SFVSG CH.11 Went to health care for getting arrested

Dusky light, cold air slowly blowing from the air-conditioner, and a television on which a show on the animal world was being broadcasted, a male wildebeest had mounted a female wildebeest body.

Xu Taiping was laying face down on a table. He didn’t have any clothes on his body except for a small towel covering his buttock. It was not as bad as him being fully naked.

That woman director was also wrapping a single towel around her body and due to that erect mountain, it looked like any time that towel might come off.

That woman directors hands were softly moving on Xu Taiping Body, trying to spread massage oil on his back. Due to the fragrance of aromatherapy, the whole room was filled with a soft and gentle atmosphere.

“ I still haven’t asked your name, What should I call you?” That woman director asked.

“Taiping, Xu Taiping.” Xu Taiping said.

“Xu Taiping? Good name, your name means prospering peace and security. It is only that seeing your body, it doesn’t look like you have any connection with peace and security. Inside the boundary of Jiang Yuan city, why have I never heard your name?” that woman director asked.

Xu Taiping narrowed his eyes and didn’t reply to her question.

That woman director was looking at Xu Taiping back with blurred eyes, just by looking at his robust back one could tell how much power it had. The back dimples of Xu Taiping body were slightly caved inside and this type of waist was known as male dog waist and this kind of waist can help during the fervor a male to reach deep inside the woman for maximum satisfaction.

The woman director softly untied that towel on her body and softly pressed her mountains against Xu Taiping back.

“You, do you have no interest in knowing my name?” the woman director asked.

“ Even if I ask, you will tell me your stage name, something like Xiaomei, Mimi or so on. Then isn’t it better if I don’t ask.” Xu Taiping said.

“ My…name is Guan He.” the woman director put her lips near the ear of Xu Taiping and slowly said.

“Good Name, much better than some Xiaomei and Mimi.” Xu Taiping said.

“This is my real name.” the woman director said.

“ Doesn’t matter, it is a good name, at least more artistic than my name.”  Xu Taiping said.

Guan He slightly smiled and got up. After pressing her both hand on Xu Taiping back said, “ This type of wounds on your body is really not common.”

“ Your eyes are unexpectedly very good.” Xu Taiping while yawning said, “ When I was a child, I was not sensible. While traveling to a lot of different places, I came across many matters.”

“It’s no wonder…..and here I was thinking how come you have a gunshot as well.” Guan He said while gently pressing her fingertip on the eye-shaped scar left behind by gunshot on the Xiu Taiping’s back. She was tracing on the scar in a playful manner, she was moving her finger from left to right and after that, she was circling around the scar.

“Tonight, will you have a late night dinner with me?” Guan He asked.

“ I don’t think I will be able to move my body after this massage.” Xu Taiping said.

“ You don’t need to be worried about this, after a full body massage of my hand you will have endless energy.” Guan He dubiously smiled and said.

Xu Taiping laughed but didn’t reply anything because he had already heard the sound of footsteps approaching toward him.

“Police have come for inspection, open the door!”

A sound echoed outside the door, and soon there was a knock on the gate of Xu Taiping’s room.

“ Inspection?’ Guan He wrinkled her eyebrow but she was not anxious. She got down from the table and picked her clothes to cover her body.

She barely covered her body, that the gate of the room was opened by a person from outside.

The light inside the room was very bright, Xu Taiping suddenly sat up on the table, and the towel which was covering his buttock fall down, this time, he could be truly considered as fully naked.

“ Take away everyone.” One police officer coldly said, “ don’t let anyone run!”


Jiang Yuan City police bureau, many police vans having the red and blue light on top, was parked inside the courtyard.

‘Under the watchful gaze of police, Xu Taiping and Guang He together with those who were in Bliss Inn at that time, one by one got down from the police van.

Xu Taiping swept his eyes and tried to find Zhuo Nuo inside these people, but unexpectedly there was no trace of him. He might have gone back ahead of time as they have decided.

“They are really quick.” Xu Taiping secretly smiled.

Right at this moment, a loud sound echoed inside the whole courtyard. Everyone including those police officers inside the building had gotten very scared and ran toward the corridor to see what happened in the courtyard.

One of a tire of a police van stopped moving after rotating for a few times on the ground.

Apparently, it was a case of tire burst!

“ Oh god, really scared me to death.” Xu Taiping with a lingering fear patted his chest, and soon casually looked ahead toward that police building, and then he focused his eyes on the third floor of that building.

And at this moment, Su Nianci who originally came to the office of Yuan Jun on the third floor to report her progress also heard the voice of that explosion and went to the aisle on the third floor to see what happened.

Therefore, the eyes of Su Nianci and Xu Taiping met with each other.

But In a flash Su Nianci disappeared from the aisle, Xu Taiping opened his eyes wide and looked at the third floor. He lifted his hand as if he wanted to shout, but since he was not sure that it was Su Nianci whom he had just seen, he didn’t shout.

“All of you go inside to give your statement and after giving the fine everyone is free to go.” One police officer said.

Xu Taiping and all other were brought inside the detention room.

Altogether there was roughly 17-18 person who was arrested, half of these people were the client and other half were technicians. They were all squatting on the ground. The police officers were calling them one by one to record their statements.

“ You don’t need to be anxious, our Bliss Inn has the license for that type of things, what we were doing was not illegal. These police officers have also gone there for harvesting some money, they will set us free after taking fine.” Guan He said to Xu Taiping in a low voice.

