PF Ch.1 The room that shouldn’t have entered

“Liu Yang is this the way someone maintains sanitation, call someone to redo…”

“Liu Yang, dining room is prepared or not? You should go and check it one more time. If there is even a single mistake, I will deduct your salary……..”

“Liu Yang …….”

Today is an important day as the new mayor of city Renzhou is taking office. Many leaders have come from the province to oversee the appointment of the new mayor. They will have lunch at the government’s guest house and will go back after a short break.

First thing in the morning, Liao Hongxing, Deputy Director of the city reception bureau, led office staff to the guest house for personally arranging the reception work for the coming leaders. Liu Yang didn’t know if the person taking office as the new mayor was some sort of god-level person in the province, but if someone looked at the pitiful stressed appearance of the haughty Liao Hongxing, it would have been apparent to him that the position of the people coming was not low.

There was altogether twenty-two staff members in Renzhou city reception bureau. Including Zhuang Jinxiu, the Deputy secretary-general of the municipal party committee and director of the reception bureau, there were 11 other members present at the venue. Another eight people were gone to the guest house with Liao Hongxing.

Apart from the young section member, Liu Yang, there were five other members as well as ‘Fatty Liao’ and two other drivers with him. And, since others had a wealthy background and it was only Liu Yang who had neither backstage nor richness was led around by his nose.

If someone had a background, Liao Hongxing didn’t dare to manage him. After all, he was already bribed by other and even if he was shameless, he also felt embarrassed to say anything. His mouth and hands were tied by their bribes, and he had to watch others goofing off.

In this society of ‘Family’, ‘Money’ and ‘Connections’, the young comrade Liu yang of “THREE NOTHING” naturally became the “CAPABLE PERSON” in the eyes of Director Liao.

After coming to the guest house in the morning,  Liu Yang was continually seeing that other staffs were coming and looking for an excuse to run away after parking their car.

This no person Liu Yang just came back from the dining hall after overseeing the arrangements.

Liao Hongxing was standing in the shade of the tree in front of the reception building. He had a slightly bald head and stomach likes of pregnant women. And, right now, he was shouting like a drunk man.

“Liu Yang, have you prepared the room for the leadership? You should go and check it again. The bed should be clean, the toilet paper and toothpaste should be replaced with the new ones. I will dismiss you if there is a single mistake…….”

Aren’t these arrangements falls under the responsibility of guest house staff, Liu Yang thought?

These all happened at the noon one after another. And, Liu Yang didn’t even have time to catch a single breath.

He didn’t know that “Fatty Liao” would give him new work. This made Liu Yang very angry, but who asked him to be an insignificant person? All the negligible person had to suffer.

This tom, dick and harry “Fatty Liao”,  why is he only managing me? Can’t he dare to control others who are goofing off? Despite constantly cursing his director in his heart, Liu yang went upstairs.

The room where the leaders were going to stay was on the 16th floor. Simply said, this floor alone looked like a five-star hotel.

Although the leader had still to come, the AC was in full swing. When Liu Yang entered, he felt the cool breeze and instantly relaxed.

On such a hot day, he was running to and fro since morning. His legs were sore, and the tongue was outside of his mouth like a dog, well then “Fatty Liao” was not satisfied with him. Sometimes, Liu yang used to think if they were enemies of past life?

Since the leader he was in charge of was going to come after lunch, Liu Yang thought to stay behind and relax for sometime. Liu Yang told the waiter behind him “You should go back and do your work, I will stay here and manage it.”

Even though Liu Yang behaved like a son in front of Liao Hongxing, but with the waiter, he behaved as if it was him who was being appointed as ‘the city leader’. Following Liu Yang’s order, that waiter smiled and nodded.

After Liu Yang heard the sound of the door closing ‘baam’, he couldn’t wait and immediately sat down on the sofa. The cold wind was blowing. He took off his shoes and started to gently swing his sore feet, and soon his consciousness drowned in his worry.

Since he didn’t have any background nor had any relations, he couldn’t stay in the big cities after graduating with a masters degree. He returned to his hometown and registered for civil services. Don’t listen to the fake news on the television that says Peking University graduates were selling pork meat or something. Actually, there were only a few B-graduates who were willing to come back to low-level cities to apply for civil services. Liu Yang who had a masters degree was even a rarer case.

The mayor of that time was, Xheng Jianjian. He noticed Liu Yang and not only recruited him to the government building, but also appointed him as the head clerk after the internship.

In the beginning, even though Liu Yang was a little embarrassed, he always thought he had entered the work with real talent. However, with the dramatic effect of “entry of B-graduate into municipal government ” slowly dwindling, even Zheng Jianjian couldn’t remember who he was.

And, after other people figured out about his background, they also stopped taking him seriously.

Every day he went to work, cleaned the rooms, brewed tea, poured water and wrote materials.

He had a single doubt always ringing in his mind “What’s the point of living this insignificant life and what is he even doing?

