SFVSG Ch.10 Double edged Sword

“Where are we?” Xu Taiping was cautious asked. Just looking at these two Words was more than enough to let one’s imagination run wild. Bliss? Inn? This looked like a name of some large healthcare organization?

“ Have you never really come at this kind of place?” Zhou Nuo squinted his eyes and with an expression of ‘Ha!, You are really nothing compared to me’ said: “ This is a place where one takes a bath.

“ Then is it a public bathhouse?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Do a public bathhouse has a mixed bath?” Zhou Nuo gave a vulgar smile and lifted his hand to pull his collar, no one knew, If it was due to his excitement or it was really a very hot day today, but he was sweating a lot.

“Crap! Mixed Bath? Isn’t it something famous in Japan?” Xu Taiping was amazed.

“Haha, This year, the big health care organizations are tightly scrutinized for their high charges, due to which many institutes started to do this type of shady business. This bliss Inn is that kind of place. I have come to this place many times, I guarantee you, in a short while, you will attain Nirvana. Compare to big Healthcare, here is more comfortable. I call this place Small health care.” Zhou Nuo said in a low voice.

“Small Health Care?” XU Taiping raised his eyebrow and immediately smiled in a vulgar way to say: “ How do they take care of us?”

“ Naturally they use their hand to take care of you.” Zhou Nuo said: “ They take care of your triangular zone and it feels very comfortable, in any case, it is not illegal. Moreover, the main point is, in this kind of business, the technicians with guilty consciousness can’t work, therefore there are a lot of young girls inside. After going inside they will take us to different rooms, and will arrange a technician for each of us. In this kind of business, if you are dissatisfied then they will exchange the technician at once, after all, one come to this kind of place for enjoyment and so it is natural that one must choose a girl they are satisfied with. Let me tell you something, In this kind of places, the more beautiful a girl is, the worst her service will be because they don’t have to worry about their client. Therefore you must not choose someone half-heartedly. You must choose someone beautiful with a good figure. That type of girl will provide you maximum satisfaction. Oh! I am really careless, we are going to be late. Hurry, follow me, I am really familiar with this place.

“ This is not a store where they sell airplanes.” Xu Taiping said, “ You are treating me like a novice.

“Do you know what VIP service is? In any case, the service provided here can’t be compared with that type of store, now close your mouth and just follow me.” Zhou Nuo said and entered the Bless Inn.

Xu Taiping followed Zhou Nuo inside the Inn. This Bliss Inn looked like an ordinary foot bath massage health care and wasn’t much different from the message center. It looked like Zhou Nuo was a frequent customer here and some people came to welcome him while shouting Zhou elder brother. Zhou Nuo while pretending like a rich man said: “ Take good care of my brother, this is the first time he has come here.”

If Xu Taiping didn’t know about his little three-wheeler parked outside, he would have also mistaken Zhou Nuo as someone rich. After All, right now, Zhou Nuo appearance really looked like of a rich man.

“Tonight we will take two different rooms. If you come back early, you can wait for me, but if you don’t want to wait, you can also go back. Today we will take AA class service. By the way, we are just here to have food and drink, not for that, you understand.” Zhuo Nuo with a face full of smile said.

“ This is something I understand, See you later.” Xu Taiping smiled and said. Soon he with a young man entered a small room which was filled with dusky light.

This little room arrangement was not any significantly different from foot bath massage store. Inside the room had a soft recliner, blankets and so on.

Xu Taiping sat cross-legged on that soft recliner and waited for some time before a woman wearing a short skirt pushed open the door and came inside with a smile.

From her looks, she looked like a woman in her early thirties. Even though one could easily see the heavy effect of hardship she had to withstand her whole life, it was difficult to cover that graceful body and her wonderful disposition. When Xu Taiping looked at her, he was flabbergasted, because even though this woman was not very beautiful, she had a very rare mature charm.

In this service store, even this kind of mature beauty only charges a maximum of three hundred pieces of coin, no wonder Zhou Nuo is a frequent customer here.

“Hello, I am the director of this place, may I have your permission to arrange a technician for you? That woman while smiling asked.

“Originally you are not a technician!” Xu Taiping disappointedly said.

“My age is very big, I am not suitable to do this kind of work. I can arrange a twenty years old girl for you.?” That woman asked.

:”I think you are still quite suitable.” Xu Taiping while smiling said, “or why don’t you tend to me.?”

“ You are really fond of making jokes, I will send a technician, You wait for a while.” That woman slightly smiled and then turned around to leave.

Soon after she went out, Xu Taiping picked his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Nightingale, help me with something.” Xu Taiping said after the person on other side picked his phone.

“Really! Even without asking if I am good or not, you are requesting for my help. Will you give money.” From the cellphone came the languid voice of Nightingale.

“Yes, I will give money. Now help me find, where is Jiang Yuan University, Su Nianci right now.” Xu Taiping said.

“Su Nianci? She is really a beautiful woman, what happened, do you fall in love with her? Do you want to eat her? Let me tell you, her disposition is very pure. Considering your Identity, it will be good if you don’t approach her. Nightingale said.

