PF Ch.13 Misfortune and Luck Go Hand-in-Hand

Even though He Dongping was thinking so much, he had really overestimated Zhang Yimin and underestimated female mayor Zhang Jing.

Even though he said he had thought very much about it, even said that he is afraid of Zhang jing to hold grudge against him, and he won’t have a good day in the future, in reality, he was just blowing his own trumpet. Based on his position of Shizong sub-bureau bureau Chief, a small section member cadre, it was actually far from sufficient for Mayor Zhang to even think about him.

He had also overestimate Zhang Yimin and undervalued Zhang Jing because regardless of where you are the rank of mayor is in its own league and Politics and Law Committee Book, this title won’t even qualify to stand before it.

Don’t think that Municipal Committee Book Wang Yifeng and Zhang Yimin contended many times but no one was able to gain advantage, in reality, the person behind the Wang Yifeng was going to retire in the near future he himself is already 57 years old, he already doesn’t have any possibility to have another term in Renzho city and could be said to be a warship who is just about to reach the shore and might be in dockyard after that forever.

And in the last two year, the rumor of Zhang Yimin aspiring to be the Mayor Of Renzhou City was getting more and more, even behind the overthrowing of former Mayor Zheng Junjian had Zhang Yimin’s hand.

Because of this type of speculations on top of some other trivial things like not creating hardship for his own group of people, Wang Yifeng didn’t like the idea of having life and death battle with Zhang Yimin.

Say again, regardless of anything, Wang Yifeng had to give a bit of face to Provincial Committee Deputy-Book Li Jiguan.

That’s why even after so many confrontations, Wang Yifeng had not gained any winning hand. But this made Zhang Yimin overestimate himself and even Zhang Yimin’s group started to look down upon Wang Yifeng like they were no match for them.

But no one knew which link Zhang Yimin missed, the throne of Mayor which was already within his reach, unexpectedly wrest away by the assistant of Provincial Party Committee Organization Head Minister Fang Yuzhu.

Even more Fang Yuzhu personally delivered Zhang Jing to her office and showed her unconditional support for Zhang Jing. Since Zhang Jing back had Provincial Party Committee Organisation Head Minister Fang Yuzhu support, how can she be afraid of Zhang Yimin?

Let alone, Zhang Jing is just 36 years old and if nothing uncertain happened, it’s already being a matter of time that she will be appointed full-time city mayor. But Zhang Yimin is 55 years old, if he missed this opportunity, the chance of him again ascending the throne of city mayor is almost zero.

Since Zhang Yimin can no longer become the city Mayor, Wang Yifeng also put his heart at rest and was no longer anxious that after he retires, the people who followed him would have to bear the brunt of Zhang Yimin. It could be said that even if Zhang Jing didn’t take any action and since Wang Yifeng was already unable to take any more mocking of Zhang Yimin, he would have also used this opportunity to pay for Zhang Yimin’s grievance he had received in full for last two years.

Even if it was a bad day, it should be for Zhang Yimin.

This was something He Dongping was unable to take consideration of. But Zhang Yimin clearly felt how things are now. That is why, When He Dongping called to report him, that Zhang Jing had sent Yang Qiqi to supervise and examine his son’s case, he only said “I Know”, and didn’t said anything to He Dongping about whether to release Liu Yang or not.

Must say if he had shown his original style of work, he wouldn’t care about any Mayor Zhang or Book Wang, the first thing he would have done was to first put in the prison Liu Yang and then he would have considered anything else.

He Dongping was very embarrassed, he didn’t know how to deal with Yang Qiqi.

Even if Zhang Yimin was pressing a woman under his body he was still deliberating the difficulty of the matter.

Even if his pile of dry firewood was ignited by the woman under his body, the flame didn’t rouse any big turbulence.

The woman was gasping for breath and was trying her best to match Zhang Yimin movement. She was trying to make him wreak havoc on her body as much as he likes so that he could disperse his ooze inside her body and calm her raging fire.

