PF Ch.3: Touched things that shouldn’t have touched

Not simple, this woman can’t be simple, she is still keeping calm in this situation. She knows that she can’t let anyone come inside.

It just that, right now being held by a man is making her feel ashamed.

“Then……let me give you a massage. My grandfather was a venerable Chinese doctor. When I was child, I learned massage therapy from him. You … you want to give it a chance?” Liu Yang carefully asked her while carrying her to living room.

“You…….how can you say such useless things right now?” She resentfully groaned at him.

In any case, I had suffered such a misfortune with him awhile ago, even if I let him massage my ankle one more time is anything special in that? And also isn’t it because of him playing with my body that I lost strength when I was washing myself.

It’s all his fault……this wretched man!

Liu Yang walked inside the bedroom, slowly placed her on the bed and softly covered her with a towel then turned around and left.

Liu Yang came back after some time holding a bottle of wine in his hand. He was wearing the bathrobe, she had discarded earlier.

“Fortunately, I found this inside the wine cabinet, it is told that wine improves blood circulation…”

Liu Yang extended his hand inside her towel and grabbed her injured foot while talking with her.

She blushed like a delicate concubine.

Liu Yang sprinkled few drops of wine on her injured ankle and rubbed his both palm together to warm them. Then only did he slowly lifted her injured foot and started rubbing it. Her ankles were soft and beautiful like jade yet slightly cold, weak and delicate like they have no bone yet perfect in shape. This feeling was difficult to describe. After touching those delicate  legs his heart was once again ready to create trouble.

“Oh” she started to take deep breath when her pain got unbearable due to Liu Yang’s rubbing. She has straightened her jade like beautiful leg upward due to pain. It appears like her leg were making enticing movement in the air.

When Liu Yang’s hand started to move on the arch of her foot, she involuntarily reacted. It looked like Liu Yang has complete understanding of her foot, every time his hands moved she felt it. Her body couldn’t help but shuddered every time.

Liu Yang’s thumb was pressing repeatedly on the acupuncture points of her ankle. When he pinched muscles around her ankle few time, she soon relaxed. She felt wherever he rubbed,that place soon became loose and comfortable. This feeling made her lose her restrain.

His movement is soft and gentle as if he is afraid of hurting me. Could ……this man have really learned Chinese massage therapy? This man is so careful? So gentle? So considerate?

She has closed her eyes while lying on the bed. She was feeling every movement of Liu Yang’s hand and couldn’t help but secretly started enjoy it in her heart.

Oneself was born in Beijing’s powerful family, always surrounded by countless man, but these men didn’t liked me but my powerful family. They were trying to curry favour through me. Even my own nominal husband has tied knot with me for benefits from my family. Then how can this man be so caring, so considerate?

Feeling Liu Yang’s slow gentle rubbing, she slowly opened her mouth and asked:

“You…..Do you know who I am? You still dared to…..”

“ You……are you not someone who came with the big leader from province? More he said lower his volume got such that it was even difficult to hear at the end.

This is truly funny, what is my family surname, what is my name. Is there really someone who truly don’t know about me,unexpectedly? If someone were to hear this matter, who will believe?  

She lightly snorted and said: “ hunh, you don’t know? You really don’t know about me?”

“Yes…..yes, Don’t tell me you didn’t came with the provincial leaders?” Liu Yang lifted his head in surprise. If she hasn’t came with the leader, then who is she?

She looked at Liu Yang’s surprised expression which showed he wasn’t lying, her face relaxed a bit. She still coldly said: “ You don’t know is best for you, You should think,what will happen to your parents after you, never tell about this incident to anyone, can you do this?”

When Liu Yang heard her simple demand, he promised at once: “ I won’t say, I absolutely won’t say. You can let go of your heart, even if someone kills me, Today’s matter I won’t tell anyone?”

“Hunh, remember today’s word of yours, even if there was a single rumor about this I will take you life.” Even though she spoke such words they were lacking in lethality.

She couldn’t help but feel some type of wave in bottom layer of her heart. Her tender face made Liu Yang felt like he was seeing a dream. He couldn’t help himself getting enchanted with her.

