SFVSG Ch.8 An acrimonious falling out

“Inside this security room, no one is allowed to act in a reckless manner. Just now if I have been late even for a second, you would have already been turned into a completely different girl.” Xu Taiping loosens his hand and said to Xia Jinxuan.

“This time Chen Xuejun have really crossed the line.” Xia Jinxun angrily said: “He unexpectedly hired someone to do such dirty matter. I won’t let this matter slide easily.”

“Dirty?” Xu Taiping looked at that pungent thing inside the security guard room and while smiling said: “Sometimes people’s feeling is many times dirtier than that pungent thing. If you don’t have any matter here, then go back. I have to clean this room.

“I will help you.” while trying her best to repress the urge to vomit, she said: “ I will go and fetch water.”

Xu Taiping while trying to suppress his smile, looked at Xia Jinxuan and said: “Are you certain that you want to stay here inside this room with me to clean this thing?”

“You, Are you looking down on me?” Xia Jinxuan wrinkled her nose and said: “My limbs are perfectly fine just like yours, then for what reason you think that I can’t do something, that you can do?”

“That is fine with me. As long as you want to, you can stay here and help me. But it will be me who is going to fetch water after all you are wearing this type of dress. While cleaning, if you do not pay attention and by mistake, your dress gets stained with that dirty thing then, it will destroy your dress elegance. Also, if you walk around the campus in a dirty dress, it will be harmful to your image .” Xu Taiping said.

“This is something you don’t need to care about. You go and fetch water, hurry, I am dying from this stench!” Xia Jinxuan urged.

“Good.” Xu Taiping smiled and turned around to left the security guard room to fetch a bucket of water from outside the gate. After carrying the bucket inside the security guard room and putting it on the floor, he said: “ Since you want to work so much, then you are responsible for this whole cleaning. I am going outside to smoke, after all, it is really unbearable to stay here.”

After saying, Xu Taiping really went outside the security guard room. He later went outside the University gate to smoke and after looking everywhere to find something interesting, in the end, he ran to a vendor who was selling, mobile screen guard and started to chat with him.

“Bastard, are you using the theory ‘in order to capture, one must let loose’ on me, or have I really mistaken him for someone else?” Xia Jinxuan was gnashing her tooth while looking at Xu Taiping in the distant place, who was smoking while chatting with a radiant smile on his face. After being confused for a short amount of time, she resolutely arranged her skirt and finally tied it above her lower leg. Then she picked the mop laying on the ground beside the gate and started to clean some filthy things inside the Security Guard Room. Even though she several times wanted to vomit due to the stench in the room, but every time she restrained that urge, thinking about how Xu Taiping was going to make her a joke if she really vomited.

At this time, Chen Xuejun drove his Maserati to the university gate. Zhao Xiaoyu already told him beforehand that how he was going to teach a lesson to Xu Taiping, that’s why he came to the university purely to watch Xu Taiping joke. But he didn’t believe, what he saw while looking outside his car window when he was driving past the Security Guard room. He saw that Xia Jinxuan was holding a mop in her hand and was cleaning the floor.

This scene scared Chen Xuejun and he at once stepped down from his car and then hurriedly ran toward the Security Guard Room.

He just barely reached the Security Guard room gate that he smelled a stench and he had no option but to stop his leg.

“Jinxue, You, What are you doing?” Chen Xuejun anxiously asked while standing at the gate.

“You don’t have the right to ask me about anything?” Originally she was restraining a belly full of fire but seeing Chen Xuejun in front of her, that fire got even more turbulent. She then threw that mop on which that brown semi-fluid thing was still sticking around it, toward Chen Xuejun.

Chen Xuejun was an ordinary person. Although subconsciously he dodged that mop, the attack area of that liquid was very big due to shaking. How could he be capable of avoiding those liquid drops? With a sound, some of those sticky drops stuck on Chen Xuejin clothes and some on his face.

