PF Ch.19 Fierce Confrontation

During her tenure in Provincial Party committee organization ministry, Zhang Jing was in charge of cadre work arrangement in Renzhou and few other cities. She had a clear understanding of members of four organization department of Rencheng city and other small county areas. Regarding the member of Renzhou city Standing Committee Organisation groups and their power distribution as well as their struggle she was also well aware of.

Renzhou city Standing Committee had altogether thirteen members, among them Municipal Committee Deputy Book Sun Zhuoqun, Deputy Executive Li Yibin, Politics and Law Committee Book Zhang Yimin, Central City District Area Committee Book Liu Xianjin, these four are good political friend and during ordinary time they hold their hand to make things difficult for Wang Yifeng.

Head of Organisation Ministry Yao Peng, Discipline Inspection Committee Book Miao Zhengrong, Propaganda Department Chief Zuo Qingqing, Municipal Committee Secretary-General Zhao Yaoming and Municipal Committee Book Wang Yifeng are the member of the same faction.

Deputy Mayor Liu Hansheng, Zhoushan city municipal committee Book Lu Kai, and the former Mayor Zheng Junjian used to stand in the same group.

Military sub-districts political commissar Wei Mengxu is an aloof character, often he just likes to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight. As long as it didn’t involve army and citizen safety, he often refrains from saying much.

Zhang Yifeng is concurrently holding the post of Chairman of National People’s Congress, and National People’s Congress Deputy Director Yang Weiguo is the nonvoting delegate who is also attending the meeting and usually supports Sun Zhuoqun and always got into a confrontation with Wang Yifeng. Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC) Vice-Chairman Guo Jun and Mengxu are almost same, he also doesn’t like to fish in turbulent water and never take any stand to support anyone. Right now I am concurrently holding the post of CPPCC Chairman, also don’t know, if this Guo Jun will stand in my camp or not. He and Weiguo are same, they are merely attending the meeting but doesn’t have any right to vote, but these two person’s influence in Renzhou city can never be despised.

Although Standing Committee has only more than ten peoples, it can still show the whole Renzhou city power distribution, after all, one tiny clue can reveal the general trend, really this is giving me a headache.

Above all I am new here, a single person trying to make my space in this strange place. What should I do, to change this situation as soon as possible, smoothly take control of Renzhou city government whole block and set my trend in this standing committee?

From Zuo Qingqing I have heard that Wang Yifeng had a half an hour-long conversation with Liu Yang, so I by using this matter of Liu Yang, picked a fight with Zhang Yimin, to probe Wang Yifeng.

A moment ago, Wang Yifeng supported me, I can say my purpose of supporting Liu Yang is now complete. Wang Yifeng already cannot bear Zhang Yimin, and there is no reason that he will bear again.

And for all this, I must thank old leadership, Fang Yuzhu. When she was delivering me here, she was very anxious, that in Renzhou, I won’t be able to handle the situation and will be suppressed by Zhang Yimin. But who would have thought that just before going back she made a telephone to me to inform about this youngster Liu Yang, and in such a timely manner gave me the opportunity to strike against this Zhang Yimin.

This is all old leadership arrangement to help me, otherwise, how could she have thought of such a good move to use against Zhang Yimin?

Only Fang Yuzhu said that Liu Yang is her family relative, but I am not convinced. I have followed Fang Yuzhu for a long time in the province, even if I have not seen but at least I know about her every family and relative. A relative of Fang household, what type of person they are? How can he take the shelter in this small city and even more work as a head clerk in Reception Department?

But regardless of who he is, since I have Fang Yuzhu words, I am not going to have any other idea. Otherwise, I have just arrived here for two days, do you really think I would have meddled in other people business and face the danger of committing an offense against Zhang Yimin by making Yang Qiqi supervise this case of Liu Yang. I even made Chen Weichang look for Liu Yang to have a conversation with this half-baked young man to be my secretary?

Zhang Yimin always wanted to become a mayor, this while I was in organization ministry, I already knew. But now that the throne of Mayor is wrested away by me if Zhang Yimin does not have resentment for me that is impossible.

As long as I am sitting in this position, it was almost impossible to have peaceful relation with him. And also this conflict with him was a matter of time.

But by lucky coincidence, on the first day of my work, this Zhang Yimin’s son doesn’t know from where pops out, and took liberty with a woman and chased her out of the entertainment house to the main street. This can also be considered as his gift for me on the first day of my office. This was an opportunity to go against his father.

Originally I was thinking that if I went against Zhang Yimin using this matter, even if Sun Zhuoqun, Li Yibin, and others have a good political relationship with him, they won’t support.

After all, It is Zhang Yimin son who is in the wrong here!

However, Since I was with a big leader in the province, It looks like I was not in touch with ground reality, and say again my understanding of Renzhou city was also superficial. It was hard for me to expect that Sun Zhuoqun unexpectedly dare to deliberately misrepresent, and completely changed the story of Zhang Qiang assail on a woman on the street.

It is said that when a new boss takes office, the boss will send out three fire, and here, even before I could send that fire on their body, Zhang Yimin and other are trying to bake me.

Nevertheless, It was my mistake for taking things for granted and even neglecting them. I really haven’t expected that Sun Zhuoqun this man, will discard his integrity, conscience, and morality for his personal feelings.

According to his arguments, Liu Yang not only be arrested but must receive the punishment of law and even if he doesn’t die at least he must shed his skin.

Fortunately, Wang Yifeng supported me and at the crucial moment spoke on behalf of me and now the details and facts of this case are on the table. Now, who is wrong and who is right is obvious to everybody.

