SFVSG Ch.13 Campus Ranking List

Someone has said, it takes a maximum of six different connections for establishing a relationship between any two people, completely stranger to each other.

In western society, this theory is called social network and in China, it is called Fate.

Even if Xu Taiping’s brain is good, he couldn’t imagine that after he left, Xia Jinxuan would appear in this place and from Xia Jinxuan tone it appeared like she knew Guan He.

Xu Taiping hurriedly returned to his dormitory, and was just about to open the door, but saw, that female dog, Erdan, was shaking her tail while running from behind the gate. She stopped in front of Xu Taiping and embraced Xu Taiping foot to act like a spoiled child.

“You this little domestic animal, you really recognized me as your master so fast.” Xu Taiping smiled to crouch down, stroke Erdan’s head and Erdan also started to intimately rub her head on Xu Taiping’s hand.

Thinking about his two hands covered in blood, Xu Taiping thought, fostering this little life with these same hands feels a little bit strange, but the hair of this domestic animal feels really pleasant to rub.

“I have heard that, after growing up, you will become a wreckage king. Let me warn you beforehand, having my home in disorder is something I most dread. If you mess up with my house, that day I will have dog meat in dinner.” Xu Taiping bent down and picked up Erdan and while holding her in front of his face, he earnestly said.

Now both Erdan and Xu Taiping were already familiar with each other, and right now she was incessantly shaking her tail and was carelessly flailing her head.

Xu Taiping severely watched at Erdan and was trying to intimidate her, but soon he gave up because he understood from the silly face of Erdan, that she can’t understand him.

“Do as you like.” Xu Taiping sighed and put down Erdan on the ground and entered his dormitory.

He was just about to walk into his room, but suddenly his footstep slowed down.

Although there was almost nothing changed in this room compared to when he left this dormitory yesterday night, yes almost nothing changed that’s all, right now there was a slip of paper on the cupboard adjacent to the bed.

That piece of paper inside the room was not conspicuous at all, but Xu Taiping, who had long ago already memorized whole room layout as well as the arrangement of his things, that slip of paper on the bedside cabinet, was too conspicuous.

He walked to that bedside cabinet and picked up that slip of paper.

There were several characters written on that slip.

“Do you really think you have escaped?”

Someone had written these few words with a red pen to scare a person.

Xu Taiping looked at these words for about ten seconds and said after groaning, “ the writing of whoever wrote this is really ugly, now a day, which villain does not have a bit of education?”

After reading, he made a ball of that piece of paper and threw aside.

Erdan joyfully ran toward that ball of paper and started to play with it.

Xu Taiping poured milk inside the bowl placed on the ground and said to Erdan, “Later when I will go out, I will buy dog food for you, till then put up with it by drinking milk.”

After saying, he wore security guard uniform and left his room.

Today was the third day of the new enrollment, so there were fewer students compared to yesterday. After making Xu Taiping work continuously for two days, finally, the attitude of those old members of Security Department had a change. After all, nowadays there are not many people who have bad intentions, everyone bullies you is not just because you are a newcomer,  but they are afraid of you to be arrogant and ignorant, therefore it was an initial show of strength.

There were many people inside the security department, according to Wang Jincai, there were more than two hundred people inside the security department and they were scattered to protect each and every corner of the university campus.

Jiang Yuan University campus area was largest in whole China and almost twice the area of China’s second largest and third largest university area combined.

Naturally, it was the cheap price in those days which made it possible for Jiang Yuan University to have such large campus. It was said that when Jiang Yuan University Headmaster was trying to find a suitable location, he came to know about the cheap price of land in Jiang Yuan city. He directly drew a big circle on the map encompassing several mountains.

It was said that this big circle was the most successful real estate investment in those years because just after six months of drawing this circle, Jiang Yuan City because of its unique geographical location was declared by central authorities as a new economic zone.
All of a sudden, the whole Jiang Yuan city became desperate, and in an overnight, the price of house and land rose by more than five to six time. Only after the interference of Central Authority and the prohibition on the trade of real estate between people, did the price of housing became stable.

Even if the price of housing became stable, but the price of this large chunk of land acquired for building Juang Yuan University kept on rising, and offers of buying a piece of land, measuring less than 2000 square meters, for the price more than 10 times the acquisition value of that large circle on that map kept coming, but was rejected by Jiang Yuan University headmaster every time.

And finally, due to the great effort of many generations of headmasters for a long period of time, Jiang Yuan university could have a campus so big that it required more than two hundred security guards just to provide basic security and maintaining stability on the campus.

Today Xu Taiping was not alone, he had a partner named Chen Wen and compared to Xu Taiping, he was working as security guard for more than one years. From Xu Taiping point of view, he was neither a newcomer nor an old member.

Chen Wen face was fair and clear, but he was very thin and weak. He was wearing gold-colored spectacles and if he was not wearing a security uniform, anyone would have mistaken him for a University teacher.

Chen Wen was not very fond of speaking or perhaps was very bad at choosing his words. From the first moment in the morning when he and Xu Taiping were in charge of watching University gate to the lunchtime, he stayed inside the security guard room and all those matters related to dealing with students, he left them to Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping was very relaxed today, very early in the morning he had settled the matter of Su Nianci, moreover today Xia Jinxuan didn’t appear in front of him, and could be assumed that she may have given up on him, as for that death letter, Xu Taiping didn’t take it seriously. Nowadays if a killer would get threatened by a simple death letter, then he might as well consider changing his profession to be a housekeeper.

