SFVSG Ch.4 School Flower’s attention

“It’s me, it’s me!” Xia Jinxuan while crawling from the ground, looked at Xu Taiping and excitedly said. Right now, she had already forgotten that there was a crowd watching every movement of her. She only knew that a few days ago when she was dead drunk and passed the night in the same place with him was her life’s most unforgettable night. Xia Jinxung thought that they were destined to never meet again in this lifetime, but she had never expected that on her first day in this new university she will cross path with him once again.

Don’t tell that in the unseen world of spirits really have a red thread to pull two people together, otherwise, how can we two even in this multitude of people be able to notice each other?

Young girls imagination is indeed rich. For Xu Taiping, this type of possessive girl was really not good, first, her family background was big and could bring many troubles for him, second this type of tender and beautiful flower always had many flies around her. From his experience of many years he could feel that if he had a close relationship with her, she will be a hurdle as well as a negative influence on his great ambition of chasing after beautiful women. Say again these house flies would also from time to time, try to make him feel embarrassed.

Only a young idiot will eat a goddess for a long period of time when Buddha is gracious enough to let you have a new goddess every day. For Xu Taiping this kind of big woman hunter, a goddess was just a woman with two legs and one hole, who during the fervor uncontrollably shake her body and after that, she became stranger to him. Therefore Xu Taiping felt that he must do anything so that he doesn’t wind up in trouble inside the Jiang Yuan University.

“Who are you?” Xu Taiping with a surprised face looked at Xia Jinxuan like he really had first time seen someone like her. That astonished face really made Xia Jinxuan for a moment doubt herself if she had really mistaken him for someone else or what.

However, she was sure that she would never forget the style and look of Xu Taiping. Although he was not attractive, like a pretty boy, he was still nevertheless smart. Even though today he was wearing a security guard uniform, but even that was not enough to conceal the smell of smoke on his body. It was almost impossible for her to forget his body odor.

“It is me, a few days ago that night, you saved me. You, don’t you remember?” Xia Jinxuan anxiously said. In these few moments, Zhao Yongliang and those two also came near Xia Jinxuan. With a frown on his face, Zhao Yongliang was looking at Xu Taiping and other two Chen Xuejun and Li Sifan both had the ominous glint in their eyes. Of Course, they didn’t like whatever was happening in front of their eyes.

“I am just a small security guard, how can I have the ability to save someone like you, you must be mistaking me for someone else.” Xu Taiping shook his head and said.

“ How can it be, that night, outside the gate of MIX pub, it was you who saved me, after that we……”


“We what?” Xu Taiping with a teasing voice asked her.

Xia Jinxuan although was very fond of bars and pubs, she was still not really a very open-minded woman. Now Xu Taiping had asked her, she was really not able to say, after that we went to open a room together.

Looking at Xu Taiping expression, Xia Jinxuan was one hundred percent sure that Xu Taiping was really pretending to not know her. And she also knew that a man after sleeping with a woman, if next day is pretending to be stranger to her then it implies, that man doesn’t want to continue to have any relationship with her.

Actually, even Xia Jinxuan also didn’t have any intention to continue to develop any affection for Xu Taiping. It was just, after being dead drunk that night, she had carelessly given her first time to Xu Taiping and now unexpectedly seeing him once again, she could not suppress the excitement in her heart, however, she was just excited nothing more. Even if she wanted to develop some sort of relationship with Xu Taiping, it was almost impossible to have a love relationship with him. Right now the appearance of Xu Taiping was just a small security guard and she was the noble daughter of Jiang Yuan city underworld Big brother, the disparity between their status was like heaven and earth. Even if she wanted to be with him, her father would quietly make this small security guard disappear from this world.

Thinking about the disparity between herself and Xu Taiping, Xia Jinxuan felt that it was almost impossible to have any outcome of their relationship. But she also felt that the authority to initiate the breaking of this relationship must lie with her, how could such a small security guard take the initiative to break this relation?

Xu Taiping actually intended to act like a stranger with her to break off any relation formed between them. He thought that Xia Jinxuan is the eldest daughter of a very affluent family and if he acted like a stranger, she would never going to pester him again. But Xu Taiping absolutely didn’t expect that doing such was going to provoke Xia Jinxuan’s reverse psychology.

In the Xu Taiping science manual “How to pick up girls”, this move name was ‘In order to capture, one must let loose’. However, Xu Taiping was willing to swear on the name of his treasured little friend, he really was not even thinking about playing with Xia Jinxuan again.

“ Yes, I think I have made a mistake. It is really embarrassing.” Xia Jinxuan tenderly smiled and after extending her hand said: “I find you really similar to one of my old friend, let me introduce myself, My name is Xia Jinxuan. Can you tell me your Wechat username?

Hearing this sentence from Xia Jinxuan mouth, at once the whole crowd of new and old students, who were watching the drama became dumbfounded by the shock. This kind of girl on whom the three out of four school princes are crazily fawning upon and who was destined to be one of the four schools big beauty, unexpectedly, on the first day of the university actually on her own, is trying to strike up a conversation with a small security guard. Heaven, is it possible that nowadays princesses are really fond of country bumpkin?

In this split second, many people in the crowd changed their future ambition to be a small security guard.

Xia Jinxuan such said it was natural that the complexion of these three princes was going to become sinister.

“Jinxuan, I think doing such is not good. He is a small security guard, you are a daughter of an affluent family, following this security guard on the Wechat, will be not good for your reputation!” Chen Xuejun hastily advised her.

