SFVSG Ch.14 The Man in front of Guan He

Since Jincai means “enter the money”, so it was natural that he would have the desire for wealth and prosperity.

Wang Jincai was a money-loving person, therefore when Xu Taiping told him this matter, he without thinking much answered at once, furthermore what amazed Xu Taiping was, he had to bargain with Wang Jincai for almost half a day to make him accept the proposal at thirty percent of the profit.

Actually Xu Taiping felt that, this was a small money, but Jiang Yuan university had around 34000 thousand personals, even if everybody bought a single booklet and each booklet was sold for 10 yuan and if the profit earned from each booklet was 8 yuan, that was also more than 200,000, and thirty percent of that, amounts to more than 80,000 yuan.

For Xu Taiping, whose card’s balance was in nine-figure, it was not even equal to the interest he earns every day.

Naturally, this was only true for Xu Taiping, but regarding Wang Jincai whose salary was 6000 yuan a month,  80,000 was even more than his year’s salary, and really was appealing to him.

As soon as Wang Jincai approved, Zhou Nuo without delay went out to find a printing house to print that booklet, after all, preparation let one earn big.

Xu Taiping was emphatically not concerned about this matter because right now he was inside a black Audi.

Today at three thirty in the afternoon, Xu Taiping while squatting behind the university gate and was smoking a cigarette, when few men came in a car and took him away.

If it were not for so many people at the gate, it would have been impossible for those men to control Xu Taiping in such a way.

The car went all the way to the city center and finally stopped in front of a building. In the front of the building was a signboard with two characters “Huan Qu” written on it.

Since it was still noon, the nightclub was not open for business, but its door was open.

Some people surrounded Xu Taiping and took him to the sixth floor of the nightclub.

There was no person inside the nightclub apart from those working as a sanitation worker and every room was devoid of any movement and sound, like no one ever lived here.

“Indeed this is a familiar and fascinating smell.” Xu Taiping took a deep breath. This smell of wine and air freshener was nothing strange for Xu Taiping since it was the smell unique to the nightclubs, and even though he had not visited a nightclub for many days, he couldn’t be more familiar with it.

The man beside him didn’t say anything and directly took him to the gate of a room with a number 666 written on it, after that, they opened the gate and pushed Xu Taiping inside.

The light inside the room was warm and there were six to seven man standing on each side of the door and all had a black suit on their body and some person’s waist was bulging outside as if they were hiding an animal inside his clothes.

At the innermost position of the room, there was a middle-aged man sitting on a big sofa and had a white sleeveless vest on his body. One could easily see the tattoo of a tiger on his chest and his muscles looked really firm. Although it looked like he must have practiced a martial art, due to being in the late forties his stomach was somewhat bulging out.

He was sitting with his legs crossed and had a somewhat gloomy expression.

Xu Taiping tried to look toward his face but his focus automatically shifted toward the person standing behind him.

Behind this man was standing a mature and charming woman, this woman was someone whom Xu Taiping had bid farewell in the morning.

Guan He!

Guan He had worn a skin tight cheongsam on her body and black high heeled shoes on her feet. Her hands were softly rubbing the shoulder of the man sitting in front of her. Even though she looked at Xu Taiping, her expression remains the same as if she had never met him before.

“Are you Xu Taiping?” that middle-aged man with gloomy face looked at Xu Taiping and asked.

“Are you Xia Jiang?” Xu Taiping with a calm expression asked.

“ You know me, but still you are so calm and collected. You can be regarded as someone who is hard to come by in young generation.” That middle-aged man somewhat appreciated Xu Taiping behavior, he stood up to walk in front of Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping height was 1.8 meters and this man named Xia Jiang’s height was approximately 1.7 meters, both person heights were almost same, however, Xia Jiang’s body imposing manner didn’t reduce for even a bit in front of Xu Taiping because of his height disadvantage and his body shape.

He raised his head a bit and looked into his eyes and suddenly brandished a heavy fist directly on the stomach of Xu Taiping.

Due to the sudden pain in his stomach, Xu Taiping bent his body just then Xia Jiang once again threw his fist toward Xu Taiping body, but this time his target was Xu Taiping chin.
Xu Taiping chin was pounded and due to the momentum, his body was straightened up.

Blood started to flow from Xu Taiping corner of the mouth, and everymen inside the room were pointing their gun toward Xu Taiping so that he doesn’t dare to strike back.

“You should know, that I am Xia Jianxuan’s father.” Xia Jiang said.

“Just came to know recently.” Xu Taiping grinningly said. His mouth was filled with blood and his corner of mouth was injured.

He was a killer, not a superman, naturally, it was impossible for him to be impervious to sword and spear.

“Xia Jinxuan is young, therefore sometimes it is hard for her to avoid getting confused by the people like you.” Xia Jiang turned his body and took the towel from the hand of a subordinate and wiped his hand, then returned to the sofa and sat down. While looking at Xu Taiping he said, “Now I will give you two option, first is my man will throw you in an ocean and feed you to the fish, other is you must disappear from Jinxuan’s world, she is young, naturally will forget you before long.

“My this person has a rough skin and fatless meat, even if you feed me to fish, they won’t eat.” Xu Taiping squinted his eyes and said, “ as for disappearing, this is impossible, It was very difficult for me to find this type of job, how can I walk, just because you want me to walk.”

