PF Ch.8 Leader’s summon

Liu Yang hurriedly lifted his head and looked behind at where Xia Lan was sitting. He saw that the young man’s face was flushed red with anger. He slowing came to Xia Lan’s side and asked: “Xia Lan, You… unexpectedly hit me? Don’t think that just because you are beautiful, you have anything great. If it was not for your father director Zheng acting like a bridge for us, I wouldn’t have come here with you.

“Zhu Shenglong, what are you talking about?” Xia Lan also angrily stood up and asked.

That young man picked a tissue paper in hand and wiped his mouth, and disrespectfully said: “What am I talking about? Your father knows that my maternal uncle is a member of standing committee in municipal party committee and Book of Shizong district committee, on top of that he is very fond of me, that’s why he wanted to use my maternal uncle’s relation to get a promotion, Don’t tell me, you don’t know? What happens when I just touched you a bit? You are a woman, used by your father for benefits, do you think you are great? You think you are made of gold and silver?”

“You… You Bastard…..” Xia Lan got angry and started to cry. She raised her and tried to slap Zhu Shenglong’s face.

“Bang…..” but nobody expected, Zhu Shenglong was faster, and his palm fell on Xia Lan’s face: “ Just now I hit you to clearly explain a fact and make you clearly understand your value. Don’t think I will forcefully make any woman stay with me. There are plenty of women fighting to be with me, the last one even stripped herself and laid down on the bed for me….”

After hearing this domestic animal talking bulshit and getting more and more unreasonable, Liu Yang stood up and rapidly walked toward them. He pushed open Zhu Shenglong, stood in front of Xia Lan and angrily said: “ what are you doing, do you think hitting woman is very manly?”

When Xia Lan suddenly saw Liu Yang, her face got pale.

Zhu Shenglong and I came together to eat because I was really against hearing my father’s constant nagging. I didn’t come here with Zhu Shenglong because of any love. Can’t think that Liu Yang has also come to the same western style restaurant, moreover found me and Zhu Shenlong together. How can I explain this misunderstanding?

Xia Lan was standing behind Liu Yang while thinking about how to explain Liu Yang. Zhu Shenglong mischievously laughed and smilingly looked at him.

“Liu Yang? I know you, are you not precisely Xia Lan’s former boyfriend? You two already broke up, now whatever happens between me and Xia Lan, there is not half a nickel relationship with you. Now she is my woman, and I have her father Xia Jingtian’s consent. Don’t say that I only hit her, even if I here in this place climb on top of her, it is still not your place to be a hero, get away from me……”
“You this hoodlum……..rascal…….Liu Yang, there is no such thing, you don’t listen to his nonsense…….” after hearing Zhu Shenglong, Xia Lan complexion became white and she extended her hand to pull Liu Yang’ hand.

“Cheh…..what are you doing? In front of me, you are publicly displaying affection for your ex-boyfriend? Have you not made a call in the noon with him to split up? Do you dare to say right now the meal we are eating is not from your father’s consent? Zhu Shenglong looked at Xia Lan and mockingly smiled at her.

Without waiting for Xia Lan’s reply he again sarcastically smiled and said:” Mother, you and this domestic animal were good together for two and a half year, does his below plaything no longer satisfy you? If not for your pretty face, do you think I will come with you for dinner? Waiting to go with me on the bed in the night are many, I was only thinking to play with your body and you dare to reject me? Let me tell you, now even if you go to bed with me in the evening, your dad should forget about his wishful thinking, wanted to climb the relationship with Book Hu Liangxian? “Bah” what rotten thing you are……”

Zhu Shenglong after speaking, disdainfully spit on the ground and took big strides to go outside.

When he was going out, Liu Yang had a strong urge in his heart to kick him while looking at his back. But finally, he restrained himself, and pushed open Xia Lan’s hand from his arm and slowly said: “ He said right, I don’t have the qualification to take care of your matter. Now, you can chase after him……or your father will be very disappointed!”

Xia Lan covered her face with both hands and cried loudly: “ hu hu……no, Liu Yang, you listen to me, I said to split up with you because I was angry that you don’t make any effort to succeed, actually I don’t want to really break up with you…….”

Liu Yang frowned his face and said while tightly knitting his brow: “Xia Lan, We are not a small child, you think someone can believe such thing? Just now we had a fight and you came together with Zhu Shenglong on dinner? If in the future we have some contradiction, then what will you do?”

When Xia Lan listened to Liu Yang, she couldn’t help but get dumbfounded. She opened her mouth and cried: “ You….how can you think such about me? Am I this kind of person?”

Liu Yang deeply sighed and shook his head: “ Anything I don’t know, I only know whatever matter, you only listen to your father……go home! You dislike me to not have the ability and not being able to become section chief, even your father doesn’t like me. The disparity between us is very big, I can’t change anything and you are also unable to change anything…..”

“ Liu Yang, I hate you!” Xia Lan ruthlessly glared at Liu Yang and hit a fist on Liu yang’s shoulder. She then wiped her face and ran away.

“Hello……..miss, you still have not paid the bill…….” After looking at them fight, the waiter had already hidden far away. But seeing her running away, he chased after her while shouting.

“Don’t shout, I will pay for this table….” after saying Liu Yang couldn’t help but started to annoyingly laughed. Damn it, that Zhu Shenglong bastard, invited someone to a meal, then why am I paying the bill?

It looks like my heart is really soft!


“ Elder brother, You are really a good man.” after he returned to his seat and sat down, Jiang Haiyan smiling looked at him and give him again a good man remark.

“Why?” Liu Yang asked dispiritedly.

Jiang Haiyan winked and laughed while saying: “hee hee, You have a gentlemen heart, you even uphold justice for your ex-girlfriend….”

