SFVSG Ch.18 South China Tiger

Today was the first day of the military training in Jiang Yuan University.

Very early in the morning, Xu Taiping was summoned by Wang Jincai to his office.

Yesterday night, Wang Jincai was thoroughly thrashed by the subordinates of Chen Weichang, but his situation was not any serious, after all, good or bad in those days he was in the army and had later changed his profession to become a civilian. His body and bone had the foundation of a soldier, that’s why apart from a little swelling on his face, he was all right.

Wang Jincai had not sought Xu Taiping to blame for the yesterday night matter, because today first thing in the morning Xia Jinxuan had sent a man to deliver him 5000 yuan as consolation money and can be considered a way of conveying her gratitude, as for Chen Weichang, he had never even thought about taking revenge, after all Chen Weichang identity was special, how could he be capable of provoking him? Today he had summoned Xu Taiping mainly because the army personnel was going to come in the early morning. Jing Yuan University administrative block side had the responsibility for the arrangement of their welcome and Security Guard department this side, on the one hand had to maintain the whole University decorum so that when the time comes for military vehicle to enter the university, the crowd of students would not able to create chaos and at the same time, In order to show the strength of Jiang Yuan University, Xu Youdao had given Wang Jincai some orders. He was ordered to choose thirty young and dignified security guards and make them stand at the University gate in a formation to salute in welcome for the men of South China Tiger special force.

“After the welcome salutation of South China special force finishes, the university will hold a welcome ceremony on its big sports field and when the time comes the men of South China special force will also march on the athletic track. The University administration side has asked us to perform a square-shaped formation, so I am making you in charge of this formation!” Wang Jincai while patting Xu Taiping shoulder said.

“This…….If it is just moving on foot then there is no problem, but I don’t have any knowledge about this square-shaped formation!” Xu Taiping somewhat helplessly said.

“Taiping, you must know this is an opportunity, I have created for you. Do you know that University and Southern China military district big leaders will be present at the avenue? Since you will be the person leading this formation, it is a good chance to show your face to everyone. Our Security Guard department has a vacancy for the post of deputy director, you are young, energetic and if you can lead this formation, I believe you will become a strong contender for this deputy director post!” Wang Jincai said.

It might look like, yesterday night Xu Taiping had not invited Wang Jincai to that pub in vain, since such a good opportunity, Wang Jincai had created for Xu Taiping, but thinking this matter Xu Taiping was really feeling some pain in his head. On the one hand, he had never walked in any type of army formation before and on the other hand what kind of persons were inside the Security Guard Department he was most clear. Let alone that, these security guards could even imitate an army personnel movement, they can’t even walk inside the campus while holding their head high and sticking their chest out, after all, inside this university majority of students, were the second generation of rich and powerful, it was really difficult for them to even walk while holding their head high in front of them.

Thinking again that, they had not even gone through any specialized training, Xu Taiping almost could imagine what kind of laughable scenes the university would see in just a few moments.

“Really thank you, Director Wang.” Although Xu Taiping didn’t want to do this thing, he knew that if he again rejects, that would be same as offending Wang Jincai, therefore he had no alternative but to give his consent. Anyway even if they performed bad, it was not like that the university would give them the death penalty and it would also be a skit for the students of their university to remember in the future.

“Oh right, in a moment drive out those peddlers from outside the university gate, so that the image of our University doesn’t go bad!” Wang Jincai said to Xu Taiping.

“Yes, Director Wang!”

Around 8 in the morning, Xu Taiping and other security guards stood at the university gate. All of them had worn neat and clean Security Guard Uniform and looked very energetic. The tricycles which were common around the gate right now had disappeared without a trace. These peddlers who usually at this time would have been setting up their shop, right now they were standing on the side of the streets while looking at the bustling scene in the university. Since Xu Taiping really liked to chat with many of these peddlers in his free time, they could be considered as his friends, therefore when he asked them, everyone gave him the face and right now no one had set up their stall in front of the University gate.