“Fuck, Xia Jinxuan you think you are very special. Do you think I am good to bully?” Chen Xuejun this time really got angry. Afterall in his whole life, no one had ever dared to do something like this to him. Although the identity of Xia Junxuan was difficult to deal with, it wasn’t like there was a difference such as heaven and earth between their identity. After being so angry, Chen Xuejun started to think that he didn’t need to fear her.

“ Let me show you how to bully someone.” Xia Jinxuan while saying picked up that bucket which was full of dirty water due to cleaning and threw toward Chen Xuejun.

“With the sound of water splashing, this time the whole body of Chen Jinxuan got drenched. The smell on his body was enough to force anyone in withdrawal from him.

“Damn, You bitch!” Chen Xuejun completely lost himself in fury and without caring about that dirty thing covering his body, rushed into the Security guard room and threw his fist at Xia Jinxuan charming face to smash it.

Xia Jinxuan knew she was no match for Chen Xuejun and at once retreated behind and very soon her back was pressed against the wall.

Today I want to look at how you are going to stop me!” Chen Xuejin lifted his foot and kicked toward Xia Jinxuan. If it was not for Xia Jinxuan to soak him thoroughly in that dirty water, he would have been right now prostrating in front of her and trying to curry her favor, but now she had made him cross his limit of forbearance and at this moment, he was not concerned about anything.

“Fellow student, This is a university.” A gloomy sound suddenly echoed inside the room and in the next moment, a thick and solid powerful big hand suddenly brandished from his side.


With a bang sound, the face of Chen Xuejin was slapped by that hand and his whole body started to fly in the past and heavily collided with the side wall.

“ Inside the Security Guard Room dare to try to beat a person, your courage is really big.” Xu Taiping with an expressionless face was standing in front of Xia Jinxuan and while staring at Chen Xuejun, he said to him.

Chen Xuejun after getting hit by that Xu Taiping’s palm became perplexed and while covering his cheek with his hand beside the wall, for a moment he didn’t know what ruthless word he should say to Xu Taiping.

“Still not rolling out from here?” Xu Taiping frowned while saying.

“Good, very good, You are really something. I will remember this slap!” Chen Xuejun finally reacted and caress his face while saying and went outside the Security Guard Room.

He also knew that he was not a match for Xu Taiping, therefore, this time he chose to concede. He was thinking about collecting enough manpower to humiliate Xu Taiping.

“Are you still going to say that you are not that person I have been looking for. The way you slapped him was exactly same as how he slapped my bodyguards!” Xia Jinxuan was holding both hands in front of her breast and angrily asked Xu Taiping.

“I already said to you many times that you are mistaking me for someone else. I really have never seen a school flower like you pursuing someone like this.” Xu Taiping helplessly said.

“No matter what you say, it is useless. I don’t believe in any case. You also forget any idea of ‘finish eating to wipe mouth and run away’. I, Xia Jinxuan is not someone who is good to bully!” Xia Jinxuan while clenching little fist in an aggressive manner said.

“What are you thinking?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Either you became my boyfriend or I am going to ask my father to look for you!” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Then you can ask your father to come and find me.” Xu Taiping shrugged his shoulder and indifferently said.

“ You, You are deliberately making me angry! Am I not charming enough for you?” Xia Jinxuan was gnashing her teeth and her face was dyed in red due to anger because of Xu Taiping words.

“To be my girlfriend, you have to face danger.” Xu Taiping walked in front of Xia Jinxuan. The shadow of his 1.8m long body was completely covering her.

“Only if you are not afraid of death, then you can make me your boyfriend.” Xu Taiping said.

“I…..I am not afraid of death.” Xia Jinxuan said.

“ Your just declaration that I am not afraid of death, will not do. little sister, you are still young and don’t even understand what is called death, so leave easily to believe that you are not afraid of death. I have seen many people who said they are not afraid of death, but when their death was in front of them, they started to urinate. Able to live in this world is the most beautiful thing. Even if improper, we can’t be lovers and being an ordinary friend is also not good, but in lonely time we can wrestle together on the bed and mutually comfort each other. Why discuss love, when it is a total waste of one’s youth.” Xu Taiping smiled while saying.