‘I think you have forgotten where you are right now.” Xia Jiang with a black face looked at Xu Taiping and said, “ what I said is simple, either die or roll away from here.”

“Can I have a different option please?” Xu Taiping asked.

“ Really is young does not know fear. Do it.” Xia Jiang sneered and waved his hand.

“Brother Xia, I think this youngster is really like you when you were young.” Standing behind the body of Xia Jiang, Guan He finally opened her mouth.

Xia Jiang slightly frowned and soon laughed and said, “He is like me? From which point he resembles me? When I was of his age, in those days I single-handedly left my home to make my way into the world of Jiang Yuan and using my fist I overcome every difficulty in my path to create such a big empire.”

“Right, then isn’t he same as you? He is young, doesn’t dread anyone, now it is hard to come by this kind of youngster, don’t you always tell me that you lack a person to have enough capability to be your arm? If this person is properly trained, he might become your arms in the future. Moreover, Jinxuan is still very fond of him if in the future you passed your position to Jinxuan, won’t this man be the biggest helping hand of Jinxuan?”Guan He said while smiling.

Jia Jiang slightly wrinkled his eyebrows and looked at Xu Taiping, and after being silent for few seconds he said: “Xiao He, What you said is correct, this man is really like me, but since he is like me, it is a bigger reason for me to kill him because my disposition is to seek revenge for the slightest grievance and from his eyes I can clearly see, if he has the opportunity, he will at any cost try to kill me, he is same as me, therefor today he must die.”

Xu Taiping with a face full of smile was looking at Xia Jiang, his both hand were naturally hanging down, and his fingertips were slowly tapping on his thigh, left and right altogether three guns were pointing at him, this was the biggest danger for him. Xu Taiping’s body and bone was very strong and enduring one bullet shot was a nothing to him, but the good news was inside this room had many people, and he could use other’s as a shield for himself, he roughly needed two seconds to get rid of a person and as a whole he needed around twenty-five second approximately to kill every person inside the room.

“Well it was really hard to get familiar with my current identity, Oh, now I will have to again change my place.” Xu Taiping felt sad and sighed, his fingers slowly stopped and every muscle and nerve of his body started to go into the excited state.

Just when Xu Taiping was going to kill these people, the gate of the room was push opened by a person from outside and soon he heard Xia Jinxuan’s voice.

“You all give me to stop right now and get the fuck off my face!!”

Xu Taiping being amazed turned his head and saw Xia Jinxuan rushing inside the room. She dashed in front of his body while grabbing his hand, she covered his body.

“Father, what are you doing?” Xia Jianxuan asked him in a loud voice.

“Jinxuan, who let you come here?” Xia Jiang with a black face asked, “ You all what do you eat, take her back from here.”

“Let me see who dares to touch me?” Xia Jinxuan said and suddenly lifted her hand to her neck.

On a closer look, there was something shocking in her hand, she was holding a dagger.

Right now the tip of the dagger had already slightly entered in her neck and blood was slowly oozing from her wound,

“Jinxuan, you are young, how can you understand love? This man has deliberately approached you, his target is me, your father!” Xia Jiang angrily said.

“Even if I don’t understand any love, I am still better than you.” Xia Jinxuan angrily looked at the body of Guan He and said, “your, old man love is really rich!”

“Jinxuan you are really impulsive.” Guan He softly said, “ First put down the dagger to say again.”
“ I don’t know anything, father, if you dare to even move his single hair, I will kill myself in front of you!” Xia Jinxuan said in a loud voice.

“Disgraceful, really disgraceful!!” Xia Jiang angrily lifted his foot and kicked on the table in front of him, everything on the table fall down on the ground.

“Let’s go!” Xia Jinxuan pulled Xu Taiping hand to went toward the gate of the room. Those surround men of Xia Jiang were slightly hesitating because they don’t know what they should do in the end.

“Get lost, you get lost from my front, and don’t even dare to come in front of me ever again! Our home doesn’t have a place for your this kind of daughter!” Xia Jinxuang angrily said.

Xia Jinxuang pulled Xu Taiping to withdraw from the room, ran toward the staircase.

Don’t chase her, Let her go, starting from today cut off her allowance, Our Xia house doesn’t have this unfilial daughter!” Xia Jiang angrily said.

Guan He who was standing behind his body wanted to say something, however from her understanding of Xia Jiang, right now if she said anything to him, it would have possibly more infuriated Xia Jiang, which was not good.

“Young people really have valor.”  Guan He gently smiled and said.

On the ground floor of Huan Qui, Xia Jinxuan had placed her both hands on her thigh and was panting for breath.

“You are really hot enough.” Xu Taiping smiled and patted the back of Xia Jinxuan and said, “ I can not go out, to do something like you, such big matter, however, he is your father.”

“My father is a really ruthless man, you don’t know what kind of thing he can do. I can only threaten him in this way, you are fine is all that matters to me, now go back but be careful.” Xia Jianxuan while panting for breath said.

“Good, for today’s matter, really thank you, I will ask you for dinner another day, now I am going back.” Xu Taiping after saying turned his body and left behind somewhat astonished Xia Jinxuan.


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