SFVSG Ch.17 Xu Taiping is really not simple

The real hero always chooses the best time to save beauty.

If Zhao Yongliang and his men took the initiative to go to the Chen Juexun booth and saved dead drunk, Xia Jinxuan as well as beaten black and blue, Xu Taiping, that would have been the most perfect scenario of a hero saving the damsel in distress, but in the end it was Xu Taiping who ran inside the Zhao Yongliang’s booth and made Zhao Yongling who wanted to be a hero into a side character and destroyed his such meticulous plan of saving the beauty to be the hero.

“Haha, I really fall into his trap!” Zhao Yongliang looked at the smile on the face of Xu Taiping who was running from Chen Juexun subordinate and at once understood the whole matter. This Xu Taiping is unexpectedly really good at scheming, one the one hand he has rescued Xia Jinxuan and on the other hand, he is toying with Chen Juexun and the most crucial point is, I, Zhao Yongliang have no choice but to do what he wants me to do.

Now Xu Taiping is trying to look for me, If I don’t help, and just watch him die, that will absolutely damage my reputation, moreover after the event it will be absolutely impossible for me to win the heart of Xia Jinxuan, if I help, I will be surely making  Chen Juexun my enemy, moreover it will be Xu Taiping who will be crowned as the hero who saved the beauty.

Regardless of what I choose, today I, Zhao Yongliang am destined to not earn any profit, and even then I must help any of these fellows to achieve their desire!

I thought that it would be me on whose head the crown of the hero saving a beauty will fall, that’s why I even invited these common students of my university to take a good look at everything, that would happen here and spread the whole matter inside the university, now it looks like I am watching my own joke.

“What is happening here?” on the one hand Zhao Yongliang could feel the pain of blood oozing from his heart, and on the other side he feigned ignorance and asked Xu Taiping.

“Chen Juexun, Chen Juexun has gotten insane, He is forcing Xia Jinxuan to get drunk and even trying to beat our Security Department director Wang!!” Xu Taiping while carrying Xia Jinxuan on his shoulder, he said to Zhao Yongliang and started to pant.

“What, unexpectedly he is so outrageous, he even dared to beat Director Wang!!” Zhao Yongliang tightened his eyebrow and with great difficulty put out a cold face and said, “Xu Taiping, Let us take care of Xia Jinxuan and you hurriedly go and notify the university.”

“Good!” Xu Taiping took off already unconscious Xia Jinxuan from his shoulder and after walking a few steps and put her down on the sofa.

Seeing Xu Taiping so easily doing what he had asked him to do, Zhao Yongliang got surprised. If it is me, I would never leave the drunk Xia Jinxuan behind and go away. Xia Jinxuan is after all unconscious from getting drunk. When she becomes sober and find someone else in front of her and what will I do if that person took the whole credit for saving her?

“Fellow Student Zhao, I am going to notify the university, You all take care of Jinxuan!” Xu Taiping after saying started to run and at this moment finally Chen Juexun and his men reached to the booth of Zhao Yongliang.

Originally the goal of Chen Juexun was Xia Jinxuan and Xu Taiping, but now Xia Jinxuan was there laying down on the sofa inside the booth and Xu Taiping was again trying to running away. Seeing this Chen Juexun hesitated for a moment and then quickly decided, to chase after Xu Taiping. Right now taking away Xia Jinxuan from the hands of Zhao Yongliang is absolutely impossible, and even if by force he was able to somehow take away Xia Jinxuan, he would still not be able to do anything to her because right now many people on the scene were watching the drama unfolding before them.

Therefore Chen Juexun decided to chase after XuTaiping. Him being unable to eat Xia Jinxuan was already making him feel bad, and now if he let Xu Taiping escape after destroying his good deed that would have been the worst for Chen Juexun, he at least wanted to thrash around Xu Taiping to dispel his anger.

“Follow me!” Chen Juexun shouted and ran outside the gate of the pub with his subordinates. In the booth of Zhao Yongliang, someone proposed to send Xia Jiaxuan to the hospital to remove the effect of wine.

Actually, Zhao Yongliang also wanted to rape Xia Jinxuan taking the present opportunity of her drunkenness but tonight he was helpless. There were several common student present at this moment, they were not his subordinate. And it was also impractical to think that they will just let him take away Xia Jinxuan without trying to tag along with them.

Therefore this group of people left the pub while supporting the already unconscious Xia Jinxuan.As for Xu Taiping he had already run to a distant place.

“Where is he?” Chen Juexun had chased Xu Taiping to a small alley. Inside the alley was very dark and a half bad and half good street light incessantly flickering.

‘I just saw him running inside this alley, this is the dead end, then how can he disappear like this?” everyone was suspiciously looking at their surrounding, they were not able to understand how Xu Taiping disappear from this alley after running here.

Everyone suddenly got scared, when they saw a man fell to the ground and when they tried to find what happened, they saw he was already unconscious.

Bang, a muffled sound echoed once more from the side, and once more a person fell on the ground.

“This, what is this happening here?!” Chen Juexun got frightened and shouted.

No one replied to his question. In this stillness of the night, right now those flickering street light were looking more scaring and intimidating to them.

“Run!” Chen Juexun shouted, and his group started to run toward the mouth of the alley, however when they were just going to start running they once again hear the muffled sound resounding in the alley, and one more of their subordinate fell to the ground.

There were 7-8 people who were chasing Xu Taiping along with Chen Juexun and in this short while they had three had already collapsed on the ground, moreover they still unable to make head and tail of the things happening in front of them, and right now only 4-5 people who were standing.

