PF Ch.4 Who would have thought, both will commit mistake

“Elder sister, I….” Liu Yang spoke incoherently. Due to his impulsiveness, his face flushed red. Two of his fingers were twisting her raisins and was unceasingly stimulating her confused mind.

“Unh!” Her body shuddered, a moan escaped her lips and a aching numbness spread in her whole body. This aching felt like she was given electric shock which soon became unbearable for her.

“Hiii, well? You…….mustn’t…..I……you” She herself didn’t know, what she was saying. However, Liu Yang understood her from the expression she was showing on her face.

Next moment, The man flipped her body and pressed her beneath him one again…….

“No….” the woman became bashful.She lifted her hands and powerlessly pushed Liu Yang, who was slowly inching toward her body from above.

Liu Yang took advantage of the situation and grabbed her wrist. He very easily pushed her hand above her head.

“Eh? You….You still dare to….” The woman got startled and opened her big eyes to look at Liu Yang. Her white body was squirming on the bed, her erect peak was shivering from excitement and she didn’t have a single thread on her body. Her flat underbelly sank slight when he pulled her beautiful slender legs straight. Her snow white feet were tense and toes were curled tightly.

The man was panting crudely, his eyes were blood red and without caring about the woman’s struggle, he separated her closed legs with his knees.

“Wu!” The woman’s body suddenly shuddered. If not for her tightly clenching her teeth, she could have yelled loudly.

She clearly felt that a man was slowly intruding into her body. She felt like unlimited scorching electric currents were flowing through every nerves of her body. A mysterious yet pleasurable feeling had surrounded her body.

She realized, her body was melting like water under the slow impact of the opposite party. She almost felt her consciousness drifting away.

Although his movements were gentle, they were extremely firm and irresistible. She slowly lifted her trembling hands and embraced his back. She separated her legs while delicately lifting her feet and coiled then around Liu Yang waist.

When the moment of storm and rain passed away, in the room there was only sound of two persons breathing together.

“You….your courage is really very big…..are you asking me to kill you? Don’t you fear that I may send you to prison?” After being unable to endure the silence, she asked him while pressing her hand on Liu Yang’s chest. Her question broke the awkward but sweet moment between them.

“Fear, How can I not fear? I am afraid that’s why I give my best to please you a moment ago?”

After hearing the woman’s charming voice Liu Yang smiled and said jokingly.

As for fear, he indeed was afraid of his death before, but now after pressing her once again he wasn’t afraid anymore.

During the fervor, she was already moaning and coordinating my movements. She even reached climax . Even if she considered the happiness I have given her, will she be cruel enough to throw me in prison?

Since she herself is reluctance to part with me, is there anything to feel afraid of?


“Hunh, really fearless? Then do you want to see if I can break your thing for you? I shouldn’t allow you to harm anyone else……” thinking she slowly moved her hand down on his body.

“Uwa…” he shouted in pain. Liu Yang tightly embraced her and said with a smile:

“Elder sister, you feel relieved. Even if I want to harm other, I will only harm you. I won’t touch anyone else again….”

“Little bastard, your mouth is really sweet? Are you married yet? What is your work in Renjhou Reception Bureau?” She asked as she lightly turned her head and softly kissed Liu Yang.

“No” Liu Yang shook his head in denial.

“I had a girlfriend,but her family was forcing her to break up with me. They dislike me to be a normal officer in reception officer. We had to bid farewell.”

Liu Yang was telling his story while, tightly holding her in his arms. He once again opened his mouth and said: “Oh elder sister, I still don’t know your name? What is your work?”

The woman didn’t answered Liu Yang’s question and insipidly said: “Is that so? This type of girl doesn’t will not stick together with you in hard times, you broke up is good……..You don’t need to know what I do or my name, as long as you have me in your heart, elder sister will be satisfied….only, you don’t talk about discussing any relationship between us. Elder sister has already tied knot with a man, but we don’t have any emotion between us. I can love you……but I can never be with you together in public…..”

“Why? Since between you two doesn’t have any feeling then why can’t we…..” Liu Yang tightly embraced her and asked.

The smile on the woman’s face got bigger after being startled for a moment: “Little bastard, it feels like you are coaxing me to be happy……ah!… don’t understand. Today’s incident is already a rare situation, I can’t….. You just remember my word, you mustn’t create trouble for yourself. Liu Yang foolishly looked at her and reluctantly asked:

“That…that if I think about you, what will I do? I want to be with you together, I don’t know about anything else. I must……”

“You are really brave……very bold and intelligent. But, in this world there are a lot of thing you don’t understand, haven’t seen yet that’s why you can’t understand……….. Elder sister has her own problem. Being born in a family like mine, many couple live separately for life time however they seldom get divorce. There is nothing I can do about. Ok, go wash and put on some clothes. I should also go now! She said and kissed Liu Yang as she sat down on the bed.

