PF Ch.15 Elated with success

It is very difficult to cross the gate of section level and step into the Deputy-Director Level. Under the county township committee bureau, there are plenty of officers who do not have the opportunity to cross-section level threshold in their lifetime.
From assistant-head clerk to head clerk, I didn’t have any real duty, but I never thought that I will reach the heaven in a single bound, let alone this was really a simple step to cross this threshold.

Surprised and astonished looking toward Secretary-General, with lips trembling, Liu Yang didn’t know what good thing he must talk with him.

Secretary-General was still profoundly smiling and looking at him, after waiting for a moment, he said: “ If you don’t have any other question, return to your desk and tidy up, by the way, tomorrow early morning go to your work office as usual.

Liu Yang in excitement couldn’t speak anything, but when he heard Secretary-General’s this sentence, his excitement finally cool downed. He hurriedly stood up and came in front of Secretary-General’s body and respectfully said: “I…I will obey Secretary-General’s arrangement, Thank you Secretary_general…..”

Chen Weichang also stood up and smilingly said: “ Don’t hear my arrangement, from now on you must let Mayor Zhang be satisfied with your work. Mayor Zhang has gone to Municipal Committee that side to attend a meeting, and right now I can’t lead you to meet her. Tomorrow after coming to work, you come here and find me, I will lead you to go and see her…….do not forget. To be a secretary one need to have, diligent hand and feet, strict mouth , good at learning, good at reflecting, must be cautious and honest low profile, now go back and think over it, tomorrow is a new day for you, you must be full of spirit when you come for work.

Chen Weicheng’s this type of conduct could be considered as if a top-level teacher was leading his pupil by teaching him through words and examples.

Liu Yang was overwhelmed by this favor and sincerely said: “ Thank you, Secretary-General. I am asking you to be at ease, I will strive to learn and try to earnestly work, I will surely live up to your expectation, care and trust for me.

Chen Weichang extended his hand and patted on Liu Yang’s shoulder while saying:            “ Good, I believe you will do your job sincerely.”  Even though he was saying so much from his mouth, but in his heart, he was thinking that you are one hell of an idiot, have you ever hear the word lip service. It is Book Wang and Mayor Zhang who took a fancy to you, I don’t even care if you live or die.

Even though he was thinking such, the word coming from his mouth was totally different.

He thought that Liu Yang was soon going to get Mayor Zhang’s great attention and will be Mayor Zhang’s secretary from tomorrow onward. Even if he will still be my subordinate but this subordinate will be staying together with Mayor Zhang from morning to evening, being able to make him own a favor, will have big benefits.

Mayor Zhang has just arrived and I still don’t know how she feels about me. Having him own me a favor, even in the future if Mayor Zhang has some dissatisfaction with me, then Liu Yang will not only help me but even inform me of inside news. Said again even if he can’t soothe her dissatisfaction, but knowing the matter early will help me prepare for the worst.

Even though he was on the seventh cloud, Liu Yang returned to his reception office on the first floor. When he returned everyone’s hopeful eyes lifted and locked on his face. Liu Yang looked at these extremely familiar but who never treated him nicely colleagues, he had a complex feeling in his heart.

These people never felt that me a B-University graduate, working inside the office will ever be a huge threat to them? Now the competition inside the office is similar to the battlefield, and considering one’s official career it will be better to think of all potential rivals as his enemy is not a bad thing.

I cannot blame them, after all, how can they think, that one day the person they have treated coldly can reach the heaven in a single bound, and will be the first one who will overcome the trail and leave this cage?

Whether they have ever considered that without even competing with them for a single day, I will be able to directly jump from section level to deputy department level?

The so-called “good fortune make the man” is this, after all, it is almost impossible to anticipate the future.

These fellows every day followed behind Liao Hongxing buttock, and with a smiling face they sang praise for him, but even though they will still remain inside the room and work strenuously but I who was worked as a cow by Liao Hongxing will now lift up my head and respectfully walk outside from this gate.

What should one say about this thing? Even though we will as before have some dealing but they will never have an opportunity to laugh at me.

From tomorrow, whenever I will come across them, or have some work to cooperate with reception office, these people will see me and they all will call respectfully my name as Director Liu.

Perhaps, even Liao Hongxing will bow his head and ask for my direction to carry out some work. From tomorrow onwards whatever I will say will represents Mayor Zhang’s word. Don’t know what face “Fatty Liao” will make at that time?

After thinking this way Liu Yang couldn’t help but forced a smile and shakes his head, he took a deep breath, lifted his face and with a smile started to tidy up his personal belonging above the work table.

Boring work is really not easy, these people have lived a strenuous life for more than ten years, every day with whole heart trying to stand out among their peers, even if some people’s method were underhanded, that was also because they were forced by the life itself. Since right now I have already taken a step ahead, is there still any meaning in haggling about the past.

“Liu Yang, what are you doing? Are you taking a long vacation or resigning from the work?” Li Shanshan who was sitting opposite to his table asked him while being confused by his behavior.

Although Li Shanshan had also heard the rumor that Liu Yang was just summoned by the Secretary-General, she had seen that when “Fatty Liao” with his hands clasped behind his back had entered the office premise and asked about Liu Yang his voice was full of anger.