“Run!” Chen Juexun forgot his cool act and started to run toward the mouth of the alley like his life depends on it. When his subordinate saw him running like that, they didn’t even dare to stay behind and they started to run behind Chen Juexun and someone even started to try to run past him.

Chen Juexun once more increased his speed because he once again heard that frightening muffled sound coming from his behind. For him, that sound was same as the sound of a grim reaper who was trying to forcefully rip apart soul from someone’s body.

In the end, Chen Juexun finally saw the light at the end of the alley.

Right at this moment a figure came out from the side and stood in the middle of the alley.

Xu Taiping took out a cigarette from his pocket and held it in his mouth, and while dropping his head a little bit down, he used a black colored iron lighter to lit the cigarette.

Behind the body of  Xu Taiping was a bright and spacious avenue, and its light was falling on the back of his body but his front was pitch-black and in that pitch-black darkness the red light from the cigarettes looked really inauspicious.

“A man can be powerless, a man can be deprived, but he can’t be such vile.” Xu Taiping while holding a cigarette in his mouth he looked at Chen Juexun and calmly said, “ If a man became such vile then he stops being a man and can only be called a dreg of the society.”

“You….what are you thinking, what do you want to do? Let me tell you, I, I am not afraid of you, My, My father has a very close relationship with the leader of this city!” Chen Juexun said in a shuddering voice.

“I am not thinking about doing anything, I am just going to make you unable to harm anyone again.” Xu Taiping calmly looked at Chen Juexun.

Although Chen Juexun was not able to see any expression on Xu Taiping face, he was still able to sense that he was being stared by a ferocious wolf.


Xu Taiping spat the cigarette from his mouth. that cigarette’s lighted part flew while drawing a beautiful arc in the air and bumped onto the forehead of Chen Juexun and later bounced off his head.

Chen Juexun retreated in fear, and soon he felt a big hand grabbing his face.

The huge force of the hand was strong enough to overpower Chen Juexun body and unable to let him retreat even half a step.

Soon a stuffy sound, like a string of firecracker echoed here, same like those echoed in that pitch black alley.

When that cigarette once more started to fell down, Xu Taiping lifted his hand and held that cigarette between his middle finger and index finger and soon after while holding that cigarette in his mouth he turned his body and left that alley.

It was around three in the morning when Xia Jinxuan finally regained consciousness. The doctors had cleaned her stomach by making her vomit, and after analyzing, the doctor had found that she was prescribed a medicine which was designed to make a person lose one’s consciousness for a short period of time.

“Chen Juexun, you dared to scheme against me, I will definitely make you pay the price!” Sitting on the hospital bed Xia Jinxuan resentful clenched her fist and said to the man sitting beside her, “ How did you all rescue me from the hand’s of Chen Juexun?”

“It was not us who saved you. It was a security guard and our security guard department Director Wang who saved you.” A man from the side answered her.

‘It was Xu Taiping.” Zhao Yongliang smiled and said, he very much wanted to take his name, but there a lot of persons present here who had already seen the whole incident if he had said his name then he would surely have been exposed.

“Xu Taiping.” Xia Jinxuan eyes got bright hearing this name and she said, “where is he now?”

“I don’t know, Chen Juexun was chasing after him, if he was able to run away then he would be fine, but in case he was caught, then he must have eaten a bit of suffering.” Zhong Yongliang said.

“Chen Juexun still dared to chase after him?!” Xia Jinxuan got really angry and tried to get up from the bed and wanted to settle the score with Chen Juexun for once and all, but was finally able to rationalize herself after listening to the persuasions of those sitting around her.

“You rest for a bit, jinxuan, tomorrow you still have to participate in the military practice, otherwise when the time come that military instructor will look for trouble with you.” Zhao Yongliang said.

“Military practice? I don’t have any interest.” Xia Jinxuan shook her head, she had already planned to meet with Xu Taiping after getting discharged from the hospital.

“This time the one who will be conducting out Military practice are not ordinary troop.” Zhao Yongliang said in a heavy voice, “ it is informed that those who are coming are, our Southern China military district elite troop. If I am not wrong then their troop name is South China Tiger special forces. University has issued an order, only if you are unable to come then only came you refrain from attending the training otherwise no one is allowed to be absent from the training tomorrow.”

“When the time come say again….. I am a bit tired. Yongliang, you go to the university and look for Xu Taiping. See if he has returned or not as well as check for any injuries he has sustained.” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Jinxuan, I find it very strange, for what reason you care so much about that Xu Taiping?” Zhao Yongliang knitted his brow and said, ‘does he have any type of secret or what?”

“This is not something you need to manage, anyway I really like him, you all don’t have an opportunity.” Xia Jinxuan unyieldingly said and proclaimed her sovereignty for Xu Taiping.

“You really injured my heart, well it’s not important, I still think that I can make you fall in love with me, of course, What I will use is the honest methods.” Zhao Yongliang smiled and said.

Xia Jinxuan gave him a supercilious look and said, “Your wish.”

In the four in the morning, Zhao Yongliang with others left the hospital to go to the university.

“That Xu Taiping really returned to the university?” Zhao Yongliang asked while walking.

“Hmm, he has returned to the university, inside the university someone has seen him.” a subordinate of Zhao Yongliang said.

“That Chen Juexun? Zhao Yongliang frowned and asked, “it is impossible that he will such easily let him off?”

“Till Now we don’t have any information about him, our men are investigating.”

“This Xu Taiping is really not simple, to be able to make Xia Jinxuan love himself in such unswerving way, that is not something a simple trick can achieve. You all clearly investigate his information!” Zhong Yongliang with a grave expression said.

“We know, Zhao elder brother!”


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