SFVSG Ch.15 Alone Person drinking to get drunk

“You, how can you just say ‘I am going’ and walk like that?” Xia Jinxuan angrily shouted behind the back of Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping didn’t turn his head and continued to walk away into the distance, and finally disappeared from Xia Jinxuan’s eye.

Xia Jinxuan was tightly clenching her hand and due to anger, her face became red.

“Xia Jinxuan, you are a graceful woman, you can not such get angry, angry persons are not good to look at!” Xia Jinxuan took a deep breath and closed her eyes and thought aloud.

After some time, Xia Jinxuan loosened her hand and looked in the direction of Xu Taiping and humphed, and soon sat inside her car and drove away to Jiang Yuan University.

Xu Taiping safely returned from the hands of Xia Jiang, this matter whatsoever didn’t bring him any fluctuation, it was only that Xu Taiping was somewhat vexed, because of Xia Jinxuan feeling for himself getting intense day by day.

If today Xu Taiping had not received that piece of paper, he might have been touched by Xia Jinxuan a moment ago, after all, not every girl can put a knife on her neck for her beloved man, however, that piece of paper had made Xu Taiping realised, if right now he showed someone that he is emotionally touched by Xia Jinxuan, it would be same as inviting disaster.

Xu Taiping was certain that someone was secretly keeping a watch on him and if he right now whatsoever showed any emotion, that could be used by him to control Xu Taiping.

Finally it was night, the entire Jiang Yuan university was bustling with noise and excitement, today was the last day of the enrollment, every class of each department was convening for the class meeting, mainly to get to know each other better and at the same time to pick out the provisional members for temporary class committee, so that they could play an effective role during military training tomorrow.

While holding a flashlight in his hand, Xu Taiping was patrolling on the campus. Tonight his duty was to patrol around the campus and check if the doors of the school buildings were closed or not, see if there are any student left inside the lab by mistake or some indisciplined matter happening on the ground, etc…

Every corner of the Jiang Yuan university was perfectly illuminated by lights and one could easily hear the sound of students laughing and chatting from every classroom. Xu Taiping switched off his flashlight and stood beside the sewer.

Adjacent to where he was standing, there was a window and one could easily hear the voice of student and teacher coming through that window.

Xu Taiping stood in front of that window and peeked inside the room.

These newly enrolled first-year university students face still had the traces of tenderness and immaturity of a senior high school student and could be called something like youthfulness. This was something Xu Taiping had thoroughly lost more than ten years ago.

Xu Taiping was somewhat envious of these people sitting inside because the majority of them had nothing to worry about clothes and food and they were bounded to had a beautiful university student life, hostel friends. Some would fall in love with someone of their own class, some would fall in love with persons of different class and other would fall in love with someone from a different city, but they all were destined to have a beautiful love life. Every one of them was going to learn, get mature and step into the society while being loved by someone.

One could say the university life of Xu Taiping was deficient. He had to follow Old Man Z even before he could graduate from the university. In those days even though he had a crush on one of the university prettiest girls, he was unable to confess to her. For Xu Taiping, university student life was like a bowl of wine, you drink a mouthful, you can taste the beauty of time and when you finished drinking, there is nothing remains.

At this moment, Xu Taiping cell phone started to vibrate.

Xu Taiping slowly moved away from the window and faded into the dim light of the night. He lighted a cigarette for himself and took out the cell phone to check the SMS.

The SMS was sent by Su Nianci. Right now, she wanted him to go toward the Hou Mountain and stroll around it and if he sees any kind of suspicious person or laboratory and so on things, in that case, he must without any delay report to her.

“She is really treating me like an informer.” Xu Taiping smiled and replied to her message and after that deleted the whole conversation.

For common students, today’s class meeting was really a big opportunity to know more about the other students, but for Xia Jinxuan, regardless of male and female, she had no interest in knowing about persons of this age-group. Actually, she found the behavior of the persons in this age-group very childish, she couldn’t understand why everyone was trying so hard for getting selected in the class committee and why they go to such length just to make a friend. She couldn’t understand why they were working so hard for something like this ?”

Xia Jinxuan had left the class meeting just after the introduction and went outside the university campus.

She was looking for a pub near the university to drink a bit of wine. Although she wasn’t fond of drinking, she always likes to get drunk to forget painful things.

After ten minutes, Xia Jinxuan finally succeeded in throwing off those three subordinate of Xia Jiang who was working as her bodyguard and went to the bar nearest to the university named ‘Baroque’.

Inside the bar it felt like a boiling cauldron of voices, Xia Jinxuan by oneself opened a booth and ordered a bottle of foreign wine and while drinking she was looking at the people dancing on the stage.

Outside the pub, Chen Juexun and his group finally came back from someplace.

“Chen elder brother, Xia Jinxuan is inside, and there is no one accompanying her.” From the gate of the pub, a man came running in front of Chen Juexun and said.

“Really is a golden opportunity bestowed by the heaven, follow me inside.” Chen Juexun while saying waved his hand toward his subordinate to enter the bar with him, after that under the guidance of a subordinate he went toward the booth of Xia Jinxuan.

“Jinxuan, are you so happy that you alone came here to drink?” Chen Juexun smiled and came in front of Xia Jinxuan and sat opposite to her. His subordinated were standing outside the booth, doesn’t know to prevent other from obstructing Chen Juexun or to stop Xia Jinxuan to escape from the room.