“Oh”, How can there be such a delicate foot!

Glossy, crystal like round ankle, white toes neatly closed together as if they could read their master’s intention. Her foot were graceful like the heart of the beautiful creaks in Nagqu town.

Due to Liu Yang’s rubbing, few red spots could be seen on her foot.

This  young beautiful married woman’s coquettish look and her jade like foot unconsciously forced Liu Yang to lift her leg and leaned forward a bit.

He is so gentle, never ever a man not even my own husband has shown such care for me.

Especially, when he pushed down my body and gone insane a moment ago, that woman’s satisfaction from a man, my husband has never given me…….

His fierceness, still makes me feel afraid. Whenever I am thinking about it, my heart feels like it will burst out from my chest.

In front of this 10 years younger little man, she couldn’t help but felt layers of ripples waving in her heart. Meanwhile, she felt a itching in her foot and opened her eyes. She saw Liu Yang strongly grabbing her foot and wildly kissing it.

She started to blush. She was never  kissed by a man on her foot. This feeling made her lost control of her body and she straightened her leg. The heat arouse at her toes was reaching her heart and making her restless.

“You….Your courage is really not small…” whoever has heard her would have thought she was talking under intoxication.

Actually Liu Yang’s courage was very big. She has personally experienced it a while ago. Right there what he was doing with her was nothing compared to before. She only said such to cover her shyness.

Just by lifting her foot, she could have kicked this man’s hand from her plum legs. But at this moment she was totally intoxicated in this immoral feeling and just letting her body shudder.

She straightened her slender thigh and strained her toes letting Lue Yang  continue to kiss her white jade foot.

The room was slowly filled with ambiguous breath, as if it was some sort of signal of encouragement for Liu yang. His other hand was already moved on her towel covered perfectly elastic thigh and slowly moving toward her soft lower abdominal.

Although he couldn’t see her soft white color of her skin, he was still feeling the softness and elasticity of her thigh.

Her complexion also changed, when she felt the heat emitting from Liu Yang’ palm. She nipped her lower lip and her body powerlessly spread on the bed. Her eyes were showing the faint trace of enticement.

“You……what are you doing? Is this you Chinese foot massage?”

“Uhhh….” A pleasant moan escaped from her tightly nipped lips. That moan was carrying limitless shyness inside itself.

“You….what are you doing? My ankle is injured, not that place….not…..”

Her voice got weak and she was unable to say anything else. Although it looked like what was happening was against her desire, she was still lying on the bed. She didn’t even tried to oppose Liu Yang’s movement.

Her indulgence made Liu Yang’s courage even bigger.

“Elder sister, you are really very pretty, you….I want to give massage to your full body…”

Liu Yang’s finger again moved and pulled down her towel. Her whole delicate white upper body was in front of Liu Yang’s eye.

Before, he was frightened and in hurry, he was unable to appreciate her body at all. But now, when it appeared before his eyes once again, her body looked really beautiful and flawless.

Her both bright red raisins where faintly shivering and proudly stood erect …..

Being infatuated with her body, Liu Yang unconsciously licked his lips. His right hand were rapidly caressing her lower abdominal and his left hand slowly climbed her mountain peak.

He slowly hold those round but soft, firm but perfectly elastic mountains in his palm and pinched them. Those mountains were constantly changing shapes due to his rubbing.

This exquisite shapes of her breast fell perfectly in his eyes and a warm current started to flow from his chest toward his lower abdominal.

She was clearly feeling his hot palm on her breast, his pinching and rubbing, his circular motion on her ample breast distinctly. But she let Liu Yang enjoy her elasticity unrestrained.

From her small vermilion mouth escaped “ ying” and she once again closed her eyes.  She couldn’t dare to look at this man. Her lower lip got even more ruddier.

Toes on her legs were curled upward and she was slowing twisting her slender waist to and fro. From her closed lips she was able to say few few words which sounded so sexy that it could have made anyone’s heart tremble.

“ You….you stop to me……uhhh, you……you are a little devil, in one word a devil…..”


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