SFVSG CH.5 Police Flower Female Prestige

“Journey to the east is always empty, it is difficult to abandon power city Chang’an, since ancient time Chang’an flourished around the Qin and Han Dynasty, mountain creek appeared like flower brocade, eight rivers passed along the city walls.”

Security guard room was cool and refreshing and Liu Yang had his eyes closed. He was using his life vicissitude as a reference, to sing a really strange song while shaking his head like some acclaimed singer. Anyone if saw him right now they would believe that he really loved singing, but whenever some passerby student heard him, they either doubtfully or either despicably looked at him because they were unable to understand the song Xu Taiping was singing right now, it didn’t look like a pop song, neither it was a jazz and it didn’t even come close to something like rap.

“Now there are only a few people among these youngsters who can sing or even understand Huayin Lao Qiang .” A sixty years old man wearing a security guard uniform pushed open the gate of Security guard room and entered while mumbling such.

“Hello, Venerable.” Xu Taiping opened his eyes and while putting down his legs from the top of the desk, he said: “Venerable have you also studied about the Huayin Lao Qiang?”

“ I won’t say I have studied, it is just that whenever I have the free time, I like to roar with my throat, it feels very comfortable and makes me carefree. But not a lot of person can’t understand and when they hear, they always think that I am wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf…..youngster, are you the new security guard who has joined today?” The old man smiled and asked.

“Yes, I have joined today. My name is Xu Taiping, Venerable can I ask for your name?” Xu Taiping while asking stood up and picked his chair and put it in front of Old man’s body.

“Don’t need to be so polite, also remove honorific, my name is Zhao Bigan, Zhao is my family name. Every one shouts me a scholar, but I have only studied for two years. After retirement has nothing to do so I came to Jiang Yuan University to work as a sanitation worker.” The old man whose name was Zhao Bigan with the whole face beaming with a smile said.

Jiang Yuan University’s sanitation, sentry, and security guard all were under the supervision of Security guard room, from this point, Zhao Bigan and XuTaiping, both could be considered as a co-worker.

“Then I will call you old man Zhao. You can call me Xiao Xu.” Xu Taiping smiled while saying.

“ Haha, I don’t mind, I have heard that today a new person is joining, therefore after finishing my job I came here to see you. I didn’t expect that you can also sing Huayin Laoqiang, what do you say we sing together?” Zhao Bigan smiled after asking.

“Humm!” Xu Taiping was more than happy to give his approval. He didn’t have a lot of interest, one is chasing beautiful women and another is singing this Lao Qiang. Lao Qiang doesn’t require any particular attention to very articulate pronunciation and vocalization. It requires that you must pay attention to your satisfaction as well as how good you can show your feeling. Whenever he had spare time, Xu Taiping very much like to roar. It was also more or less helpful in venting out his negative feeling otherwise he would have gone insane a long time ago.

Zhao Bigan had said that he had studied for two years, but from Xu Taiping point of view, Zhao Bigan even if had studied for just two years, no matter it is his erudition or understanding, he easily surpasses now-a-day those so-called learned person. Xu Taiping didn’t ask many questions from Zhao Bigan about his personal affairs after all, now a day who doesn’t have some secrets? Knowing many things about someone is not always a good thing. Xu Taiping would also never ask a question about the matter he shouldn’t know, that is the reason why he was alive for such a long time.

In a flash it became evening, Zhao Bigan patted Xu Taiping shoulder and said: “ I thought since you have newly arrived, it might be difficult for you to adapt, but I didn’t think that you, young man, is really good. I can be at ease now.”

“Many thanks, old man for your care for me.” Xu Taiping sincerely thanked him. This Zhao Bigan was really a kind person. He was anxious because he thought that since Xu Taiping had just joined, he might be feeling anxious due to bullying by old persons in security guard room, therefore in the afternoon, he came to look for Xu Taiping to chat. According to Xu Taiping finding someone like him in present time was really difficult.

Xu Taiping had already experienced many crafty plots and conspiracy, had experienced many life and death struggles. According to him this type of selfless concern might really be the most worthless thing in this world, but still was the most effective way to touch someone’s heart.

Zhao Bigan happily departed from the public security room, only then did Xu Taiping went outside the gate and started to smoke.

Since University had the provision which forbids smoking on the campus, Xu Taiping could only smoke while squatting outside the university gate.

Enrolment was going to continue for three days and after that, there was a military training for the newly enrolled.

Today is the first day of enrollment, apart from the new students who were coming and going through the gate, there were small traders and hawkers who had come in large numbers to sell many types of different cereal pancakes, baked sesame seed-coated cakes, baked meat slices, cell phone screen guard and some sort of glittering jewels which looked delightful to the eyes.

Since this type of selling was also forbidden by the university, the whole crowd was gathered outside the gate. Xu Taiping remembered that in those days he also with his former dormitory roommate, used to go out and find a vendor stall to sit down and order stir-fry noodles and a bowl of broth to eat after classes.

Five piece of coin is able to provide one with a meal and ten pieces of coins is able to make one content as well as happy.

Only it was a pity, that in the past even before he could graduate, by coincidence Old Z took a liking to him and brought him to that living hell. From then on him and his classmates never met again. Even after so many years had passed, he was not able to get in contact with his former classmates. They would have never thought, in those days aspiring to become the boss of an Internet cafe that Xu Taiping, will take the path of a killer and in the end, will turn into a small security guard in a university.

Affairs of life really play with a person, Xu Taiping coughed and spit his cigarette with phlegm beside the small sewer.