“Don’t you think that Xu elder brother, when he is careless, he really looks very vulgar, but when he is such attentive he almost looks as smart as me!” Zhou You while cracking a melon seed asked someone.

“Fatty Zhou, I am trying but can’t find from where, you can be called smart and graceful, so how can he be almost as smart as you? And if you ask me, I find him more good looking compare to those most handsome boys of your university. Those handsome boys of your university are really pretty, if they wore a woman dress then they can even easily work as a hostess in a bar or KTV, I can’t even see a bit of manliness in their spirit. Look at Xiao Xu, let alone handsome, even temperament is also just, I feel that even if he becomes a police officer, their won’t be anything strange in it.” a middle-aged woman said.

“Now a day which young girl doesn’t like this kind of effeminate spirit? Now those like Xu elder brother is not in demand anymore.” Zhuo Yuo shook his head and said.

“Don’t talk, look over there, armed force personnel has come!” Someone said.

Everyone likes to accompany and follow those with power and prestige and just as expected, many police vehicles were clearing the way for few camouflaged military vehicles, which were slowly moving toward the university gate from the distance.

“Salute!” Wang Jincai shouted in a heavy voice.

Xu Taiping and another group of a security guard who was standing at the university gate, at once respectfully saluted. Xu Taiping took a quick glance from the corner of his eyes and found that they had decently performed this salutation ceremony. Well, it was nothing strange, after all, many people inside the Security guard were retired soldiers.

Those military vehicles stopped in front of University gate and soon from the military vehicle, several men wearing soldiers uniform jumped down and among them, the most senior ranked person was hanging a colonel rank on his chest.

Xu Youdao and other men promptly went ahead to welcome them, on the one hand, they were shaking hands, on the other hand, they were saying something like ‘thank you for hard work, really troublesome you’ and so on…..

“I am feeling a little dizzy.” A person named Chen Wen was standing beside Xu Taiping said while swallowing a mouthful of saliva. Right now it was September. Although it was still 8 in the early morning, the sun was still really intense and moreover, Xu Taiping and all were standing for more than half an hour directly under the sun. Although everyone was sweating, that Chen Wei was sweating on a different level and his face also looked somewhat pale.

“Have you not eaten your breakfast?” Xu Taiping asked in a low voice, Chen Wei symptoms were similar to a medical problem of hypoglycemia(low blood sugar).

“No, have not eaten, I didn’t know that we will be standing here for so long.” Chen Wei said.

“Try to bear it for a while.” Xu Taiping said.

“I will try!” Chen Wei nodded.

After enquiring solicitously about each other’s well being, Xu Youdao and those military officers started to walk toward the University gate.

And just before this group of men was going to enter the university, Chen Wei who was standing with Xu Taiping couldn’t support and finally fall down on the ground. Xu Taiping promptly extended his hand to hold him.
This whole incident was enough to draw the attention of the university leaders and those several military officers. One of the high ranking officers couldn’t help but smiled and said, “ Headmaster Xu, it looks like the health of your University’s security guard is not up to mark.”

“This….” Xu Youdao somewhat felt like he had lost his face in front of them after all these security guards were representing the face of University. If the security guards of your university are so weak then how can you expect others to believe that students were safe inside your university?

“Director Wang, what is happening here? How can this type of person be recruited as a security guard?” Xu Youdao made a black face and asked.

“After going back I will at once suspend him!” Wang Jincai promptly said.

‘He has not eaten his breakfast, due to which he has collapsed from hypoglycemia.” Xu Taiping said after listening to them.

“Have not eaten breakfast? During our military training, sometimes we don’t have anything to eat for several days and by the time we have to stand for the morning call, we can still stand tall and straight compared to anyone else. This is not a question of breakfast, this is a question of attitude, this is a question of spirit!” That Colonel in a loud voice said.

