SFVSG Ch.3 University Security Guard

Jiang Yuan University is a private university in Jiang Yuan city, spread in the area over 2000 hectare and the number of students easily exceed thirty thousand. It is the best and largest university in the entire south of the Yangtze River.

“You, are you Xu Taiping?” inside Headmaster’s office, Jiang Yuan University Headmaster Xu Youdao slightly frowned while looking at Xu Taiping and asked him.

“ Yes, I am.” Xu Taiping said while blushing from shame as if he was a youngster who had just entered the society and was ignorant of the affairs of life. But those who were genuinely familiar with Blood Wolf knew that Blood Wolf is really fond of pretending to be innocent and shy and those who had lost their life due to this honest and shy appearance, their number cannot be counted.

“ Jiang Yuan University security department, have roughly two hundred security guards on the campus to ensure security. Recruitment matters are under the jurisdiction of Brother Wang. You could even say that finding me for recruitment is completely useless, however, Since you came with Brother Chen recommendation, I will treat this as a special case. After going out, you take a left turn and go to the security department office and look for Wang Jincai, I will explain to him on the telephone.” Xu Youdao said.

“Good!” Xu Taiping nodded and said: “ Thank You for your hard work, Chief Xu.”

“ It is a small matter, You go.” Xu Youdao beckoned with his hand after which Xu Taiping bowed and left the room.

“Brother Chen, how can he write a recommendation letter to me to confer a position inside the Security Department for him, it is really strange.” Xu Youdao looked with doubt at the recommendation letter in his hand. This Brother Chen who had written this recommendation letter is his old friend and the leader of the Southern China Military District. Even if he is trying to help this youngster, it is unlikely that he would recommend him as a security guard.

In the end, what is the relationship between this Xu Taiping and Brother Cheng?

Xu Youdao was really puzzled, but even Xu Taiping, he himself didn’t know what relation he has with this Brother Chen. He only knew that his organization sphere of influence was huge, and obtaining a single recommendation letter from Southern China Military Region leader was really a simple thing. When he was going on an organization mission to Japan, they even obtained a recommendation letter from the Prime Minister of Japan for him.

After coming out of the Headmaster’s office gate, Xu Taiping quickly found the security department and asked for the Security Department Director, Wang Jingcai.

Director Wang Jincai was a tall and sturdy person who had worn the full uniform of Security Guard. He was holding a police truncheon in his hand and on his head was a cap which was tilted to the side. While evaluating Xu Taiping with his eyes, he said: “Since you have been sent by the headmaster Xu, naturally I will let you join the security department, there is no problem, but let me tell you something as someone older than you, you must consider carefully. In this Jiang Yuan University working as a security guard is really not good.”

“Director Wang, please tell me in detail.” Xu Taiping smiled while giving him a cigarette and asked.

After looking, that the cigarette Xu Taiping was giving him, was very expensive, Wang Jincai felt satisfied and accepted it. He placed that cigarette above his ear and said: “In this Jian Yuan University, the number of students enrolled here easily surpasses thirty thousand and since the span of this university is so large, many places are neglected for a long time. The difficulty to manage such a big land is very high. However, this is not this place biggest problem. The biggest problem is the youngster of the wealthy and affluent family in the south of the Yangtze River who are enrolled inside this university. Since they themselves have come from such family, they won’t care about a small security guard like you. They all are used to rashly drive luxury cars and to bully those students who neither have money nor power in the family, inside the campus. These matters if one doesn’t run into, then this is really fortunate of him, but if one run into these matters then will he really dare to manage? How can one dare to take care of these matters, if killing you is just a matter of minute for these people? Regardless of anything, even what I am saying is not good for me if someone from outside hears it, therefore, on the campus of Jiang Yuan University the most challenging job to do is being a security guard.

“ Originally the situation is like this!” Xu Taiping tried really hard to put out a stupefied appearance after listening to the state of affair inside the university. Actually, before coming here, he had already investigated Jiang University and was very clear about the situation. Even though he was the trump card of the organization, he never tried to meddle in any case without having a clear understanding of it. And right now even if he had left the organization, and came here inside this University to work as a small security guard, he still didn’t allow himself to be passive and thoroughly investigate everything about it.

“Danger and Opportunity go hand in hand!” Wang Jincai was very pleased with himself seeing the amazed expression of Xu Taiping, and while slowly caressing his stomach, he said: “ As long as these self-centered show-offs are adequately served, there are also many benefits, these you will understand with time. Now you can go and receive your uniform. Tomorrow is new student enrolment day, you will be in charge of maintaining order at the gate.

