PF Ch.16 How can the family of Zhang is good to provoke?

Just right at this moment, a young person inside the office Premises, named Yang Bin stood up and said with a shady smile: “ Ohh, elder brother Liu today your courage is really big. Director is still calm and you are spouting fire. No wonder you dare to fight with a person before a crowd in the middle of the street. I also heard that this morning today you were arrested by some people from Public Security Bureau. Now it seems like they must have forced you to eat something to be this stupid. Even though you don’t know what to do next, you are still trying to destroy your only means of livelihood. Unexpectedly you dare to not listen to Director Liao word? Don’t you know who Director Liao is? Director Liao is………”

This domestic animal had a business family, and he always leaned toward “Fatty Liao” to curry favor with, and inside the office, he always stood up with him, many times he had helped “Fatty Liao” in bullying Liu Yang. Liu Yang also never said anything to him due to “Fatty Liao” being present there every time. With time, this domestic animal even started to think that Liu Yang was afraid of him. Now seeing Liu Yang dare to challenge Liao Hongxing, he couldn’t control himself and came beside “Fatty Liao” to speak in support of him.

This domestic animal was a typical case of someone who doesn’t have a bit of brain, after all, how could he thought that if Liu Yang was not even giving a bit of face to “Fatty Liao” right now, he will still be afraid of his henchman?

Without even letting him finish, Liu Yang at once stopped him and said: “I know, how can I not know who Director Liao is? Afterall Director Liao is your father…….”

“ You…..youyou….” Yang Ping after hearing Liu Yang’s this statement, he got really angry and pointed his finger at Liu Yang but didn’t know what he should tell him. Actually, in private, Yang Bin did every now and then subtly gave hint to people that Director Liao is his adoptive father. Even so, how can this type of relationship be made public, but now in front of so many people, Liu Yang had poked his soft rib, how can Yang Ping not choke with resentment.

Inside the office premises, there were many people who had heard Liu Yang. They couldn’t help but first look at each other face in dismay. But after looking at Yang Ping and Liao Hongxing face they had a hard time holding back their smile. This Liu Yang, in general, was always a silent guy, we never thought that he is so funny.

“Liu Yang, You are crossing your limits. Do you know what you are saying right now?” Looking at Yang Ping defeated appearance, Liao Hongxing couldn’t think about anything and pointed his finger at Liu Yang and loudly shouted.

Liu Yang didn’t take offense and gently turned his face to look at “Fatty Liao” and smiled while asking: “What? Director Liao, have I said something wrong? This is something Yang Ping himself said to me, I thought he was telling the truth. Oh pardon me, actually, it was just me who misunderstood. It is natural that only you know if Yang Ping is your child or not, whatever he says about him being your child doesn’t count….”

The meaning deep inside Liu Yang’s words was even more malicious and was pricking “Fatty Liao” like a thorn and once more insulted Yang Ping. Li Shanshan couldn’t endure anymore and started to laugh while thinking in her heart, this man’s big academic background is not for show, even during cursing people he doesn’t need to use dirty words.

“Youyou……Liu Yang, We don’t need to talk about these things. You were late today, right? What you have to say about this?” Even though his face had turned purple from anger, he knew that it was almost impossible to do anything to Liu Yang based on his quarrel with Yang Ping on this matter.

But to arrive late for the office, regardless of anything is wrong.

Liu Yang had made him lost his face by quarreling with him in front of so many people, this face he must retrieve. Since he had his weak point in his hand, naturally he will stop being sidetracked and would not overlook this soft rib of Liu Yang.

Liu Yang with a light smile looked at him, said in a calm voice: “ Director Liao, actually just now I already said to you, this reception department is not something your family have opened, Where have I gone to and what I was doing in the afternoon, Section-chief Hu Xiaoping and Secretary-General Chen both know. Hu Xiaoping is my direct supervisor and has the authority to arrange matters related to my work. Secretary-General Chen is our big leader, the word he speaks, let alone me, I am afraid that even you Director Liao have to obey.

Liao Hongxing looked blankly at him while saying: “You? What nonsense are you spouting from your mouth? Secretary-General Chen word naturally I will obey…..You are saying that today afternoon he has…….”

Liu Yang nodded and said: “ Frankly Director Liao, I should thank you….. Actually, if I have let you make this matter noisy enough, tell me, at that moment wouldn’t it have been you to suffer a loss? Today it was Secretary-General Chen who looked for me, but you are saying I have neglected my work without any proper reason, you tell me if Secretary-General Chen knows this matter, will he blamed me or you?”

“This…..” Liao Hongxing pondered for a moment, he felt what Liu Yang was saying is correct. It was Secretary-General Cheng who have arranged something for Liu Yang to do, but here I was blaming him that he is neglecting his work, If Secretary-General Chen comes to know this, will certainly think that I am having some thought about contending with him.

But, what trick Liu Yang, this domestic animal is playing behind my back, why is he so considerate of me?

Thinking this, he attentively watched Liu Yang and coldly said: “Thank me? why are you saying thanks to me?”

Liu Yang indifferently said: “ Thank you for giving me a hard time for such a long period and for not tormenting me to death; thank you for making my temperament enduring enough so that I can now endure any situation unbearable for a normal person. I feel that your special consideration and nurturing, has made me a person that regardless of anywhere I go to work, I am now capable of smiling and enjoy looking at a flower blooming, irrespective of honor and disgrace I can always remain calm, even if Mt Tai were to collapse in front of me I will be invariable……”

Being amazed Li Shanshan lifted her face and looked at Liu Yang as if it was the first time she got to know him. This person can talk like this even in a time like this, how could he be a normal person?

