SFVSG Ch.1 Meeting By Chance In The Night

A bar filled with the dim light and loud music as if it was trying to blow away the soundproof walls of the bar was attracting every lonely nocturnal figure.

Pleasure seeking women, some wearing a short skirt, some wearing a low cut blouse, while holding maybe genuine may be fake brands bags, were walking with random men. And everyone’s eyes were blurred due to being dead drunk.

Xu Taiping squinted his eyes and sat down on the counter of the bar.  The continuous ear-piercing music was getting on his nerve, and because of alcohol, he was already intoxicated.

He had a long beard on his face and hair on his head looked messy as if he had not taken care of it for a long time. The two opened button on his collar made him seemed like an unrestrained guy.

That blurred expression in his eyes and his dispirited look was adding several points of different type of flavor to his wild look.

Xu Taiping took a hiccup in front of this, seems a little more than thirty but in reality must not be less than forty years old, glorious woman. She was wearing a lot of makeup and wanted to accompany him for the night.

That beautiful woman angrily stamped her feet and turned away from him.

“What happened, still don’t like anyone?” from behind the counter of the bar, A girl in rabbit suit smiled and asked. Regarding this person who had appeared just a few days ago, she didn’t know much, but because this man came here every day to drink and every night different women were trying to please him, she had a profound impression of him.

Actually, In reality, this man indeed had that smart appearance which women were fond of. However, he didn’t have an effeminate feeling around him. Around his body had a chilling aura which no average man could have. And this chilling aura was emitting even more fascinating breath as one could feel from those Buddhist monks who had rejected the world.

He was same as a blood red mary cocktail, irrespective of inside or outside, he was fascinating.

Xu Taiping hiccuped and said: “ There are uncountable women and a lot of beauty. I can’t drown myself in their splendor and harm my kidney. Ok, I am going now.”

“ I am just finishing my work.” That beautiful woman bartender said.

Xu Taiping didn’t respond as if he hadn’t heard her in the first place and directly walked out of the gate.

“ He really knows how to hurt someone.”  that beautiful bartender spitefully laughed while feeling a sense of loss. She apparently belonged to the class for whom he couldn’t grieve his kidney.

Looking at the back of Xu Taiping, that beautiful bartender couldn’t help but get somewhat curious. This man first appeared in this bar just a few days ago, but he has already drunk worth more than a million. Moreover, many times he has given me a tip like a nouveau riche, but I still don’t know what type of woman he likes? I just want to know, which sort of women is capable enough to make him grieved his kidney?

Xu Taiping kicked the back door of the bar to open it. Since the back door of the bar was rusty and difficult to open, a loud sound was produced. Everyone standing outside the door became scared.

Even though there was a strange scene where a group of men was surrounding a beautiful woman, Xu Taiping didn’t pay any attention. Things like a hero saving a ‘beautiful woman in distress’ this type, he never wanted to do with blood-covered hands of his.

Xu Taiping without paying any attention to his surrounding walked to the trash can and opened his zipper.

The sound of him urinating became loud and clear in the serenity of the darkness. Those several robust men despicably looked down on Xu Taiping. In the eyes of these people, the man out there pissing calmly without giving a damn about them was only doing so because he was dead drunk.

Drunkards were the most pathetic people out there because they didn’t dare to face the darkness of the night.

“ Handsome fellow, save me!!” That beautiful woman who was surrounded by these men suddenly shouted.

Xu Taiping involuntarily took a hiccup and couldn’t stop his body from trembling and soon a sound of him pulling his zipper came. All the people were looking at him, and after a period,  a robust man whose height was almost two meter said a sentence to Xu Taiping for which he was going to regret his whole life: “ Youngster, don’t meddle in others business.”

Actually, Xu Taiping had already decided to go back to his home. But due to this sentence, Xu Taiping’s body came to a sudden halt, and soon with his intoxicated drowsy eyes, he looked at that group of men.

That group of roughly seven-eight people was surrounding a beautiful woman.

“ Handsome fellow, save me, tonight I will be yours!!” that woman at once shouted.

Xu Taiping glanced at that woman to take a hiccup, and while looking at that robust man, he said; “ Was it you who told me to not meddle in others business?”

“Try to control that toy inside your trousers, there are many things that you cannot manage.” that robust man said in a cold voice. Since he was a rogue, how could he treat others like how he has to treat his wife.

Suddenly a burst of wind arose, and even though there was more than the three-meter gap between these two, Xu Taping body swiftly moved, and in less than a second, he was standing in front of that robust man.

That robust man could clearly see the disdain in Xu Taiping eyes, and soon he saw a fist suddenly coming toward his face.

“ Bang” a loud sound reverberated.

And with that sound, the nasal bone of that robust man broke. His two legs slowly left the ground and started to tilt in the air.

Xu Taiping then grabbed his neck and made that man’s body which was ready to somersault in the air at once came to a halt.

After that, Xu Taiping threw him on the ground.


That robust two-meter long man fell on the ground as a pile driver had beaten him. Due to the enormous power, his body even after landing on the ground bounced back, and he puffed out a mouthful of blood.