“You just check it and send me a message after finding her whereabouts.” After speaking Xu Taiping threw his cellphone.

After a short time, he heard a sound of someone walking in high-heeled sandal from outside the gate and soon the gate was pushed open and there was a young girl standing beside that woman director.

“ Sir, what do you think? This little sister’s technique is very good and she is very frank.” that director asked with a smile.

“ Exchange her.” Xu Taiping shook his head and said: “ I am not fond of someone such young.”

“Good, then I will exchange her for someone else.” After saying that woman director went back with that young girl.

Xu Taiping glanced toward his cell phone and found that Nightingale had still not sent any SMS.

Again after a short time, that woman director again came with a girl and was again rejected by Xu Taiping.

When that woman director went back the third time after getting rejected by Xu Taiping, finally his cell phone started to vibrate, after which he picked his cell phone.

“Su Nianci cell phone is on the third floor of the Jiang Yuan Police Station.”

“ After a while, help me report something to the police.” Xu Taiping wrote an SMS, “ tell them that inside the Bliss Inn, someone is engaged in the business not suitable for the children. After about half an hour, you help me keep track on Su Nianci position. If her position to have any big change, immediately notify me.”

“ Is your brain damaged or what? You are deliberately trying to approach Su Ninci???” Nightingale replied very soon and moreover, there was three question mark which was showing how amazed she was.

“ I want to clearly understand why she has changed her identity to enter Jiang Yuan University, for this, the best method is to approach her.” Xu Taiping replied.

“Haha, Blood Wolf has never explained anything to someone about his work before, today you are quite unusual, have you really fallen in love with her?” Nightingale replied.

“Stupid.” Xu Taiping cursed her, but he didn’t reply her again and deleted all conversation from his cell phone.

The reason he was approaching Su Nianci was actually as he had told NIghtingale. Su Nianci, this kind of person was not working at the police station and alone came to the Jiang Yuan university, there must be a reason. His identity as a killer was also very sensitive, and if he as soon as possible could not clearly understand the intention of Su Nianci, he will be very passive in his approach.

It was true that Su Nianci was a very good target to chase around, but regarding Xu Taiping, it was not something worthy enough to take such such risk for. And it was definitely far from Nightingale’s guess of him falling in love, that situation.

Xu Taiping always felt that it is almost impossible for him to genuinely fall in love with someone. Although it was really unreasonable, this was what Xu Taiping always told himself because he was afraid of not meeting someone’s expectation.

From ancient times, deep feelings are most difficult to bear, rather than loving someone and suffer terribly, it is much better to be a bit ruthless on myself, after all, it is good for everyone.

After seeing that Xu Taiping was still not satisfied with all the technicians she brought, that woman director got really angry, because every young girl she brought for Xu Taiping were really good, all were really attractive in their own way. Xu Taiping’s dissatisfaction could only explain that he had gone there to deliberately find fault with them.

.If it was not for that, Xu Taiping was graceful and had modest manners, she would have flipped out a long time ago.

“ You come here.” Xu Taiping while sitting on the soft recliner, beckoned that woman director.

“Sir, What happened?” That woman walked in front of Xu Taiping and asked.

“ If there is no one else, why don’t you do it, Actually I am quite fond of you.” Xu Taiping with a face beaming with the smile said.

“Are you really fond of me? “ That director immediately asked Xu Taiping. After all, every woman is fond of the idea of someone liking them, well accepting or rejecting is altogether different matter.

“ I am really fond of you.” Xu Taiping excitedly nodded and said, “ I am really like a charming woman.”

“ Even if you say so much, it won’t make me happy.” that director said. Even though she was saying such, one could see that her eyes were already smiling.

“ You come.” Xu Taiping pulled that director’s hand and said, “ Use of these two soft hands and make me feel the beauty of life.”

“Good, I am going outside to inform them, meanwhile you turn on the water of the bathtub, after a moment I will come and properly rub your body.”. That woman director threw a coquettish glace toward Xu Taiping and soon turned around to go outside the room.

Xu Taiping gave a dubious smile and took off all his clothes on his body and entered the bathroom.

There was a big barrel inside the bathroom, which had enough room for two married couple to bathe together.

Xu Taiping opened the tap beside the barrel, and before long the barrel was half-full with water.

Xu Taiping sat inside the barrel, put his both hand on its edges and got really comfortable.

After sometimes, that woman director entered the bathroom holding a bag in her hand and soon she started to take off her clothes.

Xu Taiping closed his eyes and didn’t try to look at her but he also felt, that the side spring scenery should be very good.

Soon, a tender yet warm hand softly coiled around Xu Taiping neck.

“One cannot say from your look, that you are someone from the underworld society.” That woman director’s fingers were softly caressing the scars on the Xu Taiping body. Together with the scar and that stiff muscle below the scars, was slowly making that director’s body hot, and she was losing the strength in her body.

“I most like to provoke beautiful woman, ” Xu Taiping somewhat proud of himself said. Then that woman director circled around Xu Taiping and after crossing the edge of the barrel, she sat inside the barrel.

They started to create wave after wave inside the barrel, the spring scenery was really good.


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