“Xu elder brother, I heard that yesterday night there was an on-spot investigation by some people at Bliss Inn?” Disregarding his booth Zhuo Nuo had come to the university gate, stood beside Xu Taiping and while offering a cigarette, he asked?

“Yes there was an investigation, indeed a bad luck, I was even arrested by them.” Xu Taiping helplessly sighed and took the cigarette and hold it in his mouth.

Zhuo Nuo at once lighted the cigarette of Xu Taiping. Although both were birds of the same feather, Xu Taiping was after all University Security Guard, and his help in future would make Zhuo Nuo life more convenient, therefore Zhuo Nuo was trying to curry favor with Xu Taiping

Xu Taiping deeply sucked a mouthful of cigarette and said: “ It is a good thing that, that business was not illegal, at most is an improper man-woman relationship, just pay the fine and you are free to go. It was good that you went out early, otherwise, we would have been arrested together.”

‘It is natural after all, my nickname is five minutes young driver.” Zhuo Nuo proudly said, “ I am really quick.”

“I didn’t know nowadays, word ‘quick’ is used in a commendatory sense.” Xu Taiping cracked a joke.

“ Sometimes it really is good to be quick………..Xu elder brother, I have a good thing for you.” Zhou Nuo mysteriously said, and from inside his pocket took out a small booklet.

“What is this?” Xu Taiping curiously asked.

“This is a ranking list of students inside the Jiang Yuan University, I have compiled. Altogether there are three lists, first one is the list of most handsome boys of the university, the second one is the list of prettiest girls of the university and furthermore, the third list is a compilation of strength ranking. To compile these lists I have used my screen guard stall for creating opportunities, then I got close to the university students and peeked through their cell phone to extract data from every kind of Photograph, internet profile, chat, and video records. I am planning to publish this booklet inside the whole campus, and sell each booklet for ten yuan. I want you to check if there is an error in this book.” Zhou Nuo said and handed over the booklet to Xu Taiping.

“You boy, I have not expected that you also have the intelligence gathering ability?” Xu Taiping laughed and opened the booklet to look at the list.

The name he first saw in that booklet was of his acquaintance Xia Jinxuan. Zhuo Nuo had written a detailed record of Xiao Jinxuan, Xia Jinxuan father’s name was Xia Jiang, and he had many nightclubs, pubs, as well as shipping business in Jiang Yuan City and his net assets worth, was more than one billion yuan, furthermore, his network was very wide. In the column of Xia Jinxuan’s love, there was one word written, ‘SINGLE’.

Just below the profile of Xia Jinxuan, there were three more names of beautiful girls. Xu Taiping took a quick glance to discover all were silly little girls and at once he focused his attention on the list of most handsome boys of the university.

“Damn, you have made a mistake, you forgot to put my name on the list of the four most handsome boys of the university?” Xu Taiping after looking at the list of the four most handsome boys of the university angrily said.

“Xu elder brother, your handsomeness is low profile, reserved and not flamboyant, furthermore it is different from their handsomeness, moreover you are a security guard and cannot be considered as a student, therefore this list doesn’t have your name. I know that you are not a person who will care about this kind of false reputation. Inside my heart, you are the most handsome person!” With his full face covered with a flattering smile, Zhuo Nuo said to Liu Yang.

“ What you said is very pleasant to hear.” Xu Taiping nodded and soon started to browse through the other list. The first name in strength list was of Zhao Yongliang, his identity and background were very complicated. Even if Zhuo Nuo investigated, what he found was that his family had a coal mine business, but there should not only be coal mine business. After his name was the name of Xia Jinxuan on the second place, Chen Xuejun name was on the third place and Li Sifan name was on the fourth place. and at the fifth was the last member of four princes of the university, his name was Yan Situ. Xu Taiping had not seen him yet, but he looked ordinary.

“This is good.” Xu Taiping said, “ If you publish this thing, it will fare well in the market.”

“I also think so, only, elder brother, I want to sell this thing inside the University, and it requires the consent of your security guard department, otherwise later they will not let me sell these things, or you help me ask for permission from our Director Wang? Zhou Nuo said.

“What benefit will I have?” Xu Taiping asked.

“ I will give you five percent of my total income!” Zhuo Nuo said.

“ I don’t have any use for your money, let’s do it like this, Don’t you have a screen guard stall outside our university gate? If you come across any suspicious man, help me pay attention to him. I am a security guard, my work requires me to have eyes in all eight direction and ears on all six roads. From today onward you will work as my eyes.” Xu Taiping said.

“I don’t have any problem, Xu elder brother you are really open and aboveboard. After finishing my work, I will ask you for a meal.” Zhuo Nuo sincerely said.

“Even if I don’t ask for money, Wang Jincai won’t let you off so easily, be ready to be bleed off.” Xu Taiping said.

“My bottom line is thirty percent!” Zhuo Nuo said, “ If he wants more than thirty percent, I would rather not sell.”

“Then I will help you discuss with him.” Xu Taiping looked at his wristwatch and said, “Right now he might be in the office, I am going to discuss with him.”

“Ok, Xu elder brother, thank you, really thank you!” Zhuo Nuo hurriedly expressed his gratitude, Xu Taiping smiled. He was also happy, this Zhuo Nuo information gathering ability is really strong and this booklet is the proof of this man’s carefulness, Although don’t have any comparison with the nightingale, he is able to gather information from students in his first try. Moreover, every day many people come and go through this gate, and the location of his three-wheeler on which he sells his screen protection guard is the best position to keep a watch on the gate.

To have him to act as my informer, my life in the university as a security guard will be more comfortable.


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