SFVSG Ch.12 Forgetting each other in the myriad of this world

In a while, it was 3 o’clock in the morning, all those who were grabbed and brought inside the police bureau were released, it was only Xu Taiping who was still detained inside the Trial room.

Inside the trial room, Xu Taiping was behaving like a scared rabbit. He from time to time was swallowing saliva and was sweating all over the body.

At this time, the gate of the trial room was once again pushed open by someone.

This time it was Su Nianci who pushed open the door and walked into the room.

“Su, Teacher Su, is it really you? So just then, whom I looked at was really you?” Xu Taiping excitedly looked at Su Nianci and started to shout her name.

“Shut up.” Su Nianci with a dark face walked in front of Xu Taiping and sat down opposite to him. She looked at Xu Taiping and said: “ You know what crime you have committed?”

“I, I don’t know!” Xu Taiping shook his head.

“Half month ago, We came across a case related to injury and murder. The murder happens due to struggling because of an argument and finally,  one man killed the other and absconded. Tonight the police squad got a reliable information, therefore, they conducted an on-spot inspection at the massage center.” Su Nianci said. By using these simple to understand words, she wanted to shift Xu Taiping focus from a vital question of “ why had she came to the Police Bureau at such late night” to this case.

“But I am not a murderer.” Xu Taiping promptly said.

“ Which murdered has ever said, I am the murderer, arrest me? Just now,  we somehow got a picture of the prime suspect and he looks just like you.” Su Nianci said in a severe tone.

“I am really not a murderer!” Xu Taiping at once started to cry. He started to take his grandmother to grandfather name, while trying to continuously plead Su Nianci, hoping to have Su Nianci help, in cleaning off this suspect tag from his name.

“Actually you also don’t need to be so worried about it. When the bureau will open tomorrow, our research team will collect your DNA for a test, only this whole process for matching your DNA will take a minimum of two to three days. If in the test your DNA doesn’t match with the suspect, they will let you go.” Su Nianci said.

“Two to three days? How can it be so long? I, I still have to go to work, Teacher Su!” Xu Taiping anxiously said.

“Actually, I have also looked at that prime suspect photograph. Although both of you have some similarities, I don’t think you two are the same person.” Su Nianci said.

“Right right, We only resemble just a bit, that’s all. Teacher Su, please testify for me, please!: Xu Taiping requested her.

“If I testify for you, they will ask me to take your responsibility! Su Nianci said, “ If I had made an error of judgment, and you really is the murderer, but because of my testifying for you if they release you then won’t it will be me who will be miserable. Frankly speaking, we are not that much familiar with each other, I think it not worth it to go for such troublesome to take such a risk for you.”

“Teacher Su, Grandma Su, Please help me. I become mad in just a day and you are saying, I will have to stay here for two more days and moreover if without asking for leave, I don’t go to the university for two days, they will suspend me. I with a lot of difficulties have found such a good work, Teacher Su, please do this charity on me.” Xu Taiping said.

“This, but… help you…., well It’s not like it impossible……First, let me ask you something. aren’t you a little bit curious, about how can I be here?” Su Nianci mysteriously asked.

After hearing Su Nianci’s words, Xu Taiping made a surprised expression as if he had suddenly realized something. He looked at Su Nianci with wide eyes and asked, “ Teacher Su, How can you be here?”

Seeing the performance of Xu Taiping, Su Nianci was very satisfied with herself. She had fantasized many times about using, this method of ‘consciously controlling the will of the people in one’s hand’, on bad guys. Although Xu Taiping was not some big villain, however good or bad she had finally succeeded today, and one could say that her little dream was finally fulfilled.

“Telling you the truth, actually, I am not a sports teacher, I am a Police Officer!” Xu Nianci while making a heroic face, said to Xu Taiping.

“Police Officer?!” Xu Taiping also matched her and put out a ‘You scared me to death’ expression and looked at Su Nianci.

“That’s right, I have orders to investigate a case at the University and if you become my informer inside the university, I will naturally wash your name clean, after all, I can’t have a murderer as my informer.” Su Nianci said.

“ You want me to be your informer? I don’t have a problem, teacher Su….no, Officer Su. Right from this moment, I am your informer. Whatever you want me to investigate, I absolutely won’t have any objection.” Xu Taiping excitedly said.

“ Actually, you also know the methods of our investigation team, but I don’t think they have used any of cruel method to interrogate you, right? Su Nianci said.

Xu Taiping frowned while pondering for a moment and soon opened his eyes wide and with a surprised expression said, “ Surely is because of Officer Su, you must have asked them, not to torture me.”

“ You are really not stupid.” Su Nianci nodded and said, “ Good or bad, we are from the same university. Although you are really vulgar and have no quality, you have not done any bad thing. Therefore when I heard about you, I have greeted them.”

“ Really thank you, Officer Su, thank you, from now on, if it is for your matter, I won’t even care if I have to go through fire and water. If I ever question you, you can cut my thing hanging between my legs.” Xu Taiping said in an awe-aspiring manner.

“Honestly, can’t you open your mouth without spouting nonsense?” Su Nianci glared at him and said, “A man must cultivate his behavior. Look at yourself, all day long have that mischievously smiling face and behaves like a hoodlum, have you ever thought how everyone looks at you?”

“Is, is, is, You are saying right, I will certainly change myself!” Xu Taiping repeatedly nodded.