“What do you understand? Jinxuan doesn’t have the princess illness, she can have a friendship with anyone as long as the other is pleasing to the eyes. In your eye, everyone as long as other’s status is low will look like a dog to you, humph!” Li Sifan disdainfully looked at Chen Xuejun.

“ I won’t say a lot but, only, Jinxuan, you and us, are living in a completely different world as compared to him. If you add him on Wechat, you are just harming him. You go to a pub and the money you squander there is equal to his saving for a year. The money spent on the latest handbags by any person in your friend circle is worth more than his ten years spending. If you make him your friend and let him enter a world, he doesn’t belong to, then I think it will not be good for him!” Zhao Yongliang generously said.

“Do I have any relation with you? When did my friend circle ever squandered money? Do I look like a woman who likes to spend money on some useless handbag? Xia Jinxuan stared at Zhao Yongliang and then said to Xu Taiping: “ I am not like them and even more not like how they are describing me. Let’s add each other on the Wechat and mutually get to know each other better.”

Xu Taiping was really a strange person, in most of the situation he was just a happy go lucky type guy, you don’t disturb me I won’t disturb you. Even after Xia Jinxuan was forcing him to add her on Wechat, it was almost impossible that he was going to respond to her. But Zhao Yongliang took the opportunity when he was thinking about how to reject her and attacked his status in disguise. This violates Xu Taiping principle, If you don’t disturb me I don’t disturb you. Since he had violated his principle, it was a given that he was going to retaliate against him.

This was something Xia Jinxuan’s bodyguards, had already learned that night in a very cruel way.

“My Wechat username is xuehuazhu. You can add me later.” Xu Taiping smiled and said.

“Hum, Good, My Wechat username is jinxuan, in a moment I will add you. I am running late for classes so I will be going now, otherwise, they won’t allow me to go inside. Let’s meet again, Bye. Xia Jinxuan with a smiling face said while playfully winking at him. Then she turned her head to look at those three standing beside her and said: “ I know what you all are thinking. Let me warn you, leave any idea of trying to harm this security guard elder brother otherwise it will be you who will sustain injuries.”

After saying, Xia Jinxuan took big steps to enter the university gate. Whatever she said was actually very simple, she had already personally experienced the skill of Xu Taiping. If Zhao Yongliang and these people were unable to differentiate good from the bad for them self and tried to bully Xu Taiping, then apart from saying goodbye to their bones, there was no other outcome possible.

But what Zhao Yongliang and these people heard was totally different. They all thought that Xia Jinxuan was protecting this security guard. Thinking this the fire inside their heart became even more turbulent. Since these three belonged to a respectable family, it was natural that they won’t target Xu Taiping in front of these many people.

“ Young security guard, you are doomed to never obtain some people in this lifetime. Don’t get carried away by your wishful thinking.” Chen Xuejun said this to Xu Taiping and turned around to leave.

“You are just a pathetic young security guard.” Li Sifan sneered at him and also turned around and left.

“You must take care, this Chen Xuejun is really narrow-minded. When you go back in the evening, take the road which is lively. If there is any matter you need help with, you can come to me, I will assist you in getting out of the predicament.” It was really rare for Zhao Yongliang to say so much to a stranger, he smiled and turned around to leave.

“ Even trying to use scheme with me, really…….one group of useless fellow. They really have nothing to worry about, all day long thinking to pick up girls, little brat.” Xu Taiping helplessly sigh, he is almost thirty years old, Xia Jinxun these all persons were at most eighteen or nineteen years old. In front of him, they all were really a child even if their family was very affluent in the city, that’s why he didn’t care about all this drama unfolded in front of him just now.

In these many years as a killer, the number of powerful and rich people died in his hand were not few.

The crowd gathered around the university gate slowly scattered. Xu Taiping looked at a little-outmoded watch on his wrist. Due to Xia Jinxun making the matter so noisy, it was already late for the lunch and the person with whom he was going to exchange his shift had gone back ten minutes ago. But now there was no one who could exchange shift with Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping returned to the public security room to look at the timetable for today’s shift. He found one more person named Zhou Jianguo who had shift just after him.

At this moment, the telephone of the public security room started to ring.

Xu Taiping picked the receiver and said: “ Hello, this is public security room.”

“Taiping, I am Jianguo. Help me by taking over my shift in the late afternoon, I have some matter to take care of. Ok, I will talk you later.” After saying he disconnected the call, without even giving time to let Xu Taiping spoke.

“ The same again old drama of bullying newcomer.” Xu Taiping helplessly sighed. Whatever the place is, whenever a newcomer come, it is always hard for them to avoid being getting bullied. This behavior is now considered as something natural. For Xu Taiping, if someone came and said his difficulty to him, then he can be very enduring. Otherwise, in those days he would not have borne so much difficulty to go out of his ways to kill that military officer, who was fond of stepping on his body. But now Xu Taiping was trying to live as an ordinary person and forget his past killer identity. Trying to not use and forget his beforehand methods whenever he had to face difficulty, was right now his primary goal.

Right at this moment, his cell phone started to ring, it was a Wechat notification ‘Jinxuan has sent you a friend request.’

Xu Taiping curled his lips and deleted the notification and threw the cellphone in his hand to one side.

The Air-Conditioner were running at full capacity trying to make every class on the whole campus more comfortable for the students. The Students, coming and going out through the University Gate was making the whole Jiang Yuan University which was silent like a library become full of vitality.


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