SFVSG Ch.6 Inauspicious day to start work for ruffians

As world’s top-notch killer, Xu Taiping was very knowledgeable about the essential military techniques of the present time. Although Su Nianci movement didn’t have any clear traces of the military style fist, still inside the eyes of Xu Taiping, each and every movement of Su Nianci was influenced by the military style fist.

There was a clear difference between military-style fist, of police and army. Army military style fist emphasizes more on destruction and can kill an enemy in a flash, therefore one has to raise his fist comparably higher before hitting someone and their target should be frail body parts such as heart or throat. Whereas Police military style fist emphasizes more on control and can subdue anyone in an instant, therefore when Su Nianci executed her movements in front of Xu Taiping, she had already exposed her secret.

Someone like Su Nianci who could easily use dozens of techniques, this type of person is even rare inside a police squadron. If one talks about the logic, then someone like her after graduating from the police school, should have been assigned to a regional elite police team. But right now she had come to the Jiang Yuan university and this was making Xu Taiping somewhat vigilant toward her.

Afterall, Xu Taiping was someone whose previous identity was of a killer and every country had his criminal record. So it was natural that Xu Taiping was somewhat going to be on alert. Even though Su Nanci was really talented but her skill was still not a danger for Xu Taiping. Furthermore, even if someone had suspected his identity, it was impossible that they will dispatch Su Nanci this small young lady to grab him. To catch him who is more commonly renowned in the world as ‘Blood Wolf’, how can they send a cat?

Suddenly a loud rumbling of a motorbike which was rapidly moving toward Su Nianci could be heard at the University gate.

It was Zhou Xiaoyu, who with a sinister complexion, was riding on the motorbike. He also didn’t expect that today, the first day of the work, he would come across this kind of person, who likes to meddle in other people’s business. Generally speaking, during the summer and winter vacation, it was highly unlikely to have peddlers in front of the University gate, therefore they naturally cannot collect any protection money. But today is the first day of the enrolment in the University and many peddlers had come to sell their product. For Zhou Xiaoyu and his ruffian friends, it was like an unexpected rainy day after a long period of drought. After resting for two months they could finally start their work.

Before starting one must pay attention to two things, first the work should be smooth and second, the day should be auspicious. Today’s start was very good after all this place had an unwritten rule, everyone had to hand over the protection money. But Su Nianci did such high sounding matter, their prestige in front of these peddlers swept the floor. Now after all this which idiot was going to give them any protection money?

This was not a simple matter of one day’s protection money. Right now the whole semester’s protection money is on the line. If they were not able to collect this semester’s protection money then their boss was going to blame them and they will have to face the consequences, after all, if you can’t eat it all, you will have to take it home.

As a warning to others, so that something like today never happens again, Zhou Xiaoyu without any hesitation started his motorbike in order to knock that pretty woman into the air in front of these people so that they could understand, that underestimating Zhao Xiaoyun, the gang leader of Hechi street in Fenglin area of Jiang Yuan City, had its consequences.

At this moment, Su Nianci had just beaten Kuang Shao and was facing away from the Zhao Xiaoyu. After listening to a loud sound of a motorbike when she turned around, it was already very late. The motorbike was just about to collide with her body.

Su Nianci with a surprised expression on her face, froze for a second, the motorbike with about 50 km/h speed was going to collide with her body, and she was incapable of avoiding that bike in such a short time.

At this moment, Zhou Xiaoyu who should have been seating on the motorbike, with a groan, suddenly found himself flying into the air and the motorbike which should have been below him was right now in front of him. Originally he was just about to knock Su Nianci body, but the outcome was something different, he just missed the Su Nianci body by hairbreadth and heavily fall to the ground.

BOOM, this was not the sound of motorbike falling on the ground, rather it was the sound of Zhou Xiaoyu colliding with the row of electric cars parked beside the road.

“ This, what happened?’ Su Nianci was startled and doubtfully looked at Zhao Xiaoyu, there was a piece of rock on the ground beside the Zhao Xiaoyu body, and right now it was already fragmented into many parts. One could see that it was this rock which must have been rammed into the body of Zhao Xiaoyu and threw his body from the motorbike into the air.

Su Nianci suspiciously looked around her but didn’t find any conspicuous person. According to the speed with which Zhao Xiaoyu is thrown into the air and his direction of flight, that piece of rock must have come from the University gate. However, apart from that vulgar security guard who is squatting on the ground and there is no other person near the gate.

Don’t tell it was that Security Guard?

“ How can it be possible!” Su Nancy shook her head and denied her conjecture. That security guard looks like a good for nothing loafer, how can he throw a stone so powerfully that it can even knock a person into the air?

And if it is not this security guard, then who?

Xu Taiping stood up while yawning and soon turned around to enter the University gate to go inside the Security Guard Room.

“ Su Nianci you are fine, right? Just now you scare me to death!” that teacher who was following Su Nianci but didn’t do anything till now except to watch the whole drama unfold and finally after the whole matter cooled down appeared beside Su Nianci to enquire solicitously about her well-being.

“ I am Fine.” Su Nianci shook her head and after that said to Zhao Xiaoyu who was groaning while writhing on the ground: “If I ever see you again around the gate of Jiang Yuan University then I will talk later, hit you first.”

After warning him, Su Nianci looked at those peddlers around her and said: “ If he again tries to collect protection money from you all, come and find me inside the Jiang Yuan University. My name is Su Nianci, I am the sports teacher at Jiang Yuan University.”

After saying, Su Nianci turned around and went toward the University gate.

