PF Ch.2 Things that shouldn’t have done

The woman couldn’t speak any other word from her mouth. Liu Yang had skillfully covered her small mouth with his big palm and embraced her slender waist with his second hand and said:

“I beg you, you don’t need to call for other people to catch up with me, I am not an immoral man”

“Hummm….hummm…” The woman started to struggle. One was unable to say what kind of face she was making right there, however in the eyes of Liu Yang, he felt like she was bashful and seething with anger, wishing to swallow him alive.

The more she struggled, the more he thought of  not releasing her due to his fear getting stronger and stronger. Liu Yang not only didn’t released her, he even covered her mouth more strongly.

The hot breath from the her mouth was fumigated with the smell of wine. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her cold piercing eyes were glaring at him. She started to fiercely scratch Liu Yang’s arm around her to escape from his clutches. She was repeatedly  kicking against Liu Yang’s feet with her legs, twice she was almost successful in hitting Liu Yang’s crotch.

The air conditioning in the room was in full swing but at the  moment Liu Yang’s face was full of beads of sweat. Mother, I am surely courting disaster. How can I seize someone I just met moreover in her own house? If before I just had sincerely admitted mistake, surname Liao Hongxing would have only scolded him, at most he would have deducted few months bonus, but what about now? If I don’t solve this misunderstanding carefully, it would became a serious crime……

Thinking about the consequences, Liu Yang couldn’t help but started to tremble in fear and unintentionally tightened his grip on her mouth and said in pitiful voice :

“ You mustn’t by all means shout, both my father and mother are very old, and I am their only son, If I am caught,  not only it will be me who will be destroyed, but my parents will also die, I am really not a bad person; I also go to work in the public office. I came at dawn for the arrangement of leadership from province. I was feeling tired so I hide in this room and relaxed for some time. I don’t know how I fell asleep. I am truly telling the truth; I am not a bad person. I also don’t want to hold you, please forgive me……..”

This bastard, when did I made anybody catch you?  thought the woman.

However it was a pity, that the woman’s mouth was blocked by Liu Yang’s big sweaty hand, so she was only successful in speaking “ ummmm…..ummmm”. There was no way for her to let this repulsive man know what she was thinking.

The more she started to struggle and tried to speak, the more Liu Yang  tightened his palm around her mouth, not allowing her to speak a single coherent word.

During the whole struggle, Liu Yang tried to draw her close to himself, but not knowing when or how her bathrobe was parted, his hand touched the bare skin of her waist and right now Liu Yang’s hand was directly touching her soft skin.

After feeling a man’s hot hand on her skin, she started to get even more ferocious in her attempt to escape from his clutches. She started to violently kick around and use her whole body strength to get free from Liu Yang’s control. After sensing that she was soon going to escape his control, Liu Yang took his hand from her mouth and captured  both her hands and used his legs to wrap around her legs.

“You bastard, release me……”  She shouted in her tender but thorny voice, immediately after being able to do so.

Heavens, How could she still shout like that? Till now he was using his hands and legs to restrict  her toiling, but how can he block her mouth again? If someone outside was to hear shouting and came inside, how can he explain this situation?

With fast movements, without even giving himself time for consideration, he suddenly leaned his head forward and used his lips to block the delicate fragrant mouth of the woman.

“ Wahh…..”  the more the woman in question tried to shout, the more her lips were opened.

A fervent feeling rushed into her mouth from her teeth and lips. She suddenly felt that the tip of the her tongue was touched by a soft alien object.

“Oh…” the next moment, their tongue where wrestling together. The impact of this sudden intrusion made her mind blank and her body stiff when she tried to move it.

Feeling her soft, flexible and fragrant tongue, Liu Yang’s heart was beating violently. This time around it was not because of any fear but from the shear excitement this woman’s body was bringing to him.

The woman’s body was now softly lying in the embrace of Liu Yang’s. She was letting Liu Yang thoroughly taste every nook and cranny of her mouth without any resistance.

They were feeling each other’s body. Her heart was beating very rapidly and her delicate and pale face was covered in pink shade. Her breathing became fast and both of her hands were lightly pushing against Liu Yang’s chest. From others point of view she was only pushing for appearance but didn’t want to give up the feelings she had right now.

Liu yang’s tongue tangled together with her’s and literally  became french kissing. This exquisite feeling had already taken over Liu Yang’s sanity. Now he has already forgotten the fear and who he was and what he was doing to her. The only thing going through his mind was to embrace  the aforementioned woman in his arms and  assimilate her in his body.

After french kissing for a long time, their breath became shallow and they slowed down. She took this opportunity to rapidly breath through her nose. Her limbs looked even more frail then they originally were and her initially resting hands on his chest were powerlessly hanging down, her fingertips unknowingly touching a hard thing of the male body.

“Wu…”  she was smelling the strong odor of the man in front of  her. She felt strong excitement from the lips of this man. When she touched this man’s thing a strong current passed through her mind. Even though she was feeling humiliated, she couldn’t stopped herself from starting to respond and both her legs became soft and she slowly fell to the ground. Liu Yang’s brain was already blank from excitement as he mechanically followed her to the ground.