“I understand, many thanks to Director Wang for the explanation.” Xu Taiping said while putting that expensive half-full cigarette packet in Wang Jincai hand.

With an expression of “you boy really know how to make someone happy” on his face, he pated Xu Taiping shoulder and said: “ Do you have a place to live outside the university or not? If you don’t have, the university can arrange a dormitory for you.”

“ That will be really good, I have just returned to the Jiang Yuan city and still haven’t found a place.” Xu Taiping gratefully said.

“ I will ask someone to arrange a dormitory for you as soon as possible, follow me, remember to work hard.” after saying, Wang Jincai turned his body and went outside.

After a short while, Xu Taiping received his security guard uniform.

Thinking that once he was someone who stood at the summit as the king of killers and right now he was going to start his new life as a university small security guard, Xu Taiping couldn’t help but fell into melancholy. This melancholy is not because of change in his status, in fact, he always had regarded his identity as a mere extrinsic thing. The reason for his melancholy is because the majority of people like him in the organization were unable to leave in one piece. Many people died on the road to redemption, and even if those who were still alive and wanted to leave the organization, some had already lost their arm and some had their leg. Being a handicapped person, how could it be easy to change their life as it was for him?

Because tomorrow was his first day on the job, in the evening, Xu Taiping didn’t go to the pub to get drunk. He wanted to feel fresh on the job tomorrow to meet those young beautiful university girls. It was only that he was thinking about these things he was unable to sleep in the night. Since he was not intoxicated, his brain was full of various sort of gunfight, hand-to-hand combat, and screams of people.

These screams were tormenting him and making his spirit unable to achieve tranquility.

It was very difficult to endure, but finally, it was daybreak. Xu Taiping took a bath, wore the security guard uniform and left the hotel. He went toward the Jiang Yuan University.

Today was the day when the new student enrolls in the Jiang Yuan University. The gate and its surrounding were full of service stalls where specialized people were waiting to welcome and help those new students with the whole process.

The second year and third year male and female student present inside didn’t come to help the new student, but a majority of senior male student came to chase after the woman, and a majority of senior female student came to look for a new younger male schoolmate.

“Being young is good!” Xu Taiping was squatting beside the entrance door holding a cigarette in his mouth and was looking at the plum white thigh of the university girls.

Only at a time like these, Xu Taiping felt like he was alive and the stress accumulated on his spirit due to the yesterday’s nightmare reduced a lot.

Based on Xu Taiping observation, the beautiful women inside the Jiang Yuan university were uncountable, just like Nightingale had said.

Xu Taiping is really fond of the beautiful woman because just seeing a beautiful woman, his spirit became cheerful and he would forget many unbearable past events. Therefore he was always on the trip of chasing after the beautiful woman.

Handsome appearance plus triangular stature and money to squander like dirt, these three things had made the success rate of Xu Taiping close to hundred percent. It is only that Xu Taiping won’t chase after a woman just because she had a beautiful appearance. In general circumstance he slept with only two type of beautiful woman, the first type who had sound character, he slept with her is his reward to her and the second type is someone who offended him, sleeping with her, is his punishment for her.

However, since today he was in a security guard uniform, and squatting beside the gate like a loafer, add again that right now he was not squandering the money, Xu Taiping didn’t pull any person’s attention. He was also happy to be alone and foolishly looking at the beautiful white thigh of the girls while smoking.

In a blink of eyes, it was finally noon, Xu Taiping was thinking to exchange his shift with someone and go out to eat lunch. But suddenly he heard a loud rumble of a car.

“Remodeled VB2 engine, you really think that money can change anything. You have just added a bunch of useless things and changed the engine into a pile of useless shit, really wasted your money.” Xu Taiping by just relying on the sound of the engine had identified the model number of the engine. He turned his head to look toward the sound.

He saw a Lamborghini racing toward him at full speed and with a beautiful drifting the car directly stopped in the front of the University gate.

The Scissor door of the car opened and a handsome man wearing branded clothes stepped down from the car.

Seeing him getting out from the car, every female student at the gate started to shriek in excitement. In this situation, the only thing Xu Taiping could hear was just three character Zhao Yongliang.

“ So he is Zhao Yongliang, one of the four campus prince of Jiang Yuan University, he really had the appearance to back that title! But doesn’t he still fell short of me.” Xu Taiping looking at the handsome appearance of Zhao Yongliang secretly said to himself.

