PF Ch.18 Really don’t know his limit

This was really strange, Liu Yang had already worked for two years in this unit but there was still much to be desired, apart from roaming outside on streets with Xia Lan, this building premises, dining hall ……..dormitory, these are the only three places he could say he was familiar with. He even didn’t have much opportunity to get acquaintance with the people of other departments.

Even inside the office premises, he does have any friend to gossip about others business, to the extent that he had not even heard much about the famous daughter and son-in-law of Zhang house.

Chen Weichang certainly knew them, but he with a cloudy face, stood in front of Zhang Qian and coldly said: “That you go to the police, whatever you have to discuss or quarrel, go to the Public Security Bureau, don’t make a ruckus here. Here is The City Government work office, not a place for you all to fight and quarrel.”

There was nothing surprising when Chen Weichang got angry. These people of Zhang were really not paying attention to the City Government office. Do they consider the premises of City Government Courtyard as what? Unexpectedly dare to come here to fight with a person, this is equal to saying, they really didn’t pay attention to any person inside the City government!

Since they were not paying attention to anyone inside the City Government premises, that is same as they were also not paying attention to Chen Weichang.

Everyone knew that Chen Weichang was the City Government Secretary-General, although was not a member of the Municipal Party Standing Committee, the power in his hand was comparable to a Deputy-Mayor, and in reality even equal to some Deputy-Mayors.

No matter what one says I am also a cadre of Department-level and I have to come down here to personally manage them, this whole family really doesn’t know good from bad, even in front of me they still dare to not give up this matter, Do they really think Zhang Yimin is such an amazing character?

Even if he is an amazing character, that also nothing here, this is my area and his greatness amounts to nothing here.

My job is to keep Mayor Zhang satisfied with my work. If Mayor Zhang is satisfied, Let’s not say about Zhang Yimin, even Book Wang cannot do anything to me.

Since Mayor Zhang and two other Deputy-Mayors who are a member of the Standing Committee have gone to attend the meeting, right now, I am City Government Courtyard biggest leader. When in absence of Mayor Zhang, if someone has come and beat the new secretary of her’s, what will she think after returning?

I am this City Government Courtyard big housekeeper, can’t you see the ‘house’ in my title, and doesn’t this explain that I am qualified enough even for your father?

Chen Weichang got really angry while thinking and loudly shouted: “ Dong Zhe, call the police and say that someone has broken inside the City Government Courtyard and trying to create disturbance here. I will personally testify as a witness, I actually want to see, how Public Security Bureau is going to handle this case?”

Seeing Chen Weicheng flip out, even the noisy Zhang Qian got distracted. In her heart says this person in ordinary times is really cautious and solemn, and follow others while putting on the glasses on that pumpkin like face, then how come he is so courageous today, unexpectedly dares to get angry with persons of our zhang house?

Sui Gequing was a big leader in the government unit, after some thinking and seeing the attitude of Chen Weichang, he walked to his wife’s side and whispered something in Zhang Qian’s ear. Zhang Qian who was still not willing to concede looked at him and said: “You are a good-for-nothing…….Mother, we are going, now hurry to deliver my elder brother to the hospital for inspection. Hah, Even if you all are not going to report the police, we will report. Surname Liu, We will meet again ……….”

After saying, Zhang Qian and her mother supported Zhang Wei to walk outside, and Sui Gequing was closely following behind them. Since they wanted to go away, naturally Chen Weichang didn’t try to stop them, and without even giving attention, he moved out of their path.

And only after the whole family of Zhang was out of his sight, he went into the room and snorted, no one knew he was snorting on whom. Without even saying a single word, he turned his head and walked away. Liu Yang closely followed after him: “ Secretary-General, I am sorry…..:”

“ Why are you sorry? Did you purposely go outside to provoke them? This matter I will report to Mayor Zhang, You go back and remember to find me when you come to the office tomorrow.” While saying Chen Weichang entered the elevator.

Even though Liu Yang was looking at the door of the elevator slowly closing, he was distracted for most of the time, in his heart he was contemplating if this matter ended like this or there will be a new development? Secretary-General unexpectedly didn’t criticize me.

Actually, Chen Weichang was not an amiable person, but today’s matter was really not Liu Yang fault. After all, it was not like if the whole family came to retaliate against him, he would have presented his neck in front of them and with a smile ask them to cut it.

Say again, Just now he had contended with the whole family of Zhang and even make them his enemy. Imagining about the bossy and domineering appearance of Zhang Yimin, he was certain that Zhang Yimin will certainly retaliate against him. Thinking this he felt a little timid and as soon as possible wanted to report this matter to Mayor Zhang.

Therefore, without even waiting to go inside his office, he picked his phone in the elevator and sent an SMS to Mayor Zhang informing the whole matter just occurred right now.

But he didn’t know, Mayor Zhang was trying to restrain her belly full of anger when she received his text.

Today after two o’clock in the afternoon, the municipal committee side, at the last moment notifies for the meeting of the Standing Committee. She was still thinking about which big event required the summoning of Standing Committee on such a short notice, but who would have thought that from the beginning of the conference, Zhang Yimin would try to suppress her. Actually frankly speaking she should not have involved the Supervising and Investigation unit in the matter of Liu Yang and Public Security Bureau.

Zhang Yimin barely finished speaking and she was just going to explain herself, but who would have thought that Municipal Committee Deputy-Book Sun Zhuoqun after clearing his throat, ahead of her spoke: “Mayor Zhang has just arrived, still need some time to get familiar with Renzhou city-state of affairs. Oh, what do you all say? Especially in the aspect of appointment of any cadre, one cannot be careful enough and cannot treat it lightly. I heard that the government side is adjusting a young cadre who have never held an important post to be a Deputy-Director? The post of Deputy-Director is a vice-department level post, doesn’t it requires the inspection of the Organization?” While saying he turned his head and stare at Organisation Ministry, Head of Department Yao Peng.