Why was he pushing himself and for what outcome? What was becoming of his life?”

Who would had imagined, that one day everyone would try to throw him off from their eyesight? Some time ago, Xheng JianJian was arrested on corruption and bribery charges. And, Liu Yang transferred to the reception bureau.

To be frank,  Liu Yang was working in the reception bureau as the head clerk, but in the eyes of those such as “Fatty Liao” he was nothing but a waiter in an inn standing in other servitude with a white towel on his shoulder.

If it was not for being a civil servant means having a job for life, if not for his girlfriend always telling him he has no skill, if not for the smile and the pride on his parents’ face, if not for making his ancestors proud, Liu Yang would have give up this speculative but shitty job, a long time ago.

Every time he was bullied and humiliated by someone, he would recite the quotes of Duan Mengzi “When the sky falls, the taller ones will bear the brunt ”in his heart to calm himself down.

I will bear it …….. I will bear it……..I will bear it till I amaze this world with a single feat. You just wait for me!

Liu Yang was hiding in the luxurious room, resting on the sofa, and the cold air was circulating inside the room at full speed. Originally, Liu Yang just wanted to laze around for some time and go back, but who would have thought that he would fall asleep while being drowned in his deep thought.


Who knows how long he slept, but he woke up from a loud sound coming from the front door. There were some people chatting outside the gate.

“Mrs. Fang, this is your room. Please rest well……”

“Director Yao, your room is here….”

“Hmmm….you all….please go and rest. We are already talking for a while.”

With a soft tender voice of a woman, came a loud ‘bang’ as if the door was closed in a hurry.

Uwaah… the leader has come. It sounds like she is a woman.

Liu Yang tried to stand from the sofa while reaching for his shoes with his two feet. But, obedient and adroit foot of his were disobedient now, and they refused to go inside the shoes.

Damn it, is it the time to be nervous about. If I don’t go out, I am dead!

What were you thinking sleeping here? Is it a place where likes you can sleep? I can’t even imagine how will “Fatty Liao” torture me if he came to know about it? It will be good if I can escape with broken legs without dying. This is a good opportunity for “Fatty Liao”, as long as this woman shouts, he will immediately put me in a tight spot.

In the future, I may want to laze around but won’t be able to. This time dismissal from the public service is a light punishment. Even though Liu Yang was complaining in his heart, he stood up holding his shoes in hand.

However, what made him feel strange was that the woman in question still didn’t appear before him. He could hear a sound of high heel sandal treading the ground, and soon, he heard a loud noise from the direction of the bathroom.

From the entrance gate to the drawing room to the bedroom, everything was covered with thick carpet. The only exception was the floor of the bathroom as it was cover in marble tiles. From the sound, Liu Yang guessed that the leader had gone to the bathroom.

The sound of water stream as if a stream of big and small pearls were falling into a basin, indicated what she was doing.

No wonder, she didn’t let the other people come inside. It looks like she was rushing for the toilet. Determining this, Liu Yang took his shoes and rushed for the entrance gate.

When he was in the front of the bathroom door while running, he suddenly saw the light coming from the bathroom door. He had to retreat back.

This woman seems like has a real urinal urgency such that she didn’t even close the door.

Liu Yang shook his head in disappointment, and listened to the sound of the rapid water stream, coming from the bathroom. He thought it is almost a full minute. The sound of water flow hasn’t even slowed yet. How long has she been storing? Liu Yang though while wondering how he could escape from this Lion’s den. He looked down from the window but ran away in fear. He didn’t dare to jump from as high as the 16th floor.

However, this was only a single bedroom room. He had no place to hide.

“You ……. What are you doing here?” At that moment, a very lovable sound came from his back. He looked behind with a stupid expression and immediately dropped his shoes on the carpet.

Just behind him stood a charming, young married woman in her thirties.

That woman had neat ear-length hair, white oval flushed face due to alcohol, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of the nose. The important point was, she was only wearing a blue one-piece bathrobe. Her slender legs and waist made her look elegant and tender. The robe was only knee length and parted from the thigh, showing her lower leg.

She was wearing a pair of pink plastic slippers, and her two feet looked like a couple of pure white lotus blooming together. The delicate and well-proportioned toes were peeking out from sandals. The toenails were carefully manicured. It looked beautiful like jade petals blooming in the moonlight.

Who is this woman? No, is she the said leader of the province? The leader shouldn’t be so young……..

Looking at her lovable, well developed and tempting beauty, Liu Yang’s suddenly got excited. When Liu Yang was looking at her, she was also looking at him with a perplexed vision. She slowly opened her petal lips and soon reverberated an enchanting voice “You… who are you? How did you come inside? Xiao Yao, call the guards and seize him.”

When Liu Yang saw her shouting her lungs out after discovering him, he became flustered and anxious. And, even before she could open her mouth again, he threw himself at her……….


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