PF Ch.5 To what extent one should manage other’s business

Since Liu Yang can’t curry favor from secretary Zhang Da, why should I be worried about anything.

Also, secretary Zhang may have casually asked about Liu Yang.It is also possible that Book Wang has some complains about the arrangement today. Do not know where he has heard, that today’s arrangement is administered by Liu Yang. Maybe he wants to criticize this little fellow.

When Liao Hongxing ponder about this afternoon, it was all coming together for him, that’s why he criticized Liu Yang so ruthlessly.

A big leader has a big face, they will not go to find a small person like you personally.

But since the big leader has taken his name, I must give my all as Liu Yang’s direct superior to strictly teach him. Otherwise, it will be me whose qualification will be questioned.

If I do well, maybe just maybe I will enter Book Wang’s discernment. If I am able to receive his attention, getting a promotion or being sent to a county as party leader is not a distant possibility. But, if I don’t do well, who knows when his fire falls on my body.

No matter what, let’s first make Liu Yang my shield. Even if I have guessed wrong, I will again change his duty in future. Can Liu Yang find Book Wang and complain about me?

Seeing Liao Hongxing sitting in his car and driving away, Liu Yang’s relaxed mood when he safely reached the ground floor, touched new bottom.

This “Fatty Liao”, how can he find me unpleasant to look at? Did I throw his child in a river?

Since I have come to the department for work, I lived like a pig, worked like a horse. What dissatisfaction this “Fatty Liao” has to treat me like this. From time to time he picks fault and criticizes me like I have killed his father and hate me like I have abducted his wife.

From morning, I was working so hard and this domestic animal didn’t even ask me if I have eaten or not. He just came and started to berate me.

Regardless of anything, I am also a postgraduate from a big business school. Even if I try to find a job with an MNC, I will not die from hunger. This work your father will not do, let see how you are gonna take care of me?

Do I write a self-inspection report? Let me write about your sister? Is there anything to inspect about me, your father?

……But just now “elder sister” carefully told me to strive to do good work. If I resign like this, isn’t it will be like an insult to her care.

In Fact, Liu Yang had not realized till now that he also wanted to have a successful official carrier.

Actually, China has it’s officialdom already for thousands of year. It is already seeped into the marrow of its citizen and flowing in their blood.

Being a Chinese citizen, how can Liu Yang be an exception?

People don’t fight rich, rich don’t fight official. Regardless of anything, government officials are at the top of the food chain in this country. Even among hundred of enterprises, hundreds of firms, government officials are like ox among cows.

Which man doesn’t want to have a world in his palm and be drunk in woman’s beauty?

Now, I have enough of this humiliation. They find fault with me because I don’t have money and authority, right. Then I must try to achieve something like a post of director, deputy mayor or even a mayor. Will Liao Hongxing still dare to face me? Even if he has hundred courage, he won’t dare to?

I, your father will be in charge of sanitation, is there anything worse, but I don’t believe that you will always be head of the reception department. As for writing self-inspection report, whose mother loves you, may write. In any case, I have not made any mistake, what is there to write about?

I am obviously right, but if I write an inspection report, that will be same as an ironclad evidence that I have done anything wrong. Whenever there is any problem, I will be passive.

Without making a mistake, one will write a report about what? And even you write a report, that means you are wrong, there is nothing else to say here.

After deciding in his heart, Liu Yang straightened his shirt. A younger woman at the front desk was showing a look of pity for him. He pushed open the glass door and walked outside.

He just left the door and received a call from his girlfriend Xia Lan: “ Liu Yang, you simply don’t make any sense, first you were kicked to the reception department and now you are suspended from your duties as well. You tell me what I say to my father? We should break up…..”

Actually, even if one thinks, there is nothing strange about it. Xia Lan’s father Xia Jiantian is the director in city’s complaint department and can be considered as someone who has spent half of his life in the state office of Renzhou. Even if he is not any big official, but he has his own network. Even Xia Lan herself go to the city government office to work, she has her own news channel to know about his affairs. To think that her family won’t know is impossible.

Renjhou is neither big nor small, under its administration has two cities and seven counties. Even a little sign of trouble in the air can be heard by everyone. Let alone I was just scolded in front of so many people. Don’t know how many people already know about this.

Since he went to reception department, Xia Jingtian always tries to find fault with him. He already tried to create troubles between Xia Lan and him. This time also isn’t just because of his suspension.

Rather than always living together with problems, it is better to simply break up. Thinking this Liu Yang said:” If you think we should break up, I don’t have any opinion…..”

Don’t know if Xia Lan wanted to say anything, Liu Yang at once hung up. He stood in the middle of the street for finding something and walked diagonally opposite of guest house toward a small family restaurant.

Now that I Think about, I have still not eaten at lunch. Especially after working twice on her in the afternoon, I am really hungry. Even if sky collapses, it is important to eat something first. Let’s think about other things later.