Uphold justice for a former girlfriend? Can this also be used to praise a man? Liu Yang didn’t say anything again, and at once used a fork to stuff his mouth with a fork.

Jiang Haiyan apparently also knew right now Liu Yang’s mood was not good, she also again didn’t say anything. Both rapidly finished their food. Liu Yang stood up and went to pay their bill. While going out, Jiang Haiyan’s was pulling Liu Yang’s arm as if it was natural.

She slowly said in a pleasant to hear voice: “ We have already come to an agreement that this was my treat, but you still paid the bill, now I ask you to go to a karaoke, there you cannot go and fight with me to pay the bill……”

“ Now I can’t go, let me send you back home.” Liu yang firmly said.

This girl is getting more and more intimate with me, if we go to karaoke house and sang a love duet together, what will I do if I make any mistake after being drunk.

After speaking, the phone in his pocket suddenly started to ring. He took out his phone and saw a stranger number. After answering the phone the other person said his name was Zhang Jian.

Liu Yang got blanked for a moment and thought, who is this Zhang Jian? Do I have any friend called Zhang Jian?

When the other side didn’t hear any sound from him, he finally guessed what Liu Yang was thinking and said: “ I am secretary of municipal committee Book Wang. Book Wang want to see you tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Listening to Zhang Jian, Liu yang’s head could help but become dumbfounded and in his heart said, does municipal committee Book Wang really want to meet me? Original “Fatty Liao” had not said lie. Secretary Zhang da really tried to find me?

It’s only that, Book Wang has so many matters to take care of, then why he wants to meet a small section member like me?

Regardless of how he was thinking in his heart, Liu yang hurriedly agreed. After receiving the phone he felt, his steps were unstable while walking. He delivered Jiang Haiyan and returned to his dormitory. The whole night he was lying on the bed and moving like a fish out of water.

Next day early morning at 8 o’clock, Liu Yang reached the municipal committee building’s gate.

Renzhou municipal committee and municipal government both are located on Zhongxing road in the center of the city. The municipal committee was on the east side and municipal government was on the west, both with a courtyard next to each other.

The main building in both courtyards was 9 storey and built in the 1990s. At that time these buildings were considered relatively large. But after twenty years of development in the city center, there are already a lot of larger buildings. Now in front of these new building, the building of municipal committee and municipal government pales in comparison.

But there is no person who knew about these two building and dared to look down upon it.

Since in these two building, Renzhou top-level authority sat together, as long as anyone was on the land of Renzhou, his future and fate were decided in these buildings.

Regardless of what he did before or now, Liu Yang workplace was both times located in the municipal government office. He only relocated from 6th floor to the 1st floor.

Yesterday Zhang Jian asked him to come to the municipal committee. He informed him that Book Wang wants to see him. This was making Liu Yang excited and his chest was also beating very fast.

Liu yang just stepped inside the gate of municipal committee building, he by chance saw the 1st secretary Zhang Jian stepping out of the elevator. Zhang Jian arrived at his side and intimately said: “ Liu Yang…. You are comrade Liu yang, right? I finally get to meet you. Let’s go, I lead you to see Book Wang……”

Liu Yang respectful greeted him, but in his heart couldn’t help, but admire the conduct of the 1st secretary. He was appreciating the manner of how he was doing his job. This man came to receive me at such a right moment. Right now even if he is showing enthusiasm, he is still being aloof with me.

Indeed one minute late shows inferiority, one minute early shows excess respect.

Only this punctuality with time was more than enough to know the skill of the 1st secretary of the municipal committee.

Unknowing thinking about a lot of thing in his “ perturbed state of mind”, Liu yang reached Book Wang’s office on 7th floor. Because had Zhang Jian to lead, it was useless for Liu Yang to knock on the door. Zhang Jiang directly pushed open the gate and lead Liu Yang to enter slowly. After reaching the outer room, Zhang Jian turned his head and looked at Liu Yang while smiling whispered: “ You wait a moment, I am going inside to report Book Wang first.”

After saying, Zhang Jian pushed opened the interior room’s gate and went inside.

After a short time, Liu Yang heard from inside the room Book Wang Yifeng simple but imposing voice: “ Does Xiao Liu come? Let him come inside….”

Book Wang’s dignified voice had a kindness, this made Liu Yang’s heart a little bit at ease.

The person sitting in the room is Renzhou first man and unexpectedly the first thing he is doing in the morning is meeting a low section member like him. This is really making me feel honored.

While thinking such, Liu yang followed Zhang Jian inside the office gate. Wang Yifeng was sitting straight behind a large desk while looking seriously at some documents. Liu Yang opened his mouth and greeted Book Wang. Wang Yifeng unexpectedly stood up and came near him. He said: “ haha, Xiao Liu, when do you come? Originally when you joined city government, you created a sensation. At that time I wanted to see you, but wasn’t able to make time, come sit, don’t be restrained…..Xiao Zhang go and make some tea…..”

I have joined the work for one and a half year, if you really wanted to see me, you really never have time for such a long period? Did you really want to see me?

“ Thank…Thank you, Book Wang.” while thinking in his heart Liu Yang leaned forward and said. Then he sat on the diagonally opposite chair.

Zhang Jian came to the Liu Yang and gave him a cup full of fragrant tea. Liu Yang hurriedly said: “ Thank You secretary Zhang!”

Zhang Jian smiled and said: “ You are welcome……don’t be nervous, our leader is very affable and kind.”

What he said was full of flatter for Book Wang but still was pleasant to hear.
Seeing secretary Zhang da skill, Liu Yang once again secretly admired him in his heart.

Then Zhang Jian closed the door and went outside. Wang Yifen smiled and asked: “Xiao Liu, what was your specialization during college?”

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