SFVSG Ch.16 Who is the mantis and who is the bird

A loud electronic music was being played inside the Baroque pub as if it was trying to blow off the pub’s roof.

“This is really noisy, these things youngsters like to play, we really can’t understand.” Wang Jincai followed Xu Taiping inside a booth and while sitting said to him.

“You just wait to drink two cups, this same ear-piercing music will sound melodious to you, just imagine it, these girls will follow the rhythm of this same music to stick to your body and twist turn around you,won’t that feel really exhilarating!” Xu Taiping said.

“Xiao Xu, let me tell you something, I am an honest and upright man, these type of things I am not fond of, however mingling with you all youngsters is actually good for people like us, at least it will look like we are still very energetic.” Wang Jincai smiled and said.

“That is absolutely certain, we will certainly play honestly.” Xu Taiping laughed and then lifted his hand to beckon a server and said a few words in his ears.

Wang Jincai took a surreptitious glance around his surroundings and noticed that inside the bar had many of those young girls who liked to show their breast while dancing, moreover each of these girls were very sexy. Actually, Wang Jincai was a frequent visitor to nightclubs, but this type of nightclub he had never visited before. Seeing these naked girls dancing on the dance floor, he couldn’t help himself from getting really excited.

Soon, they get got their order delivered and moreover with the order came two fair looking women wearing a very slutty costume.

‘Hello handsome.” those two came inside the booth while greeting both XU Taiping and Wang Jincai.

“Come come come, sit here, tonight you must take care of my elder brother, If my brother is satisfied tonight then I will not hesitate to spend a lot on you!” Xu Taiping laughed and called them inside.

“How can you say things like this elder brother, today we get to meet each other is our fate, what is most important is to drink and enjoying together, what spending not spending you are talking about.” one woman said. Then she came inside and sat beside the Wang Jincai and said to him, “ older brother, come, we play a finger-guessing game.”

“This, oh good, come, we play finger-guessing game.”

Under the company of these specialized women, soon the mood inside the booth became very flirtatious, Xu Taiping while dealing with the woman sitting beside him, he was observing his surrounding.

The booth of Xia Jinxuan was directly opposite to the booth of Xu Taiping, however since there were many people obstructing the gate, he could vaguely see the body of Xia Jinxuan and Chen Juexun and moreover he had already noticed the men of Zhao Yongliang waiting inside the booth adjacent to his. Zhao Yongliang was sitting inside the booth and was constantly looking toward Chen Juexun’s booth while waiting for something.

“Hell, how can your capacity for drinking is so good?” Xia Jinxuan somewhat angrily puts the cup on the table and said, “ I won’t drink anymore, if I drink again I will have a headache.”

“Oh, your capacity is really small, we have still not finished this two bottle of foreign wine, how can you stop?” Chen Juexun smiled and said.

“ I don’t want to drink anymore, I am very sad.” Xia Jinxuan annoying said, “ You tell me what idea that person has, I am willing to give my all to him and he doesn’t even care about me.”

“That person? Who are you talking about?” Chen Juexun narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Which can also be? Xu Taiping, that bastard, finished eating to wipe the mouth clean and now he refuses to acknowledge the debt, that bastard!” Xia Jinxuan resentfully said, her voice was not clear and she was feeling intoxicated.

“You have already crossed the line with that Xu Taiping?!” Chen Juexun asked in surprise.

“What crossed the line, not cross the line, why are you asking me these things? Does it matter if I crossed the line or not crossed the line? is it something really important for all of you guys?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“No, it’s not important, the only thing important to me is the person I love, even if she had done it before or not is really not important for me, if only she loves me that’s all it matters.” Chen Juexun said and slowly extended his hand to grab Xia Jinxuan’s hand.

“That bastard, really make me angry!” Xia Jinxuan violently lifted her hand and heavily hit on the table, it was just that the place she hit was the back of the Chen Juexun’s hand.

“Ouch!” Chen Juexun cried out in pain and withdraws his hand back.

“What happened to you?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“No, Nothing, why.” Chen Juexun clenched his teeth and shook his head while saying, “Jinxuan, Don’t talk about the past matter, let drink once more, After finishing this bottle I will deliver you back to your home.”

“Can’t drink again, I will get a headache, this wine is not good.” Xia Jinxuan shook her head and stood up while saying, “I am going back.”

“Don’t!” Chen Juexun extended his hand and pulled Xia Jinxuan’s hand downward, Xia Jinxuan fell down to sit directly on the sofa.

“Let drink some more.” Chen Juexun filled the cup of Xia Jinxuan and said, “After finishing this cup we will go.”

“Chen Juexun, you, are you trying to get me drunk to do something bad to me?” Xia Jinxuan looking at him with blurred eyes asked.

‘I guarantee that I won’t do anything bad to you.” Chen Juexun said, “ I pledge on my man’s dignity, we are drinking to forget about sad things, you finish this cup, I also finish this cup, everyone is happy. You can also go back at once”

“Only one cup?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“Yes, only one cup!” Chen Juexun nodded.”

Xia Jinxuan picked up that wine cup and in a mouthful finished the whole wine in the cup.

Chen Juexun with a face beaming with a smile was holding a wine cup in his hand, he looked at Xia Jinxuan and said, ‘Jinxuan, Your capacity for liquor is really good.”

“I am dying, my head is hurting, I want to sleep.” Xia Jinxuan was shaking her head while pressing her forehead with her hand. She didn’t know why her consciousness was getting black just after drinking that last cup of wine.