Zhang Yimin was already 55 years old man, even he was well maintained, his body couldn’t fulfill the demand of the young women under him. He almost looked like a cow panting for breath lying on the stomach of the young woman.

“Every time is like this… you again forget to take the medicine?” the young woman resentfully shoved open Zhang Yimin and got down from the bed.

Soon, she came back with a small blue pill and cup full of water.

After Zhang Yimin eats that pill, that woman climbed on the bed and resentfully said: “ I still have something to take care of on the stage. My car is outdated and very slow, said again the distance from here to the city center is very far, how do you want me to drive that thing……”

“Good….Good….Xiao Li, It’s quite a long time since I enjoyed your this type of special flavor, I am still not satisfied so let’s do it again, won’t you do it again…..hurry….come fastly….” Zhang Yimin excitedly said while his both eyes were emitting fire.

This woman name was Jiang Li and was a lead figure in Television Station.

Jiang Li graduated from university 3 years ago and caught the attention of Zhang Yiming just after joining as the “editor for the reporters” inside Renzhou city television station. Using some underhanded method Zhang Yimin finally was able to get her on his bed.

Jiang Li was young and beautiful, and many time better than compare to his old wrinkled wife. Zhang Yimin crazily loved her. Not only he had delivered her car and house but had even gone through a lot of trouble to make her from “editor for the reporters” to “Renzhou Voice” column host, which was enough to make her Renzhu city household name.

“How can It be outdated? Isn’t your car just two years old?” Zhang Yimin knew what she was thinking and while asking her, he lifted his head and looked at her flushed face.

“What? Do you think that broken made in China car will run for many years? Just speed a bit and it behaves like a tractor…….I want to exchange it for Audi Q3, and it isn’t even expensive, I just have to pay 200,000 yuan more….” Jian Li while saying she was pulling his thing with her hand.

“Ouch, so the exchange is it…..little alluring woman, Do you really think I will not even exchange a simple car for you?…..” Zhang Yimin by her pulling started to feel pain and hurriedly at once agreed to her demand.

“Really? I know you most dearly love me…….” After achieving her goal, Jiang Li charmingly laughed, and after being satisfied she bends over and opened her alluring red mouth…..

After satisfying his lust, Zhang Yiming sent back Jiang Li, took a bath and sat inside his car to go back to city municipal committee courtyard, to find municipal committee deputy-book Sun Zhuoqun to consult about this pressing matter.

Sun Zhuoqun’s daughter was married to Zhang Yimin’s eldest son Zhang Wei. He and Sun Zhuoqun were relative by marriage and in normal times they walked very closely with each other.

“Brother Sun, You say isn’t it that Zhang Jing deliberately creating trouble for me? Otherwise, how can she not care about such troublesome for someone’s else business?” Just putting his buttock on Sun Zhuoqun office sofa, he threw a cigarette to Sun Zhuoqun after pulling a packet from his pockets and told the whole matter to Sun Zhuoqun.

Municipal Committee Deputy-Book Sun Zhuoqun age was almost same as Zhang Yimin. He had a long square face, lean cheek and both his cheekbones were swelling outside. He had worn black-framed eyeglasses, and his hair was neatly combed. His whole body looked like it was full of spirit.

Blowing out a mouthful of smoke, Sun Zhuoqun slowly said: “ Brother Zhang, I think you should give full credit to Book Wang for this affair…You still don’t know many things? This morning when the office just opened, that young man you are talking about went to the municipal committee courtyard, Book Wang’s secretary Zhang Jian personally came down to receive him and they talk for almost twenty minutes in their office, after which Zhang Jian again personally came down to deliver him…”

“ This is really….:” Zhang Yimin bend forward, and watched attentively at Sun Zhuoqun and asked: “Are you saying that it is not Zhang Jing who is managing Liu Yang? I have not heard what relation he and Wang Yifeng have? Even if he is holding Wang Yifeng thigh then it should be Wang Yifeng who should manage Liu Yang’s affair, Why is Zhang Jing meddling in this matter?”