Liu Yang stubbornly hold her hand and said “elder sister…”

The woman turned her head and looked at him. One could see in her eyes, she also didn’t want to give up on this man. “You really is a star, fate brought in my life……remember this number. When you really think about me then dial this number…..” But she suddenly gave a stern face and continued: “ If you really want to be together with me, you must accept my condition. You must not ask anything about me or my work……”

‘Elder Sister….”

“Don’t say anything, go wash yourself and wear you clothes. Then you must hide here and wait for me to go back to province, then only can you go out of this room. Take care so that no one see you getting away. She stepped down from the bed, moved the ankles and happily said:

“You really have the skill, my foot doesn’t hurt at all.”

Liu Yang’s heart was slightly touched, he also stood up and said: “Elder sister, if we stay together for long time, you will find how many skills I have. You know, I still can go for several other  round…..”

“You, really is a glib…..”bo”….” she stretched her neck and kissed him as she reached for the towel and coiled around her body.

She knew, If not for the situation, this little man must had gone many times.

From his eyes alone, she had seen that this little man was infatuated with her.Actually her heart was reluctant to give upon this man who was pleasuring her a moment ago.

Only, it was her identity which was stopping her from getting sentimental with Liu Yang.

My family,my identity and responsibility doesn’t allow me to renounce everything to be together with this little man

Therefore, I must walk away.

After washing her body and wearing her clothes, her wavering eyes looked one last time at Liu Yang and she decisively closed the gate.

After she went out of the room, Liu yang’s heart unexpectedly started to beat violently. He was feeling sudden despair in his heart.

Did she really walked like this?

I don’t even know who is she. I Don’t even know what is her name. By chance, I unexpectedly slept in her room and due to the various reasons I got tangled up with her. She not only didn’t hold me for responsibility, she didn’t even want to part with me.

Have I used my whole life’s fortune to have a encounter with her? Can I really see her again?

Listening through the door, he couldn’t hear any sound in the corridor. It looked like all had gone to deliver the leaders on their return journey. No one had noticed Liu Yang.With some complex emotions and memory, Liu Yang left the room.

Just when he came down to the first floor and barely got out of elevator, someone shouted his name loudly:

“Liu Yang, Where have you been hiding? I tried to find you everywhere, Is this how you work?”

After seeing “Fatty Liao”, Liu Yang mood touched bottom.

You tried to find me everywhere?Don’t tell me you don’t have cell phone. When you were having lunch with leaders, didn’t thought about calling me? Now you remembered me. Don’t you have other people to call?

Liu yang face sank, no matter how “Fatty Liao” angrily yelled at him, he remained silent.

However, next moment Liao Hongxing turned silent and gave up scolding him. He pointed his finger at Liu Yang and coldly said:

“ I am asking something, don’t you have something to say? What….you are not satisfied with my questions? I am telling you, just now secretary Zhang da was inquiring about you. Him asking about you is equal to Book Wang’s looking for you. If you delay Book wang’s important work, look how I tidy you up….”

Secretary Zhang da in the mouth do Liao Hongxing was the secretary of the municipal committee Book “Wang Yifeng”. His full name was Zhang Jian. He hold the concurrent post of deputy director in municipal  committee building and title of first secretary of Renjhou. His rank is deputy department level.

Although both were deputy department level, but in front of Zhang Jian, Liao Hongxing was like Liu Yang in front of him. Even though Zhang Jian and Liao Hongxing were deputy department level, their real power were not even comparable. When Zhang Jian was delivering the leaders to their car, Liao hongxing was also in the crowd. He unexpectedly came to him and asked about Liu Yang.

Liao Hongxing had looked for Liu yang in the crowd for a long time but wasn’t even able to find his shadow. Then only he remember that he hadn’t seen him since lunch.

So how could he know where Liu Yang was. It looked like someone who couldn’t control his staff in front of Zhang Jian. He felt like he had lost his face in front of him.

After pondering for sometime, he was confused about why secretary Zhang da was looking for Liu Yang.

It was almost impossible for Liu Yang to have any relationship with secretary of Book Wang. He didn’t even have qualification to flatter him. If  Liu Yang could ask for favor from secretary Zhang da, he wouldn’t have been kicked out from government’s office to reception bureau. Would he have tolerated the complexion, others were giving him every day?

Thinking this, Liao Hongxing frowned; “ OK, when I am telling something, you are not convinced, good. Now you are released from all you duties. You go back to your desk and self introspect about your today’s behavior. By the way, now you are also in charge of whole bureau sanitation. When you understand your mistakes and do a good job in rectifying than we will chat again …….otherwise…..hehehe”

Liao Hongxing stopped speaking here and gave Liu yang a threatening glance.He then turned around, pushed open the glass door and selfishly sat down in his parked car.  

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