SFVSG Ch.9 Identity of Small Police Flower is Exposed

“ Are you not worried that I might eat this thing for dinner?” Xu Taiping giggled and asked.

“ Your courage is really big!” Zhao Bigan stared at Xu Taiping and said: “If you dare to eat her, then I will roast you alive.”

“ I am just joking, don’t be anxious.” Xu Taiping smiled and bent down to grab that female dog and after picking it up from the box started to carefully inspect it.

He found that the dog was hairy from top to bottom and the husky external appearance looked really good. If one adds another fact, that right now it was her lactation period, she was a good catch.

This little female dog was curled up while staring at Xu Taiping and her shuddering tail was clamped tightly between her leg.

“ From now on, her name will be Erdan.” Xu Taiping laughed and said: “Oldman Zhao, I will raise this thing from now on.”

“Hmm, Taiping, you are really a good man. Later I will introduce my daughter to you! Let me tell you my daughter is very good looking!” Zhao Bigan proudly said.

“ This is really good, after all, I am still single. But let me tell you, whichever girl you are going to introduce, she must have the desire to give birth to a big healthy child and also I like girls with big buttock so that they will not have a problem during giving birth. You if think that your daughter will have no problem raising a child then you can introduce her. But since it is a possibility that you might start to feel that my this security guard status is not enough to be joined with your daughter, then it will be a big problem for me. So we must hold the wedding ceremony as soon as possible. Tomorrow, I will go to your house to kowtow in front of you.

“All day long you are thinking these stupid things” Zhao Bigan gave him a supercilious look and said: “What is wrong with an identity of the security guard. Although my daughter is the manager of city theatrical troupe, her deposition is very good and she is very kind. She will not look down upon you because of your security guard identity. It is just that if you are going to mischievously smile like this in front of her then, it is almost impossible to have any result between you two.”

“Old man Zhao, You don’t need to show off your daughter so much, I am already convinced. Now my work time is over. I am taking this domestic animal to eat something. Whenever you want to see her, you can come to my room.” Xu Taiping said.

“Good, Thank you for doing such troublesome for me.” Zhao Bigan grateful said.

“It is not troublesome if it is for you, father-in-law.”


After sending off Zhao Bigan, Xu Taiping lifted Erdan and put her in front of him and carefully looked for a long time, after a moment he suddenly smiled and said: “ You are the first pet I am going to raise, you must try hard to keep on living.”

Little Erdan looked at Xu Taiping and started to tremble.

Xu Taiping made a dog house for Erdan inside his room and then prepared a bowl of milk for her. When Erdan first came inside this new place she was very afraid and whole time even without moving a bit, she was just sleeping on the ground. Only after she became familiar with this new environment, she slowly walked toward that bowl and started to drink cow milk.

After caressing Erdan head for some time, Xu Taiping changed his clothes and went outside the dormitory.

Jiang Yuan University Dormitory No.1

This was the best dormitory in whole Jiang Yuan University. Each room inside this dormitory had an area of about 80 square meters and was equipped with almost everything including attached Bathroom, Toilet, and even kitchen. The best thing was that a room can have a maximum of two resident, in short one could say that there was no difference between this dormitory and an apartment.

There were several rooms on the top floor of Dormitory No.1 and compared to other rooms they were bigger. These rooms belonged to those students who had power and money in there family and such one student was Zhao Yuliang.

The rent of any of these rooms was close to ten thousand yuan and one such room was occupied alone by Zhao Yuliang.

Zhao Yuliang was one of the four princes of Jiang Yuan University and older than other three. Right now he was already in his fourth year and next year he was going to graduate. He was also most senior of four princes.

Many people were not familiar with Zhao Yongliang background. They only knew that his family had a coal mine business and they were very rich. Even the most expensive car in the University belonged to him and one of the Jiang Yuan University four big beautiful woman, Zhuang Yayuan was his girlfriend.

Zhao Yongliang was the most famous person inside the Jiang Yuan University was not because of his money but, as someone whose girlfriend was one of the four big beautiful women. Before this incident, Zhuang Yayuan was known as someone who didn’t have any interest in things like love, but now she was someone’s girlfriend. This was the charm of money. There was a rumor that, the pocket money Zhuang Yayuan receives every month from Zhao Yongliang is in six digits.

Right now, Inside the room of Zhao Yongliang,  Zhao Yongliang had his leg tilted while he was sitting in front of a TV. He was holding a cell phone in his hand and was talking with someone.

“Is your information correct? That beautiful woman sports teacher is really a police officer?” Zhao Yongliang while making a strange expression on his face asked.

“According to our information she is indeed a police officer and we have also acquired that day’s monitoring video to get it analyzed by an expert. According to him what she used that day was the police style military fist.” A voice came from the cell phone.

“It is also possible that she has only graduated from police school but didn’t join the police force.” Zhao Yongliang asked.

“We can’t rule out this possibility, but the possibility is not big.” a voice came from the cell phone.

“This is really interesting, recently there were many cases of our men, mysteriously disappearing from Jiang Nan district and now at this time inside Jiang Yuan University came a Sports teacher who might be a police officer, hahaha. It looks like I must lie low for some time. You wait till clearly investigating that person’s background and after confirming we will think about what to do with her.” Zhao Yongliang said.

“This is also the opinion of our leader, he wants to stop our business at the earliest and then wants us to wait for clearly investigating that person’s background.” a voice came from the cell phone.