Just after Zhao Yongliang, a Maserati and a Ferrari came one after another and stopped in front of University Gate.

From these two sports car came out two male students, unexpectedly both were like Zhao Yongliang, part of the four princes of Jiang Yuan University. One was Chen Xuejun, and another was Li Sifan!

The presence of Jiang Yuan University three price together at the same place, this was big news. However, the even bigger news was that all were standing there waiting for someone!

What type of person can make three out of four princes to stand in the middle of the noon directly under the sun while waiting for someone?

Everyone was curious.

At this moment, a pink Mercedes-Benz was slowing coming from the distance and finally after arriving at the entrance gate come to a halt.

The car just stopped, that Zhao Yongliang, Chen Xuejun, and Li Sifan, all unexpectedly trying to outdo each other ran toward that car.

Zhao Yongliang speed was faster compared to the other. He first reached the gate of the front driver seat and tried to open the gate. With the whole face beaming with a smile he said: “Jinxuan, you finally came.”

“ Jinxuan, today afternoon I am inviting you for lunch with me, I have already booked the top floor dining hall of the Bulaiyundeng restaurant!” Chen Xuejun anxiously said.

“See the time man, Jinxuan certainly had her lunch before coming here, what food she can still eat? Jinxuan, let me take you to your class, I know the route!” Li Shifan said.

“You are annoying!” along with an impatient voice, a beautiful thigh appeared in the sight of everyone, soon, a girl wearing a skin-tight short knee length dress came down from the car.

The girl appearance at once overshadowed the splendor of every girl present around the gate of Juang Yuan University. Her five senses were extremely delicate, her nose was naturally upturned, her chin was of highest quality and could easily compete with the surgically enhanced face of those celebrities. She was holding a handbag, which looked like was bought from a roadside stall, and there wasn’t any brand name on it, however, in her hand, it was giving a feeling that it was made by someone of the highest ability.

This girl can be absolutely ranked as a School Flower. No wonder Jiang Yuan University three prince were waiting for her!

“ Did you hear or not, you all are troubling Jinxuan!” Zhao Yongliang after making a cloudy face said: “ Don’t come here to disturb us,”

“ Are you feeling disturbed by us? Then get the hell out of here!” Li Sifan sneered and said.

“You three all get away from me, I just want to properly attend the classes, What are you all up to? I don’t even know your name.” The beautiful woman named Jinxuan resentfully said. Hearing her words everyone surrounding her, involuntarily opened their mouth from the shock. Everyone knew, Jiang Yuan University four princes were not only good looking but each one’s household was very wealthy and formidable. Even inside the university, nobody dared to commit an offense against these four. But this woman unexpectedly opened her mouth and said them to get away from her, didn’t she have an attachment to life?

The next scene made everyone’s eyes fall to the ground, those three, even after getting scolded, unexpectedly had a big smile on their face and nobody dared to show an angry appearance!

Did it explain anything? Of Course, it clearly explained that this woman is absolutely not simple!

The eyes of all person present there was burning with excitement, she was good-looking, her status was out of ordinary, and she is a student newly enrolled in Jiang Yuan university, what does this signify, doesn’t it signify that someone of the Four big beautiful women of the Jiang Yuan university had to give up her seat?

Right at the moment, Jinxuan who had the monopoly of everyone’s attention suddenly looked straight toward the gate and on her face appeared a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Is you!” Jinxuan pointed her finger at the nearby smoking Xu Taiping, and she shouted at him in surprise.

Xu Taiping looked distracted for a moment but suddenly remembered her, this woman, isn’t she that girl whom I saved a few days ago? No wonder she looked a little familiar!

“ How can I have such bad luck!” Xu Taiping cursed while spitting the cigarette and tried to leave that place, but he didn’t expect that Jinxuan was already running toward him.

Under the gaze of many people, the new goddess inside the heart of countless men and easily able to replace any of the four big beautiful women of the Jiang Yuan University Jinxuan dashed toward Xu Taiping and jumped to threw herself at Xu Taiping!

Xu Taiping raised his eyebrow, moved his foot a bit, slowly shifted his body and just by a narrow margin escaped Jinxun body.

Since Jinxuan had thrown herself in the air, she with a ‘BANG’ fell face first on the ground.

Everyone present there felt that their face was involuntarily shivering and Xu Taiping with his face full of helplessness was massaging his temple.

“ Damn, I always say virgins are really annoying!” Xu Taiping annoyingly said.


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