“ Don’t your Bliss Inn have any relationship with the someone powerful?” Xu Taiping asked.

“ We have our relationship, but to use relation for such small matter is not worth it. You don’t be anxious, when they shout your name for a statement, just admit your error and give fine that’s all. If they don’t have any other case on you, then you are free to go.” Guan He said.

“ That is good!” Xu Taiping relaxed.

“ After going out from here, will you have a late night dinner with me?” Guan He ambiguously smiled and asked.

Even in this kind of situation Guan He was thinking about fooling around with him, this earned Guan He a whole new level of respect from Xu Taiping

“We will talk about that after getting away from here.” Xu Taiping smiled and said.

“You follow me!” A police officer walked in front of Xu Taiping, said to him.

“Alright, Officer!” Xu Taiping while saying he stood up and went outside the gate with that police officer.

While Xu Taiping was going toward the gate, he looked a little flabbergasted and asked, “Police Officer, I just think that people before me who were called for recording their statement before I, didn’t go in this direction?”

“ Don’t talk rubbish and follow me, that’s all. Don’t play any game, otherwise, when the time comes, you won’t feel feeling good!” That police officer threatened Xu Taiping with his words and then led Xu Taiping above the staircase.

Third floor, Yuan Jun Office.

“Oh!  Xiao Su, you are still inexperienced, I told you if there is no important matter, you should not come to our Bureau. It is good that this time you were just seen by your University Security Guard.” Yuan Jun somewhat angrily said.

“Department, Department Chief, I also didn’t know that it will be so skillful.” Su Nianci helplessly said, “ Who can think, that the member of our pornography investigation team will bring him here, that man, oh! , that man is really a young hoodlum.”

“No matter he is a young hoodlum or big hoodlum, Now that he has seen you inside the police bureau, your identity is probably exposed. This matter you must handle with care, and if really there isn’t any way out of this then you have to make him your informer. Naturally, we will first check his identity and background……Xiao Su, In this matter you have the full authority, if you think you can’t do, the organization will at once transfer you inside the bureau. You must think about your safety, the other people are extremely terrible and most ruthless drug dealer. In case your identity is exposed, you will surely face huge danger.” Yuan Jun said while standing up and left his own office.

“That hoodlum, could n’t, he have picked other time to go to that prostitution house, why does he have to go there right now, and what more he even got arrested to be brought back here. The person who reported to the police also chose the best time!” Su Nianci angrily stamped her feet, if it was not for Xu Taiping little adventure and getting arrest to brought back to the bureau, it would have very unlikely for Xu Taiping to met her inside the Police Bureau. Now she can only handle this matter from getting out of control.

If she said that she just came to find a person, most likely that would be not enough to deceive Xu Taiping because right now it was nine o’clock in the evening, who would come at this time inside a police bureau to find a person?

If she said that she came for some work? That would be even more suspicious, at nine o’clock in the evening, what work required a University Teacher like you to came inside a Police Bureau?

If Xu Taiping was an honest man, Su Nianci had many ways to deceive him, but from the two interaction she had with Xu Taiping, every time she felt that he was an old fox, to fool him, it would take a lot of hard work.

After thinking this, Su Nianci slowly arrived at a solution to deal with this situation, she walked to the side telephone and picked up to dial a number.

“Detain that Xu Taiping you have arrested inside the trial room and put him there till three o’clock in the morning, don’t let him sleep. Choose any big case and make him a suspect, start by scaring him. Su Nianci said.


Trail room was on the second Floor, Xu Taiping’s both hand were fastened behind his body and he was sitting on a wooden chair.

That chair’s backrest was awfully straight and it was very uncomfortable to sit on that chair.

The light inside the trail room was awfully bright and quite harsh for eyes. Even if someone closed his eyes, he could have still felt the intensity of the light.

“I really miss those good old days!” Xu Taiping squinted his eyes and thought. When he had just started to go on missions, that time because he was a novice, he had some problems. He was grabbed by a person, who ruthlessly tortured him to extract information, and in comparison to that time, the dazzling light they are using right now is really on the level of pediatrics.

A police officer was sitting in front of Xu Taiping, with a severe expression on his face and was holding a file in his hand.

“ Do you know what crime you have committed?” that police officer used the classical dialogue to start the interrogation.

“I really don’t know, police officer.” Xu Taiping took a good look at that police officer and swallowing a mouthful of saliva said, “ I, just went there for the massage that’s all, even, even that doesn’t happen and you grabbed me to brought here, apparently seems like that was not good.”


That police officer patted the file in his hand directly on the table.

“ Do you think for something like that I brought you here? You think again, What crime you have committed?” The police officer said.

“I really don’t know.” Xu Taiping grievously said, “ If I have really committed a crime, I would have been honest with you and frankly confessed “ I know this is my crime”, but I really don’t know what crime, I have committed. I only know, I haven’t broken any law!”

“Since you are unexpectedly not confessing your crime, that you stay here in this room. You carefully think, you recently have used your hand against someone or not.” That police officer after saying stood up and turned around to leave the room.

“Hey, you are accusing a wrong guy!” Xu Taiping shouted, but that police officer didn’t stop his foot and directly went outside the trial room. In a room adjacent to the trial room, Su Nianci was looking at the frightened face of Xu Taiping on a monitor and was somewhat pleased in her heart, this dead weight had offended her a lot and now she just took an opportunity to repair him. This could be considered as reporting that little animosity.


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