PF Ch.14 New Job

“Secretary-General Yang, Let me thank you if it was not for you I might not have been able to leave the gate of Public Security Bureau, really thank you…..” Liu Yang was saying to Yang Qiqi while following her inside the City Government Building Courtyard.

“Hehe, aren’t you quite a smooth talker? I was just following City Leader’s order, I just did what I have been told to do, that is all, there is nothing to thank me for. After going back just be at ease, don’t think about anything, if there is any need for my help, come upstairs and find me…..” being able to smoothly complete the given task, Yang Qiqi was very happy, and listening to Liu Yang’s praise she felt very comfortable in her heart. But she didn’t dare to misappropriate Mayor Zhang’s contribution and said to Liu Yang if anyone he should be thankful for it must be Leader. As long as Mayor Zhang is happy, everything else is secondary.

“Xiao…….Liu Yang, hurry, Secretary-General Chen is looking for you, you should go and meet him without any delay….” Liu Yang was still thinking about how to flatter Secretary-General Yang, that he suddenly heard the shout of second administrative department Section-Chief Hu Xiaoping. After looking behind his back he saw Hu Xiaoping running inside the corridor toward him like someone who had stepped on a mad dog’s tail. After he looked at Yang Qiqi beside Liu Yang he hurriedly smiled and greeted.

“Hehe, Secretary-General Chen is trying to find you? Maybe there is something good waiting for you, Let’s go together.” Yang Qiqi couldn’t help but got excited and smilingly asked Liu Yang to enter the elevator together with her.

Chen Weichang is looking for Liu Yang, I am sure it is for anything but asking about his case result because even if he wants to know about his case matter, it should be me who he needs to consult after all this case was assigned to me. It was me who had gone to supervise this case under my identity as Director of Supervising and Investigation Unit.

Since he is not looking for Liu Yang to ask about his case, then there is certainly a different matter. Chen Weichang is a government Secretary-General, why would he look for Liu Yang this youngster? Even if he wants to criticize him, that is also Liao Hongxing responsibility, It is almost impossible that this honor of criticizing him, he will do himself.

Since he is not looking to criticize him, there must be some good matter. Again after considering the manner of Zhang Jing toward Liu Yang, Yang Qiqi beaming with a smile said to Liu Yang. “ Actually I also have some work to report with Secretary-General, but since he is urgently looking for you, I will go after a while.

Seeing the goodwill of Yang Qiqi, Liu Yang was naturally willing to accept her proposition. Regardless of anything, she is after all Deputy Secretary-General and Director of Supervising and Investigation Unit. Having a good relationship with her was not in any way harmful to him.

Therefore, Liu Yang sincerely smiled and said: “ Thank You, Secretary-General Yang, I will accept your offer and go right now, today’s matter I will always remember in my heart, I am requesting you to have a meal with me later, I hope Secretary-General will give me a bit of face……”

“As you wish, This face I will give you. Now you go, If there anything else contact me again.” To Liu Yang’s sincere request, Yang Qiqi bluntly expressed her agreement.

Looking at her waist which was swaying in S-Curve when she was going toward her office, Liu Yang couldn’t help but took a deep breath while standing in front of Chen Weichang Office gate.

City Government General-Secretary although is not a member of the standing committee of Municipal Party, It is still a big government official post and has the real power of Department level. Why is he looking for me? Is it possible that he is looking to criticize me because I beat Zhang Qiang?

With an anxious heart, Liu Yang knocked on the gate of Chen Weicheng’s office.

In answer to his knock, the gate of the office opened and inside the office, a young man was standing holding a spectacle in his hand. When he saw that it was Liu Yang who was standing behind the door he suddenly smiled while saying: “Liu Yang…..You first sit down. Let me give you a cup of water first, Secretary-General has gone to Mayor Zhang’s office to report some work, he will be returning soon….”

After saying that man pointed his finger toward the vacant seat opposite his desk.

Liu Yang’s office was also inside the City Government’s building, and he knew most of the leader and their secretaries. Well, some secretaries also knew him, but most of them only nod to him when they saw him, while some had a good relation.

He knew this man name was Dong Zhe and he was secretary of Chen Weicheng.

“Thank You, Secretary Dong.” Liu Yang also thanked him, took his offer, and sat down on that empty seat.

After giving water to Liu Yang, Dong Zhe smiled and exchanged few words with him. Later he sat behind his work desk and started writing something.

After sometime Liu Yang started to doubt if the secretary is not willing to talk with him, after all, there is a living person sitting before him and he is busy writing such that his characters will become real gold.

After about ten minutes, Secretary-General Chen comes back to his office. After entering through the door he looked at Liu Yang. He suddenly smiled and extended his hand while saying: “ Xiao Liu, did you wait for long?”

Liu Yang hurriedly stood up and respectfully said: “ Secretary-General Good afternoon, I just came.”

“Good afternoon, Good Afternoon! I called you here, to discuss something with you. I have a new job for you…..come, we will talk inside…..” Chen Weichang said, pushing the door and entering the room while beckoning with a finger for Liu Yang to enter.

Liu Yang hurriedly followed and respectfully walked to his front.

Even though the room cannot be considered as small, the decoration inside was very simple. Liu Yang didn’t dare to look around the room and his eyes were looking behind the big work table inside the room.