Yao Peng said in his hear, Brother Sun if you have something to say, directly say, don’t suddenly pull me in this turbulent matter. Although this deputy-director post is a vice-department level post and it should pass the inspection of organization ministry before an appointment. But either it was Municipal Committee or City Government, their leader is always using whoever they want to use as their secretary and never have asked for the organization ministry permission to appoint someone, this time is also the same, is there anything new in this?

Now the situation is still not clear, I don’t know who will have the upper hand, why are you trying to pull me into your group? Am I your relative?

Well, first of all, I am very angry with you, after you are appointed as Party Group Deputy-Book, you frequently gesticulate while talking in front of me and when the situation is normal you never come to me for soliciting my advice. Now you remembered to come to me for asking my opinion? That I am sorry, Today I have only brought my ears to this meeting, my tongue is on leave…..

Seeing that Yao Peng was drooping his eyes and concentrating on the table without speaking a word, Sun Zhuoqun couldn’t help but criticize him in his heart “Old Fox”.

He also glanced toward the other members of the Standing Committee, but after realizing that no one wanted to speak in support of him, he continued: “ The guidelines we usually use to employ people, is already very demanding and requires firm ideology. Nurturing an individual cadre is not easy, but to genuinely understand the mentality of a cadre is even more difficult. Ideology is not only a criterion for employing an individual cadre, but it is also fundamental for us, The Political Party member cadre. This Liu Yang is quite clearly still immature. I heard that he fought with a man in the middle of the street and even when the cadre of Public Security Bureau, went to ask him to cooperate with them, he used his status of city government cadre and didn’t comply to accept their investigation. Mayor Zhang, you have just come, you are thinking of your government side person. You are thinking about defending the reputation of your City Government, I can understand. But you should still clearly try to understand the matter. I heard other say, that person was still in the hospital and couldn’t even move and moreover, it is clear from his report that his injury is very severe. Regardless of who he is, all have the basic right to receive equal legal treatment…..”

Sun Zhuoqun this person was really shady, in an ordinary meeting, he had seldom ever spoken for long. But today he was really entertaining everyone with his loquacious skill, obviously, he was grieving for the child of Zhang whom Liu Yang had thrashed. But he was deliberately distorting the truth and made Liu Yang, a wicked evil hero in his version of the story and Zhang Qiang a victim.

This was just simply reprimanding Zhang Jing and indirectly accusing her of shielding a criminal.

As soon as he finished speaking, his hardcore follower Li Yibin and Liu Xianjin both understood that Book Sun was supporting Zhang Yimin and evaluating Mayor Zhang capability.

Zhang Yimin child was beaten by someone this matter, they have also heard but didn’t know that even the newly arrived Mayor Zhang was also involved in this case. This time they were anticipating a good drama.

Seeing that Zhang Yimin and Zun Zhuoqun had joined hand to suppress Zhang Jing and even though after solely listening to their account she was still not blaming Liu Yang, but since she didn’t know the whole matter about this case and didn’t have any proof to say that it was all Zhang Qiang fault, her whole face flushed red from the embarrassment and she still didn’t know how to refute the matter, Wang Yifeng coughed and slowly opened his mouth: “As far as I know, ther matter is not such?”

While saying, Wang Yifeng looked at the body of Zhang Yimin, and thought, a moment ago when you were trying to find me to discuss this matter, Wasn’t I clear? I remembered telling you, Comrade Liu Yang is really good, don’t tell me you didn’t hear my opinion? Did you think I was talking rubbish?

Seeing Zhang Yimin didn’t even react, Wang Yifeng with dissatisfaction said: “According to the report of Public Security Bureau, “Cross-Strait Custom” entertainment house boss and waitress testified with them the whole situation. The matter is simple, It was Zhang Qiang who after getting drunk, tried to play a rogue and wanted a girl to accompany him. That girl was against the idea, so Zhang Qiang and his friend Li Min tried to force her. Finally, they chased her to the gate of the guest house beside the main street…..”

Saying this, Wang Yifeng expression became really severe, and while patting the desk, and continued in a loud voice: “What situation this is? How can someone behave like this? We are peoples servant, then how some peoples children are behaving like the second generation? Oppressing the people to run amok, don’t tell me just because their father is a big public cadre, they are outside the bound of Law? I can not tolerate it. Don’t say about them even we who are sitting here right now don’t have that privilege. To violet party order and national law, everyone will receive the same treatment……….”

Zhang Yimin what do you think yourself as? Do you really consider yourself as the local tyrant of Renzhou city, and take your son as the crown prince? You really think of Public Security department as your camp for grilling people? Don’t think that I don’t know about you.

Your and Li Yibin son Li Ming both chased that girl on the street, this is clearly recorded by both Entertainment house and City guest house surveillance camera. This thing even if you want to refuse, you can’t refuse.

The whole case has the victim, witness and video footage to testify, and has been already regarded as ironclad evidence in this case. Even if you Zhang Yimin is the Book of the politics and Law Committee, you can’t divert the case. What are you trying to achieve by jabbering on and on in front of the Standing Committee?

Before I was not serious with you because you were a contender for the throne of the City Mayor, but now what capital you have to be so arrogant in front of me? Really you don’t know your limit, right now you were just asking for losing your face in front of Standing Committee.

Hearing Wang Yifeng to speak in her favor, Zhang Jing gave a thankful glance to him

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