SFVSG Ch.7 Ambush on Security Guard Room

Today was a good day, the weather was cloudy and fresh wind was slowly blowing.

Xu Taiping woke at four o’clock in the morning because even after trying, he was unable to hold back the urge to urinate. After urinating he couldn’t fall asleep, therefore he changed into sportswear and went outside the dormitory for running

Jiang Yuan University was very big, Xu Taiping first ran from the dormitory gate to the University main road and from there he started to run around the whole campus.

In the morning a lot of students as were as teachers were running inside the campus.

It wasn’t long before Xu Taiping saw that young attractive policewoman Su Nianci, he met yesterday.

It was also natural that Su Nianci still didn’t know that her identity is already exposed in front of Xu Taiping.

She was still with that male teacher from yesterday. That man was wearing an Adidas sportswear and Xu Taiping was wearing an Adiwang sportswear which wasn’t even elegant. That man was wearing Adidas limited edition shoes but Xu Taiping was wearing a sneaker which was made by an old man from Beijing. Just from their clothes, one could see that their character was really not compatible.

“ What a pleasant coincidence, teacher Su, You also like to run!” Xu Taiping beaming with a smile greeted Su Nianci. Yesterday evening Wang Jincai made a man delivered to him a name booklet. That name booklet had all teachers and administrative staff information recorded in it. This was something necessary for every security guards to remember. Well, it wasn’t something difficult for Xu Taiping and just five minutes later after receiving that book, each and every word of that booklet, he already had memorized. That was the reason, he knew that the young beautiful police woman’s name, he met yesterday was Su Nianci. Also, the name of that male who was always following this young policewoman was Xu Boyuan and he wasn’t some ordinary teacher inside the university.

To understand why he is not ordinary, one just need to focus on his family name. He was Jiang Yuan University headmaster Xu Youdao’s nephew and had just returned after completing his education from an oversees big university.

Su Nianci looked at Xu Taiping and nodded in acknowledgment. Although Xu Taiping always behaved vulgarly in front her, Su Nianci was not some arrogant person. She thinks that since someone had greeted her, then she should courteously respond to his greeting.

“Nianci, let’s run a bit faster, I am smelling a pungent smell coming from some dregs of society.”  Xu Boyuan smiled in derision.

Su Nianci slightly frowned, she didn’t like how Xu Boyuan was ridiculing Xu Taiping. She thought, even if I also think that he is a hooligan, but how can you in front of a person’s face, talk like this, have you never learned about manners. Only after considering that Xu Boyuan was the nephew of the headmaster and she can’t do her investigation inside this university without having a good relationship with these persons, she reluctantly smiled and then started to run fastly with Xu Boyuan and in a short while they pulled open a long distance from Xu Taiping.

“Teacher Su, last night while taking a shower did you use Huawang shower gel? The smell on your body is exactly same as on my body. Last night I had also used that shower gel.” Su Nianci suddenly heard Xu Taiping Voice from her behind. she turned her head to look behind her and found that Xu Taiping unexpectedly caught up with her. After looking at the crooked smiling face of Xu Taiping, she just wanted to break that face with her fist.

“ Your this person doesn’t even have the basic manners, how can you ask someone which shower gel one uses, Do you also ask about what undergarment a person is wearing?” Xu Boyuan angrily asked. Originally he wanted to solve this embarrassing situation for Su Nianci, but due to him adding word ‘undergarment’ in the last sentence, the result was totally different, at least in the ears for Su Nianci. The frivolous meaning of this sentence was even more embarrassing than Xu Taiping’s question.

Sun Nianci had gotten really angry but it was really difficult for her to say something to them, that was why she once again increased her speed to shook off these two rascals. Seeing this Xu Boyuan thought, Su Nianci had gotten really angry on Xu Taiping, however since it is not good to directly say anything, therefore she had accelerated her speed and wants to shook off Xu Taiping.