“ Spitting wherever you want, really have not quality.” A passerby man dressed in western suit despicably looked at Xu Taiping. He was holding a big pile of teaching material in his hand and one could easily guess that he was a teacher. Beside this teacher was standing a beautiful woman in a sportswear. This person looked roughly twenty-four or twenty-five year old and on the body had a little bit of scholarly aura as well as some trace of maturely woman charm. She was giving a feeling of a capable person and only from her neck position, one could say that she was someone who carries herself tall.

Xu Taiping in ridicule started to blow a whistle and didn’t pay a bit of attention to that male teacher’s word.

Su Nianci looked at Taiping and slightly frowned. Even though she doesn’t know Xu Taiping but looking at the Xu Taiping’s remarkable style of squatting beside the gate she thought of him as some sort of young hoodlum. How can this kind of man become a security guard at Jiang Yuan University? Good and bad, this Jian Yuan university has a big name.

At this moment, from a nearby place came a loud clamorous sound. Su Nanci turned her head to look in the direction of the sound.

She saw few youngsters all wearing colored check shirt and having an exaggerated hairstyle. They were standing beside the peddlers and shouting something at them, although what they all were shouting was difficult to hear clearly but one could vaguely hear protection money these two characters.

Protection Money?

Listening to these two characters, Su Nianci who had the police background couldn’t endure anymore. In the broad daylight, under the open sky, unexpectedly these people are openly collecting the Protection money that also in front of this University gate, how audacious one can be?

Su Nanci at once walked toward those several youngsters. That male teacher couldn’t understand where Su Nanci was going and he also started to walk beside her.

Xu Taiping with full interest was watching the back of Su Nanci, he was thinking, this little waist I think I can hold in my two hands and it is rare to have that kind of two curling upward big buttocks under such waist, this is extremely rare.

Compare to big breast, Xu Taiping was more fond of big buttock because even if your body has many superficial changes but your buttock will always remain same and even if you trace a lot, their elasticity will never decrease. Moreover bigger the buttock, the more dynamically it will move when someone is walking.

“ What are you all doing here?” Su Nianci walked in front of those youngsters and saw that a peddle was holding two red paper money and trying to give it to a person among them, who had dyed his hair in a french gray color and after seeing this, she asked in a loud voice.

“Hunh, this little young lady is really attractive!” The youngster who had dyed his hair in french gray color, said while putting that money in his pocket. And after wiping his hand in his clothes he extended his hand toward Su Nianci and said: “ Come, let’s know each other, My name is Zhou Xiaoyu, Although in my name has xiao but in fact, my thing is very big, Hahaha!”

“Hahahaha, indeed very big, little young lady, if you don’t, believe me, you can check it?” the man beside the first one heckled.

“ Are you collecting protection money?” Su Nianci with a black face asked.

“What protection money? In this age, when everyone is under the law, who dares to collect protection money. Little young lady does not make an irresponsible comment. We are collecting sanitation fee. We all are from a sanitation firm. Zhang Ai, Ye Shao, Let’s show this little young lady, our business card .” A guy with a strange hairstyle standing beside Zhou Xiaoyu said.

“ Good” A man took out a wrinkled business card from inside his pocket and gave it to Zhou Xiaoyu.

Zhou Xiaoyu took the business card and passed it in front of Su Nianci while saying: “See it clearly, Xianfeng Sanitation company, here check it thoroughly. These small peddlers throw garbage everywhere and we are responsible for keeping this place clean, those who plow only they will receive. We won’t do something bad like collecting protection money. Oh, right little young lady, I want to invite you to drink a cup of coffee with me, will you accept? This is such a hot day, you look at yourself, your face is full of sweat let me help you wipe it.”

Zhou Xiaoyu while saying extended his hand to touch Su Nianci face.

Su Nianci is, after all, a top graduate from the police academy and it was natural that she excelled in wrestling, capturing, seizing and so on. This hand which was slowly moving toward her face, she grabbed it with her fingers and twisted it. Zhao Xiaoyu’s whole body in an instant started to writhe in pain and he loudly shouted: “Stop, stop, stop, any more and my finger will break.”

“ In the name of sanitation fee, you all are collecting protection money, you all think I don’t know? They all give money for cleaning to municipal administration department, which was then used by the municipal administration department to carry out the cleaning of the city, then which sanitation fees you all are collecting?” Su Nianci asked in a cold voice.

“ What are you all waiting for? Ye Shao, Wang Ai, Kuang Shao, give me to beat her” Zhou Xiaoyu Loudly shouted.

All those ruffians attacked Su Nanci at once.

While still holding Zhou Xiaoyu’s hand with her finger, Su Nianci lifted her leg and kicked him then with a beautiful movement, dodged those three ruffian’s attack. After a moment when Ye Shao was again brandishing his fist at her, Su Nianci showing her military might directly throw a punch at Ye Shaw ribcage.

BANG, Ye Shao face twisted and he painfully fell on the ground. After a moment, the fatty person named Wang Ai spread his arm and held her while another one named Kuang Shao executing a very vulgar move and started to punch Su Nianci breast.

Su Nanci face was devoid of any fear. She lifted her leg and stomped on Wang Ai feet, Wang Ai screamed painfully and loosen his hand. Su Nianci right at that moment raised her head to go against the face of Zhang Ai. ‘BANG’ after a loud sound, Zhang Ai covering his nose with both hands fell down to the ground with his face looking toward the sky. Soon after Su Nanci executed a beautiful 360 degree round kick on Kuang Shao and one could literally say he was kicked in the air. The tooth of Kuang Shao along with a mouthful of his blood fall to the ground after drawing a perfect arc in the air.

In a distant place, Xu Taiping was squatting on the ground, and was looking at Su Nianci with a whole face beaming with the smile, he whispered to himself: “ This young police flower must have graduated from Police School, then why did she come to the Jiang Yuan University?”

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