Xia Jinxuan looked at Chen Juexun and slightly frowned and said, “ are you looking for me to take revenge? Have you considered if you have the capital to even think about retaliating against me?”

“ What capital do I have, I am just a common man trying to pursue you that’s all, You alone are drinking here, why don’t you let me accompany you to drink together.” Chen Juexun while saying poured wine into the winecup for himself and Xia Jinxuan.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Xia Jinxuan smiled and while looking at Chen Juexun asked.

“That depends on whether you will give me the opportunity or not.” Chen Juexun laughed and said, “As long as you agree to drink with me, I guarantee, I will get you drunk.”

“ Look like your capacity for alcohol is really good. Who is afraid, come.” Xia Jinxuan picks up the wine cup and in a mouthful finished that glass full foreign wine, today her mood was not good, therefore she didn’t care about drinking one or two more glasses of wine. As for if Chen Juexun would take the opportunity to bully her after getting her drunk, Xia Jinxuan was emphatically not anxious, her father’s name is most resounding in the whole of Jiang Yuan city, Chen Juexun only if had the pig brain otherwise he would not dare to even think about it.

Xia Jinxuan such thinking is actually not wrong, but only in the situation if they weren’t noisy enough and damaged their relationship, now Chen Juexun was really angry because of the previous matter, as a twenty years older youngster, it was impossible to care about that many things. Anyways My background is also not weak, even if I do something to Xia Jinxuan, it is not like her father Xia Jiang can surely kill him. Moreover, won’t if this matter came out in public, then Jia Xinxuan would lose her face, moreover, when that time really come, there might be a chance that we have to marry each other.

Because of thinking this kind of things, Chen Juexun was indeed planning to do something tonight. And Xia Jinxuan experience was very shallow, she couldn’t understand the intention of a person just by looking at his eyes, therefore she hadn’t anticipated the dark intentions of Chen Juexun and almost suffered a loss.

Inside Jiang Yuan University.

As the Jiang Yuan University student union president, Zhao Yongliang, was giving a welcome speech on behalf of whole Jiang Yuan University student body to the newly enrolled student today. He was asking everyone to study earnestly, and later strive to become a member of the student union and so on.

It was already ten in the night when he finished his speech and also students of the classes had already returned to their dormitory to rest for the night.

Inside the broadcasting room, Zhao Yongliang was sitting on a chair.

In Front of his body, the figure of a woman could be seen moving up and down in a rhythm.

At this moment suddenly the sound of his cell phone echoed, Zhao Yongliang picked up the cell phone and said, “What is the situation at the Chen Juexun’s place?”

“It looks like Chen Juexun is determined to force himself on Xia Jinxuan tonight. Or Zhao elder brother if you want to lead us to go there and save Xia Jinxuan?” A question came from the telephone.

“There is always a cannon fodder to dash in front of someone.” Zhao Yongliang smiled and pressed the head of the women sitting in front of him and softly said, “I, Zhao Yongliang certainly am not that cannon fodder, leave this matter to me, I know how to handle it.”


After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yongliang again dialed a number on the cell phone.

“Xu Taiping, it’s me, Zhao Yongliang, I just received a news, Jinxuan is detained by the men of Chen Juexun inside the Baroque bar, I have some matter which I can’t ignore, You hurriedly go and take a look, and stop Chen Juexun that domestic animal from bullying Jinxuan!” Zhao Yongliang said.

“I know.” from the head of the cell phone came the calm voice of Xu Taiping. And soon he cut the call.

“Using this opportunity I must find the bottom line of Xu Taiping’s ability. Only, I can’t let him take any advantage using this matter.” Zhao Yongliang muttered to oneself resolutely and after a moment again pick up his cell phone to dial a number.

“Position our men inside the bar, if Xu Taiping is not able to stop Chen Juexun, then we will take the risk and save Xia Jinxuan and off course we will also save Xu Taiping, after all, I have to make sure that Xia Jinxuan doesn’t forget this favor.” Zhao Yongliang laughed and said.


Inside the Xu Taiping room, Xu Taiping was laying down on the bed.

There was a men’s fashion magazine lying beside his body and the picture on the magazine was of a very famous woman celebrity.

“ A security guard really cannot have a peaceful time.” Xu Taiping sighed from the feeling vexed, he naturally knows the idea behind the call of Zhao Yongling. He knew that Zhao Yongliang wanted to test his ability by using this opportunity and while convenient also want to use him as a cannon fodder.

To go or not to go, this was a tricky question for him, if he went there, then that man might think that he cares about Xia Jinxuan which will be problematic for her in the future, If he didn’t go, then it was possible that Chen Juexun would take advantage of Xia Jinxuan’s drunkenness and bully her. Xu Taiping was anything but insincere, other person didn’t even care about her life to try to save you from her father and when she was getting bullied by someone, you didn’t do anything but quietly look at it, if this matter is passed on in the public, the whole world would laugh at the name of Blood Wolf.

“The mantis stalks the cicada, while oblivious of the bird stalking him, but who is the bird here, still unable to say.” Xu Taiping sneers and soon dialed Wang Jincai number.

“Director Wang, do you have time tonight? I want to invite you for having two cups of wine with me. Recently I have found a good place, called Baroque bar, there to have top quality beautiful girls to accompany you to drink and play and if you want to invite them for late night snacks, that is also allowed. Hmm, good, like this, I will wait for you there, I won’t go alone, I will wait for you.” Xu Taiping with beaming with smile hang up, and after that left the dormitory.


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