Thinking this, Xu Boyuan smiled while feeling pleased with himself. During the university time, once, in a 10,000-meter race, he had won the third spot. Although only four people participated in that race, however good or bad he was in top three.

Therefore, Xu Boyuan also accelerated his speed. Seeing that these two had accelerated their speed, Xu Taiping also started running faster.

These three started to run faster and faster and already left behind most of the persons jogging with them.

After running like this for five minutes, Xu Boyuan speed decreased a little and while roughly panting for breath he said: “ Teacher Su, you, you slow down a bit, I….. it seems like I have twisted my foot.”

Due to the incident five minutes ago, she was still very angry, therefore she deliberately ignored him as if she hadn’t heard anything and continued to run forward. Xu Taiping who was running beside him smiled happily and followed after her and in an instant left behind Xu Boyuang.

“How can this bastard, run like this!” Xu Boyuan stopped running and while roughly gasping for breath, cursed Xu Taiping. However, no matter how he cursed, Xu Taiping couldn’t even hear him, let alone stopping to deal with him. He could only look helplessly at the back of Xu Taiping and Su Nianci running away from him and after a moment they disappeared from his eyes.

“ A small security guard dares to provoke me, I will make you pay for this!” Xu Boyuan said while gnashing his teeth.

In a distant place, Xu Taiping leisurely, like he was strolling in his courtyard, was running beside Su Nianci. From time to time he was saying few words to provoke Su Nianci. The more gloomy she felt due to Xu Taiping teasing, the faster she was running.

This continued for almost half an hour, after which Su Nianci couldn’t endure and her speed decreased a bit. After she looked at Xu Taiping face, she found he was as before had a smile on his face.

“ Tell me, what do you want to do?” Su Nianci stopped running and stared at Xu Taiping while asking.

“What can I want? Today in the early morning when I was running, by chance met with teacher Su. That’s why I just wanted to run together with Teacher Su. Xu Taiping innocently said.

“ I have run enough for today.” Su Nianci rolled her eyes and gave a supercilious look to Xu Taiping and said: “You can continue to run.”

“Then I have also run enough, teacher Su, I want to invite you to have breakfast with me together?” Xu Taiping asked her.

“ There is no need.” Su Nianci shook her head in refusal.

“ Then teacher Su, I want to invite you to have a coffee with me. There is a peddler just outside the university gate, only charges five-piece of coins, but the taste is very good.” Xu Taiping said.

“ Mister, I don’t even know your family name, let alone you, then why are you behaving with me like we are very familiar with each other, really …..” Su Nianci couldn’t help but finally said to Xu Taiping.

“ My family name is Xu, My Name is Xu Taiping, I am twenty-nine years old and I am still single. Now that you know me, we can be considered familiar with each other, right?” Xu Taiping said while scratching his head from embarrassment.

“ I am really speechless. I now have to go to my class, You don’t follow me.” Su Nianci said and turned around to go toward the school building.

Xu Taiping beaming with a smile turned his body. When he looked toward the nearby groove, he was not able to clearly see the thing that had drawn his attention.

Inside the groove, there was a shadow of someone running away.

“ Interesting, this early in the morning, someone is keeping watch on this little attractive Policewoman. In the end, why has she came to this university” Xu Taiping talked to himself in a low voice and started to walk toward his dormitory.

At this moment, Su Nianci didn’t know, when she was running in the early morning, someone was watching her every move and if it was not for Xu Taiping incessantly following beside her whole time, they might have been jumped in front of her, if she had run into a deserted area.

As for these persons who were watching her, neither Su Nianci nor Xu Taiping knew anything about. However, as far as Xu Taiping is concerned, watching without doing anything, when someone was keeping watch on this little attractive policewoman by going to such extent quite possible, to harm her, that was not Xu Taiping style. He only cared for two type of woman, one whose moral character was upright and second who had harmed him. He felt that Su Nianci’s moral character is pretty good, after all, yesterday, she stood up for those peddlers even without caring how dangerous those local ruffian could have been.