Considering that even if Liu Yang was summoned by the Secretary-General, there shouldn’t be any good news for him otherwise how can “Fatty Liao” still dare to bully him?

“ Nothing, I am just putting my things in order a bit early.” Liu Yang was thinking that it is not good to raise the matter of his transfer before the official order is drafted so that others don’t think that he didn’t have enough control on his emotions.

“Liu Yang….you finally came? You tell me, what thing are you? What place do you think this is? Vegetable market? Whenever you want to come, come, whenever you want to go, go. Do you still have a bit of respect for organization discipline or not?” When Liu Yang was putting his belongings in order, a sudden voice from the gate spread inside the hall.

Since Li Shanshan’s back was facing the door, when she heard the voice of Liao Hongxing, she mischievously stretched her tongue and winked at Liu Yang, but right now there was no way for Liu Yang to knew what her expression meant.

“Stop right now………what are you doing? I am speaking to you, haven’t you heard?” Liao Hongxing said while coming inside the room.

“Fatty Liao” and a young girl from weather department had gone to lunch in the noon, after coming back he stealthily went inside his office and slept till four in the afternoon. The matter of Liu Yang and Secretary-General, he didn’t know, but today’s afternoon matter, that some officers of Public Security Bureau were trying to find Liu Yang, he knew.

That girl in Weather bureau actually wanted to work in reception department and the matter was almost finalized, but on the last moment it was Liu Yang who occupied this position, this made Liao Hongxing lose his face in front of that beautiful woman. After seeing Liu Yang had no money, no relation, no support, he found Liu Yang unbearable.

Because he was not able to respond to that woman’s request, in the afternoon when he asked her for lunch, she was still a bit unhappy. He even wanted to take her to love hotel, but she didn’t respond to his subtle approach.

Since Liao Hongxing was a little depressed, after coming back he slept on the sofa inside his room till four in the afternoon. After waking up he went toward the big office premises while thinking that Liu Yang must already be detained by Public Security Bureau. He was very happy in his heart thinking about using this opportunity to expel Liu Yang from the Reception department. He was contemplating about how one should strike the iron when it is still hot.

After returning to his office he called that weather department beautiful woman and kept laughing and talking with her for half an hour. He said to her that very soon she will be joining reception department for work. Who would have thought that when he just turned toward the big office premises he saw Liu Yang standing behind his desk and the excitement inside his heart change into a rage and suddenly erupted.

He thought in his heart, you this domestic animal, had stirred up such troublesome, and offended Book Zhang, but why had Public Security Bureau still didn’t arrest you? How can you again return here? I have just promised that little beautiful girl, and you come back again, doesn’t this once again makes me a lair in front of her?

Although it was a matter of losing one’s face if someone’s subordinate was arrested, and will be brought up for inspection, Liao Hongxing would rather have the inspection and was looking forward to the detention of Liu Yang.

Losing trust of one’s beloved is very sever matter for him, at least much more severe than the inspection he would have to go through.

Who knew that he had wasted his saliva for so long and Liu Yang was still looking at the table and organizing his belongings. Seeing the past expression of panic-stricken missing from his face, “Fatty Liao” was even angrier.

Pointing his finger at Liu Yang, he took big strides and walked toward him while saying: “ Liu Yang, You stop to me right now, You first tell me, what do you take this office for? Do you still want to work or not? If You don’t want to work then give me your resignation letter right now, I will sign it right here…… you are like an ox who can’t even plow a field, wherever you want to go to work, you go nobody is stopping you. Someone like you a big university student and great academic scholar, my reception office can’t afford……”

After listening to such comments even Liu Yang couldn’t help but got a little angry, yet as before is still calmly looked at him and said: “ Director Liao, You are saying wrong, how am I an ox who can’t even plow? Was there ever a single mistake I have made whenever you have assigned me any duty? I personally believe that my work for these several months in reception department was very good. Said again this reception department does not belong to you. If what I said is wrong, you don’t need to suspend me, I myself will walk away…….”

“You, you you………what are you talking about? You unexpectedly dare to contradict me?” Liao Hongxing face got red from anger, and he glared at Liu Yang while shouting: “ You really do not want to work? You tell me yourself, in the afternoon who do you requested for leave? Even though you without any proper reason and cause dare to neglect your work and now you can’t even humbly accept your leader’s criticism, is this your attitude toward work? This matter I will report to Secretary-General Zhuang. It is not you who will evaluate, if you are qualified to work in reception department or not, rather it is Secretary-General Zhuang. If I can say then I have the capital to keep my word, You don’t think that I can’t expel you from reception department…..”

Actually, even if it is Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary-General and Reception department Director Zhuang Jinxiu, she herself cannot expel Liu Yang directly, but she had the power to readjust office staff. Lian Hongxing said such only because Liu Yang was not paying attention to him and he wanted to frighten him.

Liu Yang smiled and said: “ Director Liao, You can do however you are planning to deal with me. I just want to tell you one sentence, you must consider carefully how you want to deal with me…..”

Seeing Liu Yang’s such confidence even Liao Hongxing heart wavered. He said in his heart did this youngster have eaten Leopard’s gallbladder today, he unexpectedly dares to speak with me like this?

There is something wrong here, this not how Liu Yang behave usually…..

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