Xu Taiping smiled in ridicule and didn’t say anything. He was disinclined to haggle with these muscle brains. If someone has hypoglycemia then it won’t matter how strong one’s willpower is, he will, in the same way, fall to the ground, this was fundamentally not a question of some spirit or attitude. Since you are full of strong spirit, let me first fill your head with bullets and after that why don’t you show me how to stand straight with the help of one’s spirit?

“Headmaster Xu, Your these security guards are in dire need of training!” That Colonel smiled and shook his head and soon entered the University.

After everyone walked to a distance, Wang Jincai with resentment spat his saliva on the ground and said, “Can’t you see how big my belly is, if I don’t care then, how dare you to ridicule my men.”

“Director Wang, I, I really lost your face in front of them.” Chen Wen said in a weak voice.

“You are also something, wouldn’t it have been better if you came here after eating breakfast? Now see, you have made our University headmaster a target of mockery by those peoples. Let’s do it like this, you go back to rest for several days and after this military training is over, you can come back and join again.” Wang Jincai said.

“Director Wang, you, are you really dismissing me?’” Chen Wen nervously asked.

“What nonsense you are sprouting, I am just asking you to lie low until the fuss dies down, Headmaster Xu every day meets thousands of man, if he doesn’t see you for several days he will naturally forget about you and when the time comes you can again join your duty. You are my subordinate, not those of some bullshit military officers. If I just dismiss you because he is looking down on you, then from now on who will want to work for me?” Wang Jincai said.

“Director Wang, what you said is really heart-rending, I am emotionally moved to the level where I can die for you!” Xu Taiping seeing the desired outcome smiled and said, “ We can follow you, director Wang, is our honor.”

“I am very fond of your strength in shamelessly patting my flatter, Taiping, take your team to the sports ground and prepare to walk in the style of military formation, hurry, and don’t make me lose my face again, but since I know you all, try to make me lose my face gracefully.” Wang Jincai said.

“Yes, Director Wang.” Xu Taiping nodded and soon led his team to go in the direction of that big playground.

The newly enrolled students were already gathered inside that big sports ground, and right now the military instructors were showing them the army march as if they were trying to show off their officer’s spirit in front of these students and while convenient trying to raise their morale or something.

Everyone had no choice but to accept that, the army march of these officers of South China Tiger special force was really good. Xu Taiping didn’t have a lot of information of these South China Tiger special forces because he had very little contact with the Chinese army during his missions. Only, Xu Taiping vaguely remembered, that six PLA Military regions of China had reserved special forces, Since this South China Tiger was a special force, then they must belong to one of those six military regions reserved forces and their strength must lie in middle  and might be ranked third or fourth in all of their reserve forces. And any of the individual soldiers capacity would be equal to that of six to eight common soldiers.

Don’t look down on these six to eight common soldiers, if they were to be put on the battlefield, those same common soldiers would be as ferocious as a small squadron!

Only, their strength was still nothing in comparison to Xu Taiping. He had once fought with three world-class mercenaries squad on a battlefield in the middle east. Although in the end he was heavily injured, he had also killed their five-six members and it can be said, that any one of these five members easily can overwhelm any of these members of South China Tiger special force.

Although Xu Taiping wanted to make everyone move in a good military formation, it was only that, the security guard team was not trained for this type of things. Although many were retired from the armed forces, in this type of military formation where one person’s uncoordinated movement was enough to easily destroy the formation of the whole team, he had a team whose one-third members were never trained.

If their team had walked alone then there was nothing big in it, but they had to walk just after the formation movement of the personnel of South China Tiger. They looked like a clown in comparison to them and not only students laughed incessantly, even the high-level persons of the University couldn’t help themselves from smiling.

“Headmaster Xu, the quality of your university security guard is really mediocre, let them also participate in our military practice with students, I believe during the military training their quality will surely improve and this will also ensure the security of your university and will have many advantages in the future!” That Colonel said.

“This is really good!” Xu Youdao eyes suddenly got suddenly bright and he nodded.

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