Xu Taiping lifted his foot and stepped on the chest of that already collapsed man and beaming with a smile looked at surrounding people to say, “Originally, I didn’t want to destroy that good matter you all were planning. You tell me, was it not your deed that brought this misfortune to you all?”

“ Scoundrel!!” the surrounding men responded after a moment, and while roaring, they approached Xu Taiping one after another.

Their scream unceasingly echoed in the emptiness of the night.

After a few second, outside the back door of the pub, those awe-inspiring, outstanding men were lying on the ground. Some people had their hand broken, while some had their leg.

All men were curling their body in pain, and the ground was full of blood.

Xu Taiping walked to that beautiful woman’s side and held her waist to say, “ Do we go to a hotel, or I do it with you here on the ground?”

“Elder, Elder brother, I merely, I merely joked with you.”  that woman was scared seeing the skill of Xu Taiping, and with very much difficulty she finally uttered those words.

“ If I don’t have the skill, then the person lying down here would have been me, this type of joke is really not funny.” Xu Taiping lifted his hand and while softly caressing her chin said, “ Regardless of anything you say, I am going to teach you a lesson, to save you from courting disaster in the future, so that you will later won’t get involved with these muddle-headed men again. Tonight, You are mine.”

“Elder, elder brother, I, I have just reached the adulthood this year, you, you cannot be like this!” that woman said in a shivering voice.

“Hahaha, look at you, so scared, later pay attention. Don’t pull someone in the turbulent water as you wish, and even if you need other person’s help don’t do it irresponsibly because sometimes the other might be a very dangerous person, who like to play hide and seek with someone’s life.” Xu Taiping smiled ridiculously and lifted his hand to vigorously pat the buttock of that woman. He just turned his body to leave that he suddenly saw a group of man dashing toward him from the front and unexpectedly some people even had guns in their hand.

“ When did you offended these domestic animals?” Xu Taiping slightly knitted his brow and asked.

“ I don’t know them.” that woman shook her head in refusal.

“ You owe me two favor.” Xu Taiping lifted her and put that woman on his shoulder and ran away from those men while carrying her.

The shouts coming from behind his body was all concealed by the ear-splitting sound of the music coming from the pub. Xu Taiping asked while running on the road, “Do you have a car or not?”

“ I have, there.”  that woman pointed her finger at a nearby parked black Maserati to say.

Carrying that woman, Xu Taiping dashed to that car’s side and received the key from her hand to open the car door and go inside the car.

Xu Taiping just sat inside the car and turned his head, only, to see that woman was already seated on the copilot seat.

Her naked thigh looked really attractive in the dusky light inside the car.

Xu Taiping grinningly said: “ Where should we go?”

“My best friend’s house.” that woman also took a hiccup and threw a bunch of keys to Xu Taiping. Then she slowly closed her eyes and started to breathe peacefully. Alcohol and Xu Taiping’s running had made that woman somewhat muddle-headed.

“Good” Xu Taiping twisted his finger and started the car.

Hearing the heavy rumbling resonating sound of the car in the night, the malicious people chasing them finally caught up with him.

Xu Taiping slowly lowered the side window and looked in the rearview mirror. As if there wasn’t any emergency, he didn’t press on the accelerator. He lighted a cigarette and took a thick mouthful of the smoke.

After waiting till those men were just going to overtake them, he disdainfully smiled at them and threw his cigarette outside the window only then he did step on the accelerator.

The wheel on the ground was rotating rapidly while fumigating the white smoke and only after a moment did the car dashed and faded into the curtain of the night.

Those men who were waving their weapon almost touched the car’s rear, but right now, the only thing left there on the ground to contemplate was a red backlight of that car.

Xu Taiping was very fond of the feeling of being almost getting killed, and that type of feeling always made him felt alive as if he was drowned into some abnormal crooked excitement.

That’s why for a long time, he was often considered as a monster by the people acquaintance with him.

In the dark curtain of night, every lonely sinister soul, inside the Tianhai city’s debauched and corrupt environment, were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Imbecile man and foolish unmarried woman’s body were unceasingly tangling, bullying, panting for breath and releasing their essence, and this was a typical scene here.

Xu Taiping awareness was a little fuzzy, and he also started to feel tipsy inside his head due to the alcohol. He slowly began to forget many things. He vaguely remembered that he and this woman came to this room which it had a residual fragrance of a young girl and after that, he had reaped apart that girl’s small dress from her body.

He then recklessly ravaged the body of that woman under him and vented his all pent-up desire.

Suddenly, Xu Taiping heard an ear piercing scream.

“Captain, save me!!”

“Captain, I don’t want to die!!!”

With a burst of ear-piercing sound, the scarlet body in front of Xu Taiping exploded.

“Don’t!” Xu Taiping suddenly awoke and sat up.

A warm summer wind was coming from outside the window, and window curtains were moving.

The room was filled with the sweet sound of the windchime, and the clothes of Xu Taiping and that woman were scattered on the floor of the room.

Due to the slipping of the quilt from the Xu Taiping’s body, one could easily see a tattoo of a wolf on his chest.

The tattoo was apparently very old, and the color was somewhat faded. But the most remarkable thing was still obvious. A pair of red eyes of that wolf’s tattoo was still ominous enough to make anyone feel the killing intent just by looking at it.


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