Even if one doesn’t have the golden wings, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any talent, in an unfavorable situation he can still turn into a phoenix. The b-university talented student really stand out from the masses, even if other people feel envy, admiration, jealousy or hate there is nothing special in it. The moment he will get a stage to perform, he is surely going to perform some earth-shaking matters…….

“You….” Liao Hongxing whole face was red, clenching his teeth in the rage he said: “ You really don’t want to admit the mistake! Yes, I am always giving you a hard time, I couldn’t bear to see whole day your proud, arrogant and omnipotent appearance, I always hated you, What can you do? Let me tell you until the day you are under me, I will not let you have an easy time ……”

Liu Yang waved his hand to interrupt him and said: “ right? It is indeed a big coincidence, we are thinking the same thing, I also think about you like this. It is only that from now on I don’t have to see your face and stop myself from feeling disgusted. Certainly, You also don’t need to see my face and feel nauseated…..”

Saying this Liu Yang stopped and pointed his finger at his desk and said: “ oh finally, I have packed my things. Today I come here just to say goodbye to everyone, from now onwards I won’t be working under your hand.”

Liao Hongxing was so surprised that he opened his mouth and suspiciously asked: “You……You are really going to resign, but this is a secure and lucrative job….”

Liu Yang looked at him like he was world’s biggest idiot and suddenly smiled while saying: “ Resign? Director Liao da, you really are funny. I said I am not going to work for you, here, naturally, I have some job already arranged for me. It is just that………. from now on I will have to tread many steps on the ladder, after all, I have to go to the seventh floor for work, Oh don’t know if this old waste will support or not? What do you say Director Liao da?”

Seven…….seventh floor? That is where Mayor Zhang’s office is!

On the seventh floor apart from the office of Mayor and Deputy Mayor, can only their respective secretary go to work. But let alone Mayor and Deputy Mayor, even comparing their secretary to these people in Reception department is an insult to them.

Liu Yang is going to work on the seventh floor, this….. Did he get promoted? Thinking this Liao Hongxing couldn’t close his opened mouth and was so dumbfounded that he even didn’t say anything for a long time.

Without even caring about what these people are thinking, Liu Yang reached for the cartoon box on the table and lifted it while saying to these surprised people: “ originally today I was planning to invite everyone to have dinner with me in the evening, now it looks like I can only ask some other day. Thank you all for this whole time caring and being considerate for me, I will never forget everyone’s kindness…..”

Everyone’s this whole time care, consideration, and assistance for him, is this a joke? When did we ever cared or looked after him? Won’t it be more right to say that excluding Li Shanshan every one has gone past their limit in bullying you?

This kindness he will always remember? Thinking this…..everyone couldn’t help but shiver from the implication behind this statement……..

While saying this all, Liu Yang was a bit of proud of himself in his heart, but also felt somewhat a sense of loss.

I didn’t felt it when I was still a member of the reception department, but after coming here to work, I am really starting to feel detachment from the human emotions. No wonder people say Organisation is a big vortex, competition is everywhere, even it is as dangerous as a gun and bullet in the battlefield. From the surface everyone is dignified, but in reality, nobody sincerely thinks of you as a friend.

Inside this cardboard box was a teacup, glass, mug, umbrella, notebook and some scraps and could be considered as his whole belonging inside the reception department.

Looking at him holding the big cardboard box while going outside, the eyes of some people were puzzling, some were astonished but most were shocked.

Even if Liu Yang just now had not openly said, where he had been transferred to, and what duty he was assigned. But he had said that from now onwards he was going to work on the seventh floor.

Seventh floor, How can someone not know the individuals working in the office premises on the seventh floor is who? If one thinks that this City Government Building is Renzhou city backbone, then the seventh floor can be considered as the core of that backbone. If this whole building is a computer then the seventh floor could be considered as the CPU of that computer.

Looking at him going away, everyone’s eyes were filled with complicated expression and their eye was silently following his back. Even Liao Hongxing was standing there dumbfounded but didn’t dare to ask him anything.

After thinking about what Liu Yang just said, his heart was thrown into a deep chaos and was making a ruckus.

This domestic animal is going to the seventh floor for working, don’t tell me he is appointed as the secretary of Mayor Zhang? Except for newly arrived Mayor Zhang all other leader’s are already assigned their secretary, and I have not heard any rumor about someone replacing their secretary.

This is really inconceivable, there must be some mistake! What thing he has? Why is Mayor Zhang favoring him?

Bastard, from now on he will be following behind Mayor Zhang and every day he will be in front of her eyes. It will be really strange if he doesn’t create trouble for me! I hope what I am thinking is wrong.

Liu Yang barely reached the door and was just reaching for the handle to push the gate, he heard a shouting and scolding from the corridor. That source of shouting and scolding unexpectedly felt like getting more and more near him and all of a sudden he felt that the gate in front of him was kicked by someone.

“Bang….” the cardboard box he was holding in his bosom was by a sudden kick on the gate, slipped from his hand and fell on the ground. If it was not for timely dodging the gate it might have been his nose which would have been bleeding right now.

“Which bastard here have the family name, Liu? Where is he? You have kicked my son to seriously injured him and unexpectedly still dare to go to work in front of so many people as if nothing had happened, you are really thinking highly of yourself…..”

“ just tell me about Liu Yang….which bastard here is named Liu Yang? If you beat my younger brother, did you really think I won’t say anything, today I am going to make him taste how it feels to have one’s ball trampled….”

“Hey what use saying this to have? Which is Liu Yang, if you have the courage, come in front of me….” the one who said this was unexpectedly twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old beautiful woman.

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