But Zhang Jing didn’t expect, Zhang Yimin would unexpectedly glare at Wang Yifeng and challenge him: “ Book Wang, This is wrong if you talk like this? Who is the local tyrant of the Renzhou city? Whose child is the second generation prince? This is the Standing Committee, whatever you want to say, say it clearly, why are you attacking someone by innuendo? I don’t know where have you learned this information from? Which person of City security Bureau gave this news to you? This completely is a misrepresentation of facts, simply is nonsense!”

Although I am not able to become a mayor, you, Wang Yifeng is already 57 years old, and have already crossed your peak of career and right now you are going downhill. In this coming October, you will leave this city and if your luck is good, you will be taking the post of National People’s Congress deputy-director. But since there is a maybe even for that kind of post, do you think I will fear you.

When Zhang Jing heard it, she raised her graceful eyebrow and thought, this is simply challenging the authority of Wang Yifeng in open. Just now Wang Yifeng has broken that encirclement for me, now it is my turn to help him say something.

Therefore, Zhang Jing groaned and said: “Book Zhang, Don’t tell me you haven’t listened to him carefully? Book Wang was saying like this to show consideration for you. What your child has done, I don’t think anyone here is clearer than you, after all, you are in charge of Renzhou city public security and Politics and Law committee Book. Two big man chasing an almost naked girl, isn’t this matter very glorious for the image of Renzhou city?”

Zhang Yimin anxiously said: “You……you are talking nonsense, you said my son assailed a woman with obscenities and chased her on the street, did you personally witness him doing so? Even though you are new here, you know a lot of things. I am telling you to not listen to these useless rumors……..”

After hearing Zhang Yimin talking more and more like a ruffian, Wang Yiming started to laugh in his belly and used his two fingers to strike on the table and said: “ Zhang Yimin, this is Standing Committee, I ask you to pay more attention to your words. Since this matter is not something that one can misrepresent, since you are saying so much, then let’s see that video recording of the guest house door, won’t everyone be clear what matter actually it is?”

Zhang Jing also followed after him: “Right, we don’t need such to do, let the fact talk…..”

“You….you……what evidence you are talking about? Even now, my son is lying on the hospital bed, isn’t it enough to explain the situation?” Damn, if the one lying inside the hospital is your son, then will you all also talk so much?

After saying, Zhang Yimin looked at Zhang Jing and said: “ Regardless of the reason since Liu Yang has thrashed a person, that he must be grabbed. You have just come for a day, some matter you don’t know and you are meddling and obstructing the public security bureau from handling a case, which law allows you to do such? You want to promote him to be a Deputy-Director and your secretary, this matter I won’t let Standing Committee approve. Everyone tell me, if she always meddles like this, then how in the future we will be able to perform our duties?”

Zhang Jing and Wang Yifeng were supporting each other, he couldn’t resist them alone.

However, After Zhang Yimin finished speaking, again he saw something unexpected, let alone Zuo Qingquing, even Li Yibin and Liu Xianjin were bowing their head down and didn’t speak.

Which person sitting in this room was not a seasoned person? Not only every one sitting here knew that Wang Yifeng was going to retire, but he would also leave the Renzhou in this coming October.

If he could think about the problem, other could in same way think about the problem. Everyone thought, because of his grudge against her, he had hoodwinked his wisdom. He forgot that His, Zhang Yimin matter, other people could also understand.

Moreover, compared to him, they could think more into the distant and realistically.

Zhang Jing has already taken the position of Renzhou municipal committee Deputy-Book and concurrently is also the ‘acting mayor’ of the city. As long as Zhang Yifeng called together a meeting of National People’s Congress, her this ‘acting’ tag will be removed at once. If there is not any unexpected incident, then in the coming October’ party congress meeting, she will be elected as municipal committee Book is a decided matter.

If we make life difficult for someone who is soon going to be master of Renzhou city and will hold the position of Municipal Committee Book, isn’t it same as striking our head on an iron wall, trying to destroy it?

Naturally, Li Yibin and Liu Xianjin were also thinking like this, they also thought that Zhang Yimin had already lost the battle with Wang Yifeng and Zhang Jing on this matter. Obviously, Zhang Yimin was in the wrong this time, after all this was not a difficult matter to find the truth about. As long as Zhang Jing and Wang Yifeng got really angry and ordered to strictly investigate this case, surely it would be Zhang Qiang who would have the bad luck.

Even more, Li Yibin had started to scheme inside his heart. He thought, even if you are going to implicate your son, can you please don’t make matter worse for my son? Do you not like to see other happy? After all, what bird they have become, we as their father is already clear. They are jackals of the same tribe, they absolutely won’t go to the entertainment house to do the charity.

You are angry with Zhang Jing because she has wrested away your position, you can still use other matter to make her life difficult, but using this matter to provoke her is really not a wise decision.

Right at this moment, the cell phone of Zhang Jing made a sound, since Chen Weichang was afraid of disturbing her, that’s why he sent an SMS to inform her about how Zhang household came to the city government building to create a ruckus.

Really Unreasonable!

Zhang Jing put down her cell phone and said: “Book Zhang, I have just received a situation, just now your wife, son, daughter, and your son-in-law went to the city government, there inside the building they created a big scene. They encircled Liu Yang to beat and scold, I don’t know if this kind of thing is legitimate and reasonable? Book Zhang, just now you keep on saying that I don’t handle matters according to rules and standard, don’t tell me this is the rule you follow to handle things?”


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