But, Liu Yang after barely passing through the street, he stopped at the gate of the small family restaurant. He saw a distressed girl running out from the entertainment house next to the restaurant. Two people also came out chasing behind her. They were drunk and very angry.

“Elder Brother, Help me…….save me…..” her upper body short sleeve jacket was ripped and one could see several holes in them. Her one shining shoulder was exposed and half of her one breast was in open. Her lower body only has a single white underwear instead of a dress. There were several big holes in her black stocking. Her perfect slender thigh has someone’s finger mark. She wasn’t wearing anything on her feet. Her legs were trembling from the fear in front of Liu Yang. She almost fell down but somehow was able to hold the hand of Liu Yang.

“Save me elder brother, someone…..” she didn’t even complete what she was saying, that they hear a shout from those two guys who were chasing her “ Xiao Yangzi, you cheap girl, your daddy is thinking to play with you is showing due respect to you, we don’t have time just come back to us, hurry or my single word will make you disappear from Renzhou.

“No….Elder Brother, I already told you, I only sell my art, I don’t sell my body. I am only a singer inside the entertainment house, I don’t do that type of thing….” The girl said in the panic. She was tightly holding Liu Yang’s arm as she was fearing that two ruffians will grab her and take her back.

“Ha ha…..since I know you only sell your art, not your body, your father when have played with your body, I won’t give you money?” One person among them impudently laughed and came near Liu Yang, Lightly pushed him and said: “ Your, mother, get out of my way, here is not your any matter…..”

Liu Yang moved his body one side to avoid him, after which he held the girl and pushed her behind his body, shielding her from those ruffians while saying:” How can you say that this is not my matter? How can one look at this type of preposterous matter and be unconcerned with? If she is saying she doesn’t want to be with you, why are you forcing her?”

In a place like entertainment house, there are indeed a lot of girls who would do anything for money or whatever reason.there are a lot of girls who are using her body to earn money. But there are still some people who are forced who work in entertainment house but are not willing to sell their body.

Liu Yang also believes in his heart that, if other girls give consent to exchange benefits with someone for her body, there is nothing bad in it, but this girl in front of his is clearly unwilling to do so, then why are you compelling other people so hard? Inside the room you will find a lot of willing girls, they are like a dim in the dozen. You really want “to lose” it, then again find someone else, is there any need to come strongly on any unwilling girl?

To say again, what you two are doing is illegal, how can this young man be still so overbearing, as if it looks like he got a divine order to overthrow her?

“You, who are you? How can you curse at people like this?” saying this Liu Yang throws his chest out.

“Hahaha, if I your father, curse you, what can you do? I can even beat you. You are meddling in someone else’s business…..mother, you really are an idiot, do you know whose matter you are disturbing?” another one said, and threw a fist at Liu Yang.

Liu Yang moved one side, reached out for ruffian’s wrist and after holding it said: “What are you doing? Under the broad daylight, you are unexpectedly trying to hit someone? If you don’t stop your fist, I will call police….”

“Call the police? Why don’t you try? You really don’t know who I am? My father’s name is Book Wei. He is Book of Renzhou Politics and Law department, you could even say that public security belongs to my family….” after the young person heard about police not only was not afraid instead tried to hit Liu Yang with his leg.

“Your…your dad is Politics and Law department Book Wei? Then you should observe law and order, however, you are doing this type of thing…” Liu Yang didn’t even finish, that a leg came and kicked him in his stomach.

Liu Yang was a sportsman during school time, before college he has also learned the martial art from his grandfather apart from oldman’s Chinese medicine. Although cannot be regarded as any specialist, but to handle these type of ruffians he had more than enough to spare.

Even a clay statue have some degree of fire characteristic, let alone Liu Yang was some 27 years old hot-blooded youth. After seeing that this domestic animal was again throwing a punch at him, and other was again ready to throw a kick at him, he thought they really don’t have any end? You really think I am a soft person?

Liu Yang moved aside and also kicked those ruffians at once.

Today originally he had received a lot from Liao Hongxing, and his belly was full of resentment.

But “Fatty Liao” was his immediate superior, he doesn’t dare to do anything to him. But these little ruffians were his nothing, Liu Yang got really angry, and unexpectedly forgot that even this youngster was not his superior he was, Politics and Law department Book Wei’s son.

Or maybe, he had remembered his identity but felt that politics and law department head is so high post, they will never be able to meet other, said again he also is a government official.

Even if he fought with his son, it’s not like he will come to my department with a gun.

Liu Yang leg was tall and sturdy, even before the leg of that ruffian reached him, he has already kicked him in balls.

At once there was a shrill “ yiiiiiii” that youngster was on the ground and his hands were tightly holding crotch of his pants and some kind of fluid was flowing on the ground. He was crying very loudly. “ Mother, I am dying……hurry, someone calls my father……”

Another person saw the situation is not right, he pulled his mobile phone and dialed someone’s number.

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