“ This is something even I can’t think of. I only know that Zhang Jing is Fang Yuzhu’s person. When she took office it was Fang Yuzhu who personally delivered her and one can clearly see that Fang Yuzhu has very good relation with her…..” Saying here he stopped, even if both are related by marriage he didn’t say anything further. After saying his thought Sun Zhuoqun started to smoke and let Zhang Yimin thought for himself.

Zhang Yimin put the cigarette filter in the ashtray and said: “ I am clear of your idea, only brother Sun, even if she is Fang Yuzhu person, that also I cannot let her ride on my head to defecate. I think I should show Zhang Jing her place, when the time came I want you to speak for me.”

Sun Zhuoqun narrowed his eye and asked: “ I? What do you want to say me?”

Zhang Yimin while standing up said: “ I am going to find Wang Yifeng, if he has chosen to support Zhang Jing, I am going to propose convening of the standing committee for discussion. You inform Liu Xianjin and Li Yibin, when the time comes we will rock Zhang Jing standing, even if in the matter of Xian Qiang I retreat, I want to clearly tell her that Renzhou is not a place where she Zhang Jing can do whatever she wants to, and she must make it clear in her mind that we will let her work smoothly in the future….”

“ this….won’t it will be a little ruthless? Afterall Zhang Jing is the mayor of….” Sun Zhuoqun a little anxiously asked.

Zhang Yimin coldly said: “ Acting Mayor, If she can become permanent is still a question of…….” after saying Zhang Yimin left the office.

After Zhang Yimin went outside, Sun Zhuoqun, however, couldn’t help but knit his eyebrow, then gradually smiled and picked up the newspaper from above the table.

Idiot, did you really thought after overthrowing Zheng Junjian, you will become Mayor? Do you really think Provincial Party Committee Leaders are Idiot? When Zhang Jing took office as the new mayor you should have felt that Provincial Party Committee Leaders are not satisfied with you, but you are still such blindly tossing yourself, simply don’t have even a bit of brain.

Anyway, to have you as a vanguard in my front is good for me. Even if you fall down, you will be filling the ditch in the path for me and my journey will be smoother.

Who says that after Wang Yifeng retires, it will be Zhang Jing who will certainly be appointed as Municipal Committee Book?

Everything depends on one’s own effort, till the document of appointment for Zhang Jing as municipal Committee Book doesn’t come down, everything is just speculation. In any case, let me “remind you” the word you said to me, You asked me if you can make this matter noisy enough, I should help you add more fire……”

Relative by marriage? What bird name is a parent of one’s son-in-law? One should only care about oneself at the critical moment, I Sun Zhuoqun naturally will not miss this opportunity! Do not talk that, we are relative by marriage, in this case, I won’t even care about my daughter.

How could Zhang Yimin know what Sun Zhuoqun was thinking in his heart? After coming from Sun Zhuoqun Office he enters the premise of Wang Yifeng. Without even informing Zhang Jian, he pushed opened the inside gate and entered Wang Yifeng room while saying: “Book Wang, Zhang Jing really knows how to bully a person. She just comes for several days and without following the standard procedure, she is needlessly meddling in others affair? If we let her be, won’t the whole Renzhou city become her world?”

Wang Yifeng was wearing his prescribed glasses and was reading the document on the table after he heard a loud noise of someone coming in, he couldn’t help but lift his head, and groaned while saying: “ What are you talking about? Each office has its own duty and every department have its own rules and regulation. What is your world and my world? This is whole party’s world. As a leading city leader, you should mind your speech…..”

Bastard, Is there still someone else who neglects rules more than you? You are just like a child, don’t you know how to knock on the door before going inside someone’s room?

Zhang Yimin got angry, and after he came out from Wang Yifeng Office, he received a call from He Dongping. After listening to He Dongping report, Zheng Yimin couldn’t help but sneers and said: “Release him, why won’t we release him? If you don’t release him, there will be things I wouldn’t be able to say……….oh, if you can catch someone once, you can again catch him, what is there to think so much about?”

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