SFVSG Ch.2 Good News and Bad News

“Again this nightmare. How can I have these nightmares even after drinking so much?” Xu Taiping frowned to raise his hand and started to massage his temple. I once again had that nightmare in which every one of my team members died in front of me one by one.

Xu Taiping took a deep breath to restrain his negative mood and then turned his head to look all around. After determining that this was his own room, he stepped down from the bed even without caring about his nakedness.

“Dear, let sleep for some more time.” hearing a woman’s weak voice from above the bed, Xu Taiping turned his head to look at the bed. On the bed was lying a naked body of a woman. Even though a quilt was covering her half body, her perfectly round thigh was in open and above the quilt. That leg regardless of length or breadth was sufficient to compete against any so-called fashion models.

Xu Taiping didn’t reply or even didn’t looked again at her and started to walk toward the bathroom.

Ice-cold water was falling from his head. It drenched Xu Taiping’s face, neck, back and then following his rugged muscles, tracing a horrible scar of the knife wound, finally reached his outstanding buttock to drop onto the ground.

It was tough to imagine that a single person can have these many scars on his body and these scars on his body were making him look ten times more fierce than he was. Fortunately, he didn’t have any blemish on his face; otherwise, if he ever went outside without a shirt, the police would have definitely arrested him.

After taking a cold bath, Xu Taiping spirit relaxed a lot, he picked a bath towel and started to wipe his body while going inside the room.

On the bed, that woman, he had brought back with him last night, was still sleeping.

Xu Taiping had already forgotten much about this woman’s appearance. For Xu Taiping, it was not necessary to remember the appearance of someone in this type of ephemeral husband and wife relationship.

He wiped clean his body and picked up the trousers from the ground to wear, but suddenly the phone inside his pant started to vibrate.

Xu Taiping pulled out the phone from the pocket and saw an unknown number flashing on the screen, after slightly frowning he picked up the phone.

“ I have a good news and a bad news to tell you, Blood Wolf. You decide which one you want to hear first?” From the head of the telephone came a coquettish voice of a woman.

Regarding this voice, Xu Taiping couldn’t be more familiar. This woman’s nickname was Nightingale, and she was a person of the organization.

Xu Taiping while massaging his temple said: “ whichever you want to say first.”

“Good news is, the girl you have brought back yesterday night to have sex has just reached the adulthood and was a virgin, you are in profit.” came the sound of nightingale from the telephone’s head.

“ Virgin? This is not a good news. Now say the bad news.” Xu Taiping knitted his eyebrow to ask. Actually, he liked mature women more than a lass, after all, the former were less likely to try to glue with him. In normal circumstances Xu Taiping didn’t like to touch a virgin, it is just that, yesterday night he drank a little too much, and apparently forgot this mantra of his.

“Bad news is, this little lady’s father is Jiang Yuan city underground society, big brother. Yesterday evening those men you thoroughly thrashed were this young Lady’s bodyguard, and right now the three of them is approaching your gate, and among these two are carrying a weapon. Apart from this, three cars are waiting downstairs, altogether ten people. You can choose to resist them openly. With your capability, five second is sufficient to thrash those three guys outside your gate, twelve seconds for those ten guys waiting downstairs, and the only consequence is you might expose your identity which will have a great influence on your current lifestyle. Apart from this option, you can also similarly choose to leave silently. You have a window of eight seconds to evacuate that room, and you can choose that window of the room, now your time starts……”

“Damn!” Xu Taiping couldn’t help but curse. After draping the trouser over his shoulder, he dashed toward the window.

Actually, he was not afraid of that something underground society big brother, but yesterday he had thrashed his little brothers, even slept with his daughter. And now today, if he again beat his subordinate, then how this matter would escalate from now on, no one could say. That’s why he chose to run.

With a jeer, Xu Taiping directly jumped outside from the window.

Just before jumping out the window, Xu Taiping cursed nightingale’s eighteen generations once again.

Unexpectedly there was nothing outside the window, and after he rushed outside, he started to fall rapidly.

Bang, the only thing happen due to his fall from the third floor of the building was unexpectedly just a loud sound. Even after falling from so high building, the only thing happened to Xu Taiping was that his knees slightly bent to absorb the whole impact from the ground. After that, he hurriedly dashed outside, and in a blink of the eye, he disappeared into the street corner.

Jiang Yuan city’s Shang Dao Coffee Shop.

Xu Taiping was looking at the nightingale in front of him who was unceasingly laughing and was thinking about slapping her face. But thinking about how horrible it was to deal with her whenever she fliped out, Xu Taiping decided to endure it for the time being.

“ You look at it; this is the video of you with bare buttock, falling from that window from the third floor. If this is circulated inside our organization on the intranet, and by any chance seen by those domestic animals then they will really die from laughing. Who could have imagined that the organization former killer king Blood Wolf, has degenerated to this level, hahaha.” Nightingale without even considering about Xu Taiping feeling, she kept on willfully laughing. Because she was wearing a deep V, her half-naked soft breast which was spilling outside, and along with nightingale’s laughter was unceasingly shaking. By just looking at the frequency of shaking of those rabbits, one could know that they were real breast.

