PF Ch.7 A chance encounter in Western Restaurant

Even if Liu Yang was showing calm while pinching and rubbing Jiang Haiyan’s white tender soft foot, in reality, his heart was beating very vast.

Compared to “Her”, Jiang Haiyan feet were even more slender and delicate. The ankle in front of Liu Yang’s eyes looked smooth and supple like crystal balls. Her purple coloured toenails were neat and well trimmed and due to rubbing, her heels had pink shade.

If looking at her carefully sculpted leg, a man says he didn’t move, then either he is lying or he isn’t a man.

Jiang Haiyan’s breathing got fast, her whole face was flushed red and she was tightly nipping her red lips. It looked as if she was making an effort to not shout from the stimulation Liu Yang was giving her.

Her snow white lower leg looked like being carved from lotus stalk. Her graceful smooth skin was enchanting.

Since she was half lying and half sitting, her skirt was slipped above her knees and her slender thighs were exposed. Liu yang could easily see her beautiful thigh.

To break the awkward situation and divert her attention, Jiang Haiyan looked at Liu Yang’s face and said: “ I….I wanted to quickly take a bath and go out together with you for dinner, I didn’t think……my foot will start hurting after standing, I… I very stupid?

Even though she was saying that her big beautiful eyes were already full of tears. Anyone who saw her eyes would have taken pity on her.

“ Its all my fault…..” Liu Yang blamed himself.

Jiang Haiyan said; “ It was me who carelessly hurt my leg, how can it be your fault?”

“I….clearly knew that you were not wearing shoes, I could have carried you on my back,” Liu said and turned his head to look at her. He asked: “Does it still hurt?”

Jiang Haiyan tried to move her foot in various direction and slowly said: “ Now, it is much better….”

Liu Yang’s hand didn’t stop moving from the start and since this type of ancient massage therapy was very difficult to do, Liu Yang’s forehead full of sweat.

Jiang Haiyan reached out and wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead and slowly said:
“ You….You rest for some time!”
“It’s alright, let me rub again one more time.” Liu Yang didn’t agree to rest and was slowly rubbing her foot. Nobody knew if it was his concern for her or he just didn’t want to let go of her soft foot.

“ Elder brother, You are really a nice person….” she was feeling a sweet emotion growing in her heart as she said bashfully.

His two rough hands that were rubbing and pinching her leg were creating warm ripples in her heart.
This completely strange man’s concern for me doesn’t look like artificial. In this society, there aren’t many men like him.

Unexpectedly, it looks like I am giving her an image of good man, thinking such Liu Yang said: “ You are still a child……”

“I …..I am a not a child, I am already 21” said Jiang Haiyan. Not to know why she didn’t want Liu Yang to see her as a child.

“I am 27, you are 21, for me, you are still a child. At most, I can consider you to be a big lovable child.” Liu Yang didn’t feel the difference in Jiang Haiyan’s behaviour and smilingly said so.

“Hunh, you are only six years older than me, but speak like you are of my grandfather’s age! “ Jiang Haiyan honked her small beautiful mouth and unwillingly said.

Liu Yang just wanted to say something, suddenly he heard a sound from the room next door “thump” as if something has fallen on the ground. After which there was a sound of a woman’s suppressed voice: “oh…….please do a bit slowly and lightly, Yan is in the next room…..”

Again there was a voice of man’s clearing his throat: “hoh… there anything to be afraid of, what will she hear?

The man had started to pant more roughly like he was ploughing a field. Even if the sound was soft, but they could hear it clearly like someone was playing the drum in their mind.

“Uh…oh…..oh..oh…uh…” The woman stopped restraining her voice. The sound became louder. The rhythm of their breathing became even more frequent as if it was almost reaching its peak.

Under what circumstance this type of voice can be produced, Liu Yang knew perfectly well. It also felt like even Jiang Haiyan was familiar with it. She started twisting her feet and her face became red.

If one’s hand is rubbing a jade-like beautiful leg and at the same time hearing an alluring voice, no matter its sound or visual, it can easily give people a huge enticing impact.
Under these circumstances, it was also impossible for Liu Yang to remain aloof, his young body started to respond to the stimulation.

Strictly speaking, he also wanted to go with the mood and embrace the body of this beautiful lovable soft girl, tightly in his bosom. But this time he was clear, if he embraced this kind of beautiful girl in his bosom, it will be very tough for him to stop himself from committing any mistake.

In his eyes, Jiang Haiyan was not only a pretty lovable girl but a many years younger, little sister to him.

He was very fond of her, not merely because she was beautiful but her body had a loving, gentle and beautiful temperament, such that when someone looked at her they couldn’t help from being concerned about her. Liu Yang was a single child, to have this kind of girl to be his younger sister was not bad. If he really held her down and even if Jiang Haiyan didn’t oppose him, but from then on they would have acted like strangers.

His reasoning finally suppressed the impulse in his heart. Liu Yang forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva and moved his eyes away from Jiang Haiyan’s enticing feet.

“ Good…… try to see if it still hurts,” said Liu yang hurriedly, releasing Jiang Haiyan’s leg from his caressing hand and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. It was even difficult for him to speak.

Jiang Haiyan while blushing stood up and tried to put her leg on the floor and slowly walked two steps. She was pleasantly surprised and happily shouted: “Its good…….It really doesn’t hurt anymore! You wait a moment, I am going to change my clothes, then we will go out for dinner…..”

Jiang Haiyan while speaking ran inside the bedroom. She also knew, because of the couple in the adjacent room, it was absolutely impossible to stay again.