“Being an informer is not an easy task.” Su Nianci earnestly said to Xu Taiping, “ An Informer needs to have a quick brain and keen observation. For the time being, I am going to make you my temporary informer. I will give you some assignments, at that time you use your identity as the security guard to help me investigate clearly. If I find you are suitable enough to work as my informer, I will ask the bureau to remove your name from the suspect list. You can think that right now they released you on a parole on my guarantee, but if I find that you are not suitable enough to be my informer, then I can only hold you, and hand you over to other people inside the bureau, when the time comes, they certainly will not treat you nicely, just because of me!”

“ I understand, I really understand!” Xu Taiping anxiously nodded. Right now Xu Taiping looked like a hooligan who was scared out of his wits.

Looking at Xu Taiping appearance, Su Nianci feeling of achievement became even more abundant, After all, tonight she had used a lot of tactics. After showing her kindness and then her power, she had finally subdued Xu Taiping, to act as her informer.

Looking at the satisfied face of Su Nianci, Xu Taiping also felt a sense of achievement. Afterall by being Su Nianci informer, he could clearly understand what Su Nianci was up to?

when Xu Taiping came out from the City Bureau, It was already five in the morning.

Xu Taiping barely left the Police Bureau gate, that a silver color Audi TT came and stopped in front of him.

The window of that Audi was opened and Guan He with a smiling face looked at Xu Taiping and said, “ We were not able to eat midnight snack, let’s eat breakfast together.”

“Good” Xu Taiping nodded and sat on the front passenger seat.

“ How can you drive this kind of car?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Do you also think, if a woman driving such expensive car then she must be a concubine?” Guan He with a smile asked.

“ Yes, There is a theory that, this Audi TT is like Beatles, famous being driven by a concubine.” Xu Taiping nodded and said.

“ Since I am a concubine, naturally I will drive this car.” Guan He smiled and said.

“ I have first time heard someone say ‘concubine’ so pompously.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “ Then how come this concubine is driving this type car to meet me, want to work me as a pretty boy?”

“ If it was last night I would have worked you as a pretty boy, but now its early morning, After I have waited for the whole night, I don’t have the mood. We will have breakfast and after that, I will deliver you, wherever you want to go, and then I will go back to sleep at my house.” Guan He yawned and said to him.

“ Then let’s go to the Jiang University, there have many breakfast point outside the gate. It is also not very far from here.” Xu Taiping recommended.

“Ok” Guan He nodded and stepped on the accelerator and drove toward Jiang Yuan University.

When Guan He stopped her car beside a family breakfast store outside the gate of Jiang Yuan University, it was almost six in the morning.

Guan He was wearing a sportswear. Although it didn’t appear, she was in the early thirties. Her appearance was still like a newly blossomed beautiful flower and was provoking those students, who were having breakfast inside the store. It is just that whenever anyone saw Xu Taiping sitting beside her, they couldn’t help but give him a despising glare.

Right now Xu Taiping was wearing very ordinary clothes, a local inferior brand watch on his wrist, and there was nothing on his neck, he just looked like someone with a mixture of city and countryside upbringing and if one also considers his elegant handsome face, he was a perfect match for Guan He. This simply looked like a rich young woman was raising a handsome countryside man as her pretty boy.

Xu Taiping and Guan He, both didn’t pay any attention to their surrounding and ordered two bowls of soy milk and three fried breadstick.

“Boss, also add one egg inside my soy milk, I have to build my health.” Xu Taiping smiled and said.


“ Last night why have they detained you for such a long time?” Guan He used both hands to support her chin and curiously looked at Xu Taiping.

“ They said I looked like a suspect or something.” Su Taiping said.

“Originally for this and here I was thinking that maybe some young attractive policewoman has fallen for you, after all, you are so charming.” Guan He smiled and said.

“Do you like my look?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Like.” Guan He laughed and picked a small fried breadstick from the plate and put it in front of his mouth while saying: “come, let elder sister feed you this fried breadstick.

Xu Taiping without any hesitation opened her mouth and took a bite of that fried breadstick and after eating said: “ To be honest, I am just a young security guard in Jiang Yuan University.”

“I am also a shameless young concubine, the two of us are almost same.” Guan He smiled and said.

“ I might be shameless but I am not a concubine, at least my appearance is of a man.” Xu Taiping proudly said.

“If you are a man or not that I don’t know, but you are very charming.” Guan He coquettishly glanced toward Xu Taiping.

“ You are also very charming.” Xu Taiping said, then finished that bowl of soy milk in three-four mouthful and soon stood up and said, “I don’t have money. Since this time it is your treat, next time I will ask you for dinner. Now I have to go to report, otherwise, they will deduct my salary.”

“If you have time contact me.” Guan He said.

“Good” Xu Taiping nodded and turned his body to go out.

Even though they are saying about relating again, neither of them left their contact details to each other. If one saw how Xu Taiping and Guan He were chatting with each other a moment ago, they might have mistaken them for an intimate friend like someone who knew each other for a long time. But only these two knew that it is merely ‘strangers coming together by chance’ for a short time. Actually, these two were using words to tease each other, just to distract the loneliness inside their heart, and after that, they would return to their respective world and live a life irrelevant of each other.

This is called forgetting each other in the myriad of this world, only sometimes, what play the fate will direct, nobody knows.

A pink Mercedes car suddenly came and stopped in front of that breakfast shop.

Xiao Jinxuan with dark face stepped down from the car and looked at Guan He, she said. “How can you be here?”

*****Audi TT initial model was very famous among females and was seen as something to give as a gift to your wife, girlfriend, mistress, etc*******


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