantage of the night and tail Wang Jincai this person. After coming back report me if he has any whatsoever suspicious or strange activity!”

“There is no problem, only, Police Officer Su, if any other persons work as a spy, then he receives the wages, but what about me? Do I have to always work for you for free?” Xu Taiping asked.

“You still dare to ask salary from me!” Su Nianci glared at Xu Taiping and said, “If it wasn’t for me, you would still have been inside the Police Bureau!”

“That is quite another matter or you can still arrest me and hand over to the police bureau. Without a salary, I can’t muster any motivation for work!” Xu Taiping spread his hand and while making a hoodlum like a face said.

“You!!” Su Nianci got angry but somehow controlled herself after thinking that, Since he dares to demand money from me, he certainly wants to carefully assist me by making discreet inquiries.

Thinking this, Su Nianci pressed down the fire in her heart and said, “Let’s do like this, I will pay you thousand yuan in advance, Oh, no, I can’t, I will give you six hundred yuan as your expenditure and if you give me some valuable information, I will again give you four hundred yuan, altogether thousand yuan.”

“Police Officer Su, You are also an undercover agent and it’s not like you don’t receive a salary? You are really shameless enough to ask me to work for you for just thousand yuan?” Xu Taiping mocked her.

Su Nianci charming face somewhat got red, her wage was also not high. Every month she was paid approximately 3000 yuan from city bureau as salary moreover her monthly salary in University was also 3000 yuan, altogether 6000 yuan, this was just enough for the monthly expenses of a woman on ordinary things like cosmetic and cosmetic.

“I think It will be better if you become my person” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “You see, even as a police officer you don’t earn sufficient money and your salary from teaching is also not high, altogether I guess your monthly earning would be around six-seven thousand, I will give you ten thousand every months, You follow me to warm my bed and give birth to my child, this work is also effortless and safe, moreover the crucial point is my lower back is good, my kidney is good and even my physical strength is good, I guarantee you…… oh, what are you trying to do?”

Before even he could complete what he was saying, he saw Su Nianci holding a civilian use electric truncheon pointing at him, and it looked like she wanted to reward Xu Taiping’s idea using that electric truncheon on him.

“Since you have so much money, then you surely don’t need those six hundred yuan. In three days if you don’t go to that Hou Mountain then the car of city bureau will come to your security guard room to personally receive you! hunh!” Su Nianci coldly humphed and received that electric truncheon to turned around and left.

“Temperament is really violent.” Xu Taiping smiled and turned around and he also left.

After returning to the Security Guard Room, Xu Taiping saw that everyone inside the Security Guard Room was standing straight while holding their head high and sticking their chest out, and a person with a rank plate of captain hanging on his chest was sitting in front of them.

“What are you all doing?” Xu Taiping stood at the gate and curiously asked.

Even though Chen Wen was unceasingly signaling something with his eyes to Xu Taiping, he failed to understand the meaning of Chen Wen’s eyes and entered the Security Guard Room.

“Where are you coming from?” That captain with a black face asked in a loud voice.

“I….I went to the toilet.” Xu Taiping said.

“Don’t you know military training has already started?” that captain looked at Xu Taiping and shouted, “where is your organizational discipline?”

“I am sorry, I am really sorry.” Xu Taiping while touching his head with hand apologized and said, “ I am at once going to stand with them.”

“You don’t need to, Now I am giving you two options, first option, at once pack your bag and get out from here, I don’t need some like you in my military training and second option, at once lie down on the ground and give me to do 100 push-ups, and make sure you do standard push-ups!” Captain said.

“Military Instructor, He just went to the toilet.” Chen Wei couldn’t bear and said.

“You will also do push-ups together with him.” The captain said in a loud voice.

Chen Wei’s body slightly trembled, it was good that he didn’t lose consciousness from the shock.

“Step forward, since you so much like to help him speak, you do it together with him. Both of you have to do two hundred push-ups together, I don’t care who does, you can do it alone or 100 each, but you can only leave after doing 200.” Captain sneered and said.

“Let me do it.” Xu Taiping looked at Chen Wei and said with a smile, “Your health is not good, you just stand there.”

After speaking, Xu Taiping lay down on the ground with his back facing above.

“You just have to do two hundred, but if you push ups doesn’t meet the standard, then I will have you redo it.” That captain coldly said.

Xu Taiping lifted his head and with a smile said, “yes, captain. But captain, I don’t know how to do any particular standard push-ups, can you teach me?”

“ What idea do you have, it looks like you want to challenge me?” That captain looked at Xu Taiping in ridicule and said.

“No no no, How can I dare to challenge, you, Military Instructor. I am just a young security guard, where can I experience any standard push-ups, that is why I asked you, a senior officer to demonstrate for me and let me experience you might.” Xu Taiping said with trying to win his favor.

“Since you are saying so much, lets play a game.” that captain smiled and said, “ You and I will do push-ups together, you will follow my movements and speed, if you are unable to keep up with my speed, you will again start from the scratch, and this will repeat until you are able to follow my movement and complete 200 push-ups, if you are unable to finish, you will have to roll out from my team!”

“This…….is not good.” Xu Taiping hesitated and said, ‘This is really difficult to accomplish.”

“If a man has pressure he will induce motivation. If you don’t challenge your limit, how will you awake your hidden potentials? I will also not make you do this in vain, if you are able to finish these two hundred push-ups while following my movements, you will all have my permission to be absent from today’ afternoon military practice!” Captain said.

“Really?!” Xu Taiping asked in surprise.

“Since It is I who is saying, it is naturally true.” Captain smiled and said, “ However this reward is only for this team, you must try hard!”

“Yes, I will surely give my best!” Xu Taiping vigorously nodded

“Come on, Taiping!’ Chen Wen looked at Xu Taiping and while making a fist he cheered for him.

“Come on!” the people around him also started to cheer for him, although anyone didn’t have any confidence in him, they were still crossing their finger and praying that Xu Taiping somehow creates a miracle.

“ Get ready!” Captain walked near Xu Taiping and after laying down on the ground said, “I will pay attention to you, if your movement has even a little bit of problem, you have to do it again from the start, naturally, I will frequently stop and wait for you to relax in between push-ups so as to prevent you from thinking that you don’t have a chance.”

“Many Thanks, Military Instructor!” Xu Taiping gratefully said.

“Three, two, one, start,” Captain shouted and smoothly pushed down his whole body to the point that his chest was almost touching the ground, then once again he pushed up his body and got into the beforehand position.

Xu Taiping was also following his movements in the same manner and it was almost identical to that of Military Instructor and was very difficult to distinguish any difference.

Xu Taiping who had once receive personal training from devils, his consumption of energy while doing push-ups was almost zero because his physical strength restoration speed easily exceeds the consumption speed during these push-ups, even if he did this thing for whole day and night, it was very unlikely that he would feel any tiredness.

However Xu Taiping couldn’t show such excessive, after all, he is pretending to be a common man, not some superhero.

Bit by bit time was passing, Xu Taiping and that Captain’s movement range and speed were exactly the same, the people in the surrounding became really excited and were focused on Xu Taiping as if they were really hopeful that Xu Taiping would surely do those push-ups.

Right at this moment, Su Nianci was just passing by the gate of Security Guard Room, but after hearing the loud sound coming from the security guard room, she couldn’t help but walked to the gate and looked inside to saw Xu Taiping doing push-ups.

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