“Also ask your leader, when he is going to kill Xia Jiang.” Zhao Yongliang smile while saying: “As long as Xia Jiang is alive it is very difficult to do our business in the Jiang Yuan city.”

“Very soon, we have already completed the plan to kill him. We are just waiting for you to complete your task, only then we can implement our plan.” That voice from cell phone said.

“Xia Jinxuan is a hot pepper. It is somewhat difficult to deal with her, moreover, she is very much fond of that mysterious young security guard. You all help me check out that young security guard’s information.” Zhao Yongliang said.

“Good, if there is nothing else important, then I will first do this.”


After hanging telephone, Zhao Yongliang stood up from the sofa and walked to the front of the huge window.

This french window was personally remodeled by Zhao Yongliang. From this french window, one could directly see Jiang Yuan University’s Hou Mountain as well as that small multi-floor building between those ivy creepers in the front of Hou mountain.

At this moment on Zhao Yongliang face had a strange smile.


Outside Jiang Yuan university, Zunjue billiards club.


“Are you saying, Chen Xuejun sent his person Zhou Xiaoyu to security guard room for throwing feces, and almost splashed Xia Jinxuan and due to which Xia Jinxuan has a big argument with him?” Li Sifan while holding a billiard stick with a face full of pleasant surprise asked.

“Yes!” Li Sifan little brother smiled and said: “Not only this, he almost right there on the spot, even tried to beat her but at the last moment a security guard suddenly appeared and beat Chen Xuejun.

“Haha, Interesting, really interesting, Chen Xuejun’s father is the boss of our estate and also have one hundred eighty people under his hand. Chen Xuejun will certainly not let this pass in silence. Since he can go against Xia Jinxuan, it is almost a surety that he will not leave that young security guard alone, Indeed heaven is helping me. He is really a stupid person, he doesn’t even know how to pick up girls, hahaha.” Li Sifan laughed happily. Li Sifan was the youngest person of the four princes and a second-year University student in Jiang Yuan University. Of all the pursuers of Xia Jinxuan, my background was smallest and least favorable candidate, but now, Chen Xuejun has a fallout with Xia Jinxuan and soon Zhao Yongliang’s girlfriend name is going to pass into the ears of Xia Jinxuan by the person I have arranged. Now the foremost person among Xia Jinxuan pursuer is me.

Off Course, there was one more person, that young security guard. But Li Sifan had simply not paid any attention to him. According to him, he was just a young security guard, how could he compete against him?

Today’s enrollment was still not over and the campus of Jiang Yuan university was full of vitality. But apparently whatever was happening on the campus had nothing to do with Xu Taiping and he was sitting beside that stall of mobile screen guard and was chatting with the boss.

This vendor stall boss name was Zhou Nuo and his weight was 100kg. He was also a third-year student at Jiang Yuan University. Since he was poor, he ahead of time came to the Jiang Yuan University and tried to take advantage of enrollment time period to earn some money.

Although he was a student, his habits were very vulgar and one could say that he and Xu Taiping both were birds of a feather. Xu Taiping and he after chatting with each other for some time they thought that they were brothers of the past life, and almost became sworn brothers on the spot.

Today evening Xu Taiping came to look for Zhou Nuo was naturally not for chatting with him. During daytime, Zhou Nuo asked Xu Taiping to go out with him in the evening to relax. Xu Taiping was following a healthy lifestyle and didn’t want to go, but it was just that when Zhou Nuo at that time despicably looked at Xu Taiping and asked Xu Taiping to come in the evening and look for him, Xu Taiping after a moment got a bit curious, therefore tonight specially came to find Zhou Nuo, wanting to experience that so-called relaxation of Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo quite rapidly packed his stall and rode on a three-wheeler with Xu Taiping and both departed from Jiang Yuan University gate.

Full moon in the sky, three wheeler on the ground and wind slowly blowing beside the ear.

Xu Taiping originally thought all along that it would be very difficult for him to blend into an ordinary man’s lifestyle, but after trying to live his life as an ordinary person he felt that the rate at which he was blending far surpasses his imagination.

Maybe it had something to do with the technique of disguise, he had studied in the past. The disguising technique was divided into three ranks, lowest was naturally the appearance disguise and highest was identity disguise. Xu Taping was already a master in disguising techniques. His disguising is naturally not artificial and almost every time he could disguise his appearance flawlessly. Therefore regardless of any mission, he could easily disguise himself as someone totally different every time and then approach the target.

Right now Xu Taiping wanted to be an ordinary person, so maybe those disguising gene hidden inside his gene where involuntary helping him to pretend like an ordinary person. This kind of disguise even Xu Taiping didn’t notice. Only those who can deceive themselves could be considered as a master of disguise.

Xu Taiping really liked whatever he was feeling nowadays, Although he still had to fight and scheme against other people, he didn’t have to massacre people like before. And now it was really unlikely for him to become someone’s target, after all, he was just a young insignificant security guard.

It would have been perfect if he didn’t have the same nightmare every day.

With a sound, the three-wheeler stopped.

“Finally.” Zhou Nuo jumped from the three-wheelers and ambiguously said to Xu Taiping: “ From here onward, it is a trip to the dreamland.”

Xu Taiping lifted his face and looked in his front that that two big words written in orange color.

“Bliss Inn?” Xu Taiping raised his brow and thought where is he right now?

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