“Su Nianci, You are really good, I will remember you!!” Zhao Xiaoyun who was writhing on the ground, said while gnashing his teeth.

Actually whatever happened in the front of University gate was just a small interlude of a large theatre play. Xu Taiping after returning to Security Guardroom, he picked up his phone to see that there was once again a notification displaying on the screen. Xia Jinxuan had once again sent him a friend request on Wechat and once again Xu Taiping deleted that notification without any hesitation.

Actually, he wasn’t really a heartless man, it was just that regardless of any woman, he refuses to return her affection. He just likes to reject everyone’s affection because he always believed that only by doing so, no one will get hurt.

According to Xu Taiping, He was a killer and a killer can’t have someone, who could be used as a handle to control him.

Su Nianci while passing through the Security Guardroom, she carefully looked at Xu Taiping. She vaguely looked through the window of the security guard room and found that Xu Taiping was holding a cellphone in his hand and was watching a video in which a man and woman were wrestling together on the bed.

Su Nianci in a low voice criticised him as an animal and soon entered the campus.

Finally, it was evening, and the enrollment of new students was stopped for the day. After the sunset, finally, Wang Jiancai came to the Security Guardroom and found that inside the whole room, the only person present right now was Xu Taiping. Wang Jincai in a low voice cursed those security guards who were loafing around and then led Xu Taiping to the University accommodation area.

“You have been allocated a room in that dormitory building near the Hou Mountain. That dormitory building was remodeled ten years ago and before that, the building was used for teaching medical students. Later the building was remodeled and administration started treating it like a dormitory. Although it is very far from the entrance gate, here is very peaceful.” Wang Jincai was explaining while leading Xu Taiping to his new dormitory.

“ Really Thank You, Director Wang.” Xu Taiping sincerely said, “ Later I will surely ask you to have a meal with me.”

“You don’t need to ask me for a meal, just do you work sincerely. You must remember, don’t casually roam around that Hou mountain, on the top of that mountain has many laboratories. Since this place is very peaceful, our many old professors like to conduct their experiment there and also it is I who is responsible for the security in that place.” Wang Jincai said.

“ Good, I don’t have any problem. I won’t go to the place, I am not allowed to go, you be at ease!” Xu Taiping nodded and sincerely said.

After these two walked for half an hour, they finally arrived at Xu Taiping new dormitory.

This building could easily compete with some of the world’s most famous haunted house. The walls were covered by ivy creepers and even if the building was three stories high, there was not a single bulb glowing, clearly, no one is fond of living here in the evening.

The Iron gate of the building is already corroded and looked like for a long time no one had polished it. There was also a garbage bin on the ground beside the Iron gate but it was completely empty.

“Your room is on the first floor so you don’t need to go to the second and third floor of the building. It is just that you know, a medical school’s relationship with the dead bodies is just like husband and wife, no matter how far you want to run away from her, in the end, you have to return. The second floor is mortuary and used for conducting experiments on the dead bodies and that place also feels very eerie. And on the third floor a student had committed suicide by hanging from a fan, therefore try to not approach these two floors.” Wang Jincai repeatedly warned him.

“Good” Xu Taiping nodded and said, “ Thank you, Director Wang, for warning me.”

“This is your room, everything including the bedding I have already made a man prepare for you, inside also have an air conditioner. The bathroom is at the end of the corridor and a bit far from here but since it is common, we can’t do anything about it. And isn’t it great, that since the only person living here is you, you won’t have to compete with anyone else to use it, hahaha. Now I am going back, you should also sleep early today, tomorrow at six o’clock in the morning you have to report, don’t you dare to arrive late!” Wang Jincai after speaking, patted Xu Taiping shoulder and while smiling turned around to leave.

“ I really need a cigarette right now, I can’t believe they arranged a haunted house for me, they really are heartless people.” Xu Taiping smiled in ridicule and entered his new apartment.

The apartment was not big and only had a single room with one bed. Contrary to his expectations the bed and its bedsheet were very clean and tidy.

Although the second floor was mortuary, and someone had committed suicide on the third floor, however for Xu Taiping it can’t be regarded as anything. Even if a ghost were to come in front of him, it would be the ghost who was going to run away first, after all the vicious aura around Xu Taiping body was the result of the accumulation of murdering a lot of people.

After washing his face, Xu Taiping left the room to go to that kiosk in front of the University gate to buy a bottle of White Wine. Soon he was drinking while going back toward his dormitory and in the time it took him to reach the dormitory, he had already finished a bottle.

Xu Taiping after blowing a wine belch, with intoxicated eyes, wavering legs entered his room and lay down on the bed. It took him just a moment to fell asleep.

The cold wind was blowing and the leaves of the ivy creepers on the walls were shaking.


Inside a small bar outside the University gate, Chen Xuejun and some people were sitting together and were chatting about something while drinking.

If one looked carefully they would have noticed, that those few people sitting beside Chen Xuejun, were unexpectedly those four people, who were collecting protection money today in the front of University Gate.

“Right, she knows martial art, you must clearly investigate that new female teacher’s background in your university, where she lives, and her work timing you must tell me. This animosity if I don’t return, then I don’t need to mix on this Hechi street!” Zhou Xiaoyu said while gnashing his teeth.

“Don’t worry Zhou elder brother.” Chen Xuejun put down a beer bottle in front of Zhou Xiaoyu and said: “That new female teacher’s information I will clearly investigate for you, but you also need to do something for me.”

“ What business do you have?” Zhao Xiaoyu asked.

“Help me teach a newly arrived security guard!” Chen Xuejin said.

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