“You….you just wait, I, I will surely make you see me with a whole new level of respect.! Hunh!” Xia Jinxuan groaned and soon angrily departed from the Security Guard Room.

Xia Taiping somewhat helplessly rubbed his temple. He realized at this moment that, what he did with Xia Jinxuan is actually set the stage for ‘In order to capture, one must lose’ technique. It is no wonder that this little young woman is falling more and more in love with me. If I had known earlier that the situation will become like this, then I would have adopted a pestering appearance in front of her and when the moment comes she would have had a low opinion of me and surely would have hated to have any relationship with me.

It was waste to cry over the spilled milk. Everything was apparently heading toward the direction, which Xu Taiping would have least wanted to go.

Xu Taiping while yawning picked up the bucket from the ground. And after filling it with water, he started to clean Security Guard Room.

Regardless of how one’s future is, it is important to have a good present.

After using the whole morning, Xu Taiping was finally able to clean the Security Guard Room. Even though I could still smell some stench, but after letting the wind blow for some time, that smell will naturally go away.
Today the number of student coming for enrollment was more than yesterday because today was the second day of the enrollment and many people had chosen to enroll today.

Actually today, Xu Taiping didn’t need to guard the gate, but it was the same yesterday’s usual old practice, some old security guard had some matter so he couldn’t come, and it was Xu Taiping who had to fill in for him and guard the gate.

Guarding the door was a very tiring job because apart from guarding the gate, Xu Taiping had to also maintain the order in front of it. From time to time ‘Some Shao’* were stopping their car in front of the university gate, sometime to pick up the girls and other time to purely just show off their flamboyance, but every time whole university gate became crowded.

Xu Taiping was highly trained in keeping a low profile, therefore he didn’t care about these ‘Some Shao’ appearances. He used his full capability in trying to unblock the gate and at the same time, he was answering various type questions of those new students who came for enrollment today.

Although at the end of the day he was awfully tired, there was also a feeling of satisfaction.

After the sunset, he saw that there were not many people in front of the gate, so he returned to the Security Guard Room.

After sitting for a short time, he saw Zhao Bigan entering the Security guard room while holding a mysterious cardboard box in his hand.

Hearing the faint sound from inside the cardboard box, Xu Taiping knew what thing was inside the box.

“Xiao Xu, come, Let me show you something interesting.” Zhao Bigan after putting that box on the ground said in a low voice.

“Is there a dog inside this box?” Xu Taiping with a strange expression asked.

“You ear is really good.” Zhao Bigan while saying, opened the Box.

After seeing inside the box, there was a roughly three-four-month-old female dog in it and looked like a husky breed from its appearance.

“ From where you have got this thing? Are we going to have dog meat in the evening? But this female dog doesn’t have a lot of meat.” Xu Taiping laughed while saying.

“Beautiful you, how can we eat dog? A dog is our mankind most faithful friend. I have picked it from a road. Doesn’t know from where those few kids have grabbed this female dog and were trying to bully her to death, I saved her. Oh, You see this little animal is so adorable, I want to raise it, but my wife is most afraid of a dog. I have heard that you now live inside the university inside that former medical school. There is no person living apart from you and is quite peaceful. So I was thinking if you would like to raise this dog?” Zhao Bigan said while looking at Xu Taiping with both eyes filled with expectation.

“Raise this dog?’ Xu Taiping got blanked for a moment, after all, he was a specialist in taking a life, but raising a life was still an undiscovered territory for him.


****Shao****  means young master or second-generation rich as well as one of the most common surname in China.


  • I was thinking that the Chinese characters for ‘Some Shao’ were ‘有些少’ or the like, where ‘少’ is an abbreviation for ‘young master’. It would make more sense in this setting, in my opinion.

    • when I was translating I thought since Xu Taiping didn’t care about any second generation I should make them sound like some tom dick and harry so Even though I am still a bit confused, I have updated it with both meaning so thank you for pointing out

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