“Sun is shining in the sky, a flower is smiling at me, small birds are singing early early early, you for what reason carrying such an explosive bag of burden.”

After taking a bath and wearing a clean and elegant security guard uniform, Xu Taiping was sitting in the Security Guardroom and looking outside of the window. He was attentively watching the crowd of people passing through the Security Guard room. From the bottom of his heart, he was happy. Although he was working as a security guard for just one day, he still started to like this job, because first, he could see various kind of person daily and second, he could have a close contact with these white, tender university female students.

“ Why have you still not accepted my request!” a familiar voice suddenly came from his behind and soon a whip of fragrance assaulted his nostrils. Even without giving time to Xu Taiping to turned his head, Xia Jinxuan walked toward Xu Taiping and stopped in front of him.

Today Xia Jinxuan was wearing a bohemian style long skirt, and a faint smell of perfume was on her body. One could clearly see her euphoric collarbone and more than half of her back was exposed. Her entire back looked very tender and glossy without a bit of flaw.

“Accept your request to do what?” Xu Taiping gave her a supercilious look and said.

“Are you deliberately hiding from me?’ Xia Jinxun while folding both hand in front of her breast and with a pout on her white, tender small face asked: “That day after waking up in the early morning, you run away without saying anything, even if we have spent the night together, you, you can’t treat me like this. Yesterday again, you pretended to not know me, and now you are not even accepting my friend request on Wechat.”

“You are really mistaking me for someone else, big young lady.” Xu Taiping helplessly spread out her hand and said: “ I am a small security guard who doesn’t even have a good thing in his life. How can I qualify to go to sleep with you in the same bed? If I really have the opportunity to sleep with you even for one night, then do you think I will give up on you even for the world. If a man like me can sleep with you, this kind of small young lady, that will be the blessing of my ancestors. I am actually wishing to sleep with you and you are accusing me that I am avoiding you.

Looking at Xu Taiping that innocent appearance, Xia jinxuan slightly wavered. Frankly speaking that night she was really drunk. She vaguely remembered that someone had beaten her bodyguard and carried her to go to her best friend house and after which she had spent her life’s most beautiful night. But next morning after waking up she couldn’t find any trace of that man. Xia Jinxuan only knew that the stature of that man was roughly same as the stature of Xu Taiping. But after Xu Taiping had denied her claim in this way, she started to think, is it possible that I have really mistaken him for someone else?

“It is impossible, I am sure it was you on that day. Oh! That’s right, I remember that your chest has a tattoo, right! You show me your chest!” Xian Jinxuan excitedly said.

Xu Taiping gave her a superficial look, but suddenly he saw shadows of few people running rapidly outside the window of security guard room. They were running toward the back of Xia Jinxuan in very high speed.

“Be careful!” Xu Taiping Shouted.

As soon as he spoke, those few persons threw whatever they were holding in their hand inside the room through the window.

A brown semi solid-liquid with a really pungent smell came pouring inside the security guard room from outside the window toward the flawless back of Xia Jinxuan.

Even before Xian Jinxuan could react, she saw that Xu Taiping was suddenly standing in her front and crazily threw himself at her. He grabbed her hand, pulled her body inside his bosom and then both of them at a high speed moved to the side.

“ What is he going to do with me?” After being embraced by Xu Taiping in his bosom, Xia Jinxuan got flurried and started to think random stupid things.

Right at this moment from outside the door came a sound: “Chen Shao has asked us to say something you, Xia Jinxuan is his woman. If you this small security guard dare to have any idea about Xian Jinxun, then next time it won’t be simple like splashing dung. Next time we will throw you into the dung pit!”

Soon, Finally, Xia Jinxuan was able to understand, from what thing that pungent smell was coming from.

Xia Jinxuan turned her head to look at the place she was standing before and the area around it. She saw that whole area was unexpectedly covered in some disgusting thing.

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