Just now Jiang Haiyan had seen the response of the Liu Yang’s body. She thought he wouldn’t be able to endure, and took the opportunity to make any attempt with her. Who would have thought this man resisted the temptation and let go of her foot?

What……just what type of man is he?

An old saying suddenly flashed in her mind “ Worse than an animal” and she laughed. She was thinking this while changing her clothes.

I go to sing at a place like entertainment house, what type of man have I not seen? That type of place is simply not suitable for anyone to work, at least for someone like me.
But it is easy to make money in that kind of place. For my father’s treatment, I need money. I have no other choice but to go to that place. In order to preserve my pure body, I must have some plans to fight with those pigs in the entertainment house.

After seeing those disgusting men, I almost let myself be disappointed with all the men in the world. But the feeling I get from Liu elder brother is totally different.

Originally, this world still has righteous, brave and unyielding and person who won’t be confused if a beautiful girl is sitting in there bosom. Thinking this Jiang Haiyan again sweetly laughed.

Doesn’t know, if Liu Yang knew what she was thinking in her heart, would he had died from shame or not?

After some time when she came out, Liu Yang only felt that there was something too bright in his front. This time Jiang Haiyan was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a light cyan coloured tight skinny jeans and flesh coloured stocking on her feet. She was wearing a pair of casual shoes and was binding her hair with a bright colour ribbon into a ponytail.

Looking at that charming little appearance, one couldn’t say if she was delicate or pretty.

Seeing the surprised eyes of Liu Yang, Jiang Haiyan was very pleased with her beauty.
While on the street she couldn’t help but walk closely with Liu Yang and softly said: “ Where do you say we go to eat?”

“ Didn’t you said that it’s your treat? Since it’s your treat, you decide! “ Liu smiling answered.

This was a simple statement but in Jiang Haiyan’s ear, this became same as Liu Yang was showing concern and consideration for her. The sweet feeling inside her grew even more as if she was drunk. She cheerfully said: “ Then should we go to the Shang Dao to eat proper western-style food ?”

Shang Dao is a western restaurant which has lover’s room. Also If one wants they can lay down the curtain and even if they don’t go to the private room, they won’t be disturbed by anyone. During the intimate time, young lovers liked this kind of mood.

During his time with Xia Lan, Liu Yang had come here many times. But right now he and Xia Lan had already broken up…..but hearing Shang Dao name from Jiang Haiyan mouth, Liu yang’s heart suddenly shuddered. Looking at the excited face of Jiang Haiyan, Liu Yang also laughed and gave his approval.

Shang Dao western restaurant is located at the intersection of Zhongxing road and Guangming road. Distance from the Jiang Haiyan’s rented apartment is very near. They walked for nearly 5 minutes and arrived at the restaurant.

Liu Yang is a small government official and Jiang Haiyan is a singer at an entertainment house.
These two didn’t have a lot of money. These two had not asked for the private room, sat inside the booth on the first floor and randomly ordered a meal for two people.

The waiter delivered the free tea. They were chatting while waiting for the food. Liu Yang eyes unconsciously swept his surrounding and stopped at the familiar face of Xia Lan. He was suddenly dumbfounded.

Xia Lan and he both were recruited together in the municipal government office. From the day they get to know each other, she fiercely pursued him. From getting to know her to this noon, when she called him for breaking up with him, they already had 1 year and 3 months long relationship.

In the beginning, Liu Yang was against any relationship, but later he also falls in love with her. Every day after work they had a habit of walking together while holding each other’s hand, eating together or sometimes hiding inside the Liu Yang’s dormitory to do what a man and female in love would do.

Because of Xia Lan’s insistence, even though they had not crossed the final line, but to have her at his side, it had already become a custom for Liu Yang. But right now the person sitting beside her was not Liu yang but some other 23-24 years old guy.

Liu Yang didn’t expect to meet Xia Lan, even more so with another man eating in a western restaurant.

That man looked younger than Liu yang, but the clothes he was wearing looked very expensive. As the saying goes “clothes make the man”. He looked really handsome in those suits.

That man and Xia Lan were sitting together and from his eye’s expression, Liu yang could easily see his greedy idea about Xia lan. Even Xia Lan was sitting by his side and smiling with him like she was very happy.

After seeing this scene Liu Yang heart suddenly sank, and he felt indescribable sadness in his heart.

Today when Xia Lan called for breaking up, he only agreed because he was furious at that time. But looking at his former girlfriend and other man sitting together, he couldn’t help but, feeling jealous from bottom of his heart.
He didn’t expect that she changes her feeling so fast! Or maybe it was possible that between them never had true love?

“Elder brother, what happened?” After seeing Liu Yang’s change in expression, Jiang Haiyan became anxious and worryingly asked.

Liu Yang regained his line of thought, slowly endured the ache in his heart and said: “ Nothing, I thought I saw a friend, but it looks like I was wrong….”

Jian Haiyan didn’t doubt him and was looking at the water serving the steak. She looked at the steam coming from the steak and smilingly said to Liu Yang: “Elder brother, You eat steak, I will only eat spaghetti, I want to lose weight…..”

Liu Yang though in his heart, with your this type of body where a third class storm could blow you away, you still want to diet for what?

He picked up knife and fork and tried to divide steak in half for himself and the half for Jiang Haiyan, but he suddenly heard a clear sound from behind his body “bang”. Following this sound, the sharp voice of Xia Lan was heard: “ What are you doing? You smelly bastard….”



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