Both were lying down on the carpet facing each other and it was by coincidence that Liu Yang’s hand fell on her breast. The woman stopped resisting after getting shocked from the sudden intrusion on her breast. She just closed her eyes and began to pant. She nipped her lower lip with her white teeth and her cheeks were flushed.

From beginning to end, the palm of Liu Yang’s hand was on the peak of the woman’s naked breast without moving. Due to their struggle her robe was already parted in the middle and she was completely naked. These two persons were on each others body such that there was not even a gap for air to pass. The tender pink face of the women subjects one to think if she was a fairy. The contour of woman’s face was graceful, cheeks were soft and symmetric and the blue veins in her jade like snow white neck were throbbing with excitement. Her soft breast and white jade like skin was in open before Liu Yang’s eyes. Her breast were moving up and down due to her panting in Liu Yang’s palm. Everyone knows “ beauty incites stupidity and stupidity incites crime”.

Liu Yang couldn’t help but pinch her breast with his fingers as she started to twist her body. Even though her mouth started to reject his actions, her movements were enticing:

“Bastard…… doesn’t want ”

When Liu Yang heard her speak again, he caught her lips with his own.

She shuddered once again and her cheeks got fiery hot. Her body became weak and her soft and ample breast rose and stiffened, the granules on the top of her breast stood erect like raisins.

Even in these circumstance, despite feeling humiliation and restlessness, she couldn’t control the changes in her psychological reaction. Unknowingly, she lifted her arms and resistance changed into embracing Liu Yang’s waist. She was concealing her face full of shyness in his chest.

Her delicate appearance of rejection and excitement increased the fervor of Liu Yang.

“Leave….hu….don’t….hiii……nooo…” her voice became more and more low however, when she was opening her mouth, Liu Yang took the opportunity to drill his tongue into her cherry mouth once again, after which she felt his knees parting her legs open…….

She became afraid and started panicking. She started to tremble and resist him while trying to stand up. Her face was shaded in scarlet and she was saying in low voice : “ stop……hu….stop quickly……huuu”

But what man would listen to her in this situation? Suddenly she felt one long fiery slender thing ran through her muddy body part. She was feeling sad, but everything happening right now was hard for her to understand. She had started to violently thrashing round.



Almost every time a man is courageous, it is due to sudden impulses. After the moment of passion passes away, Liu Yang gained the ability to consider about what he had done moments  before and Liu Yang was raided by deep fear in his heart.

Looking at the man who seemed like he would cry at any given moment, the woman slowly sit up on the floor. She reached out for her bathrobe and fastened around her barely clothed body. She looked coldly on his face and said:

“You have very big courage, unexpectedly you dare…….dare to humiliate me, don’t you have fear of law and order? “

“I ….I got muddled headed…….. I also didn’t want to do this. But I …..You are really beautiful, I………I really wasn’t able to control myself.”

Right now, Liu Yang was envisioning his own death penalty in his heart. Even if I was caught sleeping in her room at most I would have been imprisoned, nothing more, but now imprisonment is a light punishment, maybe I will be shot dead.

“You ……still speak like this. You really don’t fear death, do you ?”

She glared at him. Even though she was intently staring at him no one could say if it was out of pity or anger.

“I am really afraid….” He said pitifully, as he lifted his face and looked at her facial expression. Her cheeks were still flushed.  

“I……I  sincerely request you to let me off, I really didn’t do it intentionally……ahhh, saying anything else is already late, you tell me what you want to do?

Oh, I originally wanted to request her to let me off but telling that after doing this to her, even I myself can’t force my heart to speak these words, let alone even if I asked her to let me off will she let me off ?

“You …….are these your manners? I should tell you what i want to do…..?  All right , you just wait I want you dead……..”. The woman got angry . She stood up, turned her body and walked away.

“Oh…” Liu Yang let out a sigh. It seemed like his repeated persuasion had no effect on her. He was certain that she was going to call someone from outside to seize him.

“Oh…Ouch…” Suddenly there was a sound of woman’s cry from inside the bathroom, followed by sound of something falling on the ground.

Liu Yang had already dashed forward, he arrived at the bathroom and found it wide open like before. She was sitting on the ground tightly holding her ankle, from her face she looked to be in extreme pain.

“How are you? Where did you injure yourself?” Liu Yang hurriedly went to her and helped her stand up, but he suddenly  panicked. Just now Liu Yang was concerned about her injuries and forgotten that she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“ Foot…….I sprained my foot…..Oh good pain! “ Due to the pain even she had forgotten that she was fully naked and Liu Yang was embracing her body again.

Liu Yang cautiously supported her and walked outside while saying “ You should lie down as soon as possible, and  must immediately call a doctor…..”

“ You ……..Have you lost your mind? Let alone someone examine me…..can I really call someone inside this room right now?  Not only have I not worn any clothes right now, I am also with a man completely naked. If any person were to come what will they assume? “



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