Xu Taiping still didn’t care a bit about nightingale’s exposed chest, because he knew, that Nightingale was a rose with a lot of thorns. Anyone who had any intention to get close to her, all without exception died a cruel death.

“If you have especially come here just to mock me, then I think, you are really wasting your time. Your next mission has a reward in seven digits, and if you have come here to meet me, a hermit, that is the even more wasteful utilization of your time. I have already left the organization, and now every day, I am living in a drunken stupor, and quite enjoying it.” Xu Taiping insipidly said.

“ I know that their death has a big impact on you, but you can not sink into the depravity. It is really not a good thing, and you know right, others were most fond of looking at you, devastating those enemies to death.” Nightingale threw a coquettish glance at Xu Taiping.

“I don’t like other people mentioning past matters. Hear me, even if you are Nightingale I can still make you regret appearing in front of me.” Xu Taiping insipidly said while hitting the table top with his fingers. Unexpectedly on the top of the black marble table, there was an imprint of his two fingers.

Nightingale’s body slightly trembled, and soon an emotion surged inside her eyes, she said: “ Everyone says you are a cold-blooded, ruthless domestic animal; apparently it is right. If you such scare me, and I get afraid, then what will you do if I am unable to tell you about the thing, Lao Z has requested me to deliver you.”

While saying, Nightingale put out an envelope in front of Xu Taiping and said: “ Lao Z has said, For people like us, it’s common to have some personality defect, and have a hard time blending into the society. Leaving the organization, and relying on the beforehand accumulated money, your this kind of drunken stupor life is not a problem, only, in a long time it will be difficult to avoid drawing suspicions from someone, it could even possibly expose you, and someone will chase after you to kill. When you were still inside the organization, the organization was capable of helping you, but now you can only rely on yourself. Therefore Lao Z has recommended you to work; you can even take a test but try to lay low. Although Jiang Yuan underground world’s big brother doesn’t scare you, at the moment, your identity is really sensitive, and quite many people know that you have left the organization, and they are inquiring about you. To expose yourself because of this trivial matter is really not worth it.

Xu Taiping picked up the envelope and opened it. He took out a recommendation letter from the inside.

“ To work as a security guard?” Xu Taiping raised his eyebrow to say: “ Lao Z is really…..thinking highly of me.”

“ Status is although nothing good to say about, it is good enough to lay low, and it will be sporadic that someone is going to pay attention to a low-level university security guard. However, this profession can help you communicate with many people and blend into the society. You must live up to the expectation Lao Z.” Nightingale said.

“ Say my thank to Lao Z for helping me. It is just that; I don’t need it, fate rules life and death, if I get killed by someone it will be just that my capacity was not enough.” Xu Taiping insipidly said while standing up and trying to go outside.

“ Jiang Yuan University is reckoned as one of the two big universities in China, inside have many rich family children and beautiful women. If you don’t go there, it will be the same as cheaply letting these rich fellows go away.” Nightingale said while laughing.

Xu Taiping suddenly stopped, then he picked that recommendation letter to put into his pocket and directly went outside.

“Indeed he is an interesting fellow.” Looking at Xu Taiping’s back, Nightingale with her face beaming with a smile said to herself.

Jiang Yuan Police Station, Drug Enforcement department.

A newly graduated student from Police Academy, Su Nianci with a beautiful police uniform was uprightly sitting on the chair. She had a sexy black framed eyeglass hanging on her high straight bridge of the nose and the heroic spirit on her matching face was making her look really charming.

At Su Nianci opposite was chief of the Drug Enforcement department, Yuan Jun, nickname Yuan Datou. He was a veteran police officer.

“According to our latest information, recently in many cities below the south of Yangtze River, has appeared a new High Purity drug. These drugs are so pure that it can make one speechless. We through long investigation have obtained some clue; these drugs may have been originated inside the Jiang Yuan University. The area around the Jiang Yuan University is huge, and there are many students. If we dispatch a big troop of police to enter the university to investigate and collect evidence, we might beat the grass to scare the snake. Moreover, it is possible that this may create a huge influence on the society. Therefore, top organization members are hoping that you take the identity of a teacher and infiltrate the Jiang Yuan University. There, you do your best to clearly investigate, whether the origin of these drugs really have something to do with Jiang Yuan University or not! Nianci, you have just graduated from the police school this year, your background is clean and distinct, and your body has a scholars spirit, I think, you will be good to take on the identity of a teacher to integrate inside the university.” Yuan Jun earnestly said to Su Nianci.

“ Posing as a teacher? But, Chief, I topped the police school, and even my specialization has no relation to the teaching profession. I think I am not suitable for this.” SU Nanci awkwardly said.

“ This point you don’t need to care about, You may use sports teacher’s identity to enter the Jiang Yuan University. Nianci, right now, I am most anxious about is that these drug dealers are extremely terrible and evil. Although you will be secretly investigating, still you can have life-threatening danger. If you are unwilling to take the risk, we will again try to find another method.” Yuan Jun said.

“ Doesn’t need, Chief!” Su Nianci earnestly said, “ I am a police officer, I am anytime ready to sacrifice my life for the country and its people, therefore, this mission, I will not shirk without the dishonor!”

“Good, that tomorrow you will formally enter Jiang Yuan University with the identity of a sports teacher!”



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