Secretary-General Chen finally sat on the chair behind the work desk and smilingly glance at Liu Yang while saying: “Sit, sit down and talk.”

Liu Yang already had seen the two sofas beside his work desk, but he didn’t sit rather, he picked up the kettle beside the work desk, filled it with hot water and put down the kettle before Chen Weicheng, then only he walked toward the sofa next to his desk and put half buttock on the sofa, with spine erect and eyes on Secretary-General Chen.

Secretary-General Chen was continuously smiling and only after Liu Yang sat on the sofa he said: “ Today I called you here to inform you that Mayor Zhang has looked at your profile and she wants you to be her personal secretary. I was just looking for you to find what opinion you have, now you can discuss your opinion and any request with me…..”

What? Mayor Zhang wants me to be her secretary?

Personally hearing this word coming out from Secretary-General Chen mouth, Liu Yang felt like a lightning had stricken just behind his ears and he could still feel its rumbling, in a flash be became absent-minded. Even if he was looking at the delicately built man who was also the City Government Secretary-General, he mind was completely in chaos, he couldn’t even comprehend what was happening around him let alone saying something to him.

In the morning while I was going to work, it was Book Wang who looked for me to discuss something, now Mayor Zhang is thinking to use me as her secretary. It really comes, my time has finally come. Fang Yuzhu is really my goddess.

Only, what I specialized in University was not secretarial work, but my specialization was Social Management, one could say that my specialization and secretarial work are two totally irreverent, and me being a secretary is really unprofessional.

Since Mayor Zhang has already looked at my data, can’t she understand this point?

Chen Weicheng also didn’t say anything, he was patiently waiting, waiting for Liu Yang to understand the situation and say something on his own. Everyone was once young and started from the base, no one has ever sat on the celebrated position from the start. Chen Weicheng was also a secretary and he knew what impact that sentence he said had on Liu Yang’s mind.

Actually, he had also deliberately started the conversation with those words, Book Wang was good to Liu Yang and now even Mayor Zhang wanted him to be her secretary. He also wanted to know besides his stature and handsome face from outside, what special quality inside he had.

Do not look at his young age, Even in front of someone like me with such Identity and status like Mt Tai, how many people can truly genuinely achieve this calmness and invariability?

Which man doesn’t want to tread inside the dragon gate and ascend the day? Being a Leader’s secretary although cannot be considered as genuine top position, it is still a position which is physically always near the person with maximum rights, not to forget one is able to use Leader’s charisma to use powerful connections to intimidate people. And as long as you have the capability to satisfy the Leader, going outside to hold an important post in 3-5 years is not a difficult scenario.

This young man can be considered a good seedling, even while sitting he is very steady and doesn’t forget his manners. Although right now he is mentally very disturbed, he doesn’t go mad from happiness.

As a secretary, keeping calm and cool-headedness in any situation is the most basic requirement.

Secretary-General was quietly observing him and didn’t urge him to take any stand. He knew that asking for an opinion is just a matter of formality. Having this type of opportunity which can only be described as “accidentally discovered but not sought after” in front of someone, is there really anyone who will reject? Maybe there is, but there is no such single situation reported in the whole nation.

Liu Yang after a good long time again gained tranquility after forcefully restraining his excitement inside his heart and said: “ Secretary-General, I……first thing I want to say is whatever you and the organization have decided for me I will obey. Only, I want to explain that during university time I didn’t study about the secretarial job, I am afraid……afraid to commit mistake and make leader angry……”

Secretary-General just nodded and didn’t replied to his question, instead asked him without any expression on his face: “Any other questions?”

Chen Weicheng thought in his heart, what modesty you are showing in front of me? It is Mayor Zhang who wants to make you her secretary, said again it is not me who recommended you to her. As long as you say, you are willing to obey organization arrangement, everything else coming out of your mouth is tantamount to zero.

It is just that, Even if this youngster ’s putting me and the organization in the same place, is just flattery, but still hearing it makes me very comfortable…. I can really see, this person from entering the gate and wishing me, filling my kettle with water, to sitting on the sofa in that way, he really has the potential of being a splendid secretary.

Liu Yang didn’t get his desired answer and was somewhat disappointed in his heart, but after hearing Secretary-General asking him to say his other doubt, Liu Yang shakes his head and said: “Doesn’t have, I will firmly obey Secretary-General’s arrangement.

“Haha…..” after that, Chen Weicheng laughed and stood up. “ I have looked at your document, you are B-University graduate student of great ability, If you are capable of graduating from B-university, then your writing skill must be good. Certainly, to be the Leader’s secretary, you still need to refine it according to Leader’s style and requirement. In the beginning, it might be difficult to adapt, but this is all insignificant if there is anything you don’t understand just come here and ask me. Seeing that right now you are working in the Reception department, it is still under the authority of the office, transferring you here will save a lot of time. Your position is already of head clerk, in order to facilitate your new work, after you join as the secretary, I will recommend the rank of Deputy-Director for you.

“Oh? Will I be Deputy-Director? Hearing from Secretary-General this sentence, Liu Yang head almost exploded from the excitement. Afterall the title of Deputy Director is deputy department level rank.

If in the beginning, when he heard from Secretary-General’s mouth that he need to be transferred from his office and come here to work, Liu Yang burst with the joy, but now when he was again saying that he will raise his rank by half level, that was sufficient to make Liu yang faint with happiness.


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