Opposite of that booth, Wang Jincai had never felt such happiness in his life while playing such games, in this game if he lost then he had to drink a cup of wine but if he won he had to kiss the opposite party. He was really enjoying himself while playing this game but since he was a human, his bladder capacity was limited and soon he was feeling the urgency to go to the toilet after drinking so much.

“I will go together with you! After all, I also drank a lot.” Xu Taiping said and was leading Wang Jincai to the toilet.

Wang Jincai had also come first time inside this pub, naturally didn’t know the direction of the toilet, and followed behind Xu Taiping body.

Two people were going around in a circle and never reached the toilet and in the end, Xu Taiping knocked against someone.

That person stumbled and fell down on the ground.

“I am sorry, I am really sorry.” Xu Taiping at once apologized.

“Are you blind or what!” That man who was knocked down by Xu Taiping angrily shouted.

“No…..hey, Isn’t he someone from our University?” Xu Taiping being surprised pointed his finger at Xia Jinxuan behind that person’s body.

Wang Jincai was originally feeling very intoxicate and when he heard the loud sound of Xu Taiping his whole body quivered and he looked in the directed Xu Taiping’s finger was pointing.

Behind the body of that man was a booth and two-person was sitting inside.

Those two people were a very influential person inside the University, Wang Jincai recognized them in a single glance, they were Chen Juexun and Xia Jinxuan.

These two were drinking wine and looked like they had drunk a lot, moreover, Xia Jinxuan was making a strange face while holding her head.

“Get the hell out of here.” Chen Juexun had not expected to see Xu Taiping and Wang Jincai here, therefore he was anxious that they will destroy his good matter, he made a black face and yelled at them.

Although Wang Jincai had told Xu Taiping to not provoke these influential youngsters of the university, good or bad he was after all the director of Security Guard department. And Since he was still with Xu Taiping, if he just left like this after listening to some youngster order that would really be losing his face in front of Xu Taiping.

“Fellow students, drink in moderation, don’t try to visit places like this frequently.” Wang Jincai said.

When Xia Jinxuan heard the voice of Wang Jincai, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Wang Jincai and finally focused her eyes on Xu Taiping standing behind the body of Wang Jincai.

“I want to go back home.” Xia Jinxuan was finally able to muster her strength and get up to run toward Xu Taiping.

How could Chen Juexun allow Xia Jinxuan to run toward Xu Taiping, he at once extended his hand and grabbed Xia Jinxuan hand and said, “Jinxuan, We continue to drink.”

“I don’t want to drink, Xu Taiping, help, help me……” Xia Jinxuan shouted while struggling. It was even difficult for her to stand on her own.

“You, what are you trying to do with her? Director Wang, Xia Jinxuan has gotten drunk, I am going to help her!” Xu Taiping somewhat helplessly said.

Wang Jincai was a person who was well acquainted with the ways of the world, how could he not know what was happening in front of him. Clearly Xia Jinxuan is drugged by someone, and certainly, it is Chen Juexun who took advantage of her inexperience to give her that drug. If she has not asked me to save her then it would have been good for me, but now since she has asked, if I don’t save her and when tomorrow Xia Jinxuan would get sober and retaliate against me, then what will I do? However, even if I save her that will also destroy the good matter of Chen Juexun.

“We are the security guard, what do you think our duty is? That person is a student from our university, you go there and carry her outside!” Wang Jincai quickly picked his choice. One the one side if he picked Xia Jinxuan then, the result would be that Chen Juexun won’t be able to succeed in bullying Xia Jinxuan but on the other side, if he picked Chen Juexun then, the result would be that Xia Jinxuan would get raped while intoxicated and later Chen Juexun would be imprisoned. From both options which was the right choice and which was wrong, was very easy to understand.

“Yes,” Xu Taiping nodded and hurriedly dashed to Xia Jinxuan side and hold the staggering Xia Jinxuan from falling on the ground.

This time Chen Juexun didn’t do anything, he was thinking, you know how hard it was for me to secretly prescribed a drug to Xia Jinxuan and now you are trying to spoil my good matter. This is really intolerable for me!

“Are you trying to die here?!” Chen Juexun angrily said, “ Do you really think that you can leave this bar in one piece?”

“Director Wang!” Xu Taiping at once looked at Wang Jincai.

“Chen Juexun, In your eyes also has the law of the country or not? Fellow student Xia is clearly drunk and you are still obstructing us from delivering her back to her home, what are you trying to achieve here?” Wang Jincai entered the booth and with a face full of anger said.

“What rules and law you are talking about, inside this bar, what I say is law. If you know your limitation leave behind Xia Jinxuan and get the hell out of here, otherwise today I will make you all feel what is real humiliation!” Chen Juexun said while gnashing his teeth.

“Director Wang, Call the Police.” Xu Taiping said.

“If you all even dare to touch us, I, I will call the police!” Wang Jincai picked up his cell phone and shouted.

“You all wrench away his cell phone!” Chen Juexun ordered.

All of his subordinate at once charged to Wang Jincai and Xu Taiping.

“Director Wang, run!” While carrying Xia Jinxuan on his shoulder, Xu Taiping jumped to the side and evaded those men to run outside the booth.

This time Wang Jincai had really a bad luck, all those men who dashed toward him to wretch his cell phone, were continuously kicking and punching him.

“Are you all really stupid or what, why are you thrashing this idiot for, go and chase Xu Taiping!” Chen Juexun angrily said.

“Yes,” These group of men hurriedly started to chase after Xu Taiping.

Zhao Yongliang was smiling while sitting in a distant place and watching all this drama. He just wanted to tell his man to go outside to be the bird of this whole game and save Xia Jinxuan but he suddenly saw, Xu Taiping dashing toward the direction of his booths like his life and death depends on it.

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